A Decision Made

February 27, 2017:

Laura and Nate decide to investigate a Facility lead. Bobby, Storm and Nancy try to dissuade them from going alone. Ultimatums were given.


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"You are still stubborn as hell," grumbles Nate. But he follows the short girl nevertheless. "Lets hit the X-Bunker first. We can upload detailed maps on a tablet and pick some useful gear. You could use some armor. And energy bars, and coffee." Flying all the way to Colorado at high speed is going to make him hungry. The coffee needs no explanation.

A few minutes later the odd pair are down on the X-Bunker, picking up some supplies. High energy food, meds, a combat knife, some electronics. And real x-uniform for Laura. And Nate had also a chance to see who was available in the mansion upside as possible reinforcements. Iceman… well, he was a very powerful X-Man in his home world. He had little interaction with him here, but maybe he can help! Storm might able to show up too. Nancy probably got dragged into this because Nate lacks common sense.

The mention of being stubborn is simply ignored. It's frivolous talk in X-23's mind.

So, instead, the slim assassin simply makes her way down to the X-Bunker with Nate. While she's not one to really love costumes, per se, she will accept the unstable molecule uniform for what it is. Something that can potentially help her during a mission. The rest of the items will be tossed into her to-go bag, which is slung over a slim shoulder.

The bag is quite beat-up, but it's helped her through her various adventures after she escaped The Facility. Once everything is packed, she'll turn to Nate. "I am ready."

Standing in front of a mirror, Nancy looks at herself in the skintight weave from her underarmor that she has converted into her X-man uniform. Hey, if you've got access to an alien technology clothing, why not use it? Plus, it shows off her ass way better and that's what's important, right? The goth hears the voices of the arguing pair before they burst into the room. And here she thought her day was going to be boring.

Bobby Drake did sort of freak out when an unfamiliar voice entered his head and he stomps in after Nancy, completely in 'civilian' clothes and looking a bit put out. "I don't know who you are, but it is -not- ok to just poke around in someone's head, ok? I don't know what this school is teaching telepaths here, but…NOT OK!" There's a huff of cold breath that hangs in the air for a moment before he looks about at the others. "Well, it's not…" is said with a little less indignation.

Right. He just interrupted something. Time to back away.

Bullets might not be life-threatening for Laura, but they would still slow her down, so Nate figures it is about time she gets a combat uniform. If she dislikes the blue and yellow, no problem, since unstable molecules respond well to telekinetic reconfiguration. Maybe grey and black would suit her best.

Bobby's sudden and loud arrival makes the young telepath blink and frown. "Hey, Bobby?…" he has not seen Iceman in a year, so he was not surprised by the unfamiliar mind, but this man looks somewhat different. "It's me, Nate. And, hrm, I need some help. We are heading to California, or is it Nevada?" Glance to Laura. "Anyway, someone there needs to…" die and burn in hell "…be stopped," better. "With much ass-kicking involved. Can't find Xavier or Jean right now - thought you guys should know." A smile is directed to Nan. Nice outfit, Nan.

When X-23's eyes land upon the costumed Nancy (checking herself out in that mirror), the slim assassin will pivot just enough to turn a flat /look/ at Nate. Her nostrils flare ever so slightly even as her flat stare holds a faint of accusation within them. While not an overt, or huge expression for a typical person, for Laura, it is. He may not have called Nancy, but in Laura's mind, he did.

When Bobby arrives, looking so flustered and offering those sharp words of his, the look in Laura's eyes only intensifies.

While she would have liked to say something right after Bobby's words of frustration, her tongue stills, when Nate speaks up and helpfully clues in the other two. It's only /after/ Nate stops divulging all the secrets of the plan, that Laura will finally find her voice. "No." She states, and sharply too, "It is only to be us. It is too dangerous to involve others." And while her voice falls back to its typical monotone sound, there's still a small amount of irritation bleeding through that Nate might hear.

Of course, Nancy can't possibly wear anything without a cincher or corset, and apparently her uniform is no different. She listens to Nate explain and then Laura's comments as she hitches herself in to the cincher that is really just for show then for function. "So, let me get this straight. It's dangerous, so you want to take less people when having more people would probably increase your chance of survivability? Death wish much?" She turns back to look at the mirror, flat out ignoring Bobby. Nope. He's not real. If she ignores him, maybe he will go away and stop wearing Bobby Drake's face. Jerk.

Bobby Drake looks at Nate for a moment, not recognizing the man at all. "I'm sorry, but I don't know you." He really need to come up with a better apology for all the people who seem to know him, but the feeling isn't at all reciprocal. It's at least said apologetically, his blue eyes flicking to Laura and then to Nancy as she seems to ignore him. "Uh," is offered eloquently before he manages, "I think I wouldn't be the right person on this trip. I'm guessing teamwork might be a little difficult. Let me know if I can do anything from here though."

Of course Nate 'feels' Laura's irritation, even if it is hard to notice in her voice. He is ignoring it -almost- as hard as she ignored his advice earlier. "Nah, we can handle almost anything," he grins at Nancy. "Still, if I don't make daily reports, it would be nice if you come to see if we are still alive. And… bring some serious artillery."

Bobby gets a worried stare. "You okay?" He asks, then looking at Nancy. Not that he has time now to explain at length, but he is curious.

Another flare of nostrils might be seen from Laura and while she typically uses that motion to draw in the scents around her, today, it's used to show the frustration she's currently feeling.

Her green eyes will turn away from Nate for a moment and flick back to Bobby, before landing upon Nancy. While she doesn't necessarily respond to the death wish part of the other woman's statement, Laura will say. "I will not bring others into this situation knowing it is likely a trap. It is better if I go alone -" And at this point, her gaze turns back to Nate, "- But Nate did not like that idea."

And while those last words might sound side, for Laura, they're not. She's stating the facts of the case in that same flat voice of hers.

Bobby's response to the fact that she is ignoring him gets an angry grumble and a roll of her eyes. She turns to face him and it doesn't take a telepath to know that there is some friction between the two if mainly on Deadzone's side. "Oh, like I haven't had to work as a team with someone I don't like before. If I can work with old 'stick up his ass' Summers, I can work with you."

Hands on her hips, Nancy turns to Nate to give him her style of very brief summary. "He's not *our* Bobby. Our Bobby is still who knows where and this one just showed up one day to take his place. No science. No thermodynamic blah blah blah. Just looking like my ex. Like some sort of … Bobby looking…. guy thing."

Oh, that explains everything! "Hello, Bobby. I am Nate Grey. I am Jean and Scott's kid from yet another dimension," he grins evilly. "Don't worry; stuff like this happens a lot. Doubly so in my family… thing. I am sure Xavier can help you get home, anyway. If he can't, maybe I can. I used to be able to walk up and down the Spiral of Worlds. Try not get killed meanwhile, take this as vacations and have fun."

As usual, Nate gives horrible advice.

This isn't at all awkward, is it? Bobby first looks to Nate and then Laura before he frowns some at Nancy. He steps back into the room, "Sort of what she said, but not entirely. I'm still Bobby Drake and yeah, it looks like I came from another…reality or something." They're still figuring that out. "I don't know why and," here he looks to Nancy, "I'm sorry that you seem to be offended by my very presence and I'm sorry I'm not 'your' Bobby, but that doesn't mean I'm not a person who has feelings and thoughts and should be conceded every right as any person should have. Rogue already proved that I'm not a robot." It's meant as a little levity.

That said, he turns to Laura, "Dangerous or not, he's right. You shouldn't go alone. Maybe you don't need an entourage, but at least having someone there to watch your back and help is, if anything else, smart."

The door to the HQ bears a silhouette, one that has an arm extended across the door, another on hip and those wings dropped behind her like a 'priestess'' regalia, except the fact that it is a regalia that is Storm's own uniform. A reflective black sheen over figure from boots that rise to mid thighs, and the loop-pieced body-suit that bears the coverage of a swim suit. But the woman has reason behind this, where the alabaster mohawk that descends down one side does not save her own desire.

"And yet, here you sit in the Headquarters, seeking to depart said Headquarters without those who reside here." Nate's message, or attempt to telepathically reach her is met with an annoyance of heated barbs, so her arrival is borne on such. Getting to Storm's head is like getting into Fort Knox and even trying pisses the Nubian off.

The melee is the room 'waiting to happen' though has Storm holding up a hand as she steps within and the door behind her slams shut with a suction that will pop eardrums. "This is not the place for any of this!" And there goes the normal placid facade of Storm! Sucked out with part of the air to the HQ.

"First off. You go without the team, we do not come looking, we wash our hands. We have too much at stake with opening up to public and media. Our help is exempt." An angled glare rests then, upon X and Nate. "We go as the team we are or you go alone."

Nancy gets now the grating drag of that paling cerulean gaze. "He is our Bobby. Maybe not your Bobby, but what happened, happened! We are fighting the Mists causing this and doing what we can. We cannot reverse it, we have to accept it. Death, NuLife, and Rebirth. Risking ourselves, or being embittered to those not at fault will fix nothing!"

… "Get in the Blackbird and Goddess help us all, do not make me…"

While others might pick up on the tension coming from Nancy (and possibly Bobby) quickly, for Laura, it takes a minute or more. Really, it's thanks to her sensitive nose that causes her to finally turn her attention back to Bobby and Nancy; as the scents within the room finally break through the stubbornness that she's currently feeling.

That stubbornness and new-found knowledge from her scenting of the air is forgotten, however, when the wrathful Goddess known as Storm enters the room.

X-23's green eyes turn now to the costumed woman and the slim assassin's expression shifts when the white-haired woman speaks. The anger is felt and seen and what little ire that showed upon Laura's features is soon replaced by her typical blank-faced expression. She's never seen anger from Storm and it's new enough that Laura falls back upon her mute-faced and mute-voiced nature when confronted with the unexpected.

Turning her head to see the Weather Witch enter, Nancy nods slowly as she gives Laura pretty much the same speech that she herself was given when she went off to deal with Hydra. As much as she hated the speech then, it starts to make sense now. But then Storm turns her ire on Nancy and the goth backs up. Pissing off a Goddess is *not* a smart idea, and even when she is mad, Storm brings up ideas that have been percolating in Nancy's head but she's been too damn stubborn to allow to the surface. Nancy can't look Storm in the eyes for long, looking away sheepishly, like a scolded child that knows she is in the wrong.

"Sorry Bobby," is muttered softly enough that it could be missed. "S'not your fault you look like him. I've been a bitch." With that she raises a shoulder in a half hearted shrug. "Not like that is anything newsworthy coming from me."

Bobby Drake's eyes widen a little at Nate's introduction and he glances over the older man, "You don't look a thing like either of them." Not that it matters. He honestly never figured they'd make it as a couple long enough to have a kid in -any- dimension. But then he remembers his manners, "Nice to meet you." Storm's admonishment gets a glance down to his feet before he backs up, as if to separate himself from the group going on the mission.

Nancy's apology isn't missed, thankfully and he shrugs, "I'm sorry I'm not 'your' Bobby. I really am. You seem to like him a lot."

"Actually, we are leaving now, Storm," comments Nate, a bit surprised to see the usually calm woman angry. "Fact is, we don't even know the exact position of the target, or even if the info is right. We are following a clue three or four years old. Definitely keep the engines warm, though. And do not bring raw recruits, these guys play dirty and last time we tackled with them I got a sniper bullet in my leg." And let me tell you limping for six weeks was hell for Nate. "But I'll promise we'll try to give daily reports on the investigation."

Poke at Storm's head after her prior history with Shadow King, and she is going to come in hot. Nate's turn to learn.

"Leaving with, or without the team?" The final word brings pause to the directory of surrouding doors opening or closing. The one to the Blackbird definitely left on lock-down. "So cold case? And you want to go in alone and with a handful of hope for either case of good or bad without a team whose bunker and quarters you use? No…" A shake of Storm's head and the tall woman stands firm, arms even folding over her chest.

"Engines only start with us together. As I said, you go alone, you go alone, and you do not get to say who comes or goes." A glance then to Bobby and Nancy.

"They are here just like you are, you either warm the engines together, or hoof it alone." Posture of Storm's rights, arms folding across her chest with the slow drag of black fabricated 'wings'.

"Bite the bullet this time instead of take one to your knee."

There's so much for X-23 to consider, but that time for consideration isn't now, as Storm pushes for an answer. The answer that comes from X is likely not one that the group wants to hear, as her green-eyed gaze flicks from Bobby, to Nancy, Storm and finally Nate. For Nate, he might see the struggle within her eyes, or feel it within her emotions, "Alone then." She states in a voice devoid of all emotions, "I will go alone."

And her hand will fall to the strap of her to-go bag, as she stares at Storm now.

While others might make a grande exit, Laura does neither, instead waiting for the responses from the others.

Nancy shrugs to Bobby. "I'll explain later, but thanks." She then looks to Laura, since it's really up to her what happens next. When X makes the same decision that Nancy herself did with Hydra, Nancy winces. Bad decision, even if it feels right. She feels for the other woman with a number for a name. She remembers far too well being in this position and it wasn't something she would ever wish on anyone.

Nancy looks to Storm to see what the leader of the team says, though she worries she knows what is coming.

"Don't be stupid," Bobby offers bluntly. "Going in half-cocked isn't going to get you anywhere with this…whomever you're hunting. If you need to track him or something, that's one thing, but just going in blindly is just asking for it, I don't care -how- good you are." No one ever said that Bobby was subtle.

"Unless this is time-sensitive, you're far better off waiting for folks to help so that when you -do- go in, you're as prepared as you can be."

Nate looks at Ororo briefly, disappointed, maybe. Then to Laura. "Okay. Fine. Lets go, Mouse." He doesn't even bother with the supplies. They can raid a Walmart along the way or something like that. "Should be back in about a week. Or never," he adds. At some point in the next few hours he will have to admit to Laura she was right. Daaaamn.

Storm watches the expected as Nate and X leave together. Her gaze is pale, the iris' of ocean paling to the froth of white in her ire. This is not how the team works, nor family. Eventually it will be known, but at this time they need to know truly, what family" does and risks.

Al creation has the promise to heaven…

Nancy finally feels a hand on her shoulder as the other two depart with looks and postures of possible chagrin. Storm give no shits. At least so is read is her poise beside Bobby and Nan.

"I placed a tracker." A hand off of tablet to them both, one that will read coordinates, all stated once Nate and X leave and the suctioned doors rattle and strain to their exit.


"They may be devoid of our emblazoned help, but we are family." A look between Bobby and Nan, despite their tensions, they should hopefully 'get it'!.

… While you travel the road to hell..!

"Just go as you are, no symbols. Discretion." Spoken lowly with that Kenyan hint of accent as Storm exits opposing doors.

"We're family, here. First and foremost. The media…" A middle finger waved and Storm exits as she came!

When Nate makes the same decision her own Bobby did when she made the same decision Laura did, well, it kind of hits Nancy in the feels. It's like watching her own history with that whole foresight is 20/20 thing. Taking the tablet, Nancy nods to Storm. "Understood. I'll keep an eye out and report back on the hour." As Ororo walks away and lets her opinions of the media be known, Nan has to laugh nodding in agreement. "So, guess we're working together. I'll let you know the tactics my Bobby and I used. We were a pretty good team, so you and I should be too."

Bobby Drake just sort of shakes his head as Nate and Laura walk off. "Is that typical?" he asks but then Nancy is talking to him about tactics. "Ok, sure, but…don't get upset if I have different ideas and different thoughts on tactics. I may look like him and have the same powers, but…" well, it's obvious and he just shrugs to end that statement.

Storm does pause outside the pressurized door she had slammed shut prior, but now it stays open for her as a sheet of ice coats the exterior, but not as bad as it would have been…
Blame the Deadzone.. As Storm is hot in her ire.
"'We're family, we're a team, no matter, but right now… We just have to exercise care, I want us all to be able to stand on pedastals in the end. Shadows are your choice outside, but not an option inside these walls—-"
Though butt-stick makes a thump sound on opposing wall and the door *whooshes* close more abruptly. "Please don't…"  
A slap of palm on the wall and Storm's finger curl inward, but now…
She smiles. Hopefully having given them a foundation to build on.

It's only been minutes since Nate and Laura left due to the ultimatum they were given. Or rather, Laura was given.
While her expression has barely shifted from its blank state, beneath that facade of calm, Laura's emotions are rolling.
Even with all that heavy emotion beneath the surface, her footfalls are still quite light and quick. It's only when the duo are mid-way down the hallway that the slim assassin will finally pause mid-step - the pause likely abrupt and depending on how close Nate is, possibly colliding, as well.

Nate is pretty angry himself. He didn’t do much, did he? All he wanted is for the senior X-Men know they were leaving to investigate a Weapon-X lead. Safety net. Instead he got this… ultimatum and demands. Obviously he is not going to give any warning every again.
That doesn’t mean he is not paying attention to Laura. In fact he is more worried about her than about himself. She needed a safety net more than he does (or so he thinks). When she pauses, he grunts, leaning a hand on her shoulder. “C’mon, once we are outside I will carry you.”

Normally Laura would be prepared for the casual touch, especially from Nate, someone she does trust, but, right now is different. She's too wound up -
- It also doesn't help that she can scent similar feelings from Nate. Anger. Frustration. So, when his hand lands upon her shoulder, there's a flash within X-23's eyes as she turns slightly to give the taller man a dangerous look.
That look, thankfully, passes fairly easily as that look centers Laura back in the present and just where she is. It may not seem like it but she can get lost in her head when she's struggling with something. Especially emotions. And while her mouth opens to say something it soon closes, when Nate offers his own words. "Yes." She'll return with flatly. "Outside."

Nate lets his hand drop, and looks at the small girl with concern. “Indeed,” he comment, with a humorless smile. “But if you want to stay around a little, that is okay. You have something in mind, hmm? I can wait until you find the words.”

Find her words.
Isn't that the truth.
But with that encouragement from Nate, Laura will stay paused, as she considers what she wants to say. Her nostrils will flare ever so slightly as she automatically scents the air between them.
It's only after as she considers for a handful of seconds, that the dark haired woman will say. "You smile." She begins, in that typical flat voice of hers, "But you are not happy. It is confusing when people do that."
And while that's not necessarily what she really wants to say, it's what is said.

“Yeah, not all smiles are happy smiles, y’know?” Replies Nate. Then he realizes Laura probably does not know. “The smile was to comfort you; the unhappiness has little to do with you. And although it is great you are asking questions about anything you don’t understand, I don’t think this question is the real question in your head.”

It's not the question she wanted to ask, no.
And that thought is strong enough that Laura will offer a singular head shake in agreement.
"It is dangerous where we are going." She states, "It is better for a small group to go versus large. The probability that this is a trap is high. The probability that the trigger scent has already been laced there is high.
Her trouble gaze will find Nate's now, "I do not believe people understand the skill I have with killing."
And the less people that are with her, the less likely their blood would be on her hands.
Those last words aren't said, however, they simply hang there unspoken between the two.


“You underestimate them,” points out Nate. “Well, at least the veteran members. They can deal with you. Besides, when you are under the effects of that trigger thing you are far less efficient at fighting and killing than when you are able to think and sneak around.” Which if she stops to think a second is obvious. Berserker is only good to kill people that can’t fight back or just leave. Which doesn’t apply to most X-men.

Laura considers Nate's words and finally she'll offer a faint tilt of her head. "Perhaps. I believe the same can be said for how they estimate my capabilities."
Berserk or not Laura is efficient at killing - even trained assassins, military and mercenary groups.
More could and really should be said about how that ultimatum has really affected, but old habits, they die a hard death. So, instead of voicing what she's really feeling, X-23 will look away from Nate as she says, "Let us leave."

“You have not found your words yet,” notes Nate. But he pats her shoulder in encouragement, even as they head out of the X-Bunker through one of the hidden surface entrances. “But you have a couple hours to think during the flight to Nevada. I hope you do.”

If she were anyone else she'd offer a faint sigh of frustration, but she's not, so instead, Laura simply offers a mute stare to Nate.
She'll eventually find her words, that's for certain, but it's going to take her a minute.
Thankfully, they have a mission to focus upon and X-23 will turn her attention inward, as she considers plans, back-up plans and contingency plans.
It's only when they're above the ground that Laura will turn a look towards the grounds of the school. Her expression showing a slight pensive cast to them. Then it's back to Nate, as she says, "Ready."

Nate nods and steps closer to Laura, dragging her to him. “Hang tight. I will shield us with a telekinetic forcefield, but it gotta be a close one if we want supersonic flight.” Then he takes off, carrying the girl with him. He keeps under radar until they are a few miles from the Xavier estate, then he climbs several hundred yards and accelerates, flying eastwards at dazzling speed.

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