March 02, 2017:

Spoiler is joined by Red Robin in her investigation of Mary Olivia Melody; unfortunately, Ravager was paid a lot of money to ruin Spoiler's day.

A rooftop across from Holy Trinity Hospital, Old Gotham


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Mentions: Punchline, Deathstroke, Zatanna, Constantine


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Fade In…

Spoiler had left Punchline in SHIELD's care. There was something Important and probably STUPID she had to do. Something that she had to get to her hideout and rush the repairs on that bike Joker shot up. It wasn't pretty, and it wasn't in tip top condition, but the skycycle was going to do the job. Over the comsystem, Spoiler sends one alert as she's crossing over the bridge.

"Spoiler headed to Holy Trinity Hospital to procure needed bio samples. Second set of eyes unneeded but not unwelcome." Her voice is cold, flat, stubborn Steph on a mission. Regardless of whomeever responds, Spoiler touches down quietly on a nearby rooftop, crouching in the shadows as she calls up to DELPHI for a blueprint overlay and a map-ping on her target: blood samples for one Mary Olivia Melody.

Since doing important and probably stupid things is Red Robin's whole thing, and he had his own reasons for being back in Gotham despite his other important and probably stupid business in New York, he found himself frowning at the relatively open message from Spoiler, letting people know where she was headed in case they wanted to provide backup - or in case she didn't come back.

He'd frowned, yes, but before he knew it he was also on his way to Holy Trinity Hospital.

The shift in the air is subtle, almost imperceptible, but not long after the blonde has settled herself on that nearby rooftop there's someone else crouching /beside/ her, black cape curled around his body and the featureless white lenses set into his cowl looking across the way at the hospital.

"Spoiler," rasps Red Robin's electronically modified voice, another layer of concealment by means of a device in his costume's collar. "What exactly are we looking for?"

"DELPHI, update Red Robin's HUD," Spoiler says by way of reply, eyes still on the hospital. It's so brightly lit, with it's own generator. Maybe it'd be best to try to go in disguised. Stephanie can be a candy-striper and Tim can be Tammy the RN. (#SpoilerAlert : Tim makes a cute girl and the discussions about the appropriate cup size is hilarious! It's an actual comic somewhere. funny AF)

The information on the HUD reveals that Spoiler is after blood samples and lab work for Mary Olivia Melody, who was an MMA athelete at Gotham U, less than a month from graduating with a masters in nuerocyber-something that Spoiler's player has forgotten but will be updated in the Bat Computer as soon as the player remembers to do it. The info also shows that the girl is now a NuHuman who's genetic makeup was likely tampered with by Joker Toxin. She's in SHIELD Medical, there by some very quick good graces and likely some misuse of Avengers and Flash contacts. None of which is on the file nor wtill Steph be talking about right this minute.

Ravager had done her research, found enough to logic out the tie in of Flash's attack by her 'Father' and her hiring for this woman, Spoiler, was it?

Whatever, Ravager had a mission. Maim, do not kill…. Or the $$ goes down. Hell with that, the number of zeroes is what got her attetions, and a no name vigilante is nothing to her. That is, until the scope propped upon a building and peered through finds her accompanied by a known Robin. A burner phone is withdrawn, fed line into the scope and the picture is taken of the two, sent to her contact and added message of: "Both, add another 2 zeroes or you wait longer…."


Pending deposit seen as well as an attempted hack of interferance starting to come through that narrows those eyes. One ringed by half a mask, pale and bionic, the other an arctic blue. "Whatever. Dribble."
The semi-auto rifle the scope is perched on bears salt-filled rounds that will burn like a bitch on impact and penetration, so upon swivel she sets a timer and lets the timer tick and then release the rapid fire of bullets at them both!

But upon their trajectory for the Bat-Lings a grappling hook slings forth to aid in a swift gap of rooftops, swinging in the woman cald in an orange and black body suit trimmed in scale maille over vitals, the rigging along shoulders and back lead down arms, a heavy tack belt t her waist that unleashes a puttied C-4 to the side of the building, blinking…

Her arrival comes in a CS gas that will have every pore clean, down to induce vomiting if breathed.

The silhouette from within the gas lands and moves towards them, swords snapping from a brace along side arms to hands, spun before she leaps in their direction!!

It's… Not often one sees Spoiler acting like… Well, like Red Robin, actually.

Brusque, to the point. Like she's been taking pointers from the Batman himself lately.

Behind those featureless white lenses, dark blue eyes shift to look sidelong at the blonde in eggplant purple even while his own suit's onboard computer receives a data packet, but he doesn't say anything about it. There's work to be done, and that's hardly the time to be asking if she's doing all right, or to inquire why this seems to be affecting her so deeply. Later, maybe. Maybe.

Instead, he reviews the information provided, making a faint sound at what he sees. Truthfully, he hasn't been paying much attention to the Mists, having been preoccupied with… Other things, and…

"Move," Red Robin snaps, shoving Spoiler to one side as all the instincts he's developed since he first started on the path all those years ago blare at him that they're in danger; body armor and cape eat the worst of the impact from the salted rounds even as he starts moving in the opposite direction, reflexively holding his breath as the cloud of gas bursts onto the rooftop, trying to put as much distance between himself and Spoiler as possible to make it tougher for them to both be targeted.

Of course, then there's somebody swinging swords at them.

There's a faint whistle in the air as Red Robin whirls his battle staff to its full length, looking to intercept sharp things and to try and push the assailant back. It is, to be honest, a pretty normal Thursday night in Gotham City.

"Friend of yours?" he wonders of Spoiler.

A cowled Spoiler, not a hood. The blonde is visible against the near-black charcoal grey of her armored nomex. The purple is darker, a more shadowed version of the rich aubergine color of her past. Her own AR lens are a sfot almost lavender glow as she keeps studying the hospital and the bllueprints, looking for the way to get in and out without being seen. She really is preoccupied with it. So much so that she is unwarea of the danger until Robin shoves her with an alert. Trusting him, She too curls into her cape. She too hold sher breath, but she slams on a rebreather from her old kit which she transfered here. Mists.. Joker Gas… A healthy paranoia. The batlings are near mirror images in how they roll up to their feet, identical bo staffs twirled out to full extension, and then held to the ready.

Admittedly, Red Robin's tumble up to ready was far more graceful and fluid and practiced than Spoiler's was. #SpoilerAlert : Two there are, Master and Apprentice. Always Two.

Shut up, Tim. We are all sitting down and nerding out over Original Star Wars marathon and eating popcorn. In summer. That's a thing. It is happened. #DealWithIt

"Cute." The roll-of-mirroring is met with a quirk of one cornr of the merc's lips.

ravager has a main target, and now, a secondary that only increases the paygrade. Her goal? The first. So Spoiler gets a sudden burst of speed from the woman who bears shoulder length hair of silver on white. Familiar? Ravager doesn't give a fuck.

While there is two, one becomes the first assault, especially with her lesser-trained roll, the Ravager's swords of Kherubim crafted metal sweep in a semi-circle, seeking to sever the bo if she does not move it. The leap though aiming to bring the back of elbow down upon a coweled cranium.

Robin? From the hand that bears elbow sweep to Spoiler has a fistful of small beads, ones that hit the rooftop and ignite in loud bangs and sudden strobe-light flashes among the smoke.

For now keeping him at bay in that 'curtain' between.

"Thanks, I try," Red Robin retorts without even thinking about it; with everything that's been going on lately, he's entirely beyond caring about keeping his natural propensity towards sass tamped down in the interests of creating an air of solemn gravity.

Ravager's choice of targets tells him a lot. She focuses not on him, but on the now rather more Batgirl-esque Spoiler, ignoring the apparently greater threat. It could be, of course, that she's seeking divide and conquer, to separate the 'weaker' opponent before turning on the remaining one… Or he could be incidental.

That makes him angry. Not offended at not being targeted first, because he's not /that/ self-centered, but angry. He's already buried the blonde once. Not again.

But Ravager is resourceful, dangerous. The small flashbangs are a distraction, enough to overwhelm his cowl's flare compensation briefly, but not the sound dampening in his earpieces: He can still /hear/.

And Ravager's not the only one with fun toys.

Carefully, cautiously Red Robin palms some items from his belt, yellow discs branded with his bird's head silhouette logo; he listens, carefully. He knows Spoiler's footfalls, he knows the way she breathes. A heartbeat later, he hurls three of those little discs towards the mercenary, not just distraction tools like a batarang - each one has a pressurised gel load, designed to release on impact and harden quickly, as he tries to slow or entangle Ravager while she focuses on Spoiler.

That is familiar. Why? Why is it so- #ShouldHaveIceTea this girl moves fast! Granted not Flash fast, but fast. Spoiler does bring the staff up to parry, feeling the titanium snap against the sweep of the swords. Elbow to back of cranium, Spoiler drops to a knee with a dull and pain-filled "ugh~…" The vertigo from the ruptured eardrum of having a 50cal gun shot all but against the side of your head flares up growing worse as Spoiler tosses herself ina roll THAT-A-WAY in hopes of avoiding another sword slash. She's not at all graceful getting back to her feet. Her right shoulder is burning.

//" And I don't give a fuck when I walk into battle..
And thats why I got all the power!" //

Ravager is fast, and the sword slash to Spoiler does not come… As a disc from 'Robin', hits and pushes her back, booted feet skating across the gravel and pavement of the rooftop. The other sword spiralled down to drive into the surface and anchor her before heel meets edge.

Thos haunting eyes rise, both hands gripping the hilt of her blade that was the life-saver, one of them upon the metal and blood pools upon the concrere below, but it does not stop the woman.

A throttle forward and as Spoiler staggers to her roll THAT-A-WAY, Ravager seeks to land a booted foot upon her shoulder, wanting to break bone in her landing - adding to the sufferage?

But now, Red Robin is met with a sudden lunge vaulted from the anchor of her other sword, seeking to land a heel into his plexus!!

Ravager is not stopping, and upon the ground by the planted sword in a well-cut path is a syringe…

While beneath them rescue lights flash as the building is being evacuated.
" The only reason that I'm here,
is to wreak havoc!
Everybody prayin' that I'll change…"

Metahuman, Red Robin thinks to himself.

Faster than him, stronger than him.

It changes the calculations constantly going on in the former Boy Wonder's heads, to be sure, but it doesn't change the essential goal: Protect Spoiler at any cost. The exhaustion of having barely slept in two weeks doesn't seem to faze him any, instead narrowing down his focus. Everything he's been dealing with, the people he might've lost, the price he's paid in the hopes of getting them back… Well, he has no intentions of losing anyone else. Especially not that specific someone else.

The distraction seems to have done its job, though he definitely didn't get Ravager's attention off of Spoiler /painlessly/, and now of course the dangerous mercenary is heading after /him/. Lunging, aiming a kick where it's going to be extremely painful if it lands. Could try to avoid. Could do lots of things.

Instead, Ravager's foot hits him, with the caped and cowled young man twisting slightly to the side to somewhat mitigate the blow; there is a loud, audible *CRACK*, and he really hopes that was an armor plate. But it doesn't matter: He didn't avoid the hit because he wanted to be exactly where he is.

His battle staff is on the ground, and his arms move to grasp the kicking leg, not wanting to let Ravager get away to continue her mischief. If he catches her, then a grapple line is quickly tied around the offending ankle, his hand dropping to his belt to snatch up the grapple gun the line is from, turning to fire it at the next roof over.

Apparently, he really wants to get Ravager away from Spoiler; figuring out /why/ she's attacking would be nice, and all, but the blonde's immediate safety is a greater concern.


The already fractured shoulderblade gives way under the assault, a heartbeat too slow, too staggered by the recent Joker run in, to have made that a clean dodge… whatever you call what she tried to do. It might have been an attempt to dodge. Spoiler is dizzy… was dizzy.

The crack was puncuated by a pained scream as Spoiler drops again to the roof top. Her right arm dangles useless at her side, head coming up to look as this …this.. woman is attcking her friend, her first crush, her first boyfriend, HER Tim. As much as Tim can piss her off, hurt her, he's …where she came from. As pulls her own batarangs from her belt with her left hand. Pushing to her feet with a harsh grunt. She's poised to throw, but the world is a whirl still and as dizzy as she is, there's no way Stephanie wants to risk accidently hitting Tim with a bad throw.

The second crack and Spoiler pulls in a breath, forcing past the dizzy to step forward.

"I fly like an atom bomb..
In a world riddled with conflict.."

Landed blows are not taken as a One Up, they are taken as only a single hobble, and the race horses need to be glue equivalents to which she seeks assurance of, and planted it at the beginning of this battle. A time is ticking, but one only in her head and blinking down on the side of the building she had made a call in to… to have evacuated.

For a reason.

ravager's booted ankle bears the line, and from her sudden throttle forward into battle she is suddenly jerked back like a movie ut in slow motion forward and then fast-forward to snap the latinum haired mercenary back!

In passing the remaining embedded sword is plucked free of the embedding in the roof!

Forced back though, is only emphasised by an eruption, the building Robin and Spoiler stand upon suddenly blasts in mid-level, and folds in on itself in a tuck while the pressure shoots shrapnel of rebar, brick and mortar through the comcaving rooftop they remain on!

Ravager hits the other rof with an impact that sends her rolling, those swords suddenly pivoting and flashig back along her arms to 'holster' while she gives into the roll of impact and takes the gravel that imbeds into her skin while she skids across the surface and then comes to a stand in time to feel the backlash of explosions heat…

Pale strands lash across her face while she mo-caps the moment and the tosses the burner phone into the explosion where police, EMT's, and Fire Department already wait below.


Nevermind the limp and the fact that one of those discs is embedded in the back of thigh and that gel coats her armor in a plasmic tendril along outer right thigh.

Red Robin can piss anyone off, it's one of his many talents.

He learned a lot of it from Dick, though.

He isn't idle even after launching the line attached to Ravager, of course: Standing around is a good way to get yourself dead, an important lesson to learn when you were a fourteen year old in a yellow cape facing off against rooms full of guys with guns. He retrieves his staff in a flash, ignoring the dull ache across his chest from even the mitigated impact of Ravager's boot, and…

There's an explosion, below them.

"Spoiler!" he calls out, keeping to codenames even now; staff collapses, is stowed as he rushes towards the other vigilante. He can feel part of the building buckling underneath them. This is bad. Second line in his grapple gun, if he can get close enough to the blonde to grab her in time he can get them both off of the roof before it falls in and maybe kills them, and then he…


Pure cold horror grips his heart as he feels the choice slip out of his fingers, as he feels his right wrist itch and burn under his gauntlet. He knows, knows why, knows that this is part of the price, the trade.

His mouth opens again, no sound comes out.

The roof buckles underneath him, and Red Robin falls.

"Cycle Up!" Spoiler yells as the building starts to explode and Tim's yelling her name and rushing twoard her. The vocal command has the skycycle lifting up, heading up into the sky in a slow steady ascent. She's pulling her grapnel gun with her left hand, running now too. RUnning toward her exboyfriend source of joy and anguish both. Running toward her past even as she uses her now to fire a line at what might be part of her future.

The line catches. Her right arm is useless. Her feet are losing traction. The roof is collapsing. Tim is falling.

Spoiler sweeps at Red Robin, trying to catch his chest with her legs, right hand trying to close on whatever she can get it to close on, mind forcing it to move even though that tears at things, pulls at things, pushes things in ways they are not meant to be pushed. But she does it anyway. Because she won't lose him. She's lost too much. You can't take him.

Stephanie is stubborn, and while it's a flaw, right now, it's all she has to try to get the both of them dangling like fish from a hook as the skycycle gets then up and out of sight.

"Robin?… Can you. climb… please?" This hurts. a lot.

A distant thought in the back of Red Robin's mind reflects on the deep unfairness of Spoiler having a flying motorcycle, in the way a person's brain will find a calm focus on irrelevant things in a deadly situation.

He knows, of course, that the odds have always been against him. He's done the math, run all the simulations plenty of times: The chances of him surviving to, say, twenty five are roughly fifty-fifty, and are only that high because of the ridiculous training he's gone through over the years, and continues to put himself through. By the time you get to thirty, the odds become ridiculous. Batman's age? Nearly impossible.

He's always wondered what it would be that got him, in the end. He'd kind of hoped it would be something cool and heroic, that he'd at least go down saving lives.

The thought that it's going to be falling into a collapsing building for no purpose is frustrating. Zatanna and Constantine are still lost in Hell; he won't be there to see them rescued. But at least Stephanie is safe, or close enough to it.

Then she's grabbing him, her legs like pincers.

"Ghhk," the former Boy Wonder manages, looking up at Spoiler, and he feels /it/ let go of him, one minute of his twelve hour debt repaid. He really hopes it's not all like this.

"Yeah… Yeah," he grits out, managing to lever himself up enough to grab the line, crawling up towards the hovering bike until he's actually straddling it… And then, of course, he reaches down for Spoiler. He's glad for the cowl, really, for the whole business of the costume. It means she can't see how terrified he is. "C'mon, let's… Let's get out of here."

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