Kurt is Not Harambe

March 01, 2017:

Kurt and Rogue visit the Zoo and bump into Sofia Strange and Vision!


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Its a nice afternoon and Kurt is out with his friend Rogue at the Bronx zoo. Wearing loose clothing a ballcap is pulled low on his head. Standing by the giraffee exhibit one of them is hanging near the fence close to them. "Such a nice day yes?" he asks his friend while holding onto a veggie wrap they got at a nearby stall. Not paying much attention he starts watching a couple of zoo performers twirling fire and such. Just as he was about to take a bite of his food, the giraffe sticks its head over his shoulder stealing it from his hands which causes him to blink, "Hey!" turning he looks at the animal that is now chewing on it happily. "Youse ere a thief!"

It's not often that Sofia gets a day off. Mainly because she's constantly rearranging schedules, making apologies, arranging gifts, et cetera. Even her day off isn't really a day off.

Dressed in a pair of filegre design hose, a black skirt that doesn't quite reach the top of her knees, black leather heeled boots that barely touch the bottom of her knees, a red tank wirh a black lace over piece to it and a black shoulder shrug, she males her way through the zoo with a tablet in her hands and an earpiece in her ear.

She had paused for a moment to look at the giraffes, the antics of the animal causing her to laugh. A heartbeat later and she turns away, eyes wide. "No, Mr. Jones, I wasn't laughing at yoy, sir." She winces and starts to step away, eyes falling to the tablet. "Yes, sir, I understand you're veey busy and I deeply apologize about this. I assure you, it will not happen again. .." Her voice fades as the man on the other end starts to rant.

Vision had just returned an escaped tiger to its pen, having overheard the alert on the zoo's internal radio system while flying overhead. The synthezoid hero proved capable of holding the creature without harm, withstanding its attempts to harm him and carrying it back to its pen. In the end, the thing seemed more perplexed by the Vision than angry, as if one of the trees had suddenly come to life and scooped her up in his arms.

When he hears the call of thief, Vision flies over a few pens, descending to land not far from Kurt and Rogue, "I suspect the accusation of theft was, in this case, a jesting one?" he says in his absent, artificial tone.

Rogue was wandering around not far from Kurt, she wa sholding her cell phone in her gloved hands and was snapping lots of photos and video throughout their trip to the Zoo today. She watched the animal steal Kurt's food and it made her grin as she recorded all of it. "That guy knows what he wants an' he goes for it. I respect that." She said before glancing in the direction of Sofia with her important conversation going on, but it was Vision that drew's Rogue's green eyes away then and she stared at him blankly for a second or two before speaking up to him.

"Nah, not a joke. That Longnecked Fella there just stole that Tailed Fella's food thingy." She explained in emaculate detail and then flashed a big smile on her red painted lips.

Watches the giraffe now as it just enjoys the stolen treat, hearing others laugh makes him laugh as well. Kurt just shakes his head taking note of Sofia before he glances back to Vision now. "Indeed he stole muh food but.. He is too uh.. cute for me to be upset for long." As the giraffee sticks his head back down, Kurt gives him a gentle pet along the neck hoping his friend might get a shot of this one, "Yes.. Its ok big one. Youse enjoyed zee treat? Good."

Sofia actually pulls her head back as if it will help her get away from the bluetooth in her ear. "Of course, sir. Absolutely, that would be perfect. I assure, sir, he'll be there. Yes, sir." A moment later and the bluetooth is shut off with a sigh and pulled from her ear. Just in time for her to catch the tone from Vision and the response from Rogue and Kurt. She almost facepalms. "It was a joke, yes. And they're being sarcastic." Her eyes drop down to hwr tablet, a few swipes and the string if cusses she lets out us enough to male a sailor blush amd said in a mix of at least three different languages. "I don't think they want you feeding the animals though so I'd think, maybe, not eating near the enclosures might be prudent."

She frowns and looks between the three. "Apologies for intruding."

Vision tilts his head towards Sofia at her words, nodding in agreement, "I believe the young lady is correct - feeding the animals is largely prohibited. With the animal being the initiator, I do not foresee any likelihood of discipline being required. Simply more care might be necessary in protecting your foodstuffs," he says.

"No apology is necessary. Your input was helpful and correct."

Rogue's phone was lowered down to herself and stuffed into the pocket of her black wool jacket she was wearing over a red tshirt. She listened to the two explain that the animals weren't supposed to be fed and it made her grin. "Well hell, an' here I just placed an' order with the Pizza Hut down the road an' have been standin' around here waitin' for the Pizza Dude himself t'show up so we can feed all these poor captive animals." She was joking, of course. Probably.

Kurt looks between Sofia and Vision blinking a few times. He would never purposely feed the animals anything and at least it was a veggie thing. "Sorry." is said to the pair rather unsure if they are part of the zoo authority or not. Moving closer to Rogue he smirks a little to her words. "Extra anchovies and peppers!" he says that being one of his favorite kinds though not many places have anchovies.

Sofia's eyea flit up to Vision and she grins faintly. "Thanks. Nice of you to step in though." And then her eyes flit back down to her tablet, she sighs and rubs her temple.

She looks up and over at Rogue and Kurt, a brow arching. "Riiiight." There's a shake of her head and she smirks, chuckling softly. "Public poll time… Chocolate covered strawberries and a white wine or something more exotic and a red… Wgich is a more sincere apology?"

Vision stares at Rogue and Kurt for a moment. Again, he suspects this is an attempt at humor, although one that doesn't quite reach the Vision's nascent sense of comedy. He has had times when he has done better with such things but, at the moment, his algorithms seem to be running in a more reserved bent.

"How would such a thing be a measure of sincerity?" he says to Sofia, curious to see what she has on her tablet and floating a little nearer to her.

Rogue watched Kurt and heard his request and she shook her head. "Not on your life, fuzzbutt." She told her friend, hands stuffed into her coat pockets she pulled the right one out and adjusted the blank wool-knit beanie that was resting ontop of her two-toned hair covered head.

At Sofia, Rogue smiled. "Chocolate an' White wine. Red is romantic, white is apologetic." She flashed a grin then and walked over toward the waste bin to bull a empty bag of what once held pretzels and she tossed it away. "Food at this damn Zoo is way too pricey. The money bette'ah be goin' to the damn animals. Cause if there's some fat rich person gettin' fatte'ah off'a zoo? Thats messed up." She was mostly talking to herself at this point, which she did fairly often.

Kurt looks back at the other two now before glancing at Sofia, "Sparkling white grape juice." he tells her never one to suggest alcohol to anyone. A look is cast to Rogue with a frown at her language though he says nothing. "I em Kurt, zis is Rogue." he introduces himself and his friend to the pair.

While Sofia doesn't turn the tablet to make it easier to see, she doesn't turn it away either. She's looking at a site that offers an array of chocolates, flowers and wines. "Hell if I know. That's why I asked. I just know it's often what I'm asked to send… Or cigars and whiskey… Apparently, apologies are gender dependant." The sorceress shrugd.

And then she's blinking at Rogue. "Really? Huh. Thanks!" Yep, she was clueless. Her eyes drop back to the tablet. "A large portion goes into the maintaining of the habitats and the care of the animals. Another sixable chyck is split between acquisition of new animals and a charity set up. Of the remaining, two thirds goes towards employee salaties and benefits with the last third being pure profit." Odd the things she knows.

A glance is given to Kurt. "Nice to meet you. I'm Sofia Strange." And tgen back to order placing.

Vision frowns, "Human coding of many parts of their life based on minor chromosonal deviations remains one of the stranger aspects of your culture," he says. "Why would someone's sex influence their taste in whiskey or chocolate?"

Since introductions seem to be going around, he nods, "I am the Vision.." he says.

Once she started digging around in her pockets, Rogue started pulling out all kinds of strange things. Candy bar wrappers, movie ticket stubs, empty cigarette packages, a rumpled up body building magazine, cell phone charger and a knife and a tac-flashlight.

The southern belle listened to the others talking while she started tossing away the garbages and resorting herself. She heard Vision's question and it made her smile and look up from her 'work' to him. "Cause… Miste'ah Fancy." She said at him. "Men don't need t'be wined'n dined t'apologize t'them. They just wanna see ya in little amounts'a clothin' an' thats about it. Though… food is good too. Just wrap anything in Bacon an' the men'll do whateve'ah ya tell'em t'do." She grinned big then and glanced over to Sofia. "Who're you tryin' t'apologize too, anyhow? Miss, uh… Strange."

Kurt watches them all rather listening now to the conversation. He found Vision to be rather an interesting guy and Sofia to also be interesting. At least they weren't staring at him like most do or are making fun. Opening his bottle of water he takes a drink and then closes it up. Hearing an elephant call he looks over towards its enclosure as two young ones seem to be playing, indeed sometimes he can be like a child, especially when its the zoo.

The Visi— Sofia blibks and lools up at the man..anzroid…sythoid..whatever..next to her and smirks. Who is she to judge a name, after all. "I'm going to shorten it to Vis. Is that okay?"

Her attention goes to Rogue and she smirks. "Hey now… bacon is amazing and wonderful and makes everything better." She chuckles. "A client. I have to reschedule an appointment with Ms. Roberts in order to accomedate Mr. Jones because tge meeting with him was, apparently, missed and… It's a clusterfuck."

She looks over at Kurt amd grins. "Big fan of the Zoo, huh? I used to be too. The animals here are well taken care of too…"

Vision nods to Sofia, "If that is what you desire, I have no objections," he says.

He looks to Rogue, "Do women also not want to see men in states of undress? Mating generally occurs with both parties nude to one degree or another," he says, his constant access to the Internet meaning that he has a fairly graphic understanding of just what human mating looks like.

"I do not believe offering sexual favors is an acceptable form of apology in this part of the globe. Cigars are probably more appropriate," he says, then cocks his head, "Clusterfuck? Ah. Yes. Understood."

Rogue walked over to Kurt then and she offered him a piece of Bubble Yum Bubblegum that was in her coat pocket. "Leave them kids alone, Kurty." She warned her old friend. "Ah don't wanna have you gettin' all Harambe-d by the trigge'ah happy staff'a this place." She fuzzled the top of Kurt's blue fur'd head with a gloved left hand and then looked to Sofia.

"You definitely don't wanna be romanticizin' yourself with a client then. So I'd just go with the chocolates an' white wine. Bette'ah safe than sorry."

At Vision, Rogue gave a big grin. "MOst men I'd be just fine with not seein' naked. Very few'a them are worthy a my eyes on their nudey bodies. Afte'ah all. 'dad bod' has become waaaay too acceptable in our society for my tastes. I mean have ya -been- t'Walmart lately? Its like everyone is turnin' into the Marshmallow Man from that Ghostbusters movie that came out this past summe'ah."

Kurt looks at the gum accepting it though frowns as she tells him to leave the elephant babies alone. Like he is stupid enough to jump the fence and go play with the animals, howevver he does put the gum into his mouth chewing it. Though the words from Vision cause him to look over and a heat rises in his cheeks. Not really the place to speak about people being naked or not. As Rogue speaks though he can't help but look over the crowd blushing even deeper as some he doesn't want to think of in their birthday suits. Chewing the gum in his mouth he rubs at his chin gently.

Bright blue eyes dance as Sofia looks up at Vision. "I'll… Be sure to keep that in mind." And then she laughs softly. "Yes. Yes, we do. And yes it does." She likes this one. He amuses her.

Looking over at Rogue, Sofi shrugs. "Physical has never really been a thing for me. Sure, a good body is nice to look at but…" Her nose wrinkles. "Far from my main concern."
Her eyes flit to Kurt and she smirks, head canting to one side. "You gonna be okay?"

Vision is, of course, impossible to embarass and shakes his head, "Human bodies take different shapes according to dietary needs, physical exercise routines and a wide variety of factors, of varying degrees of control. It is strange that so much of what makes up human sexual rituals is so very muddled, given its central nature in so many of your interactions," he says. He doesn't exactly sound frustrated, but, in his absent tone, he sounds more just bemused.

"I recognize that my speaking of such subjects may have broken unspoken taboos. I apologize."

Rogue listened to Sofia and Vision and it seemed to amused her some, a small smile showing on her lips but she soon shook her head. "I don't take offense to your words, mistah." She said to Vision. "You just seem like a walkin' talkin' Google search result t'me, is all." She said at him before releasing a sharp exhale. "I hope your business thing turns out okay too, Miss." She'd say to Sofia. "Based on what I overheard'a your phone call, you sound like a pretty important person." She glanced at Kurt who she assumed was enjoying the bubble gum. "Don't blow no bubbles now, don't wanna get it stuck in your hair. I'd have t'rub peanut butte'ah all ove'ah, Kurt." She grinned. "An' I know ya don't want that."

Kurt continues chewing the gum his face still red with the heated blush. At Sofia's question he squeaks out a "yes" but then clearing his throat, "Yes, I em." he tells her. A look is given to his friend, "Zat only happened once and I don't vant youse rubbing me down with zat again." Looking back towards Vision now he just watches him rather curious.

As much as she might try, there's no stopping the way Vision's words make Sofia chuckle softly. "That's a goos point, actually." Her head tilts off to one side anf she sits midaie, crossing one leg over the other and resting the tablet in her lap. "But you don't fall prey yo such things?" She's curious about him. The apology makes her smirk. "Hon, I grew up on the streets of… most of the continental U.S… Taboos don't really offend me."

"Me? No. I'm juzt a glorufied babysitter. I think the offical term is Personal Assistant." She shudders at the mention of peanut butter. "Gods, that stuff is disgusting. Not just the taste but the smell of it is horrible too." Not a fan of peanut butter.

And then she's blinking at Kurt and smirking. "Of course you are." No… she believes him… really…

Vision looks at Sofia for a long moment, "A man, human or otherwise, should never give away his weaknesses, lest someone take advantage of them," he says with a slight smile. "I am pleased that I have not offended."

The discussion of peanut butter just makes him realize he'll never understand humans, no matter how very long he tries. "Peanut butter seems like it would be bad for fur. The resultant mess would take a great deal of effort to clean."

Rogue laughed at what all of them said, here and there and to varying degrees. "I'm just meszxin' around anyway." She said in that thick southern accent of hers. "Real home-made peanut buttah is a delicious treat… That store bought shit that they peddle us at the grocery amrts? That stuff is just out t'give out healthy doses'a cance'ah. Like the resta their products are."

Of course, Rogue said this while fishing out her cigarettes and placing an unlit one between her lips. "Ah'll neve'ah undastand folks." She said then, punctuating her words with a gentle side to side shake of her head. See? Rogue thinks JUST LIKE Vision!

Kurt blinks at his friend reaching out to take the cigarette from her unless she doesn't let him and scolding in german without much of a thought about it. His free hand is motioning around to all the kids that are around them. He continues speaking in german tward sher in a scolding tone.

A brow arches at Kurt, bits and pieces of what he's saying being caught. It causes Sofia to chuckle softly and amusement to dance fully in her eyes.

"I'm not a fan of peanuts, unless they're they honey roasted and salted ones. Those are alright. I'll eat Reese's Cups too. I just never cared for plain peanut butter," is offered to Rogue with a shrug. "I guess spending a large amount of time, for me anyhow, next to a factor that made it turned me off from it."

And then her eyes slip to Vision and she pouts. "Now how is that fair? You clearly know our weaknesses. At least some of them." Yes, she's teasing. Will he realize it…?

Vision speaks plainly, "I primarily derive sustenance from solar energy. I have a rudimentary sense of taste, in that my tongue collects nutritional data about any substance placed in my mouth," he says. And the once-human part of him, that ghost of a man that lives in his programming, sometimes has cravings. But he's not about to share that aloud.

"Life is not always fair, Miss Strange," he says with gleaming eyes to Sofia.

Rogue ducked away from Kurt's hand as he reached for her cigarette. "Keep your mits away from me, sneak thief!" She said with a little laugh punctuating that she wasn't upset, just, dodging his grab. "I ain't lightin' it, not until we get get outta here an' get out into the parking lot. There's kids around, I ain't gonna be 'that' kinda person who just lights up next to'em."

Rogue looked to Vision to see him saying this stuff about himself. "You're an interestin' fella then, Mistah Fancy." She said with a small grin and at Sofia she nodded once toward her. "I love your last name, by the by… That is seriously cool. I wish mine was Rogue Strange!" She spread her gloved hands out to either side as she posed dramatically to hearing the name she'd just given herself.

Kurt sighs deeply to his friend but then glances at the others, "Strange would fit my friend." he grins brightly at this. "Youse don't vant one of those zings in your mouth." a finger points to the cigarette Rogue holds. "It is bad for zee health."

Any smile Sofia was wearing fades immediately. The levitation stop and she stands. "I am well aware of that, Vision, thank you." The amusement and laughter from her eyes is gone, replaced by a hardness and detachment.

A look is given to Rogue. "Trust me… You don't. Nothing good comes from this name." She shifts the tablet from one hand to the other and reaches up to put the bluetooth back into her ear.

"Breathing is bad for your health these days," is said to Kurt before she gives a bow of her head. "Excuse me, I should see if I can get a hold of my boss." And then she's turning away from the group.

Vision frowns slightly as Sophia turns away, letting her go for a moment, "It was nice to meet you," he says to Kurt and Rogue.

He quickly floats over in Sophia's wake, moving to try and catch up with her. "I did not mean to upset you. I was only being…playful. I suppose that I am not very good at it."

Rogue lowered her arms down then back to her sides and she put the gloved hands back into her coat pockets then. With cigarette hanging out of her lips she glanced over to Kurt after the other two left. "I told ya all I gotta do is swipe my hand across Logan while he's asleep an' I'm back t'full health again, like in one'a your little video games."

Rogue would glance back to Sofia and Vision before she'd turn in the opposite pathway of the zoo. "I'mma go find that train that they got around here, I wanna ride on it." She'd say as she started off in her own direction.

Kurt waves to the other two and turns heading after Rogue rushing to reach her side, "Zat sounds fun." he smiles heading off to find the train.


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