Parade de Cirque

February 28, 2017:

Joker invades Gotham's Mardi Gras Parade - and gets thwarted, but not before causing mayhem.

Robinson Park - Gotham

The "living heart of Gotham," this enormous green area is situated right
in the middle of Midtown and can be viewed from across the Finger River from
the south. It borders just about every neighborhood in Midtown and even some
of Chelsea it is that expansive.

The northern portion of Robinson Park is dedicated to ballfields, outdoor
activity areas and wooded sites criss-crossed with hiking trails.

The southern half of Robinson Park is the gigantic very wild Gotham
Reservoir and Giella Gardens.

The restoration project after the Cataclysm has shown an obvious overhaul of
Robinson Park. It flourishes now and once again looks beautiful and full of

Standing vigilante over Robinson Park is the neo-Roman 'Forum of the 12
Caesars' a stone mausoleum surrounded by tomb-like structures and giant
Roman rulers around it's borders. Several of these monolithic statues have
fallen to shambles and lie half crumpled, the cities doesn't seem prepared
or willing to touch them at this point in time.


NPCs: 100s.


Mood Music: None.

Fade In…

Its an almost balmy spring night in Gotham, temperatures in the low 60s, meaning that there is only a smattering of light jackets in the lit up city tonight. Along the main park drive, comes colorful music, a calvacade of song and sound and lights as several parade floats move along the route set up by the Gotham police for the parade. From the converted flatbeds, beads, toys, and other tokens and medallions are thrown, along with handmade coconuts dressed up in cloth and painted up to look like one the various Bats. Obviously the big bad Bat is the main coconut, while many of the rarer ones include Batgirl - though the all black one is more rare then the one with the red hair, Robins, and one that has a crowbar in the side of it's face with two of the little holes that are X'd out. Isn't he precious?


As the parade floats move along, a pair of announcers from a local TV station are announcing the various royalty, Dukes and Duchesses, Princes and Princesses, and even Miss Gotham 2016, who's one of the two Grand Marshals.

The other Grand Marshall, Batman, was unable to be reached.

As the parade passes by, there's a single ice cream truck moving along, rattling and prattling, playing the creepiest version of the ice cream man song ever heard. People in colorful clown and cow costumes are handing out free samples of their latest confection, J-Pops! They taste like Pistachios and Almonds.

Within the truck, Joker is mixing up a fresh batch of ice cream. "In goes the Bryant and the Mists and my secret ingredient, love!" he laughs as he presses his radio. Up on the giant float balloon over the truck is a single female figure, the newest member of the Joker family, getting a grand view of the parade from her perch. "Any signs of rooftop guests?" he asks in his radio to Punchline.

In their last encounter, Spoiler had managed to get a tracker on Joker's clothing. She was fairly sure that he hadn't noticed it. However, being a Batling comes with paranoia. Sometime, purranioa, but mostly only when there's a Cat around. In any case, Spoiler had sent the tracker information to the cave and when it settled out, she moved in to case the area. It took some time, but the tracker started moving again, leading the batling to the very unsettling looking parade. Letting the skycycle hover out of sight over head, it's GPS linked to her location in case she needs a quick egress, Spoiler works so very hard to stay low and stay hidden as she slips rooftop to rooftop, watching, listening, waiting.

Ice cream? Why does THAT not sit right?

..and sometimes things are like stealing ice-cream from babies. Or at least the youth gathered triying to take the cattle handed goodies.

Behind the truck a woman clad in shadows strolls along, plucking the frozen cream from cones and sticks alike, raking nails across scoops and fliging 'sicles over shoulder. If her very actions did not clue in the adults, or they did not stop to console their youths despite glowers they cats to the womans leather-clad spine, it was their own fault.

Yowls of children come on the backside of the Fat-Tuesday parade, but 'tis expected, right?

Clawed fingertips coated in the frozen cream pause before lips, dashing them aside with a hiss.

The face

« One overhead. » The radio on Joker's end clicks, going back to an open line.

Eyes in the dark of the rooftops shine like an animal caught in a spotlight. Xes glowing virulent green, a flicker, and then - gone.

Both the skycycle and its pilot are plain to see, the electronic signals bouncing back and forth like a spotlight from vehicle to Spoiler as she moves along, keeping out of sight in a traditional, and usually very effective, way.

The green and black cybergoth (the evolved form of clown) reaches down to a pile of bricks near a heavily damaged rooftop stairwell. Picking up one of the bricks, she tosses it up and down, and takes aim at Spoiler, throwing the makeshift projectile with the force of mortar shell.

«Then swat the bat! Hoohoohehehe!» Joker calls out, when one of his passers out calls back to him. "Hey, someone's knocking over all the ice cream, or trying to!" he calls out to the Clown Prince.

"What??!" Joker says as he moves to look out the back window and scowls. "I told that cat that she's on her last life with me!" he says as he moves to open up the door. "Bad kitty!" he calls out, taking out a giant super soaker - that definetly isn't filled with water as he sprays acid at Catwoman. "No nip!"

In the crowd, there are a few that did not head the warning. There's gasps and cries. Because as it happens, some of the people are tasting the ice cream, and the Smilex hits - but for others - they find themselves getting encased in twisted and warped grossly green coccoons.

Punchline may have brothers and sisters soon!

Spoiler is peering down, lenses in her cowl helping her spot the Cat and the start of the cocoons. The blonde frowns at this, mind trying to figure out what to do when there's that tell-tale whistle of brick mortar. Spoiler ducks out of the way, the brick slamming into part of the rooftop and sending shrapnel over her. She's barely able to get her cape over her face as the concussive force of the brick's impact knocks her the rest of the way off her feet. Spoiler lands onto the rooftop heavily, eyes trying to find where that came from while her body is not just going to lay there and wait for the next thing. She's already rolling to her feet.

Every step rings forthfootfalls over the concrete, followed by splats and wails of children. Catwoan does not like this, but then again the screams that come from behind her even further where her warning is not heeded makes her upper lip painted crimson draw upward beneath the plant of goggles that reflect the image before her like a mirror.

… Then that door flings open and Joker appears!

No fool, his show is nothing to pause at! The whip tail that had been licking at calves with every step like a lazy tail is suddenly snapping to the scaffolding of a fire escape, throttling her up and out of the way of the acidic spray that leaves the ground where she once stood smoking.

"It's okay, high enough on my onsie!" Catwoman retorts as legs kick up and the becks of knees bend to fold her over the landing and she is racing off to take a path less littered with padestrians…

Good luck there considering the night!

Punchline reaches down and touches the button on her MP3 player, starting up the music, drowning out excessive sounds and noise, allowing her to focus everything into her heightened field of vision. She can still see where Spoiler is, so she picks up a handful of bricks. This time she lobs them up and over, to have them rain down on Spoiler's position.

One of the tracking devices launched before is sending signals out to Spoiler, one she'd used to tag one of the first cocoons Joker had stolen. It's only two rooftops across, due north, weak but active.
As Catwoman goes escaping back into the crowd, Joker frowns. "Next time I'll throw my shoe at you!" he yells out at the feline turncoat as she darts into the crowd. Thanks to her timely interference though, there's a lot of ice cream that didn't get distributed, and now the police are starting to respond.

"Oh well, I always said that Batsy was full of hot air! Hoo hoo!" he says as he puts away the soaker by tossing it into the back of the truck. Climbing on top of the vehicle as the police arrive, he moves, pulling out a large plug.

There's a sudden hiss of depressurization and a green Mist starts to flow from the balloon, undoubtedly the gas form of his new special mix. There's only a few moments for the heroes to decide what to do as Joker cuts the rope with a knife and swings from it as the large float rises in the sky and panic starts to rise in the crowd from the mix of gas, the attack, and the transformations either into Smiley Zombies or Smiley Coccoons.

Can't make a few NuJokerz without breaking a few eggs!

Catwoman had disappeared, but she was not gone, the reflection of lights, and their chaotic splay bounces off the sleek-stitched attire like strobes. The only shadow that does not retain and devour, instead she is moving quickly along the walls of buildings in an avoiding manner that leaves lights flickering beyond and arund her while the lithe form bends around.

High though? Only on the fact that what she is about to do is taking a risk, and Punchline becomes her target to allow that NuClowns target room to breathe!

A SNAP and that whip coils around the emblem of the truck, following suit by the lacquer-skinned feline-fatale..

… and the heel of a boot headed for the cyber-clown! "I prefer boots!"

Bricks raining down on her keeps Spoiler too preoccupied to do ANYTHING about the Joker down below. She's trying to get under the thin cover of an A/C thing when her HUD alerts her of a faint tracking beacon. The one she put on the cocoon.

Beneath the cowl, Stephanie's eyes open and she peeks out from under cover, looking in the direct of the tracker.

What the hell?

And then there's a hiss and screams and Spoiler turns to glance back at what little she can see of the parade and the balloon and the green gas.


Dammit. There's no time. Spoiler keys a command to her skycycle to swoop down low for her to run at the roof edge, trying not to get pegged by raining brick and mortar. If whatever is attackign her that has her tracker can see her and decides to send those bricks after her, then maybe she can get them to hit the balloon. Hopefully, there are not too many innocents injured in the process.

A brick slamming into her shoulder as Spoiler gets to the roof's edge makes her leaping dive sloppy and it's sheer luck that she grabs her bike. She tugs herself into the seat with a pained grunt, then zips toward the balloon, two batarangs in one hand to throw at the top. Must get the gas up and away from the street it all Stephanie can hope for right now. She'll have to deal with the tracker later.

'Looking for Strange' rolls up on Punchline's playlist. Can't get any stranger than what's happening all around her.

Her eyes see all, and without blocked energy, there is nothing hidden from her vision. The release of energy in all directions clearly outlines every body, down to the movement of muscle and bones.

That being said, Catwoman's upswing and boot-thrust in no way take Punchline by surprise. As the sometimes-superheroine flies upwards, the cybergoth can see the outline of bone, the hidden tools and weapons, the chime rolling around in kitty's tummy.

Muscle memory makes it easy for Punchline to lean away from Catwoman's strike, timing it so close it's more a near miss than a dodge. She attempts to reach out and grab Catwoman by the waist, to help add energy to inertia and help send her even further, higher, upwards and out of control, should she manage the grab.

"Toxic kitty meets my toxic clown! Heehee! It's like Rhonda Rousey against a kitten!" Joker crows, just before the skycycle comes racing in. An Avengers skycycle. OH HO. As the Batarangs slice into the balloon to expel it's mixture into the atmosphere, Joker swings on his line, twisting and moving and then swings upwards to come flying into the sky as he heads…

…straight for Spoiler, and lands on the back of her skycycle. And he sings to her.

"Batsy, Batsy, give me your answer do
I'm half crazy all for the love of you
It won't be a stylish marriage
I can't afford a carriage
But you'll look sweet upon the seat
Of a skycycle built for two~~~~"

And he pulls out a crazy large revolver. "You're not the redhead. Time to even the odds!" he says with a grin and leans down near her cowled ear. "Spoiler Alert, this is where you die."

He rises up to fire the pistol just as a sudden gust of wind, the shift of the balloon and the skycycle knocks him off his feet and he fires.


The pistol's shot slams into the skycycle, blowing a hole into it.

…and when Stephanie checks her cowl later, she'll see the melted plastics and cloth where the bullet grazed her scalp.

Joker falls, laughing all the way as he disappears into the foilage below.

Two batarang hole in the balloon, Spoiler is guiding the skycycle around to get an idea of what's still happening when there's a Joker landing behind her.

Training should have her throwing an elbow and forcing the bike into an ill advised spiraling dive toward the ground. Training should have her acting. Training studders to a stop as the Joker is lenaing into her back and singing to her. It's creepy. The off-key, the crazy note, the romantic words. It sends a cold shudder all through Spoiler's body, robbing her of any reaction as Joker pulls the gun and starts to set it against her head.

The wind shift is her saviour, and the flinch she gave, both sendng the skycycle careening sidewise. The gunshot rings in her ear and Spoiler's world loses all sense of up or down, left or right. She can hear her skycycle's engine whining, crying injury. Dazed, shoulder throbbing, heart racing, Spoiler keys in 'RETURN' to the bike and just hangs on as it starts to carry her away.


That was unexpected!

One booted foot extended and she slides passed, just barely of Punchline and everything slowed down… ~too slow…~

The lash of green on black dreds scathes over stitched leather in the whiff, and the wind suddenly goes from her as her torso is gripped and she is 'alley-ooped!' right back out into the opposing direction from wence she came.

Catwoman is not a cat. Has an affinity for them, but as she feels her body almost pinwheeling without her own control that instinctual flail of despair suddenly tucks in and one hand extends in time…

A catch on a gutter, a swing to the heavens now spot-lighted by the wandering blimps and her shadow is backdropped as it cartwheels and the barrel rolls along a rooftop.

The whip snaps out and stops the spinout of leather over gravel, but not before it peels second-skin from skin and breaks stitches, leaving road rash along a cheek as she rises in time to see the skycycle get a new hole of 'Swiss' proportions and a Batling is about to hit Earth at spiralling speeds!

"Ahh, fucckk.." A low rolling purr as the back of hand sweeps blood from lip that bears ~rolling~ syllables of adult rating.

A deep breath and Catwoan starts to limp, then gimp, then canter (no glue here!), the whip splitting ground behind her and then gathering gravel as it recoils and projects outward on a wing and a prayer, heading to intercept Spoilers descent, grab her and swing away!!!

…And likely into a wall. (I did say prayer!)

But out of the melee.

In the meantime, Spoiler drags off the poor balloon. Sad Batkin with deflated balloon.

But they saved the day?

With only mental trauma.


And Joker got away.

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