A Phoenix & A Cyclops Within a Storm

February 24, 2017:

Jean, Scott, and Storm have a brief interlude that will catch them up on so much more!

Xavier's Institute - Jean's Office


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Fade In…

Early morning Friday Scott is in Jean Grey's office, not exactly the location he intended on going first but Charles is out of town. Work out pants, a tanktop and running shoes along with those red glasses are the eldest Summers only attire. He sits on the edge of Jean Grey's desk, a paperweight that one of the children of the school made held up in one hand, he is trying his best to figure out just what it is. It's not as if anyone is expecting him but its not easy to sneak up on a telepath, especially when you share a bond forged through years of varying emotional experiences and connections.

Jean arrives in her office several moments after Scott, entirely unsurprised to see him there. She carries a carafe of coffee in addition to her first morning mug of tea. "I think it's a frog," she tells him as she sets the carafe down beside him, circling around the desk to place her tea down. "Bertie made it." One of the younger students who is very, very obviously a mutant.

 Scott's return has Storm moving swiftly in her head. Jean had helped with one of the hatching NuHumans already, and seen what Storm has brought the X-Men into undertaking, but in doing so…
 Purifiers are now called Revenants and another war is on the horizon and what the X-Men need is to be whole again. And with them back as well, it can be.
 Charles had to know. The old…. asshole!.
 But as much as Storm could curse him for this, she could also sing his praises with her people in the desert of Kenya while thanking the Goddess!
 A steady path is had by Storm, feet bare but swathed in a whisper of gauzy draping of sleep-pants unwrinkled, as sleep was not a "thing". Abdomen is bare, a bandeau resides over chest without straps over shoulders, that instead bear the rest of errant strands of white mohawk that is still resting without a direction.
 "Jean! We have to ——!" And when she sees the company, and smells the coffee the lack of knock is considered just as quickly; disregarded for the radiant smile of white rimmed by ochre stained lips.

"Its a frog? I thought it was a rabbit." Setting it down almost gently Scott stares at Jean, a quiet thoughtful look before his lips draw in to a light smile, "You look really. Been a while since we got back from our /vacation/ and then just… " His voice trails off in to the awkwardness that is but it has been actual months since either of them have seen one another's face in person.
"Ororo, good morning." Scott offers.

Jean smiles, perhaps a little wryly at his words. "And then life got in the way again. Same old, same old." She gives a mild shrug and chooses not to pursue that. Especially as she senses Ororo's approach. Two clean mugs rise up from a shelf along one wall and float to the desk as the weather goddess bursts in.

"Have a cup," she tells them both, grinning now. "It'll make the whole morning go easier." At least for her.

Her head cants, now. "Have to what?"

 "Catch up… But the main factor is already here." Storm states as she walks forward in the Arabian Knights pants of slumber and stories-gone-real. At least when you are of their world.
 "Otherwise," Storm pauses, the smile fading and then rekindles. "Qahwa." A rise of the accepted mug and she takes the coffee, backing to a small chaise and curling into the padded seating with a slow sip while storm-blue eyes peer over the rim at them both.
 "There is much to be discussed, but then again, I can refrain to enjoy a nectar with friends and then move on."

"Good call." Scott says in reference to the coffee and skipping subjects for now. Time and place. Summers is never one to turn down a good cup of coffee either. "Casual works. I'm still feeling jetlagged anyways." Can Scott do casual and non-business is the question here. "Any trouble students we should keep our eyes out for, Ororo?" He says we having no clue how long Jean has been back at the school.

"Yes," Jean agrees with Storm. "Yes, we do." She can't even fathom, at this moment, how to easily summarize everything going on, now. And yet, in the immortal words of Inigo Montoya: 'There is too much. I will sum up.'

Just maybe not at this precise moment.

She settles into her own chair, now, with her tea and enjoys a sip as well. "Business and pleasure," she chuckles. "We all mix them so well." Is she serious? Who knows?

 "Let's just… Enjoy the moment." Storm states, and although she folds back into the chaise, her posture is erect, and the musculature of tension is evident….
         .. Until she takes a sip of the 'Qahwa' is had and she just 'let's it go'. Keep it right there
 A slow exhale, and breath /basked/ over the rim of mug causes a sudden cloud of steam before Storm's smile. "I have missed you both, and am greatful to the Goddess for bringing you back whole despite the duress of the world and our own." Storm then sips and tucks legs beneath her form, almost feline in the posture save what kept her aloft to keep sipping from the mug.
 "We mix them like oil and water when freshly shaken. Prettily."
Scott doesn't take a drink of his while they exchange hellos, instead he just rolls it around in his fingers back and forth. "This Inhumans issue, how far has it spread does anyone know?" Business it would appear. Scott isn't the sort who can just skirt around it. "While I was on my way here I seen a few towns, touch down locations of the Mists and I have a few ideas on ways we can fight it, contain it, I'm no scientist but we do know enough people we should be able to get rid of it pretty easily."

Truthfully, Scott isn't the sort who can focus on much else other than business, Jean knows. She gives Storm a subtle eyeroll in that way only best girlfriends can do, and then ignores that point entirely. Enuff said, so to speak. "We've missed you, too," Jean tells her friend, speaking on Scott's behalf since he likely won't.

As the conversation switches to the discussion of the InHumans, she takes another sip of tea. "Do we have any access to InHuman leadership at all? That might help, too."

 "We only have Reader. But he is enough, he knows." Storm states to both Jean and Scott while within her fold of repose, looking akin to an Egyptian Priestess if it was not for the mutations.
 But when Jean assures her is kind, Storm smiles and relaxes even moreso with her mug, almost empty as-is.
 "We do not rid of them, Scott. They are already here, and they can make us more pretty paper-weights." A gesture to the "frog" with the mug-laden hands and a smile that somewhat wavers. "Some are so young, Scott…" A mere whisper as she looks to Jean, a friend from the beginning and until the end before she looks away, those cerulean eyes seeking a point in the room that keeps her neutral.
 "Reader is our access. But this is like welcoming another tribe into One." A roll of a bare shoulder and Storm leans back in the lounge, settling the mug aside.
 "We'll catch up, later." Storm states upon a wavering smile.

"The Mists, Ororo not the Inhumans." Scott replies to Storm, "Drink more coffee." He adds as a tease, trying to come off light. "They're just like us really, they need somewhere and we can offer that. Reader? Do you have a file on him? Tribe?" A lot to catch up on.

Jean simply nods to what Storm says, and suppresses a smile at Scott's correction. "We will," she smiles. Her head cants some as Scott continues. "I don't suppose these new InHumans are greatly different than young mutants coming into their own. One tribe being absorbed into another makes sense, from that point of view."
 Storm nods to both of them, a gesture that cants to Jean's closed laptop.
 "Even while you both recovered I updated everything with Xavier's wishes as I… Merged Us."
 Whether it is or was the vision, Storm could leave no (nuhu)man behind, and hence the files that remain in a surplus for all those that have access. "Cypher has helped immensely with the fold of X-teams. We can find these NuBirths in surplus, a reading in genetic heat alterations that make scans vary." A pause and Storm rises, stepping to the desk while that gauzy fabric whispers along mocha skin of legs beneath.
 "We have little time, and many enemies. Nothing has changed… Much. Just our numbers. I have a meeting with the Morlocks…"
 With that being said Storm leans in and sweeps Scoot into one arm, leaning over the desk to scoop Jean into her other arm. Embracing them together with herself as a 'eye'.
 "We are running out of space…and time. But we have lives relying on us, always."
 A smile meant for those endeared, is what Jean and Scott get before Storm heads towards the office doors to let them open the laptop and "catch up".
"Tribes sounds a little archaic doesn't it?"

"You've been a busy woman, Ororo." Cyclops remarks. Teams no longer separated, Nuhumans being brought in, the school as well though Scott imagines Charles is busy in those regards as well as Betsy and countless others. "Space we can work with, what about that Farm or Ranch of the girl with the null powers?"

"So, same old, same old," Jean says again, flashing a grin as she returns the hug. She watches Ororo retreat and glances to Scott at his question. "Always behind the eight-ball." She purses her lips now. "Come see me after you're back from the Morlocks," she suggests to Storm. "We'll catch up then."

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