Just Another Day

February 26, 2017:

Rose and Steph have a brief run in…

West Side - Gotham

The massive Gotham State University campus is located here along with it's
student housing, on campus and otherwise. Countless students live in this
area including those who also attend the Furst Memorial College of

The college age nightlife is centered around this area also, especially
Kingstone Square a location cvered in bookstores, coffeeships, nightclubs,
dance clubs, juice bars, raves, concert sites and small community based
parks for the more 'outdoorsy'.

The West Side is also sometimes "Little Bohemia" and considered the arts
community of Gotham. It's intentionally trendy in some areas and what one
would expect of a college connected art heavy location. The Gotham Comedy
Club can be found here and is a big hit even amongst the younger crowds.


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Fade In…

It's early, like ass-crack of dawn early, and it hurts.

Rose spent a night out hitting the college-frat clubs, easy hits, but it does her no good early in the morning when she has other work to do. So walking down the street a cigarette dangles from lips, a leather coat laden in maille and studs hangs off one arm while a tattered and torn dress of lycra leggings and yet… Doesn't while it rides up thighs contrasted by torn 'netting. A sway-swagger to her step as a large glass bottle is thrown into a trashcan with a loud clattercrash, a strangers shoulder rams into her own that sends her spinning…

…A ring-laden middle finger extended as the other hand plucks the cigarette from her lips. Eyes unseen behind large diva sunglasses rimmed in "gems" but framed by a mess of misshapen white hair.

Stephanie was running late, and so she was running - almost break neck - down the sidewalk toward the campus. Used to already being on campus, she completely misjudged the parking situation at GSU and the distance she would have to run. She glances at her phone, a bedazzled monstrosity of a Hello Kitty case, and doesn't see the staggering woman until way too late, until way after shoulders collide and the other goes down. Stephanie manages to keep her feet, even if her books scatter about.

"Ohmygodohmygoshohmygoodnessareyouokayi'msosorry," Stephanie says in a tumble rush, eyes settling on the downed person and then finger salute and Stephanie gasps, mouth gaping fish-like.

Rose is still moving, heels of boots kicking her along while hands lift her back to feet with an ease. Despite it leaving more tears in already cashed attire. "Watch it, bitch."

The alcohol laden breath would match dilated pupils if they could be seen behind Hollywood lenses of sunglasses… But here is a moment where Rose pauses… Stares.


Hell no.

And like a bully, instead of books, Stephanie's phone is attempted a *flick* to send it flying for retribution of… Something?

To boot the lit cig is flicked in the general direction as she swaggers towards the barista for her morning go-juice.

All the while in line she dusts her ass off.

Being cursed at like that stuns Stephanie just long enough for Rose to flick the phone from her hand, send it skittering across the sidewalk. The cigarette thumps against her chest, making Stephanie gasp and brush at the front of her shirt to get the ember off. The smell of tobacco ash wafts up to her. Her brows pull together as she watches the woman walk again for a long moment before she turns to gather her things and put the now expended cigarette butt into the trash can.

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