SHIELD Truck Rental Spoiled

February 26, 2017:

Joker raids a SHIELD facility to try to steal a truck, and is interrupted by a Terrible Trio of Femme Fatales.

Automotive Repair Shop - Long Island

A place for repairs!


NPCs: Clownz



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Early morning in New York City. A service garage in the outlying areas of Long Island serves as one of the servicing branches for the large SHIELD transport trucks. They're generally kept within the garages themselves to keep prying eyes away from them as they work on heavy duty city vehicles. With the early morning, there's only a couple of rental security personnel on duty, though perhaps unbestknown to anyone, they have direct access to SHIELD.

As they're making their coffee, a large tow truck pulls out in front, dragging half of a Winnebago behind it. A former command post vehicle. A burly man gets out of the vehicle, and starts to lower it right next to the gate, getting one of the security guards to come out. "Hey, hey! You can't do that here!" the guard calls out, reaching for his walkie talkie to put in a call. "We're not open til 9."

"Awww, but we brought donuts and coffee!" comes a voice inside the truck as Joker pokes out and smiles widely. "You should try the decaf!" he says before he sprays the man with a fine mist. He coughs and then starts to laugh and convulse in mid-call as he falls to the ground as the Joker hops out and considers. "They'll be here soon. Get those gates open, we're gonna have compaaaany." he says as he moves to the gate to spritz the lock with some acid to open it.

Meanwhile, the other security guard, seeing what is happening, sends out a desperate call to SHIELD.

"Some guy in clown paint is attacking the facility. Request backup."

SHIELD. The organization that never sleeps. That is actually true, and right now May feels like she personifies it all by herself. She returned from flying an overseas mission just a few hours ago and has just finished the post-flight checks on the quinjet when the alert comes through that someone is attacking a remote repair facility. With a VERY impolite curse in Cambodian, she responds to the alert and kicks the quinjet's engines back on. It's low on fuel, but it has more than enough juice left to get to the far end of Long Island and back. The flight crews scramble away from the quinjet as it abruptly liftsa foot off of the tarmac, swings out of the hangar it had already been wheeled into, then shoots up and toward the facility under attack. At the pace she's setting, May will be there in well under five minutes.

When the alert pings on Peggy Carter's phone, she is not actually in the Triskelion. In fact, she is not too far from the site of the attack, which is why the woman quickly changes course from heading back to the city to the facility now highlighted on her phone map app.

"Agent Carter, en route," she alerts SHIELD dispatch. While she is driving with all haste while not crashing into anything, the SHIELD agent's car is certainly not as fast as a quinjet.

She's not too far behind Agent May, skidding to a stop outside the facility to try and gauge the situation. Tow truck, winnebago, security guard down outside. Pulling out her gun, she moves her way carefully through the street to get a good angle on whatever is going on here.

Inside the facility, Joker is heading straight for one of the heavy trucks as his other clowns are dealing with the remaining security guard. Once he's down, Joker does a little jump and clicks his heels together. "And it isn't even my birthday!" he says cheerfully as he climbs up in the cab and feels around for the keys. In the dash? Nope. In the glove box? Nuh-uh!

While he's rooting around, the two goons take out a pair of sub-machine guns and pull their clown masks down. "I ain't heard any police yet." one of them says to the other.

"Maybe we got the drop on them too fast." the other offers.

It's doubtful their luck is that good.

Seeing the downed guard, May curses again and puts away the ICER she'd pulled when Peggy caught up with her. Instead, she pulls her lead projectile sidearm. "What the hell is this bastard doing outside of Gotham? Carter, be extra alert. It's the Joker. He's a true psychopath that tosses around toxic chemical compounds like he's at the Holi Festival in Mumbai, and even brief skin contact runs the risk of being fatal. Oh, and so you know now, I'm not planning on taking anyone into custody."

May approaches the main facility quickly but quietly, then slips inside and heads for the nearest security panel to put the building on lockdown. Even if anyone finds a way to start one of the trucks inside (unlikely), there will be no way to get them out onto the streets.

Peggy is careful to approach May in proper lines of sight and making deliberate movements. She's approached enough allies in combat situations to limit panic at thinking an enemy is sneaking up behind her. Though she can tell an ICER from a regular gun, she doesn't want to get shot before she's even made it inside the compound. That would be embarrassing indeed.

Frowning at the guards on the ground, she moves to see if can help them before standing behind May's right shoulder. Her own gun is a regular one, safety now off, barrel pointed at the ground. "I've heard of him," she says in confirmation that she has heard the other Agent. "However, I've never directly dealt with him, as we mostly stay out of Gotham." There's a sideways look to May at that. This is the first time Peggy has seen the other woman in quite like this. "I'm right behind you."

As May approaches, she takes an opposite side, covering as much ground as she can quietly and quickly, moving toward the main facility and checking around corners to ensure there are no nasty surprises waiting for them there.

Under the visor - AHA! "Winner winner, chicken dinner!" Joker crows as he gets the keys and turns over the ignition. The beast roars to life and the lights come on, casting upon the two SHIELD agents. "Oho! Mice the belfry!" he calls out. "And here I am without a stool to stand on and shriek!" he laughs as he gestures towards the pair of SHIELD women.

"It's okay, I already found you matches on Tinder!" he calls out over the intercomm.

"We have two lovely bachelorette tonight, the first is firm in the streets and cold in the sheets! She doesn't like pina coladas or walks in the rain. Give it up for Melinda 'Saving the Day' Maaaay! Next! We have, a blast from the past - you know what they say about those girls from the forties - they painted on their stockings.." he winks. "…don't ask her age, but you can ask her sizes! The one, the only, so British that tea pinkies for her, Peggy Carter!"

"Now let's meet our bachelors for the evening." And one of the clowns starts to shoot at the two women, aiming to send Melinda away from the panel.


May ducks down the moment the headlights of the truck kick on and reveal her and scrambles for cover from the masked cronies now shooting at them. She takes a couple of shots back at one of the goons to give herself a bit of cover, then throws something she pulled from inside her jacket at the front grille of the now idling truck.

It may be bullet-proof, but last she checked, that model of truck is NOT rated against EMPs or the kind of shock a shocker disk of the Romanov variety can produce.

As the light hits them, Peggy has only a second to wonder what Tinder is before she goes diving sideways for cover. How does this clown know who she is? The woman keeps running as she dodges bullets as best she can. She and May split, hopefully forcing the clowns to split their fire between them.

"I'll cover you!" she yells to May as she tosses something at the grill of the truck. "Go for the panel!" Even as she goes, she's aiming at the clowns, she only pulls the trigger when she has a good shot. At first she is going for accuracy, and then it is a wide spray of bullets spread across the space in an attempt to draw fire and give May a chance.

Because Joker is freaking mad, that's how he knows. Sitting up in his truck, it's his, he just licked the steering wheel!, the Clown Prince bounces up and down in his seat, hooting and laughing, just as Melinda takes a pair of shots at him. The glass cracks where his head was, leaving two perfect splays - that are held in check by the bulletproofed glass.

Joker looks at Melinda for a moment, and then takes out a red marker and draws a smile underneath the two bullet splays. Melinda May'd him smile!

Which is never a good thing.

"Oooh, you're almost as much fun as Hoodie! I'll have to introduce you two! Except you might be a little old for him!" he hoots with a laugh, no spoilers for Melinda!

That's when the disk hits the truck and the engine dies.

Joker tries to start the engine a couple of times, and nothing. That's not fun, at all. He wipes off the smile and draws a frown.

While Melinda is so focused on Joker and shooting him, that one of the clowns moves into the shadows. Coming nearer to Melinda, he's just far enough away that a spray of bullets from his gun will nail her multiple times. "Olly olly, oxen free."

In the meantime, Peggy continues to return fire with accuracy, pushing her clown into cover as he continues to fire, that is until his weapon clicks empty and he starts to change magazines, giving the woman from the past an opening.

Wrong Joker. ALL the Spoliers for Melinda.

She'd been out testing her new suite of sensors, and the flying motorcycle she was given when her sensors let her know there's something happening not far away. A shoot out. SHIELD agents involved. The morning light was starting to grow harsh but… If she was going to do this, she might as well do this.

It was about guts.

Spoiler surveys the scene quickly, and makes a choice.

WIth her upgraded grapnel, the batling sweeps down from her skycycle, leaving it in hover mode high enuogh to be safely out of the way, but low enough for this to hurt the clown way more than it's going to hurt her.

"All out in the free," Spoiler quips as she impacts the clown inthe side with the soles of her boots, letting go of hte line so the rest of her momentum takes them to the ground, her perched upon the goon like the baby dark grey and aubergine Batling she is.

Spoiler is truly a batling now. Gone is hte flimsy domino mask, replaced by a full hooded cowl which still doesn't fully hide her blonde hair. The eyes are coverd now, that white lensing the rest have. And on the chest, her very own stylized Batsymbol.

"SpoilerAlert: My turn to crash the party," she says to the fray in general, eyes on the Joker. She knows she can take the Prince alone, but this time she isn't. Not really. But that doesn't mean she gets to be reckless. The new boots have far more cushion than her old ones, and there's no major complaints from the still healing punctures on the bottom of her right foot. Not even as she takes off at a dead sprint right at the truck Joker's in. She spotted the disc. Noting tht the engine died means that the disc is screwing with the truck, likely the electrical. But, if Joker bypasses it, he gets away with the truck. So… Spoiler is going to put thet 'let's have father daughter bonding time over dismantling this high-tech bike' session with Batman to good use by baseball sliding at the last second to end up under the truck's engine compartment, and there to reach up and yank a double handful of 'ooh that looks important' wiring and tubing.

At Peggy's shout and cover fire, May turns to make a dash for the control panel again and… there's a clown-masked goon right there. Shit.

And then a Batling abruptly flattens him, and she can only nods her thanks to the kid (Hm. No floppy ear on the mask, so it's not Misfit. Will think more on that later) as she pegs the still-downed thug with another shocker disc on her way past at a full run to get to the control panel.

Peggy continues to move, making herself a hard target to hit, even when the clown is spraying bullets all over the place. It's randomness against calculation. As she tries to give May more cover, she presses forward. Then, she hears the telltale click of a clip running out. Instead of zigging and zagging, now she launches herself forward. In a sudden burst of speed, shoulders herself bodily into the clown. The butt her gun also swings upward to clock him under the chin with what she hope will be a teeth rattling force.

Behind her, she hears a scuffle and the Joker continuing to taunt. The entrance of Spoiler is met with a quick double take, but most of her attention is focused on the fight she is currently undergoing with the clown minion.

Spoiler comes in to crash the party. The poor clown has no chance as he's slammed into and is smashed against a pile of tires, sending the clown sprawling to the ground and knocking him out. He's out for the count. Melinda is able to tag him and make sure he doesn't get back up as she reaches the control panel and the heavy metal panels groan and shudder as they start to slam down into place.

That is when Spoiler goes sliding underneath the truck, ruining the new toy even more.

"Now what's this I see?
Is it a familiar flapping on the wing?
I don't know if I should dance or sing,
But it looks like Batsy noticed the Batwannabe!"

Spoiler even gets a poem as Joker is jumping from the side of the truck. "Fine, you want it, you can have it!" he says, taking out two cylidrical objects from underneath his jacket. They're painted in bright white with smiley faces on them. The pins ping, the spoons flipped. One is flipped into the cab of the truck. The other? Underneath. Where Spoiler is.

"SpoilerAlert, you only get one appearance, kid. Batsy likes the Robins better." he quips and cackles manically as he starts to skip away through the hail of bullets from the SHIELD agents as Joker slides through a window just as the lockdown shades slam into place and he leaves one of his own heavy electrical shocks from his joybuzzer to fry the system to trap the women within.

Peggy steps in, just as the guy starts to take a swing at him and he gets clobbered undereneath the chin, sent backwards to land on the ground in the process.

Don't forget the grenades.

Spoiler never had any intentions of staying under the truck any longer than the mad slide by grab of that's important. No sooner had her hands closed on things and yanked, she was already seekign to roll clear on teh passenger side of the truck. She's clear, pulling her grapnel just as she hears the end of the poem and the clink of metal canisters under the truck and behind her. From her prone position, Spoiler fires her grapnel, and uses it to yank herself clear of whatever is going to go bang behind her.

"Hashtag, Robins don't get chocochip cookies," she's retorting as she's swept clear, spinning herself part way up to try to keep an eye on him. Maybe she can tag him? Not that it would help but… she can hope? At the end of her line, Spoiler clings to the wall she used to haul herself to safety, cape fluttering behind her.

Hearing the VERY telltale pings of grenades being set to go off, May scrambles for cover behind that stack of tires. "Carter! Grenades! Get clear!" She's lost visual on the other agent, so hopes like hell the woman is where she can easily get to cover. If anything happens to Peggy, May will do everything in her power to bring the ENTIRE might of SHIELD down on the Joker's head. Or maybe she'll just tell Rogers and let HIM hunt the green-haired lunatic down.

The first grenade goes off with a 'pop' and streamers and confetti fly out from underneath the truck with a small unravelled sign that reads.


Spoiler's beacon lodges on the Joker exactly where he didn't feel it and where it stays put on his jacket. Good Batling shot. In the meantime?

The trio are still stuck in the building for a moment as Joker HOOHOOHAHAS himself away!

While Peggy is locked into the fight with the clown, the butt of her gun knocking him backward to the ground. She uses that momentum run forward and kick his gun out from his hands. She'd continue with her actions, but then she hears the call from May. 'Grenade!'

Without even looking backward, she leaps to the side to try and find some cover where ever she can to avoid the spray of—-confetti? What?

Ont he wall, Spoilerstarts to pull her cape about her to shield her from… confetti. She sighs heavily and looks about from her vantage point on the wall, hoping to check on the others and to se about how to get them out of here. This as she taps a few things on the arm console she has for her phone/mini-computer now. SO much better!

"Are you two alright?" Spoiler asks as she scans about, hoping to spot any presents Jker might have left before someoen walks over one.

May stays behind cover until the second grenade goes off, because Joker IS predictable in some ways. The moment she can, she moves back to the control panel and triggers the fire suppression system. It's a non-toxic dry power chemical type thing. So it won't hurt anyone still in the room, but everyone WILL look like they just got powdered turmeric dumped on them. Holi Festival in Mumbai indeed.

As the confetti flutters down in a wave of colorful confusion, Peggy slowly starts to stand, but she is wary. May did warn that Joker was a trickster, there may be other surprises waiting. It's a good thing, too, as she quickly presses herself downward as the second - and more lethal - grenade goes off.

Coughing, she shields her nose and mouth with a hand, trying not to inhale too much smoke. Then, though, the fire suppression system goes off and she is coated with colorful turmeric all over herself. Her shoulders slump just a bit at that, but she's not about to complain about not being on fire or suffocating to death.

"I'm fine, thanks," she answers Spoiler before glancing at May. "We should call in a clean up crew."

Simply put, May looks murderous. And being covered in yellowish powder does not mitigate how much she wants to hunt down that lunatic and not stop until she has his head on a pike at the Triskelion entrance. She spears Spoiler with a look and calls out to the kid, "Get home before I have to list you in the report for this mess.

Oh yellow powder on a dark eggplant purple. Spoiler tried to catch most of it on the cape so she could shake it off later.

"Then list me, and link this to the Avengers," Spoiler tells May, straightening up as she does so. "Do you need my codename again?"

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