Burger Barns on Spaceships

February 25, 2017:

Starfire fills Spoiler's order for Flash's burgers and catches up with Nathaniel.

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Starfire returned to her ship after coffee and cookies aboard Nathaniel's SHIELD ship. She took the controls and let's just thank X'Hal Spoiler was asleep, she likely would have vomited while the Tamaranean tried to figure out the controls. Only bumpy for a bit, though, she is a quick learner and technology is not something beneath her. She has been on Earth long enough each time to at least watch and learn, especially when others had asked them for help before and K'tten took it upon herself to prattle the jargon on.

But once Spoiler was tended to Starfire went back to Metropolis, to her ship and prepared to call in an order for burgers for Spoiler's friend, Flash that was also in care within the Watchtower. She did not what kind so a menu is pulled up and one of each kind is ordered from Angus, to Buffalo, to loaded, smothered, jalapeno'd, southwest, and BBQ'd with onion crispers. Some she ordered double of as even her crew seemed interested in them by picture alone. Some looked mysterious enough to be from home.

Once the order is placed and the delivery driver told where to be, he stood outside of his car in an empty park in Queensland, looking around with the massive box and no one in sight. In one instant he is holding the mass, the next it is gone and he yelps, backpedalling suddenly empty-handed into his car, more like swan diving into it to find money upon his seat where his face lands.

Nothing but dust left behind traction.

K'tten just laughs, Depalo's laugh clicks among chitinous hiss, Orn bellows and Starfire just places her face in her palm, hiding her amusement as she grabs her own burger that leaks cheese and onion from the wrapper while she goes to the lounge and peels away the wrapper.

"My agent will kill me…." Grabby hands!

The Avenger One is not a SHIELD aircraft. They might be building their own version, but Nathaniel built it for the Avengers. Anti-gravity impulse drive, low-key forcefields to reduce resistance and a variable-state cold fusion powerplant makes it more than a match for the shuttlecraft of the most advanced galactic races. It flies smooth and easy, despite the peculiar way humans have to organize the instrument panels. But Carol would have killed Nathaniel if he had set them up the right/alien way. That woman likes her flying things.

Nathaniel also let Kori handle to set the exhausted Spoiler in a bed at the guest room of the mansion. He just insisted the girl's mask had to stay. Because bat-paranoia. He will let the blonde rest at least until dawn. Meanwhile he joins Kori for the… breakfast burger party. Sure!

When Nathaniel boards their ship, K'tten just levels that emerald gaze upon him, smirks and pitches a french fry at him. He is fun to mess with, but after a condiment coated finger points him towards the lounge where Kori had gone to indulge in her own 3000 calorie meat-death.

"Grab one of these things," Kori states after swallowing her first bite and points with a cheesy finger towards the box of "extras" they had ordered after getting one of each for Spoiler's friend.

"Delish!" She states as she moves to the side and leaves Nathaniel room to join her and have table space. Though she does not feign a lack of interest in that girl that just hitched a ride with Nathaniel in the Avenger One. "Not met her before. Where's she from?" Her eyes though remain on trying to pick the burger into more meticulous pieces to eat from without making a bigger mess.

Nathaniel tilts his head to avoid the flying French fry. "K'tten, you seem as lovely as dangerous this fine morning. Hello." It is really too early to shove a giant burger down his throat. He was having coffee and cookies less than an hour ago. But he will grab a packet of fries with cheese. This food would be totally illegal in the 40th millennium, but that is an important reason to time travel, indeed.

"Spoiler is from Gotham," he explains to Kori. "One of the Batman-trained vigilantes. I thought the Avengers needed someone with good investigative skills, and she is quite friendly, contrarily to her mentor. I would tell you more, but Spoiler is really… well, a bit too cautious about her private life."

Kori pauses and looks at Nathaniel and nods. "I thought so. No need, she will tell or not in her own time." And that was that! Apparently Kori has no worries about it any further, she has her own privacy demands and won't violate others. Common curtesy.

When Nathaniel claims a seat she reaches over and steals a fry, smearing it in the mix-mash of drippings from the burger that only has a small dent taken from it despite all the work she has put in. "Who isn't cautious? We have to be anymore, at least most of us do."

With that she leans back and turns slightly to more face Nathaniel. "Aside from playing hero-taxi, what have you been up to?"
"Meeting interesting people," replies Nathaniel, munching fries slowly. "And dealing with Inhuman manifestations, some of which have been unfortunately violent. I know the Justice League has taken interest. Perhaps we should try to locate the Inhuman royalty, if they survived Apocalypse's attack. I am quite sure they would want to help all the newly changed."

Starfire nods, slowly then, recalling her last trip that lead to her burying many. It took many showers and scrubbing raw to get the dirt, the feeling off her skin, but the anger about its occurrence and the deaths still lingers despite it.

"The League is working on it. Many seek to help, but just as many, if not more seek to harm. I keep some of those NuHumans here on Queensland, as well as those unhatched. All we can do is try our best until their Leaders show."

Nathaniel nods. His historical archives tell him the Inhuman leadership was strong in this age, so where are they? He shakes his head. "You have been busy, hmm? Did you even get to sleep today? You appeared on the Hall's roof the second my airplane arrived." He glances at K'tten, "and do not think I did not hear you," he adds with a faint grin.

"I am always busy, Nathaniel. With my Agency back the rights of all and working on publications. Godfrey. The Inhumans. Sometimes a trip to the beaches…" A small smile then and a tilt of her head as those emerald eyes watch him. "I wouldn't have it any other way. We're helping our home."

His remark to K'tten has her looking up, watching their exchange as K'tten retorts. "Yeah? Good!" A grinning leer his way and she is back to her cosole, likely playing asteroids for now while the monitors remain calm.

"Sleep… Yesterday~?"
"Two days ago, afternoon, on the beach." K'tten corrects.

"Right, then. You back to sleeping or still tinkering?"

"More sunlight and more sleep, princess," recommends Nathaniel with a smile. "As for me, I would have liked a couple more hours, but I am wide awake now. No, no plans for today. Most of the building and programming in the mansion is done. I have several monitoring projects, but unless I receive an alert I can control them from here. What are you going to do today?"

Starfire nods and goes back to picking at her burger, leaning forward to do so and then hold a dripping piece up to him. "Seriously. Eat some!" But with a tilt to the large box of burgers Starfire answers his question while ignoring his recommendation.

"Spoiler said her friend asked for those, so I ordered one of each. I don't know what he likes. Take those to the Watchtower and maybe get more sun and sleep." A pause on his face and the pale complexion.

"You need it more then me, you would glow in the dark." Nom.

Oh, alright. Nathaniel leans forward and bites the piece of meat, pulling back and swallowing. "I have lost the nice tan I got in Egypt, I guess. Let me know next time you want to go to the beach, hmm?" He assumes it is not anywhere close to New York. Winter is still going hard. But the starship has good reach with the teleporters. "Are you going with K'tten, too?"

"After I make this delivery, I suppose." Starfire states as she goes to pulling off another cheddary hunk and devouring it, sucking the remainders off her fingers as she starts to close up her leftovers and rise.

K'tten shakes her head. "I went yesterday, we rotate. Ship has to be manned." A tap to the console but it seems affectionate. Yep, the HMSS is her baby.

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