Almost Morning

January 25, 2017:

A tired Spoiler calls the Avengercab to get back home.

//Avenue of Tomorrow - Metropolis //

The rooftop of the Hall of Justice


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With robonurse having finally gotten Spoiler to agree to better medical treatment for her wounds, she was told that she needed to go get washed, maybe a fresh suit (This one is covered in soot and dry blood.), and then she could come back. What the robonurse didn't know was that she had no way to get back once she left, since Red Robin dropped her and the speedster off… how long ago? Stephanie had lost track of the hours. Lack of sleep and a proper meal does that to a human. But, seeing as Flash was safe and resting (even if it took an ocean tanker's worth of sedative), Spoiler conceded the point. She left a note folded in the palm of his hand, and left him to sleep.

Down to the Hall and out onto the streets of Metropolis. She was slightly surprised to find it was still night time. Or… that it was night time again. She didn't want to check her phone to see how many classes she had missed. Not right now. Stephanie was pretty sure she wasn't going to be able to handle it. With only a faint limp, Spoiler makes her way to the top of the Hall of Justice before she sits on the edge and just bows her head. She's not counting time until a thought comes to her, and she pulls out her phone to place a call.
Nathaniel Richards, Kang.

"Mr. Richards? It's Spoiler," she says when the call is connected.

Nathaniel Richards is Iron Guard. Totally not Kang (hopefully never Kang, but at least not for a few years!). Also, it is night time and he is sleeping. Because even the humans from the 40th millennium have to sleep a few hours every day.

So the phone beeps three times before the mansion computer decides Spoiler might have an important reason to call and wakes Nate up. With a grunt, he touches his armor and links up with the BMI in his skull. That makes his voice sound much more awake-like it would be if he was really speaking. “Spoiler, good morning… almost morning. Are you in trouble, lady?”

Batlings never have a good sense of timing. It's their curse. Still..

"I'm sorry if this is a bad time," she starts, because the 'almost morning' reminded her that most people sleep at night, not prowl rooftops. Not that she's prowling much right now. She folds over to rub at her face as best as she can without move dislodging phone or mask.

"I'm… okay," is breathed, and no one would buy it. "Just tired. Needing a ride."

There is a brief pause, as Nathaniel is checking some information. “Is the skycycle… hmm, you are calling from the Hall of Justice,” and she is using a cellphone, not the skycycle systems. Although his armor safety measure would make the line quite secure, they need to work a better way. The Bat-paranoia means just giving her a high tech comm is unlikely to work. “Can I send a cab or do you need something faster? Last time I was in the Hall Power Girl yelled at me. So I am avoiding the place.”

"I'm on the roof," Spoiler says, addressing the paranoia first. Because she gets it. There are places she refuses to go, and she's told a certain meta to stay out of places.

"And speed isn't so much a concern… though I really don't want to be out here past sunrise. But… I really can't have a cab right now," she says, unfolding to look at the Metropolis skyline. She's not going to commnet about the half-question about the bike. If Batman hasn't returned it yet, there's a reason and she's just got to trust the BatDad on this.

This is an odd conversation for Nathaniel. Surely the Justice League can arrange for transportation to Gotham even if Spoiler can’t change into regular clothes right now and pick a cab as a civilian. But he is curious to know what she has been up to the last week, so he calls on his armor and heads upstairs, to the hangar. “Very well, I can be there in fifteen minutes. Do you need anything? Are you injured?”

An odd conversation. If she's a batling why not call in one of the Bats to pick her up and get her home? Maybe there's something she's supposed to learn from this moment. Whatever the case, Spoiler stays sitting in the shadows of the Hall's rooftop, talking softly into her phone. "I'm fine," is repeated. It's at least marginally more believable than the first reassurance was.

"Just need a shower, some food, maybe a dozen in and out burgers, and then drop off back here," she says next. She's to tired to even hope the phrase sounded less odd than she expected it might have

“You do sound tired,” confirms Nathaniel. The Avenger One lacks on the burger department, but they have coffee and snacks onboard. So while gets into the plane and takes the controls, the coffee machine gets on brewing. A few instants later the a-grave plane slides quietly out of the Avenger Mansion’s top floor and hovers over Central Park, quickly gaining altitude. “What have you been doing last week, Spoiler? There are rumors the Joker is back.”

There's a soft hmph from Spoiler's end of the line, as if she were wanting to argue the being tired part but lacking the energy to do so. She scrubs a hand over her face and into her soot-covered blonde locks.

"Yes. He's back," she says, fatigue lancing through her words. Fatigue and guilt mixed into her tone. The frustrated sigh audible over the line.

"And there's been no ping from my tracker yet. I'm trying to stay hopeful," is the reply, the tip of the ice-berg as it were for it if were the whole story she would be in Gotham not Metropolis; among other things.

“Please, do not hesitate to call the Avengers for aid if you need to confront him,” offers Nathaniel. The Joker might not have major superpowers, but somehow he has killed more people than half the super-villains of New York combined. Screw Batman rules. “ETA in eight minutes, do not fall asleep.”

Spoiler scoffs lightly at Nathaniel's offer. Not because the offer was bad or dumb or anything. It was kind of sweet. She scoffed because Batman and his rules, and wel.. Joker.

"I'll keep that in mind," Spoiler says, pushing up so pain will keep her going again.

"I'm not falling asleep," grumps the young blonde who is standing on the top of the Hall of Justice, draped in a purple and black cape, while talking on her phone.

“Of course not, it is not even five in the morning,” replies Nathaniel, sounding altogether too happy. Regardless, he makes small talk for the few minutes it takes the Avenger One to reach the Hall of Justice. Soon enough Spoiler can see the aircraft holographic cloak wavering and dissipating, as it slows down and finally stops, floating about a yard over the Hall of Justice rooftop. Fortunately he has some SHIELD codes that allow him to get this close without raising the alarms of the building. But the codes do notify to the people inside the airplane is here.

Alerts within the Hall sound, as well as an alert to something outside of the Hall that hovers outside of the atmosphere. Wonder Woman asked for their aid, and so the systems of the Watchtower link in and they relay feed. So for a flicker of a moment a blue beam seems to rocket from outside of ozone and strobes over Nathaniels' ride.

In that instance Starfire is hovering beside Stephanie, just as the aircrafts cloaking fizzles away and reveals yet another of her friends. "Clear. Don't push the button K'tten its Nathaniel."

K'tten: "I still want to."

"Oh be nice."


Lowering, Starfire stands beside Stephanie, a questioning glance sent her way, a sweep over her form that radiates as much exhaustion as she appears. "You need a spa day." Stated to her, but the light lift of a corner of Kori's amethyst huen lips tells the concern despite the jest.

"Not even all that late yet," is the mumbled reply from Spoiler, unpainted lipss quirking faintly as she returns the small talk lightly, pacing a bit. Each step on her right foot is just enough agony to keep her focused on NOT giving out personal details. As her ride appears, literally, hanging in the sky above her, Spoiler disconnects the call. Chin canted upwards, she's mentally deciding how bad this is going to hurt, jumping up into the plane once it opens its hatch. This as she's backing up a bit so it can open and not smack her in the face or something.
Meanwhile, her mind is giving in to the tiny tinker part of itself and oogling the tech appreciatively, only for the moment to be interrupted by Starfire's appearance.

There's a slight stratled jump from Spoiler, blue eyes behind a black domino mask training on the unknown and odd colored alien, floating there so effortlessly. Soot covered blonde head tilts faintly at the quip, and Spoiler manages to actually grin slightly.

"Yeah. Maybe next year. You know Nathaniel then? Are you… an Avenger?" Because she hasn't had a moment to sift through rosters yet. Life has been busy.

The plane’s plug door opens in front of Spoiler just as Starfire teleports in. SHIELD codes didn’t work? Oh well. “Kori,” greets Nathaniel, “jump in, I have coffee and cookies. And a stubborn blonde that really needs a break. Spoiler, Starfire. Yes, we are all Avengers. Star is also in the League.”

And K’tten is being mean again? Damn woman. Next time she needs a stardrive repaired she can ask the goddamned Batman.

"What he said." Kori states as that hair descends to heels upon her landing, that flame hue dying off to just leave the mane of a deep red to rest in its massive frame as a backdrop to tawny skinned alien bearing straps of purple in a scant form, more describable as an extraterrestrial bikini topped at apex and upon thigh-high boots with red gems from her homeworld.

A finger wiggle wave is offered to Nathaniel with a flash of smile and she easily saunters aboard the ship. "No, not next year. I insist." Starfire states to Spoiler as she pauses and waits for her to board as well.

"After cookies."

"I don't really have time right now," Spoiler retorts lightly, hopping into the plane with a grunt, and landing with a pained groan. She's now clearly favoring the left leg as she makes her way in. The coffee smell is intoxicating, but the sheer amount of caffeine… is exactly what she needs. Soon. Right now, Spoiler makes her way to a place to sit, hopefully a bench she can stretch her legs out on.

"You're in the League? Oh, good. Maybe… you can… help me get… some burgers… Flash mentioned.. he wanted… some…" her words stretch out, growing long and slurred as the blonde, now resting again and having the last of her energy sapped by the wait and the pacing and the admittedly short hop, now finds the seat in the jet just comfortable enough for her to pass out on.

As Spoiler boards, relaxes and falls asleep all within seconds Kori takes the moment to look closer. "She reminds me of someone." The mask her focus as a small smile curls upon Starfire's lips. But who or what is not mentioned as she steps away and drops into her own seat, swinging one leg over the other in a lazy motion of grace that is almost feline-like.

"You people and your masks." A tch, and she reaches for a cookie and coffee.

"So where do you want to go?" Asks Nathaniel from the pilot's seat. No response? He glances back at Spoiler. "Well, she said she was tired," he comments lowering his voice and smirking. Avengers Mansion it is. They have guest rooms.

The young man invites Kori to sit down on the co-pilot seat, and then activates the holo-screen again, "want to try to pilot it? It is not difficult, but it is more like a current Earth aircraft than a Galactic standard one. Controls are organized weirdly."

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