Cutscene: Contract Maimings Pt 2 - Target Acquired

February 25, 2017:

A cutscene posted in game as a follow up to

//Metropolis //


NPCs: None.

Mentions: Deathstroke, The Flash, Spoiler


Mood Music: [*\# None.]

Fade In…

Ravager is not one to turn down a contract on her own, she still works her connections and when one comes through with many zeros following the offer she is quickly on her way to Metropolis from her home in Red Hook, Gotham.

… The pale eye framed by a Phantomesque black mask spans almost half of her face narrows with the other arctic blue as she lowers upon the eave of the roof and watches the brutality ensue with the backdrop of heavy impacts, breaking bones, and simpering cries from those used as bait, even a sharp one as The Flash goes down and is left hobbled. Left a broken racehorse meant for the glue factory.

Something in her twisted tighter, the suit she had made and modified once more is no longer bearing the red and black, it is back to orange and black, the scale maille tracing down sides, over arms and outer thighs but does not hinder the movement of her body as she reaches back and double checks her data and location as well as time. But her Father is not her target, nor is the Flash that is now being left broken in the street and now begins to drag himself out of the street.

… No it is right, but her time to spot her target is stated within the hour and is female, blonde, blue-eyed, more lithely built.

So as Deathstroke disappears and Ravager refrains from following she waits, watches and patience gets her the golden meal ticket that comes spilling out of an odd looking vehicle with a friend.

Nope, he is not on it, but she is, and the timing begs questions that are likely easily answered.
Why here? Why now? Why while her father finishes a job (display) before her eyes?

Target Acquired - Message Received.

With that Ravager pulls back and will wait for her moment to strike, the burn phone left upon the rooftop and explodes with a loud POP! as the three tear off to piece The Flash back together again.

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