Roses for Rose

February 21, 2017:

Nate visits a rather depressed Rose in Gotham to try to cheer her up

Red Hook, Gotham

An old and rundown apartment


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Fade In…

Having Rose away in Gotham is a bit inconvenient for Nate. Gotham is not far, but it is not his favorite city. And the girl is not trying very hard to keep in touch. Nate has always given her plenty space, but truth is he missed her a lot.

Time to scrounge a few dollars and visit her with flowers and all, like a good boyfriend is supposed to do. They have never been a conventional couple, but maybe the details will make her smile.

No, never "conventional", and the grounds shook enough to bring unsteadiness that made this… easier for Rose, but not easy. Never easy.

Keys jingle and her apartment door is locked, echoing on the other side to show the emptiness of within, a reminder it seems as she just stands there and doesn't even bother to pull the key from the masterlock. Instead her forehead meets the solid wood, the reinforcement of care resounding with the hollow sound upon the frame. It may seem minimal, but Rose is still Ravager, and has backups.

Rose went to him at Xavier's last, so it was his turn afterall! But when she feels another presence in the hall her head turns and what, or who she sees makes her suck in a deep breath and rub palms over her face.

The details almost made her have a breakdown right there as she scrables to undo the lock and go back to hidey hole and not let it be seen. But the lock did not turn and her shoulder repeatedly meets the door to try and jar it open.

"Moment, need… to… et a …vase.." SLAM!

Door goes wide and she is walking on in, the hooked jacket that was over her shoulder thrown to the side to land on the floor.

It was definitely his turn to visit, but her door-difficulties make him laugh. He leans against it, holding it with telekinesis and making a few adjustments to make it open more easily. “Hey, Rosie. Looking well. I was afraid you were away for job or something. May I go in?” Yes, the flowers are offered with only some awkwardness. Mostly roses, because it fits.

They may make Nate laugh, but they wee due to her desire to retreat again. Hide things, mainly what she cannot hide even behind a reinforced door of military grade!

The sink pipes groan, sputter a pale brown water in surts before it flows and finally goes 'normal', a glass stein filled with water beneath for his flowers as Rose stands there and stares at the stein and then the Roses. "I was where I felt I needed to be." Rose states lowly and then sets the stein on the wooden countertop.

"I never said no to you?" A statement in a question, but her eyes remain on the flowers; they make her smile - slightly.

“No, never,” Nate gives her the bouquet and grins, pushing the door close. It closes more easily now. “But you are in Gotham, and Gotham is a weird place…” pause. Weirder than Salem Center? Different weird! “You look great, but you feel unease. Want to talk about it or do you prefer to drag me out to a club?”

Rose looks at Nate then, and those eyes… They are afraid, and withdrawn, even as she settles the bouquet into the stein-vase.

"Gotham is what fits me because it fits no one." Stated as she arranges the flowers, unnecessarily.

"I don't know who I am here." Rose states slowly, but once a cabinet is open it is laden with… everything from bottle to vial.

"Anywhere. You hated me once for a stranger (Rachel), so does Deathstroke, my dad, for the former me. I can't breathe anymore. I'm so lost. Past is past, worlds and worlds apart, but I can't help but… Think I should not be me, I can't cope like you do… I can't fall in line or accept, or be less, but…" A pause and she loks at the flowers…

"I don't even feel like I deserve these… Or you… Or vice verse! You'll hate me again." Rose murmurs as the cup runneth over and she finally shuts the groaning pipes off.

“You confuse me being mildly annoyed by hatred,” Nate shakes his head. “Rose…” he leans against the counter, giving her a ‘look’. “Your dad is not your dad… but he is still an idiot if he doesn’t want at least get to know you. My not parents at least were curious, if not immediately friendly. You really shouldn’t let him get under your skin, you know that, uh?”

"Your hatred and *his*, Nate." Rose states and shrugs.

"I need to stop giving a fuck, eh?" A glance to him as she also leans against the counter and taps a cigarette loose from her pack that had been tucked within the vinyl bandeau bra, the only covering beneath the fur-rimmed coat sagging off shoulders.

"Yeah and you could easily let a not-sister turn your trust of me askew?" A perk of brow and she shifts that pale eye towards him. "I need a new grasp of family. You at least have a permanent residence." A click of lighter going off and the smoke is swept away by the waffling of hand.

"Under my Skin?" A look to the roses and she draws in a deep breath and rolls eyes to the ceiling.

"Nate, I love you, and I don't even know how. But the pain of it… Has sucked. I'd rather live like this," A sweep over the squalor. "Then live not knowing."

“I love you, silly girl, I could never hate you,” protests Nate. He tries to remember what he felts when Rose shot Rachel. He was angry and confused and had no idea how to fix it. But hatred? He doesn’t think so. He is not sure his feelings ever got shorted out, but time has made it feel far less important.

“My ‘permanent’ residence is not my home,” he adds, frowning. “Still… yeah, family is always complicated. And we have made it a hundred times worse by switching timeline. I understand you are unhappy. Sorry to say, but your dad is kind of a super-villain, so he is bound to make it extra hard and maybe not really worth it, Rose.”

Time made him forget, where she has just let it fester as to her, it never got sorted, as she felt less than since then. So… maybe it can be fixed with her (not) dad! Redirecting for the win. She knows at least, how she feels for once.

"But…" A shift of eyes in the questioning as her hands drop and bottles are gripped and brought to the counter before them, almost subconciously.

"How can you be happy? I don't even feel like I can breathe… I thought I knew, now… I don't even know. I belong here, in Gotham, it suits me anymore. Danger is all I am, and all this place is. I am tired of feeling hated or alone. If I have to feel it, may as well be it.." A gesture then to the barren apartement aside from blankets in a pile and a few things/non-essentials.

"Am I worth it?"

"You make me happy," Nate reaches with an arm, trying to put it over her shoulders and get her closer. "Happiness comes in degrees, though. I guess I have a low threshold. I grew up in the run, in a hellhole of gutted up, nuked America. Happiness came when all my friends had survived another day and I had something to eat, so I wasn't too hungry. After that start, well, having sunlight, food and a beautiful girlfriend, is just awesome."

Rose had not thought of it like that. Her turmoil, her duress, it all seemingly is going clouded now, blending, bleeding in and not making sense, all the while she bears grudges like crosses across earths, realms, and dimensions. Apparently.

A deep breath in and his arm around her seems warmer in a desolate cold apartment, despite the conflict emerging. "Who is the beautiful girlfriend? I'll kill her." Stated lowly as a small blade flicks and wavers in the dark apartment, although Rose is not smiling, somewhere in there, she is trying to find the light he has.

“My beautiful girlfriend could kill a dragon using a spoon if five seconds, while drunk, so watch out,” replies Nate with a grin. He looks at the ‘desolate’ apartment and frowns. He compares it with the cabins in the beach, and then Salem Center, which Rose decorated and made look homey in record time. She is not even trying now, and she ‘feels’ depressed. “You know, maybe I should hang out here a couple days. It looks you have not quite finished moving. And it is not as if Xavier really needs me there.”

"Spork. She better be classier then that." Rose states. It is hard to know sarcasm, from truth though as she seems rather placid, despite the light smile towards Nate and the lean into him.
When he offers to remain she opens her eyes and looks around, then to him and back, shaking her head at first but then resigning.

"It's not home, but… I would really like that." Stated lowly as she looks towards the space and then the door. She wanted to leave, the nagging issue in her wanted her to… really.
Not good enough…

"I'm sure you're needed, things are going on that are bad… And you're … You." But instead of walking away or letting go, she stays right there and fucking pulls him in enough just to nestle against and nearly crawl into his lap.

Yep, she's having issues and needs him… bad.

"Maybe even a goddamn busted corkscrew."

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