Shes My Gotham Girl

February 24, 2017:

Flash visits the medical bay on the Watchtower and Spoiler encounters Green Lantern. Deathstroke's name is dropped.


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Justice League computers noted that Flash was brought into medical by an associate of Batman's. J'onn had checked up and forced Flash to eat paste, and didn't really have much luck getting the purple and black clad Gotham vigilante to let her wounds get treated beyond what they already were. Meaning that she'd cleaned and bandaged her own foot and then left the field dressing Red Robin had put on her left arm.

Right now, the medical wing is filled with the sound of their voices. Mostly, her youthful voice.

"No. I am not getting you a wheelchair, I don't care if your arms are working." Can't you just hear her hands on her hips as she says that?
"You could have at least slipped me a burger from In and Out." Barry is complaining as he's sitting up in his bed, his arms folded over his chest as he looks to the black and purple clad vigilante. "And I can walk. Gingerly." he adds, glancing around. He wouldn't lie to Spoiler, would he? The speedster sighs. He's bored. She can tell he's bored.

"It started when finder 32nd class Tanzo Groll was found dead. Obviously murdered, typical signs, struggle, laser fire, clear conflict but we have no suspects. Motive… well maybe you can figure this out but I'll tell you now, there is about a dozen recorded now in your sector." A green holoprojected face of a four-eyed alien has Hal's attention right now as he strides in to the medical wing, his intentions are to see who the unauthorized visitor is. Fortunately they were cleared by Barry's identification before Magnus' robots went full Terminator mode. Not that they'd kill, actually Hal has no idea what they would or would not do. He just assumes they're set to stun and not destroy.

"A dozen what and whats this motive about the motive? Stop being vague, Larfn."
"A dozen Skrulls, Hal Jordan. Someone is killing Skrulls in sector 2814."
"Good. I mean, oh no, thats terrible… "
"Earthman Jordan you have a responsibilit-"
"Yeah sorry got some cosmic space dust interference or something, bye Larfn." The face vanishes.

Now paying attention to the medical wing Hal begins to speak again, this time to them, "SO this place gots nuts right? No idea why. Warnings, alarms, robots start to arm up and then it just stops. Immediately I'm torn out of my online poker game and told to head here… uncool."

"Oh, sure. Give me a minute, and I'll zip down from space, find the nearest In and Out, and zip back up," Spoiler is retorting, fatigue and a little bit of low blood sugar making her a bit testy. She might have mislead him on the 'did you rest' thing earlier, and the pain from her cuts is back from all the up and down standing and walking to get him pens and paper to draw his assailant and then to play tic tac toe and hangman and any other stupid bedside games she could think of. Because she can tell he's bored. But she has nothing else to entertain him with… that she's willing to bust out HERE. She's not even willing to give him her black phone to play games on. In part because there are no games on that phone. The games are on her bright pink and rhinestone encrusted Hello Kitty phone. THe other reason is that she'd rather not risk him getting into an app he shouldn't and then Batman finding out. He's lectures are the worst. Last time was all: … …. … .. …


The voice draws her gaze, and she frowns lightly before standing up, drawing herself up to her mostly unimpressive full height, favoring her left leg, and folds her arms over her chest. Her domino mask is black, and her lips are bare of any kind of colored lipstick. There's a sherbert splat stain on her left thigh. Everything about her minus the cape would be a marked upgrade from the gear and outfit Hal had last seen Spoiler in that night she kept a handful of drunks from beating him up while he was drunk. Not that she knows who he is right off the bat, because drunk and now all powered up in green black outfit of lanterny goodness.

"And?" she quips at him. The robots had been startling, but thanks to Barry's quick thinking, she used his access to get them to stand down and into medical.

As he's about to retort, Barry's interrupted by a nurse coming by. "Time to change your bandages, Flash." she says with a bright smile. "If you'll pardon us?" Oh, separating the speedster from the girlfriend? This won't end well. The curtain is pulled around so that she may work on changing out the bandages and checking the wounds.

"And… well that is a lie I wasn't actually playing online poker." Hal rambles off as his train of thought is thrown by Spoiler, "How did we get more Gotham clowns up here? I swear I put out garlic." Watching Barry get yanked away by the nurse which, not much things up here are human. Hal turns his attention back towards Stephanie, "Wait, no, I had a direction I was going with that… "

"She's my Gotham Girl!" Barry yells from behind the curtain. "I will totally hide your plane models around the world, Hal Jordan!"

Nurse taking Flash away from… Spoiler frowns, eyes narrowing a bit, but that's all the argument she gives for now. Her attention turns back to Hal.

"Garlic only works on vampires, and I'm not clown," she states firmly, back to being uneasy about clowns in general. When he seems to have lost focus, the blonde sighs lightly. It's made 'worse' (maybe) by Barry shouting the lantern's name, and Spoiler's head tilts.

"Yes. Well, that's what happens when you go Amtrak," she says to Hal before half glancing over a shoulder.

"Don't give the nurse trouble, Flash," is said loudly at the speedster before Spoiler returns her attention to Hal.

"…why are you here?"

"Don't use my real name BARRY ALLEN! You goon." Hal Jordan mumbles. That domino mask sitting across his nose and eyes is peeled off. "I'm Green Lantern, designated by the Guardians as Sector 2814's intergalactic peacekeeper. I have every reason to be here, why are you here is the better question, knocking boots with the team speedster isn't qualification enough and what we deal with up here toots is a lot more than just unruly thugs." A pause. "Which I did appreciate, that wasn't one of my better nights. Also, we still on for our date?" That last part said very loud and clear just for Flash.

Just how many people know Barry's real name around here?! Spoiler presses her lips together lightly, but otherwise has no reaction to the banter between the boys. As the mask is peeled off and the Drunk is revealed, blue eyes visible behind the mask widen in surprise and recognition. The quip about knocking boots as Spoiler's cheeks turning a faint pink and her chin inclining, but otherwise she is going to try to pretend she didn't just hear that.

"Would you rather I have left him with a busted commlink, legs broken to uselessness, in a burning building, alone, to die?" Spoiler fires back, voice pitching a little lower, lips in a frown. And you're welcome for that night, but you don't have a chance of anything even remotely like a date with me," she adds.

"Trick question?" Hal retorts with a grin, "It's okay, you're what, maybe twelve anyways? Thats Earth years too, yeesh." Folding his arms across his chest the now revealed Green Lantern inclines against the wall, "I am sure you're familiar with secret identities right? Please keep mine." Seriousness in that aside from the jesting. "What happened to him that he got so busted up? Banana peel?"

Oh the spark in Spoiler's eyes when he quips at her age. She inhales.

"I already told you I'm in college," Spoiler grouses lightly, arms unfolding to rest against her sides.

"Yes. I'm familiar with secret identities," she replies, tone growing softer and worry entering her gaze again she she glances over a shoulder at the drawn shut curtain.

"Someone was hired to sideline him. We have a picture he drew. I've uploaded to our Computer system, see if it turns up anything. I'm on hurry up and wait right now." And it's frustrating.
"Smart girl. Stay in college." Hal says, "Still have that picture? We have access to the Monitor Wombs systems from here. It's likely got a better computer than anything you can get your hands on, no offense." He has no clue about what resources the Bat-Family or Spoiler have. Despite the ribbing Hal's tone has softened a bit, hes not about to be a complete ass, he kind of likes what little of Barry he has met so far so by default that means he'll try to like his lady friends, which, he admits he actually finds her amusing as well. So win win.

Spoiler hmphs faintly at the 'be cool; stay in school' quality of Hal's words, but when he asks, she fishes the picture from a pouch on her utility belt.

"Likely? I don't think so, but if you find something do share," Spoiler says without giving the impression that she's even considering returning the favor and possibly not even if asked nicely. The drawing it held out for Hal to take.

"Uh, yeah, no clue who this is." Hal declares immediately while taking the picture up, "It's the utility-combat pajamas."
His ring flares to life, green light shines out and scans over the photo processing it through the Watchtower Computer and his own AI.
"If hes in there he'll show up. Guys who make a name for themselves always have something unique or distinctive." He ignores the challenge of the Bat Computers against the Watchtower's. He really doesn't know but he'll vote for the League's systems.
— ID Confirmed— Alias: Deathstroke
Hal's ring chimes and Green Lantern repeats it. "He has quite a file. You can likely pull it up on that wall console now."

With the nurse declaring that Flash needs to sleep more and drugging him heavily so he'll get an hour or so, Spoiler turns to the wall console. There's a faint limp as she goes, right hand coming up to access things. Weight on her left foot, Spoiler reads through the information as she asks over a shoulder.

"Any way I can get this sent to my phone?"

"Just sca… here, make it easier on you. It looks like you need rest too." Hal's ring goes through that scan sequence again, a light coming off of it and hitting Spoiler's phone to upload the data. "Everything we can pull up on him and then some, it even has his shoe size on there." It doesn't actually have that. "Maybe you should pester the other nurse bot, let her see to you until you can walk out of here on your own. I just put you in to the system as a guest so you can access just about anywhere in here that is 'open' and other areas with an escort."

"I'm fine," is the auto response from Spoiler about needing rest. She really does and when Barry now sleeping under the sedative's affects, she might let herself doze. Maybe. She's been wound tight for hours now. Thre's a beat, Spoiler turning from the wall console to her phone, before she turns it off and look back at the screen and then Hal.

"Thank you… Green Lantern," she says with a soft but serious tone.
"Not a problem, Spoiler." Hal says with a wry smile in return. "I'll leave you to whatever it is you need to do. Make sure next time you run in to this guy, you call for back up. He's a nasty piece of work." Walking from the medbay Hal taps the shoulder of one of the nurse bots which will then rather aggressively insist on helping Spoiler with her wounds, redressing, cleaning and possibly bracing. Also informing her of her calorie to vitamin intake, body fat percentage, blood sugar levels and a ton of other obnoxious information. It will continue with it's "robo-nagging' until she complies, destroys League property or runs away back to a teleportation tube.

A small chuckle is had at her expense as Hal wanders back to the Monitor Womb. He apparently has a Skrull case to look at when he isn't playing sentinel with the other Leaguers for the Inhuman/Nuhuman mists.

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