Scott Comes Home

February 23, 2017:

Scott arrives at Xavier's Mansion and is greeted by some of the familar faces that haunt the place.

Xavier's Mansion - Foyer


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Fade In…

Storm had brought Jhiao back after the incident with her friend. A firend who seemingly threatened their grounds and the people/children therein.
Storm had found the words passed from Nerina a reason for expulsion, but Jhiao was at no fault for someone elses actions that Storm had seen more then that once. The human reflection in the soul of the Cloud's eyes bring her to draw her deeper, as well as realization. Passes through the student halls while classes were in session, though the sight of the feline beside Storm causes some upheaval behind doors to watch out classroom windows….
Along the halls of dormitories, and from there Storm had more research to do, but she was not about to leave Jhiao while others were outside of the grounds. "We gaurd the youth of our kind, and when they grow they choose their paths, but this is the path those who stay… Choose to take…" Storm speaks lowly to the Clouded as the passageway to the Mansion Wing is opened, a passage that goes deeper, underground, but she does not take here there quite yet.
Adult mutants of varying degrees pass by, noticable or not in their mutations, but there are no students here, and the deeper they go, the more things progress, dow to the technology, monitors, labs, and rooms more set for a non-school environment.
"I know there is more to you, Per-Bast. I know you understand. Trials are only a tip of the iceberg, for you and your freind." Storm speaks to the Leopard lowly, her hand droppig to offer a reassurance.

The leopard is not entirely comfortable with going underground; she is a creature of the trees and the jungle. But she is intelligent, and capable of reason, and she trusts the Nubian princess. So she lopes along comfortably enough, welcoming the reassuring touch as she listens to Ororo's words. She had assumed there might be more to these people, but she had not expected this. She has no words for much of what she is seeing, but one thing she can see clearly is that the adults here are as 'ready' as the adult monks at the Temple. Wide amber eyes look too and fro, taking it all in without interrupting … or touching anything but the floor under her paws.

The roar of the Harley Davidson 'Night Rod' dulls to a purr and then silence as the engine slumbers upon parking. Scott pulls off his helmet attaching it by straps to the saddlebags on the bike before taking long pause to stare at the Mansions exterior. It's been a couple months since he has been home.

An exhale and he makes his way inside through the foyer and inwards, a travel bag hanging over one leather jacket clad shoulder. The deep red glasses aren't removed when he enters from outside to inside, instead he adjusts them, pushing them tighter to the bridge of his nose. The voice of Ororo Munroe is the first sound he hears, these hours of the night not many are moving around so sound is going to carry more than usual. "Storm?" Scott offers in greeting, though he cant see her or her companion just yet.

Storm has not taken Jhiao under quite yet. But into the Manse? Yes. Into what is more the reality of what they do?
Baby Steps.
More gets more. Trust balanced with trust.
"I know you desire companionship. Not a feline quality for most, especially the endangered." Though as one hand plays through downy fur another plays over a boquet, and from it an image projects upon the olde beige wall, an image revealed in flickers as it queues…
But then fades when Scott's voice comes through the doors, a voice errant for months now after the "incident", and a reason for her to be here, now. Becuse some things just require a new outlook.
No tension, no ire, just a seeming breath of relief as Storm turns and those cerulean eyes up-tilt with a smile for Scott, the ease relayed to her companion.
"Cyclops!" And in a few steps the Nubian woman closes the gap and embraces her long time friend. Though it is more like :
Push away. Inspect.
"Where on this Earth have you been? By the Goddess..!"
A pause, a gathering of emotions with a sudden mix of climate control no central air can relate…
"I am introducing.. Our friend slowly," A gesture back towards Jhiao and then returns to Cyke.
"One piece. Xavier will be… relieved." Understatement of the year!

The clouded leopard pads along at Storm's side, and her head cocks at the sound of a new voice calling the other woman's name. She hangs back as Storm rushes the man in the odd glasse, and she drops her furred rump to the floor, sitting as she watches the two of them together. Clearly friends. The man smells of road tar and steel horse exhaust. She wrinkles her nose in distaste at that, but merely nods when she is obliquely or not so obliquely referenced. Yep. Smart cat, nodding her head like a person at the people talking about her.

The hug catches Scott off guard at first and hesitant but then one arm drapes around in a single limbed return squeeze, "I thought I had a lead that would have helped with the Apocalypse thing but I was too late, I headed west it all turned up pointless so I'm back here now. Where I should be… " A break, distance given again and he glances at the snow leopard, "Your friend?" At first Scott wanted to assume Ororo had taken in a wild cat, but this is Xavier's and nothing is ever what it appears to be.
"Hello." He offers Jhiao.

/That/ look given to Storm, the questioning 'She one of us?' that they're all so familiar with exchanging. "I'll speak to the Professor in the morning. He probably already knows I am here."

The cadence of those loops upon her belt ring forth in the sudden motion of affectio that comes and goes with Storm greeting Scott, but he had been MIA and with his and Jean's disappearance it cause quite a flux in things at Xavier's, especially with the arrival of (Nu?)Inhumans. And so, Xavier called.
Family is what it is, so after almost a year of Storm's absence she returned and started gathering the kindling to flourish new plannts from it. Peace.
"You need to be here, Cyclops. Always. We need you. Now more then ever." Storm reassures to the man in the glasses but when he addresses Jhiao, Storm smiles warmly and looks to the endangered with a form of endearment.
"This is… my friend. I trust her to be here. I was showing her." The emphasis on -show- enough to let Scott know, she belonged.

Betsy approaches from a corner, moving with a steady clack of her heels on the wood floor. Boot-cut jeans, a simple white blouse with demi-sleeves, and stylish heels make for a simple ensemble that still looks as if she's ready to take a turn in front of the cameras. Her hair's pulled back in a simple but elegant series of carefully woven braids that end in a loose ponytail, leaving a pair of bangs to frame her features.
"I thought I heard a familiar voice," she remarks, moving past Ororo. She absently scritches Jhiao behind one ear as she passes the feline. "Welcome back, Scott," she tells the other mutant, a subtle smile barely touching the corner of her eyes.

Rogue had joined some of the students out at the lake today. One of them had the ability to refreeze the lake and they'd wanted to take their after-school activity and turn it into a fun practice… they just needed one volunteer… and they somehow got Rogue to accept the invitation.
But, practice was over now and the triumphant champion of the day was returning into the mansion to get out of the gear they'd made her wear.
So unlike Betsy and Storm looking all fancy and lovely in their fine clothing… Rogue entered the mansion's main doorway wearing the fully body armor of an Ice hockey goalie, even the menacing masks popularized by the horror movie franchises.
Waddle waddle waddle, Rogue walked into the area, her legs strapped up in huge goalie leg pads, her hands covered in those giant bulky gloves and a big wooden stick in her hand too. "Shut out! I'm the best!" She announces to everyone, unaware of Scott's return.

The clouded leopard - a jungle cat, grey with darker spots, not something white like an arctic cat - bobs her head towards the man who addressed her, little ears swiveling to focus on his mouth-sounds, amber eyes glinting as they take in every detail avidly. She turns her head, eyes half-lidding as Elizabeth appears - apparently trusted to touch her without much warning - and purrs audibly, a deeb basso rumble, as those long-nailed fingers find that perfect spot. That ends, though, when she blinks at Rogue's sudden and rather loud cry. Nope, she didn't understand that one, but she doesn't run away; she just watches, slightly more tense than before.

Scott isn't big on smiles but when they happen they are almost always genuine or menacing, Betsy gets the first of those right now. A fleeting one but none-the-less a smile. It's the same small one Storm had just gotten with the hug. "Betsy and Rogue… " A perplexed look is about as far as his questions go for the Southern Belle decked out in Hockey gear, "I hadn't known you were a fan. We'll have to talk later."
Setting his travel bag down on one of the chairs against the hallway's walls, Scott begins rubbing the back of his neck, as if uncomfortable or trying to rub out a kink, "Thanks for the welcome, Storm. I didn't honestly expect anyone up and about right now but whats is it the Professor used to say… /Plus ce change, plus ce meme chose/? It is fitting right now."

Jhiao can feel it in her proximity, the sudden ease that come over Storm. This is small reunion. Now only if they can get Jean out more as well. Th woman has only appeared to help and the gone back to recluse levels. The way things are changing, down to fogging memories is disturbing, but….
This is what they are here for.
"Yes, well, est ce que c’est." Storm states to Scott with a smile, Psylocke getting a smile fro the Nubian. A flash of white that only grows involuntarily with Rogues arrival.
"Things are different, Cyke."

So long as I got my friends I'm better…

Betsy lifts a brow at Rogue when the southern belle shows up dressed for a game of ice hockey. Still— her expression is more one of tolerant amusement at Rogue's antics. She is quirky and irrepressible, and it's hard not to find her charming in her own way.
"No one here sleeps, Scott, you should be aware of that," Betsy tells the lean-built man. "Otherwise we'd miss all the ludicrous nonsense that only seems to happen in the wee hours," she remarks.
"Why didn't you tell me you were playing hockey?" she asks Rogue, a bit petulantly. "I'm a strong forward; I would have enjoyed a game."

Rogue paused when she saw Scott and she stared at him from behind that Jason Vorhes-mask… A moment later she lifted up the hand that had the catching glove on it and she shoved the mask up ontop of her head and she was all smiles underneath it.
"Scotty!" She said, waddling toward him with goalie-gear swooshing around her form and the big hockey stick held out to her side as she went to hug him! "Don't worry, Sugah… this is the best time t'hug ol' Rogue… All covered up in stupid sports clothes." She grinned at him too and shook her head side to side. "I don't know nothin' about Hockey… other than ya can punch each'othe'ah in it… course… They won't let me do that." She sighed heavily then. "Fraid I'll kill someone or somethin'…"
Tthe southern girl wold step back then and smile toward Jhiao "Heya, Big Kitty." She'd say with a smile. Rogue would then turn her head to see Betsy and hear her… this got a funny/nerdy laugh out of the Mississippi native and she looked down at herself. "Some'a the kids play in a league in town… They said they needed a goalie though, so I figured, 'what the hell'." She grinned and srugged her shoulders inside of the padding that was making her look big and bulky… She had a dark blue New York Rangers jersey covering that all up though.

Rogue advances, and Jhiao carefull minces out of the way, plastering herself against the wall to give the waddling, gear-laden belle room to bull through for that hug. Then she peels away from the wall and plops back down, watching all of the antics. How interesting. But she perks up when Rogue addresses her, and bobs her head in response because it's polite to acknowledge two-foots when they take the time to address four-foots.

A grunt sound escapes Scott as Rogue gives him a hug. The powerhouse of a mutant gets about as much of a return as Storm did, which, for Scott if you're not Jean or his grandma Deborah Summers is saying a lot, "Okay, I just hit my quota. Anymore hugs will have to wait until tomorrow."
"Things are always different, we adapt, we're X-Men." A pause. "Which, from the memo I got it looks like you're lead right now, Storm." A quirk of the lips is the only reaction from Cyclops. No question in it, no jab, just acknowledgement.
"Right, I forgot what sleep was like here, Bets. It… isn't a thing."
Watching the exchange of Jhiao and Rogue he opens his mouth to ask a question then closes it. He is too tired from a long ride on a bike to dig right now. He wants sleep.

"I want to test security tomorrow." He informs Storm.

Storm watches Cyke, and pale brows furrow while she skips that pale gaze from one to the next, and then settle upon Jhiao.
"I hope you are ready…" But there is no delay in response when Storm nods to Cyke in regards to his test.
Betsy and Rogue are given an exhausted smile, but a hint none-the-less. If he desires to press she will not stop him unless otherwise directed, and right now…
The team needs its 'family', new recruits and all.

"You'll find little lacking for security, Scott," Betsy says— a hint of reprimand in her voice. With no warning, she switches to telepathy, though she excludes Jhiao and Rogue from the conversation. «Myself, Jean, and Charles perform regular sweeps and one of us personally examines each visitor to the facility. Motion sensors are still operational, above and below ground, and courtesy of some magical allies, there are wards scattered over the grounds to establish alarm if anyone forcibly penetrates the perimeter using magical talents. We are, I think, as secure as any semi-public institution can be.»

Rogue grinned at Scott and Jhia as she backed away and went over to a nearby table where there were some chairs set aside, fancy chairs with that red felt and dark wood. Rogue pealed the helmet off of her head and then set it on the table. "Testin' Security! Woooo! I'm all for it!" She said loudly in her thickly accented way.
Gloves tossed onto the table too and then Rogue went to pull the upper body padding up and off of her torso. Thankfully she was wearing a dark green tanktop underneath though, so she wasn't being lewd or nothing! BUT there was still a lot of dangeorus skin put to display on her arms and shoulders. The jersey-padding is all set on the floor next to the chair and Rogue moves to lift her hands up to put her hair into a quick pony-tail before she then turns and sits down on one of the chairs.
"Storm is all the security we need though." The Belle said then with a big grin. "Ya shoulda seen her toss this mutant hatin' punk outta here the othe'ah day." She started undoing the leg-guards by their straps behind her calves. "It was the coolest thing eve'ah. WHOOSH… an' the bigot was tossed right on out!" More soft little nerdy laughing then came from the French Teacher.

Jhiao has no idea about the telepathic communication, nor does she know the dangers of Rogue disrobing. What? Clothes serve no purpose she knows of, save that they serve as fur for furless two-foots. She prefers her natural fur. But the leopard watches all of this avidly. Jhiao wouldn't have anything to say even if she were in her two-foot form and able to make two-foot mouth sounds about it, so she is quite content to just be observant and present. However, now someone is making a lap, and she is not above eyeing that lap speculatively, starting across the hall towards Rogue and that chair. She's rather large to be pouncing on people's laps, but keep in mind her knowledge of Rogue is that she is incredibly strong and highly resistant to harm. So if anyone's lap could take a full Jhiao, surely it would be hers?

"Ready as always." Scott replies calmly to Storm. "I've had enough down time." Picking his travel bag back up and slinging it over his shoulder he looks down the hallway, towards the direction of Jean's office but doesn't inquire, "I still intend on testing it, Betsy. If I am not leading this team I am damned well going to make myself useful everywhere I can and I imagine if I try hard enough I can shake something loose."

Hearing Rogue's enthusiasm, Scott spares her a look from those red lenses, he could almost smile again. Almost. "Glad to hear you're in, because when I said I wanted to test it, I wasn't going to do it on my own. I want to see what the team is currently capable of."
"Anyways, I know where my room is, I can see myself to it. Good night ladies and thank you for the warm welcome."

Storm feels the poking flicker of Psylocke's mental communication. It is still hard for her to open up, but she does in time to hear her proclaimation to Cyke. Without a secomd thught though, the mohawked woman speaks openly.
"But the past and present has caused such actions." A bullet laden Manse, and now one that has offered sanction to In(Nu)Humans. Storm being the liason for such by the call of Xavier.
Rogue's words cause small smile but when Jhiao seeks Rogues lap, after her disrobing from the Hockey Padding, Storm is moving!
Cyke is given a glance of apology for departure before Storm is leaving his presence to try and keep Jhiao from actually landing.
"La!" No! Storm is omnilinguist, but this moment the one most familar rings out as she seeks to keep Jhiao from a mishap!

"Indeed," Betsy tells Scott, nodding her head a few degrees. "Good to see you again, Scott. Welcome back to the Institute. I look forward to your assessment tomorrow."
"Jhiao, /stop/." Betsy's got a good voice for projection, but she's not above cheating a little by reinforcing a command with psychic pressure. She maanges to keep most of the alarm out of her voice, but her tone clearly expresses: Danger! at contact with Rogue.

Rogue was oblivious to the big cat headed her way, she was more focused on Scott and the others. She dropped one hockey pad to the floor, followed by another one and then wiggled her toes on either foot (both feet were clad in different mis-matched socks, one bright yellow and the other was a deep burgandy).
"Well, just let me know how ya want me t'help out, MIste'ah Scott." She said to the Summers man with a small smile. "Rest up!" She was about to say more but Betsy and Storm drew her attention over toward where the cat had been.
Rogue's eyes went big, but she wasn't precisely sure what was about to happen. Was she being attacked? Is this when life flashed before one's eyes? Who's life would flash before hers… her own? Or all the people's minds whom she had absorbed throughout the years… oh dear.

The clouded leopard has padded most of the way over, and is within leaning distance of Rogue before she is called up short by commands from both Storm and Elizabeth. She stops, tail lashing behind her a bit, and then turns her head to look at the two women, ears flicking as if to communicate, 'What? See that lap there? That is a perfect lap. What is wrong with you people? A perfect lap cannot be left go to waste!' She doesn't, of course. She just looks at them, as if waiting for an explanation. Then she glances up at Rogue and yawns, her mouth going incredibly wide, showing those gleaming sharp teeth of hers.

Storm's hand stops short of Cloud's scruff, but fingers curl in whisper passed the ruff only to tuck inward, a flick of gaze as Scott walks away tiredly with his own proclaimations. Understood.
A look is passed to Psyocke from Storm, one that bears duress and warning, and she knows, feels is almost epathized despite the yawn from Jhiao that gets a second warning glance from Storm. "Tell her, Betsy. She needs to know, especially if she remains. We want them all safe." Spoken openly not only for Cloud, but for Rogue, as she knows how causing suffering without the desire to do so can plague you, deeply.
None the less, 'Ro smiles, lowering to a crouch that splays those leather 'wings' behind her, while she "scruffs" Clud affetionatley, pressing forehead to brow. "Be careful. Be strong. Be kind. Accepting…" A rise and she looks among them and offers a tired smile, but one still unwavering.
"I have a feeling I need to at least be rested for tomorrow," Stated with a low exhale.
"I know she knows," A finger shakes at Jhiao. Cats!
'We just have to let her know." And with that Storm turns and heads for her quarters.

"It's not for me to explain," Betsy reminds Ororo, gently. "Any more than I would out your talents and secrets. If Rogue wishes to explain to Jhiao what the concern is, I shan't stop her," she offers. Ever proper, the leggy Brit, and careful to ensure that she doesn't tread on anyone's feelings— or privacy. She reaches down and scratches Jhiao's scruff gently, with short, expertly trimmed nails.

Rogue watched the big cat come to a halt and look to Storm and Betsy for an explanation. When the explanation comes, Rogue's mood seems to shift some from being overly happy to just… something less than that.
After Betsy responds to Ororo, Rogue is organizing the gear she'd stripped off and setting it all aside. She stands up and she straightens her tanktop by tugging down on it some near the waistline. "Nah, its fine." Rogue looked to the big cat, Jhiao, assuming that she could understand her just fine. "People who touch my skin get hurt, fall inta sleeps that can last for foreve'ah. So its best that nobody touches me. It don't work on animals, but we don't know where you'd fall in that catagory t'be honest. So… safe'ah than sorry, that sorta thing."
These words were said in a very calm and soft tone of voice. Rogue started toward the main staircase then. "i'm gonna go showe'ah up, I'll come back down for this gear in a bit." She told the others then.

Storm nods to Betsy in accord. She knows, and never would herself, what she meant was let her know more, for her safety. For all of their safety.
All of them. Each. And Every. X-Man, has dealt with too much and now… Things are changing inside, and bringing more within means they need to know the 'without'.
Rogue's reaction though, gives Storm pause and an exchage of glances with Psylocke that cannot compare to Rogue's own tone.
"That's what we wish to know, Rogue. You deserve what we all do, especially after…" A furrow of brows and Storm just shakes her head, those whisps of white mohawked hair falling over her profile.
"Come back for the gear and plan a game. I dub Jhiao, goalie for team Blue." A smile to them and Storm wraps fingers around the banister as she ascends. "Tomorrow." A statement, not a question!

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