New Horizons

February 22, 2017:

Star-Lord takes Kitty in the Milano into space to test some more things about the gem. He proceeds to terrify her.



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Space. The final frontier. The great sea of stars. The infinate black. It has many names. Some poetic names, some less so. Peter Quill mostly calls it 'Really goddamn boring to travel though'. Since FTL travel consists of a lot of hanging out on the ship. Which is why he wanted to make sure said ship would be space-worthy so taking the Milano on a little shakedown cruise though low orbit is the best way to do that.

Since he /also/ promised Kitty Pryde that there would be at least a /few/ experiments done on the gem. And every damn time they started trying something on Terra they got intrupted. Well. Space was the best place to try this out!

Which is suprisingly logical thinking for him really.

Which would explain how they came to be several thousand miles over the planet Earth, the sleek body of the Milano cutting though the atmosphere like a hot knife dealing with butter. For all of his bravado, Peter does seem to actually know what he's doing as a pilot. Even though there were a few close calls with satalites and space junk on the way.

He might have been doing that just to mess with her though. Its hard to say.


It has some logic, that is for sure. Kitty's just not sure if it is good or bad logic. While not an expert, she is generally not the biggest fan of space. Peter's close calls certainly manage to shake her into grabbing that the grips of her seat even if they were planned or not.

As they make it past the atmosphere and into something more akin to actual space, she looks out the windows at the stars, the outline of Earth and can't help but marvel at it a bit. Even if it is terrifying. "Are you even allowed to be up in space?" she looks at him in a way that is both distrustful and worried. "You're on Space Parole or something, aren't you?" Who knows what he thinks is a good idea. It's almost certainly not that. As far as she has seen, his ideas are universally bad.

Despite the bravado, being out in a damaged spaceship with only Peter Quill and a damaged hull keeping her from being sucked out into the void of space is not exactly comforting. This entire thing has Kitty Pryde on edge.


"I talked to Thor, its fine." Peter's voice is as usual compleatly unhurried and unworried. His head leans back in the pilots chair as he takes his eyes off the controls. The Milano adjusts softly a few puffs of engine power aligning it into orbit around the planet. The sun nowhere in sight, blocked by the bulk of the earth. Night side pointed at them. The image out the front viewport is a glorious close up shot of the moon.

…mostly because they actually /are/ close.

"The Asgardians have some fancy name for it but yeah, basicly space parole works." He adds as he unbuckles himself as stretches slightly. Artifical gravity is a thing on the ship and he seems to have no problem standing. "Now…I have an idea…I just…hrmmm…"

The interior of the Milano is suprisingly clean. Apart from dozens of crates of spare parts back in the common room. Built into one wall is a cassette deck and sweet stero and the whole ship seems suprisingly orginised for someone like Quill.

Rocket likely did it.

There are still plenty of places to poke around, and a suprising amount of room on the ship. Its actually comfortable for people to stay. Four or five tops, in comfort at least.

The ship wasn't smoking or creeking /too/ badly when it was breaking atmosphere. Which might assuage Kitty's fears. At least until Peter starts poking into various storage compartments. "…where did I put that spacesuit…"


"Did you actually talk to Thor or did you think you were going to and assumed it was fine?" Kitty watches as Peter takes his eyes off of the control and almost reaches a hand out to try and make him put his hands back on the steering wheel again. This entire thing is far too out of her general knowledge. She's out of her element here.

As Peter gets up and leaves the controls to do what they do on autopilot, Kitty gives him and then the controls a wild look. Doesn't he need to, you know, pilot that?! Wait, he doesn't have to?! What are the rules up here? What is going on! Why is he standing up!!

Kitty remains seated for a few minutes, but when it becomes clear that Peter is not going to come back, she reluctantly stands and, gripping onto first the chair and then the walls, she follows him. She looks like a drunk woman at a party that is refusing to believe that she is too drunk. Despite the fact that the gravity seems to work normally here, she does not trust it.

Eyes glance about the ship cursory. She studied it when she first entered, but now she is only searching one person out and he is easy to find. "Spacesuit? Why do I need a spacesuit?" It's hard to keep the edge of panic out of her voice.


"To experiment," Peter replies easily enough as he continues to poke around the ship. "And yes, I totally talked to Thor. He was walking his goats and we had a nice conversation." A long pause. "What you didn't think I brought you all the way up here to just sit on the ship and I don't know. Juggle the gem or something?"

He isn't looking at her for the moment but as he turns around the man just quirks a brow at her antics. "…what…you realise gravity is normal here right? Just walk normal!" He calls back to her as he pulls out what looks to be some kind of odd earpiece. Large and set to clip over just behind the ear, a few buttons hum and glow on it.

He smirks though, shaking his head slightly. Arms cross over his chest as he leans one shoulder against the curve of the hull. "Would you just trust me? You're in /my/ home now. Its not like I'm going to let you get hurt up here. I mean no one would ever let me live it down if I did!"


Experiment. In space. Kitty gives Peter a very wary look at that as she clings onto the wall for dear life. This may be 'normal' gravity, but it could give way at any moment. How does space work?! How does his ship gravity work?! She doesn't know. That's the point. Kitty is very used to knowing things and being able to lecture. This is new territory to her. "I certainly don't know what goes on in your head at every second," she retorts. "You bringing me up here to see me freak out about anti-gravity could definitely be on your agenda." It would not surprise her in the least.

While he chides her on what is normal up her and what is not, she glares at him and keeps a hold on whatever furniture is closeby. "Normal? We're in space and there's some form of gravity. That's not normal!" Teacher voice activated.

There's a frown as Peter leans against the hull and looks at her. Does she trust him? Does she? It's hard to tell. She was willing to rescue him from the possibility of assassination from Juno. She went to visit his assassin friend and his scientist girlfriend to help cheer them up. She kissed him between the cabinets of Shawdowcrest. What does all of that add up to? What does any of it mean?

Gingerly, she lets go of the wall, as if waiting for the gravity to give out at any moment and almost glares at Peter. "You might not mean for me to get hurt! But, you might find something funny and then I'll suddenly be airlocked out to the stars and bad things happen."


"The Milano has an FTL drive, full atmosphere scrubbers, shield and stealth tech, and weapons that can punch though battleship hull. And you concentrate on the grav-systems." Peter points out with a laugh as he raises his hand to toss the little device towards her. "Just put that behind your ear and give it a little bit. It needs to map your frame out to get the systems right. Then it'll work fine."

That? Thats his space suit? Some little earbud. He's gotta be joking right?

Nope. Not joking.

"I mean I could just turn /off/ the grav systems if it bothers you that much." His eyes are twinkling though, amused as he watches her.

Pushing away from the wall he crosses towards a few more storage boxes and starts to look though them. "Its normal for me. I mean come on, no gravity leads to bad bones. Thats just science." A pause. "Wait, you've been to space before but you don't like artifical gravity? And you call me strange!"


"I don't know what all of that means," Kitty tells Peter, but she's pretty sure he knows full well that she doesn't know what any of that means. As he tosses the device to her, she frowns and bobbles the catch. Finally, she lunges forward a bit and keeps it between her hands. He does have to be joking. "This is your space suit? It looks like an earbud."

Skeptically, she puts it behind her ear while she watches Peter. "That is the opposite of what would make me comfortable," she assures him. It's clear she's still not trusting the gravity and the air about her, as if expecting it to disappear at any moment. "I thought the science proved that it led to bad bones." Either way, she's not going to trust Peter Quill on scientific studies.

"Yes, I've been to space. Nothing good has ever happened out here. In fact, it's only ever bad things that happen in space. I have a very good reason for not trusting it." Generally, when she goes out into space, things try to kill her or her friends. It's never been a good experience.

Finally getting back to the task at hand, she frowns. "And how is being out here in space supposed to help with our gem experimentations?"


"Shield tech," Peter replies with a smirk. "Like mine. Skintight shield system. Gives you full atmospheric protection and air. Without the added unsexy looking full suit. I think I have one of those too, if you would rather have that. Somewhere. I mean it came with the ship. If it makes you feel better to be /that/ unsexy…well…I mean I can do that."

He steps closer as he talks though, leaning next to her as he presses a few buttons on the earpiece. She might feel a soft hum and a whisper of something against her skin. "There. Scanner is building the imprint. It'll be fine in a bit."

As he pulls back though he does reach out to teasingly boop her nose.

"Come on, Kitty. /Relax/. This'll be fun. Nothing is going to try to kill you. We are just in low orbit in an empty spot. Its /fine/."

He leans back again and smirks. "Well I had an idea. Dunno if the magic is tied to you. Or the earth. Or the gem or what. If it gets weaker the further into space it is. I mean if thats the case we could fling it into a sun or something and it might get rid of it."

A pause.

"Not this sun, just in case. A sun no one is using."


Kitty rolls her eyes at his talk of the normal suit. Maybe she would prefer it. While she likes Darcy well enough, SHIELD is a government agency and as a mutant she doesn't quite trust them all that much. "Where did you get SHIELD tech?" she raises an eyebrow even as Peter moves closer. Standing her ground, she lifts her chin up slightly toward him when he presses a few buttons on the ear piece.

A hand reaches out toward Star-Lord which is quickly re-routed to swat at the hand that decides to boop her nose. She wrinkles it and shakes her head just slightly. "You try relaxing in space! Space is weird. You step outside and you die." That is certainly weird!

As for whether the gem is tied to her or the earth is met with a frown. A hand goes to the necklace it is tied to, resting right below her collar bone. "And—-what exactly are you planning to do to test that?" Frowning, Kitty looks at Peter. "This gem is apparently linked to me and we're in space. Plus, there are a whole ton of souls in here that we should try to get out, even if it is not linked to me in space."


"Not SHIELD, shield. As in shielding. Force shielding." Peter smirks. "SHIELD /wishes/ they had anythinng close to my toys. It projects an energy shield that protects you." A pause. "And no I don't know exactly how it works, I mean come on. Do you know how every little gadget you use work? It works pretty well and hasn't let me down yet so gimme a break."

A smirk.

"You only die if you don't prepared, and I actually know space. Way better than I know Terra." He adds before he tilts his head just slighlty. "You /really/ don't like not being in control. Not knowing. Do ya?"

"Mmmm. Just testing how far you can get from the gem. I mean we have to try that sometime. Might as well do it while no one else is around. Right?"

A pause again before he sighs. "Oh yeah, all those other people. Well. I guess throwing it into a sun is a bad idea. Not my worst idea though." He seems strangely proud of that. "Anyway, you know the faceplate that I have when we get into a fight? Should do something similar to you when you activate it. So don't freak out." A pause. "Well freak out any worse than you are now."


"Oh," Kitty adjusts her thinking, but there is still so much unknown about this technology and she knows that Peter doesn't exactly think everything through. "I generally learn about whatever technology is supposed to save my life on a mission, though." Remember that computer science teaching stuff? And her general curiosity? That tends to dictate quite a bit of her life.

Is she supposed to trust that he's tested this properly? That it will work with a mutant who phases? What if she phases through it? Will she just end up suffocating in space? There are so many questions she has about this technology.

"Well, I don't know space!" she tells him frankly. "And no, I don't like trusting my safety to someone who asked Rocket and Groot to bake pancakes knowing full well they might destroy the kitchen. Or who randomly tosses a gem with souls in it randomly about!" She's being a little cruel because she is incredibly uncomfortable here. Really, the answer is that she does not like not being in control, not at all.

As she watches him, she moves closer, suddenly, worried. "Peter, what do you mean we're going to test distance?" She's starting to cotton on to what he may have planned. "Peter…!"


"Oh my god I thought they would use the mix! I bought them the mix!!!" Peter shoots back as he throws his hands up. His voice tinged with exasperation. "I didn't know they would blow up the entire kitchen!" He adds as he crosses his arms again and glowers towards her. "I'll give you the damn instruction manual after we land, and you can go though everything! I mean god you're impossible!"

There is a faint bing from the earpiece and he unfolds to reach forwards again. A simple button press and there is an almost electric feeling against her skin. She can feel her hair ruffle just slightly with the sensation. Then the mask unfolds, different in contour and shape to Peter's but comfortable enough. A simpler display of power left in the device reading in the corner of her vision.

"Just trust me for /once/. I'm not going to get you killed." He finally says as he pulls back and extending his arm out for the gem that she has. "I can promise you might just end up liking it."


Finally, Kitty laughs at that. "You thought they would use the mix??" Kitty just shakes her head, almost doubled over at the thought. "These are your friends and you thought they would use some simple mix??" She just shakes her head. "I've known Rocket for only a month or two and I know he wouldn't use a mix! He just wants to build whatever from a pile of random doo-dads." Why would he assume that Rocket would ever try and make anything from a random mix.

"Am I?" At that Kitty can't help but smirk. She's exasperating even Star-Lord himself. The button press brings a shiver through Kitty as it is an unfamiliar and not exactly welcome sensation. What is this? What does it mean. Now, there's a display and some form of battery she can see.

As he pulls back and reaches out for the gem, she pauses. Though he no longer can see her expression, it is one of doubt and of worry. She studies Peter, looking him right in the green eyes she took for granted before their tumble through the cabinets. It may feel like a long few minutes, but she pulls the necklace around her neck. Then, she places it gently in Peter's hands, keeping a grip on it for a few moments. "I doubt I will, but I'm trusting you, Peter."


His fingers close around the gem. "It'll be fine," Peter Quill sounds entirely confident of many things. This time though, this time it resonates somewhere. Maybe its because they are on his ship. Maybe its the fact that they are in /his/ territory now. Its just /slightly/ more believable. If only slightly.

He steps back towards a wall there. "For the record." He adds with a smirk. "I kinda like it when you're not entirely in control. Even if you're kinda impossible." His hand raises towards a pannel on the wall and hits a button. Said button turns from green to red before the door slides open and Peter back-steps into it.

"And if I'm right on the range," He winks towards her. "Don't worry. I'll catch ya."

The door slides shut with a hiss before that mask of his appears to snap into place around his features. "See ya outside."

The outer door cycles open and Peter Quill is sucked right out into space.

He's not even wearing /gloves/.




It's when Peter gets that confident tone in his voice that Kitty starts to regret. It's almost immediate. The hand that is still grasped around Peter's hand attempts to hold on, to make sure he doesn't get far away from her. However, this is - as he said - his world now. She's still wary of space and he is able to easily pry himself from her grip and step backward.

"Peter," she repeats his name, as if hoping that will stop him. It's a warning, a plea. "Peter." His hand reaches up for the door and he hits the button. Kitty has seen Star Wars, Star Trek, so many Star shows and movies that she knows what that means. "PETER!!"

And then he's sucked right out into space. Yes, HOW IS THIS SAFE? She lunges forward, but the door is already snapped closed and she is watching him fly off into space. "What do you mean if you are right on range?!?!" That is not the most reassuring thing anyone could say.

As Peter flies backward, Kitty can feel something in the pit of her stomach. It's similar to who she feels before she phases through a material she's unsure about. It's a link to something that is getting far away from her. There is a headache that starts to get more and more pronounced as Peter moves further and further away from the ship.

Kitty, terrified of space, trapped on the ship, she tries to fight it. "No, come on, Kitty, you don't have to do this," she whispers to herself. After a few moments, she slides down the door that slammed shut after Peter ejected himself from the ship. "Don't give in. Come on." However, the pain becomes crippling as the gem in Peter's hand moves further and further away from her. He gets further than they had ever tested before, but then, slowly, a figure phases through the doors. It's slow at first, but then, acceleration. It's like a rubber band that stretched too far and is now returning to its proper length.

Much like Peter expected, Kitty comes rocketing through space toward him.


Rockets flare to life as Peter stedies himself in his tumble. Using just enough thrust to cancel out his momentum. Since its not that he's really moving. Its that the ship is. He waits for it. He waaaaaaaaits for it. He waaaaaaaits for it….

…but as soon as he sees just a part of the woman come out of the ship he's already jetting towards her.

He is good as his word, his arms open wide to snag the rocketing Kitty, wrapping safely around her middle as they go tumbling for a moment. His own systems flare to life to stabalize them easily enough.

"I got ya, I got ya. Easy." His voice resonating over the local com-link between the two suits. There /might/ be a tiny bit of concern in his voice.

"You're fine. See." He raises a hand. Wiggles fingers. His hair and jacket floating almost lazily in the void of zero-gravity. "We're both fine."


Kitty comes tumbling toward Peter amidst the stars and the view that many would find inspirational. The beautifully haloed Earth is practically a National Geographic photo. But, as Kitty tumbles through space without much control of her trajectory, she wildly flails her arms.


However, she doesn't flail far before Peter comes rocketing toward her, snagging her before she makes it even much too far from the ship. In the depths of space, Kitty clings tightly to Peter when he catches her. This is not what she expected, she is still freaking out slightly for being tossed through space against her will.

The fact that she is now out there without that bulky space suit and is just holding onto Peter, above the Eearth and totally fine slowly starts to sink in. The clutch to Peter does not diminish, however. She's still scared.

"Thank you," she says softly. She has no idea how to work the com-links right now. Later, she's sure to study and figure everything out. Right now? She's just glad she's breathing. Hopefully her tanks were broadcast. Either way, the way she holds onto Peter without slapping or punishing him speaks to either her gratitude or her fear. It's hard to tell.

Still clinging to Peter, she takes a breath. "You caught me."


"Of course I did, I said I would!" Peter sounds mildly affronted at the fact that she thought he might not. "I mean man, Zee and everyone else would yell at me for a month if I lost you in space." He adds with a smirk she can hear if not see. "See though, you're fine. Suit works." Sometimes he's right.

But only sometimes.

"Are you alright though? I didn't know the range of this thing…but you came shooting out of there pretty fast." He adds as he leans his faceplate in to lightly tap it against hers. A soft tink in the void of nothingness that they float in.

Its…quiet. Entirely. Compleatly. Utterly quiet. Peter's voice. Her breath. Her heart. Thats all that comes to her ears.

Its defintally eerie.

"Alright, gonna turn you around just a little bit. So you can get a better view…" He says quietly as he starts to work his way slowly around her. His movements careful, controlled. Until he is behind her, arm around her waist.

And the earth is laid out below them. The night side dotted here and there with glittering lights that look like the size of ants.


"So you caught me out of guilt," Kitty teases just slightly. She can certainly hear the smirk. In fact, in the close proximity of Star-Lord in the past few weeks, she can even picture it. Instead, she takes a breath, one that is a bit shallow as she is worried about being lost in the expanse of space.

"Yes. I am," she tells him softly. While she holds onto Peter, it is less the clinging of a woman worried for her life and more of a woman who still needs Peter for balance but doesn't seem to mind it.

For a long while, she stares out at the stars, the moon, the things that seem so much closer right now that she never thought to experience like this. It's still terrifying, but it is also exhilarating. As Peter asks if she is alright, she turns back to him, unsure of how to answer. There is a bit of a laugh in her voice. "I'm—" how is she? She's scared, she's weightless, she's exhilarated. His faceplate taps gently against his and she holds him just a bit closer.

For a long few moments, she listens to her heartbeat, she feels the expanse of space, she knows herself small in face of everything around her.

Then, Peter slowly moves them. It's careful, but despite that, she keeps a firm grip on him. She's very aware of the fact that if either of them let go, she could drift forever out here until this shield technology gives out. However, then, she looks down at the Earth below them. It's still large, still a monolith. But, she sees the twinkling of lights, the clouds the oceans, the place she calls home below both of them. Her hands tighten around Peter's. "Oh—Oh Peter. Look." This must be old news to him. He's from Space. He's seen this multiple times, but she's never had the chance to actually watch it unhurried.


"Wait for it," Peter adds as he keeps hold of her. "Just wait for it…" He promises for a moment as there is a soft chime over the coms. From his watch even. The chime fades away as at the far end of the vista below them there is a flare of bright light. Optics on both suits quickly compensate as the sun pokes over the horizion. A brillint golden ball of flame and light spanning the entire edge of the picture below them. Light beginning to slide across the earth, delivering morning to the countless people of Terra.

"There you go," He finally murmurs. A contentment in his voice. This /is/ his home right here. For all intents and purposes. "Told ya, space isn't /that/ bad now is it?"

Sometimes he just likes to show off.


The view of the Earth, something she caught in both panicked view screens and then out of the corner of her eye was quite enough for Kitty. It's a beautiful and humbling sight to watch it while drifting amongst the stars. But, then, the sun rises above it. The visor compensates for the glare, but she can't help but gasp as she watches it happen.

Parts of the Earth are lit up in what looks like an eclipse from space and she is watching it. It feels like she and Peter may bet he only people in the galaxy. Kitty holds more tightly to Peter. This is not due to fear or necessity. Instead, she just enjoys being close to him at this moment. The arms wrapped around her are held and she watches the steady, amazing ascent of the sun over the Earth.

While there is some part of Kitty that wishes to be sarcastic, she can't find it in herself to be so. Instead, what she says is merely, "It's gorgeous." Space? She's still not sure about. This, though? This might be something, at least.


"Told ya," He replies with just a hint of smugness in his tone. Peter can totally be smug when the moment takes him. But this moment? Is a good moment. Its a personal, shared moment. And lets be fair, its a moment she deserved and one that might keep her from killing him since he /did/ just basicly drag her out an airlock into deep space.

Maybe it'll balance out.

"Come on, we should get out back to the ship. Before we get creamed by a satalite or something." A pause. "Terra is /really/ freeking crowded up here you know!"

He's teasing. Really. Maybe.


If Peter could see Kitty's face, he would see the eye roll. It's there and it is prominent. However, the grip on his arms is not lessened. This was a moment that Kitty will never forget. It's possible because that is due to the fact that she was shot out of a ship due to a magically cursed gem, or because of the beauty of space and watching the sun rise over the Earth. It's really hard to tell at times.

Then, however, the moment is slightly broken by Peter's sobering dose of reality. "We could be hit be satellites?" she questions him incredulously. "Yes, we should get inside! Getting clobbered by Sputnik is not what I envisioned on my tombstone!"


"Look the chance is really low! I'm pretty sure I plotted all the close ones out!" Peter replies with a defensive tone as he kicks in his boots and starts to head back towards the ship. Which is markedly further away now, but they do seem to be closing at speed.

"I mean I can't see space junk, or spy satalites, or stuff like that. But it should be on a different pattern than we are. Espicially if they are in a stable or—"

A glance down at Kitty. "…you really don't care about the specifics do you?"

Again she can hear that grin.

His own hands return that squeeze for a moment. "And…I guess I'm glad you liked that."

Just so she doesn't kill him. Thats the only reason.


Well. Maybe not the only reason.

"I told ya space wasn't /all/ bad." A pause. "I mean I'm technicly from space and I'm not all bad!"

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