Don't Cross the Streams

February 21, 2017:

Back scene, takes place before Singular Choices. Jessica Jones invites Bucky Barnes, Jane Foster, Trish Walker, Captain America and Peggy Carter over for 80s Movie Night. Azalea Kingston and Cindy Moon come together to help her host. Tony Stark happily crashes the party.

Alias Investigations, Hell's Kitchen, New York

A place that proves friends can make good use of cramped spaces.


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Mentions: Zatanna Zatara, John Constantine

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Before Various Wizards Turn Up Missing…Or At Least Before Most People Know About It…

This is the first time in Jessica Jones' life that she's ever had anything approaching a party, unless one counts childhood birthday parties at the Bowl n' Roll or something.

It hadn't even really been meant as a party, precisely. It was four friends, three of them from the past, and movie night. But she has the girls, and they live here too, so she can't cut them out of movie night, nor did she find she wanted to. They might be either warmed or mortified to find out they're "her" girls in her mind, not quite students, not quite daughter-figures, not quite little sisters (though Az calls her Big Sister, the thought is complicated for her for a number of reasons), not quite nieces, definitely friends. They're hers, whatever they are, and she's dedicated to their care and wellbeing in a very fierce way that surprises even her sometimes.

Then there was her actual sister. Who would cut out her heart with a spoon, she is sure, if she found out she did something as mundane as movie night with a bunch of bonafide superheroes without inviting her too. And Jessica just didn't want to cut her out. There would be something heartbreaking about cutting her out of something like this, after cutting her out of her life once before and finally reconnecting. Nope. Trish had to be there too.

There was some guilt about all the others that she hasn't brought in…but then…she only had so much space, and she wasn't even sure how much tolerance Bucky and Jane would have for the number of people who were there to begin with. She could always invite John and Zee and her other friends over for casual things later. If they'd even want to. She's trying to picture John just sprawled out on a couch watching a cheesy 80s movie and the picture eludes her. The point being, she decides, she can always do something else cool for her other friends later.

After getting stressed and neurotic about that, she got stressed and weird about trying to make sure everyone was comfortable and happy. The apartment is spotless, to the point where the faint hint of lavendar cleaning solution still sort of overlays everything. One would never guess that the default state of this place 6 months ago was "alcoholic's shithole."

Step one was to push her desk to the far wall to turn it into a sideboard. The chairs have been moved out, for extra seating; the couch is ready. A huge projector is against the opposite wall, covering the built-in bookshelves. The Netflix logo bounces cheerfully about it as a laptop gets ready to run their movie evening. She has also bought bean bags for still more seating, making the most of the tiny apartment space. If Silk wanted to make hanging chairs or something she would not have complained.

She bought a metric ass ton of food.

Three sandwich deli plates from Sal's with every kind of sandwich Sal makes, cut into halves. A huge bowl of popcorn. Ruffled chips. Tortilla chips and dip. Cheetoes, after a long and weird debate with herself about whether Cheetoes looked vaguely offensive, a fact she'd never had cause to contemplate until the moment she found herself standing in a grocery store trying to buy food for people who she loved, liked, admired, or hero-worshipped by varying degrees. Then she'd realized that maybe Captain America was so very wholesome that he wouldn't eat chips at all, so had loaded up with a vegetable and ranch dressing platter, and a cheese and crackers platter, and then she thought well, shit, there's no dessert, but here invention had failed her and she'd just bought ten kinds of Oreos because ten kinds of Oreos are a thing now. Then she'd bought one of those big buckets and filled it with ice. Cokes, bottled waters, flavored waters, Gatorade…it's all in there. Really it was a great thing that Tony Stark had hired her and paid such a very large deposit, because otherwise she might have had trouble. She figures anything they don't eat today she and the girls will probably consume quickly so she's not too concerned, but still…it was a good thing.

She is putting the finishing touches on a sign that she's posted above the "sideboard," which has been written on a white board. The case whiteboard has been swapped out and stowed in the bedroom. The sign reads:

"Don't Cross the Streams:

No Shop Talk

No Heavy Stuff

Just Have Fun"

She smooths down her attire of the evening. To hang with friends? She's eschewed her new clothing in favor of her Old Faithful jeans, her favorite super soft and battered blue and black flannel button up shirt, a black tank top that's been washed so many times that it feels soft as down. Her hair has been pulled back into a comfortable tail; her feet are bare.

She moves a bean bag chair for the fifth or sixth time, trying to decide on what the perfect placement might be, scowling at her own nerves.


It had been a very long day indeed for Azalea, but not the usual kind. There were no blows to the head, for example. Instead, she fought a different kind of battle. Sequestered away in one corner of the room she often shared with Cindy, she kept to herself and kept to her book on meditation and inward reflection. Surprisingly, no matter how often Cindy spoke of Pokemon today it would not have bothered her, wrestling with her own soul for hours on end, all so she could perhaps become less of a spazz when confronted with /so many/ people.

What arrives at the party from the very long distance of just one hall away is nothing like the Azalea Kingston almost everyone here has seen before. She's wearing a dress! A dress Trish had bought for her, in fact. The black wrap has billowing sleeves to the elbows and a string tie where it comes together at the waist, stopping just before her knee. She isn't exactly someone who often wears heels, but today she tries, gaining a few inches of height and doing her best not to look to awkward when she walks. Though she's always kept up with her eye makeup, today she wears a muted peach gloss lipstick, trying her best to appear as far away from 'super hero' or 'private eye' as possible.

A skeptical eye turns to the beanbag chairs, and then down at her heels. Fuck. Is she ever getting back out of that thing if she crashes into it? Instead she gives a short lean to the wall as she awaits the arrival of their many guests, gaze passing over the many, many foodthings that Jessica bought. And her own contribution: Banana bread. Don't worry, she used real flour this time.


Bucky couldn't even tell you the last time he was at anything approaching a party. It was probably Christmas 1944, the last Christmas of the war before the Japanese surrender ended it, a rudimentary party for military personnel wintering in the bombed-out streets and buildings of London. A very different atmosphere, to be sure, from a 'movie night' held at a home in 2017. Last time he was truly awake and aware and cognizant of himself, it wasn't even really possible to watch movies in your own home.

So he's not sure what to expect, and that on top of the slowly growing awareness of just how many people might be jammed into the apartment is making him nervous. He thought it sounded like a nice diversion at the time it first came up, and he had suggested Steve and Peggy for it because he thought they could use diversions too, but now that the time has drawn near, suddenly the idea of being near them both and God knows how many others is making him anxious as hell.

It's ups and downs for James Barnes, in the tenuous adjustment period since regaining his freedom and memories. Sometimes he wants to immerse himself in this new life, be around people, rediscover what it is to interact with them… and sometimes he doesn't want to do anything except run in the opposite direction, disappear, and go back to ground.

But he promised, so here he is with Jane. She's gone nuts cooking for the occasion, probably because of her awareness of the particular caloric needs of one super-soldier— much less two— but Bucky is the one carrying it all. There's a crockpot half Jane's size with a couple boxes stacked on top of it, all of it balanced perfectly in the crook of his left arm.

On the threshold, after ringing the bell, he briefly catches Jane's hand and clutches it momentarily in what seems like a self-reassuring gesture. His fingers disentangle again soon enough as he asides to Jane, "It's a little overkill, but we can just leave 'em whatever is left behind." He's still not quite convinced they're not all starving in there.


Large groups and parties are also not Jane Foster's particular food and drink, and more than once she's had her own guilty pangs to just raincheck, hunker back down into solitude, and return to her work — not work-work, we're not talking about work-work, but distraction-work, replacement-work, still important, still good, still work that keeps her mind busy, her mind occupied — but even she knew she could not.

More importantly, she had an inkling that without her, James Barnes wouldn't even try to be here tonight, and if some part of Jane needs this, then he really needs this.

So she does what she usually does to cover for her usual anxieties: she goes overboard.

The crockpot of turkey chili, half her size, and at this point needing a handy super-soldier boyfriend to cart it around is evidence of this. Even more evidence is a stack of homemade pies because, to Jane's great logic, it's a party attended by a couple of old timey American boys, and what's better than pie?

Standing at the door, brushing a bit of indiscriminate dust off her winter coat, wondering if she's too dressed down in her jeans, god, she's not good at this, the last party Jane's attended involved a bottle of wine, the New Mexico desert, the five scorpion friends she made upon waking, and her screams that followed. Trying to settle her own nerves, she — pauses, feeling a hand take her own, and she looks up, eyes lifted on Bucky at her side. They soften, and her hand squeezes is, her own nervousness immediately forgotten. The touch is strong and centering. Everything is going to be fine.

"It's not overkill," she answers, nudging her head affectionately against his closest shoulder. "I've seen how you eat. I'm prepared." But Jane doesn't miss Bucky's quiet determination to feed an apartment of quietly starving superpeople. "But deal."


Peggy Carter was invited to this rendezvous by Jessica Jones. She has no misgivings as to this meeting, other than perhaps the fact that there will quite a bit of mixed company that she has not actually seen interact in a situation that is not a battle. And in that battle, some people were on opposite sides. So, to see how everyone gets along will be an interesting study.

Behind Jane and Bucky arrives Peggy Carter. She also comes bearing gifts: as is the polite thing to do. While she debated bringing booze, she knows that Steve cannot get drunk and also assumes that means the same for Bucky. Plus, she knows that Jessica is attempting to abstain. That would be cruel. Instead, she has brought a dessert. That's generally what did in her time period. Cradled in her arms is a Chiffon Cake - also a typical dessert of the 40s. However, this is something that Peggy attempted to bake herself, so how edible it is may be up to how much one likes Peggy. She is no baker.

There's a moment of solidarity that she witnesses between the two and she remains back for that moment or two. It would be cruel and imposing to interrupt. However, after a respectable time, the sound of her heels on the floor should be easily enough to her for a Super Science Woman let alone a Super Soldier. "Good evening," she announces, to make sure she is not intruding. "Glad to see I'm not late. I had a time of it getting the cake out of the oven." Run, run all ye who wish for proper desserts.


Despite the presence of the Staryu plush doll on the bed and a couple of old Game Boy games… and maybe a few of her shirts…?! Azalea Kingston's roommate does not talk *that* much about Pokemon— though undoubtedly the admission that she spent a great deal of time in the solitary confinement of a bunker for years will suddenly explain every layer of why Cindy Moon is so … Cindy.

Having taken the trip to go shopping with Jessica, the revelation of so many different types of flavor Oreo was simultaneously one of the greatest and worst things that she's experienced since leaving the bunker; assuring her the American-ness of the cola was just right for folks like Steve— and also maneuvering one of those cookie packs with the weird flavors right into the basket when her wayward guardian was not looking.

The doorbell is ringing. From outside the apartment is the distinct sound of someone that is not Jessica yelling, "I got it!!"

From inside the apartment, Cindy Moon comes running out of the short hall, aiming to avoid stepping through the party area proper by way of hopping with one foot off the floor, pushing off to the opposite wall and jumping over Az— "Nice dress I said like three times but you were sleep sitting!!"— and then a one-two-three jog across the wall before jumping down in front of the mildly frosted glass door of Alias Investigations.

From the outside, lord knows where the sudden shadow in the window just came from.

Opening the door and stepping back is the second of Jessica Jones' wards, dressed in a long-sleeve sweatshirt bearing the iconic classic Super Mario invincibility star and a pair of jeans, her feet bare and hair worn loose. Mid-toss of her hair back, she looks up at the guests— and food— and then stops short at Bucky Barnes.

"H-Hello." shit stop staring there are other people too stop

"I mean— Hi!! Welcome!! Come on in!! Movies and stuff, right? I'm Cindy, by the way."


48 Hours Ago


40 Hours Ago

"Thank you for visiting me, Captain America, when I asked for you to come using the Make a Wish Foundation, I didn't think you'd come! This is the greatest day ever!"

36 Hours Ago

"Here's the deal, sir: at least five armed men, three hostages. They must have some sort of super powers of a psychic nature, because they know anytime we try to go in. But that won't stop you, you're Captain America…. Right?"

35 Hours Ago

"But that isn't the issue, is it? There are so many better things to do. The fact that we have Captain America on cable TV shows us how ill equipped he is understand the issues of this world. He should be fighting international terrorism right now!

30 Hours Ago

"There might be a cure for those war orphans, /Mister/ America, but will you be able to survive my Lair of Living Lasers!"

23 Hours Ago

"I am not handcuffed to you, Captain America, you are handcuffed to me! Laugh with me, Captain America, for it will be your final laugh!"

12 Hours Ago

"I know, you said call if I needed something, I don't know why I'm calling, I feel bad for calling, Captain America Sir, but what do I do to give my son enough hope to continue the treatments?"

6 Hours Ago

"….'Justice never sleeps'? Ha, figures that's Captain America's answer to that. Well, either way, glad you're here, I don't know how we'd be able to move my mother out in time otherwise."

It's been a busy couple of days for Captain America, emotionally, physically, and even spiritually, for those that believe in such matters. But he made an important promise to some important people, so he has one more place to go before he can call it a day. Dressed in a simple sky blue t-shirt and some dark blue jeans, Steve Rogers makes his way toward the door, one of the final people here. He called to let people know he would be running late, but he still feels bad. Still, he is here with a couple of things that he loves that never existed in his generation: The premade fruit tray and the premade veggie tray.

Once the door is opened, a tired grin that will likely be confused as lazy is pulled back. "Hey, thanks for having me. I'm really excited to be here!" he offers with a cheerful tone as he moves inside. His Tactical Social Radar goes off, pinging at all the people he's met before, cuing the near automated smile and cheerful wave as is standard procedure for nifty parties.


Trish had been laying low since her visit from Dorothy. She had shelled out more money, on top of her mother's payoff, to have the hematite sphere retrieved from her wall and the holes patched and painted. The resulting drain on her bank account had left her pouting and wanting to be alone to stew in it. The invite from Jess pull's her out of her funk, so it's with extra care that she put herself together.

Her hair is curled into loose waves and her make up is done in soft dewy neutrals. Trish is wearing skinny black jeans with a loose silvery grey top that leaves one shoulder bare and skims the top of her thighs. She shifts the bags of soda to one hand as she lets herself into the apartment and scans the room, taking in the guests already there. Trish sets down the bags, seeing the abundance of beverages already available, and takes her coat off, adding it to the rest. She nods to Jane and Bucky, smiles at Cindy and Azalea, giving her a wink when she recognizes the dress she was wearing. Then her eyes fell on the Captain America, and it takes everything she has to not have a complete fan girl meltdown which would embarrass herself and Jessica. She manages to give a small nod to Steve before focusing on Jessica.

'Be normal, don't freak out, don't be an idiot, calm down, you deal with famous people all the time. Hell, you ARE a famous person. Trish you're ridiculous, go hug your sister.' With that thought, Trish gets her feet moving towards Jess.

"Hey you", she says as she squeezes her sister in a one armed hug. "Hello everyone. Wow! This is quite the impressive spread being put together, I hope everyone brought their appetites with them."


There is totally an addendum to any contract with the one, the only, Tony Stark. That addendum is this. Tony Stark doesn't sleep and my drop by to see what you're up too at any point in time. Unannouced and likely full of way too much energy. Maybe its a side effect of the ARC reactor in his chest. Maybe its just his natural personality.

Who really knows. Tony isn't trying to figure it out.

What he is doing at this point is whistling as he strolls up the hall towards the open door of Jessica's apartment. Hands in his pockets, glowing reactor easily seen though his t-shirt. At one shoulder is a little hoverdrone. Except it doesn't have rotors, it has repulsor engines. It also has a tiny little dunce hat tacked onto it, just under the single glowing visual sensor mounted in the front of the little piece of equipment. It worbles along behind him with a cheerful bounce to its flight.

The man with the best suit in the world though pauses his steps. He slows as he notes the note there. The milling crowd inside.

Now most people in the world would realise there is a private gathering going on. They would reschedule. They would know that this is a bad time. They would not want to intrude on what could be a fun night getting together for friends.

…and then there are people like Tony.

He tilts his head for all of .5 seconds before glancing back over at the drone. "Hey Dunce! Pop down to that bakery we passed and go get me a cake. JARVIS can take care of paying." A pause. "A nice cake!" He adds as the little drone turns and burbles off.

Then he's turning into the open doorway. His personality alone makes him seem taller, even though without the suit he doesn't exactly fill the whole portal. "So!" His voice coming with a snap of a smile. "Looks like no one invited me to the party. But thats ok, I'm a true hero and came anyway." He does know people here besides Jessica. So that makes it easier.

"Oh hey Steve, Peggy. Didn't know you knew Jess! And Cindy! Glad to see you're walking! Jess, I totally brought a cake. Dunce is getting it." Does he know other people there?


Does it bother him at all?

Also nope.


Jessica just smiles as Cindy vaults over her head with all that unbridled energy. "You look nice, Az," she agrees, as she takes in the younger woman's outfit. It's a sign that Az is trying. Maybe all this will be fine.

As people start coming in she makes room for the food on the table for all their offerings. "Hey guys," she says, with a smile that people might rightly read as…

Well. Shy. Nervous.

"God, that chili smells amazing," she says. She'll help everyone get everything situated. "This all looks amazing, thank you."

Now, most people who come in will be spared any more affection than that but…Jane is a special case. Because Jessica likes hugs. And she knows Jane is a reliable source of them, a reliable source who seems to like them. So she actually tentatively comes forward to offer a hug. "I'm really glad you're all here," she says, still sounding weird and shy, the statement taking in everyone, she gives one of her rare grins one by one, an expression that literally transforms her face, lifting cares and showing what could have been a really tender, warm, and loving person habitually, once, had many things been very different. Not even Trish has seen that expression too often. "Please everyone just…just make yourselves at home! And…" Shyly again. "You're any of you welcome anytime. The door's always open."

Literally. The door is literally always open. Just ask everyone.

Not exactly a practiced hostess, but Jessica is quite obviously trying her little black heart out.

Trish offers a hug, and Jessica happily soaks up another one, squeezing her sister tight. "Everyone, this is my sister, Trish Walker," she says. She thinks everyone already knows everyone else; and Cindy had handled her own introductions. "Trish, you already know Bucky, Jane, Az, and Cindy. This is Steve Rogers, Peggy Carter, and um…Tony Stark." Who apparently knows everyone here. But…well, he brought a cake, so she just smiles and shrugs and waves him in, too. She does remember the adendum in her contract, and if her new bestest client who she actually likes wants to stay, well…well, why the Hell not? She doesn't move to start the movie or anything right away, figuring people will want to get plates, get fed, find places to sit. "Welcome to movie night," she says, since she figures that will clue Tony in to what the hell they're doing here.


For Azalea it's one of those moments that gives her time to reflect on how badly she has treated most of these people. And all the second and third chances they keep giving her. To see them all together makes her feel so very different for once, so very centered, a hand lifting to give a little wave at Bucky and Jane, and then Peggy, her arms crossing again when she sees Steve and a private smile finds her lips. She'll wait till Peggy isn't looking and points at Steve, jabs a thumb in the Brit's direction and gives him the 'I'm watching you look.'

But it's clear by her manner she is kidding, when her offered ultimatum not long ago clearly was not in jest. Maybe she's just realized Bucky's way is better. With a push she leaves the wall, giving Cindy a little, almost playful shove at her shoulder to move her out of the way, and then she looks between Jane and Bucky before offering a private smile.

"I made real banana bread this time. 100 percent to recipe. Glad you both made it."

She won't linger to much, a hand slipping by to snag Trish by the wrist as she disengages from Jess, just enough of a touch to get her turning, and then she slips close to offer eyes over in Stark's direction. Her whispered aside is full of conspiracy. "Think he'd design us a Not-Batmobile to go slumming around in? You can drive."

It's not her finest invasion if someone's personal space, but it is probably the most polite she's offered in some time. Of course, she doubts she could really offend Trish, everything she's done so far hasn't. When she looks up at her - still falling short of her height, even in heels, she searches for a partner in crime.

"Want to share some popcorn?"

Best not to look at Jessica to see her reaction.


Bucky's not really aware that it's his own touch that comforts Jane, too. All he knows is feeling her hand in his puts him better at ease, and he glances down at her when she lays her head against his shoulder with muted affection in his eyes. "I'll restrain myself tonight," he promises, though God knows if he'll be able to keep it. His metabolism has certain demands.

He looks back as Peggy and Steve around, with a quiet nod offered for the former and a firm grasp on the shoulder for the latter. There is a slight hint of awkwardness between him and his brother, though it seems all on Bucky's end, and more a quiet sadness than anything else.

He distracts himself by leaning to look at the chiffon cake with distinct interest. "I didn't know you baked, Peggy," he says. If he only knew what awaits within that cake—!

The door opens and they're greeted by what Bucky assumes is one of Jessica's charges: with a nod to Cindy, he ushers Jane safely in, letting others make the introductions for him, finding a place to discreetly set down his burden and— doing a double-take as Tony Stark pops up in the doorway. He's of course aware of Stark, and the fact he and Steve seem to be working together nowadays— oddly fitting, given how they all used to work with Howard back in the 40s.

—Howard. There's a stab of something in the back of Bucky's mind. It comes and goes before he can really grasp it. He assumes it's just him missing his old friend, though he uneasily makes a note to try to think about it more later. He's barely gotten even a third of his lost memories sorted yet. It will come to him.

Azalea promises real banana bread this time. Bucky flashes a rueful smile. "I'm gonna have to try it," he promises.

Steve, being Steve, of course brings out the niceties about how he's really excited to be here. "Don't listen, he's really just excited about the food," Bucky says wryly, a hint of his old self coming through, as he indicates Steve with an amiable backhanded slap against his friend's chest. "There MIGHT be enough for him."


As Steve approaches the apartment, Peggy smiles and holds her cake closer. To Bucky, she rolls her eyes. "Yes, I bake sometimes. Not often, but it seemed the occasion called for it. It's a recipe my mother gave me." She tried, at least. She honestly has no idea if this cake will be at all edible. Peggy is a very capable woman and can follow directions, but she is also not at all a baker. It's truly a toss up as to whether she substituted Baking Soda for Powder, because they're both white chalky substances called Baking, they must be the same!

As Tony wheels into the event, she blinks a few times. "You and Steve know each other then," she glances between Tony and Steve and then moves to set her cake tin down on the table with all the goodies. Once there, she picks up a Sal sandwich. She knows they're good from personal experience.

After her own rounds of greetings and handshakes, she moves closer to Steve with a raised eyebrow. "Are you alright? If you're tired, you should go get some rest," she tells him softly.


"'Restraining yourself' is going through five bags of potatoes in two days," Jane teases, a smile crooking her mouth, and decides to be momentarily annoying, leaning to one side to bump, bump, bump her weight into Bucky's side, knowing all the while it's barely anything enough to move him.

She only straightens out of that playfulness at the eventual sound of heels, sharp-footed and strong, and she turns back a glance in time to light up with surprise at the familiar face of Peggy Carter. Jane colours a little in the face, nervous around the edges, because despite all her newfound trust in the woman, it's really easy to be intimidated by her. And she is. "Agent Carter," she greets, oh-so-formal. Her eyes divert briefly, shyly, down at her feet. "It's really nice to see you again."

It's then the door opens, and Cindy is the one to greet the newcomers in. Jane, still looking a little culture-shocked at the seams — solitary nerds like her aren't exactly party animal materials — she offers up a machine-gun-quick smile and chirps, "I'm Jane! Hi!"

At that point, Jessica comes into the fray, and in her own shy way, actually braves enough to offer Jane a hug. And if there's anything in the world a Jane Foster does not deny, it's hugs. She warms already at the sight of the woman, and just softens all the more, throwing her arms briefly back around Jessica, even so much as reaching up cradle the back of the taller woman's head. She's anything but a formal hugger. "Thank you for this, Jessica," she says, and despite her own nerves, meaning it. Meaning it for herself. Meaning it especially for Bucky.

She disengages to offer a wave Trish's way, recognizing the woman — and not just as Patsy anymore — and shines a smile at Azalea at her comment regarding banana bread. Shining in Jane's eyes seems to be some understanding of her recent last conversation with Bucky, though she makes no mention of it aloud, her face merely soft with quiet acceptance.

Glancing back is when Jane finally notices Steve's arrival. She makes to speak to him, but instead gets distracted just watching the brotherly greetings between him and Bucky. Her heart twists up and she cannot wipe away her smile. Instead she just offers up a quiet wave that seems to be more a thank-you than a hello. And then she —

— Tony Stark. Tony. Goddamn. Stark. With a drone. A flying drone. Here. And Tony Here is Stark. And Tony is — what.

Jane forgets everything. She loses 70% of all cerebral functioning. She stares.


"It's good to meet you in person, Miss Walker," Steve begins after Jessica gives the introduction. Clearly if it's a sister of the host, Trish is the one to make the bee-line for to show appropriate respect. "You have a talk show, right?" He doesn't quite mask his uncertainty, far from a Master of Media like some gathered here.

Stark gets a simple "Hey Tony" but not much more. While he doesn't want to ignore the son of a close friend and a fellow Avenger, he knows that Tony likely has his own people that he'll be bee-lining toward and Stark is the sort to not need much attention. He generates how ever much he wants on his own.

As he moves to a place to put down the trays, Steve speaks to Cindy. "A pleasure to meet you, Cindy," he states with one of his usual smiles to her before he looks down to look at the instructions. "Remove plastic wrap? Check. Invert tray? But the black plastic is on the top and the… oh, yeah, I see. Huh. Okay, inverted. Remove dip and serve. There we go!" He's so proud of himself, figuring out premade trays with NO HELP. He's sure Peggy is going to be So Impressed with how modern he is now. So modern.

A grin comes out at the slap as he looks toward Bucky. "Bring it in, Bucky, bring it in here," he begins as he reaches out to give Bucky a one armed hug around the neck in similar way that Barnes used to do when Steve was a much shorter man. "Now remember, we're here to watch a movie with friends." With that, he gives a purposeful wave toward Jane with his free hand.

Why the heck would that need to be a reminder?

Cue 1939!

"See, look at that Bucky, if we had more guys like Mr. Smith in Washington, we wouldn't be letting Hilter do whatever he wa-um, oh. Sorry, didn't know you were busy. Just know you have a little bit of lipstick…. Oh yeah, enjoy the movie. Course." With that, skinny Rogers turns away from the best friend who is busy with other things than watching heroic man filibuster for what's right. A box of hot buttery goodness is offered to the woman who seems rather annoyed at her date, even as he offers cheerfully. "Popcorn?"

Peggy breaks Steve out from yet another trip to the past (even though he's modern, So Modern). "I'm fine," he cheerfully points out. "Super serum, I could do this all day." Swiftly, he deflects toward something else. "Your mother's recipe. I didn't know you cooked," he states, unable to hide his impressed tone.


Trish's eyes widen slightly at Tony Stark's entrance. She was certainly in illustrious company tonight! It appears Jess is running in circles more exclusive than Trish ever had, much to Trish's delight. The urge to fangirl hadn't passed yet, leaving Trish feeling slightly giddy.

And then Azalea is taking her wrist and whispering about their own 'hero-mobile'. Trish laughs quietly, eyes dancing with mischief, as she pictures Jess's reaction to such a thing actually happening.

"I think that could maybe be arranged, if he agrees to a payment plan option. I'll have to ask after we're off the air."

Trish ran her hand lightly down Az's arm. "That looks really good on you by the way. I'd love to share popcorn, as long as you don't mind extra butter."


Cindy's hesitation to move aside is mostly borne from Bucky and Steve in the doorway— the latter of which she recognizes from the park during Operation: Corgi Rescue before any memory of him being the legendary super soldier. The shove clicks her right back to reality as he looks back at Azalea with a bit of a dopey grin, shifting out of the way and making sure the door stays open to admit everyone. "Hey Trish!"

Alias Investigations is a small enough apartment for three people to live in, but Cindy is now suddenly acutely aware of how much smaller it feels with several more packing inside for the party. Jane, Peggy Carter— she's taking down names in her head as people come filing in, from Bucky to Jane to Steve to —

Jane, again. Jane? Jane short-circuits. That's right about the moment that Cindy looks up at Tony Stark a little nervously, remembering all-too-well about the day last week when they met the second time— and he was given a little more insight into who the girl behind the mask is. "Hi, Tony— thanks for the watch, by the way, it's hella rad. I think I figured out how to use it!"

Look, she's even wearing it right now!


"Movie night huh?" Tony takes in the group. "What you showing? I can get Dunce to project when he gets back. It'll be great. I should have brought dip. Oh sweet popcorn!" He'll help himself to a handful. Because Tony Stark is always hungry.


A grin aimed at Peggy then. "Oh yeah! I got him into the Avengers. Gave him his phone, secret hand shake, all that stuff." He drawls out dismissively. "What…" A glance at Steve. "…you didn't tell her? I'm crushed Rogers. Crushed. Cut all the way to the quick. Hurt." A pause as he makes a little bit of a frowny face at Captain America.

Then its gone. "And better now!"

He's moving on. "Thanks Jess, and is this Trish?" A glance between the two of them. A smirk. "Maybe I'm the lucky one to be giving the interview."

His attention grabbed by Cindy he swivels towards her. "No problem! I thought it would work better than a real phone. Jess hasn't broke the one I gave her yet has she?" A grin towards Jess at that. A grin that takes his gaze past Bucky and Jane. He narrows his eyes at Bucky just slightly. "Huh. Familiar….." And he was just about to say something before he notes the expression on Jane's face. "…er…did she break?" Tony waves his hand infront of her face. "Hello?" A longer pause. "Does she do this often or should we all be worried?"


Jessica has chosen not to have reactions to Az and Trish's thing. Especially not tonight. She'd given Trish all the information she needed to make an informed decision, and she'd issued her safety warnings. If they want to pursue something from there, it's…not comfortable for her, but it's not her business either.

Jane's warm hug and thanks produce a bashful, "You're welcome," just kind of murmured in the ear, something that indicates that for a moment Jessica feels pretty freaking good indeed; it's another rainstorm on her personal inner desert, which is starting to blossom and bloom with a few succulents of self-worth even now, perhaps ensuring that she'll be able to hold something for herself in the next emotional drought, be able to keep something alive here and there when she needs it.

She's getting there.

"Might be better than my old laptop," she admits to Tony. "We were going to go with Back to the Future and Ghostbusters. And no of course I haven't broken it yet." She sounds a little horrified at the prospect.

Content that everyone seems to be getting along and having fun, Jess relaxes. The woman is going to sprawl into one of the bean bags and dive into some turkey chili and a soda. Her appetite has been really hit and miss, but with good food and good friends it's back with a vengeance. She is wolfing it down now, filling up on what is, for her, pretty rare: a home-cooked meal of all things.

Truly, it sometimes surprises her that she survived as long as she did keeping people out of her life. Now that she has them she feels at her best when she's around one or more of the ones she's come to call 'friend'. It's hard to imagine being alone, trusting nobody, not even herself, was once to her singular taste. Or that she'd been content to hide in Trish's apartment watching television and emerging only when she had to for years on end, doing next to nothing with her life until she'd finally gotten that one, shining taste of being a hero while wearing, of all things, a sandwich costume. On Sal's behalf, as it happens.

And if sometimes navigating the intricacies of having relationships escapes her, leaves her on edge fearing she'll mess it right up, she wouldn't fear that if she didn't want to keep it all going.


It doesn't take long for Azalea to drown in the many voices all around her, and as worried as she was about how it might feel to be in a crowd, the odd comfort of it tugs at a dim memory. Somewhere in her mind she revels with a horde ready to roll over the land and pillage, and though tonight is about a movie, the kinship she felt in that other life with the soldiers all around her is much like what she feels right now.

There's a hard swallow, and then Trish is responding to her question with that celebrity-in she had hoped for, brows lifting. Oh man, she gets to interview Tony Stark! And get hit on by Tony Stark!

Goosebumps race along her arm when Trish moves her fingers down her arm, and she blinks at the sensation. Maybe meditation, being clear-headed, was not the best policy. Azalea hasn't been told she looks good in anything in actual years, and for a moment she isn't sure how to react, lips pulling back from her teeth in a faltering expression that turn into a full grin just a moment later. "It.. thanks. You look… almost as good as when you're tazing the shit out of someone." And covered in GSR. And filled to the brim with the thrill of the hunt. The rest is in her eyes, and she takes a step back. "What do you want to drink? You pick the spot," She nods to the couch and beanbag chairs and other wonderful places to sit, "..I'll get the goods."


Peggy looks at all those assorted and gathered. Jane is given a smile and a nod at the greeting. Cindy is studied a bit, but greeted as well. Jessica is met with a firm grin and a handshake if she will allow it. There is quite a few things going on and one hand is already filled with a delicious sandwich. Azalea's presence is met with a respectful tilt of her head. Trish is studied, everyone involved is given some form of appraisal. It's just her way.

Steve's modernity is met with a smile and a delicate and fleeting touch on the arm. "I do love carrots. I remember helping spreading the rumor that they improved eyesight to mislead the Germans." She grins at the Super Soldier, hoping he also remembers that. For a moment, she watches him drift and then snap back. There is no chiding or asking where he went - she knows that look and knows that that sort of thing tends to be private. "You could," there is an emphasis on the word, meaning that there is a difference between could and should and she has a firm opinion on that as well. Just because a man can do something doesn't mean that he should. The deflection, however, does its intended purpose. "I don't, really. I haven't baked in at least seven years as far as I can recollect. In counting, it's closer to seventy-seven years."

Tony's blustering is met with a roll of her eyes. "Did you now?" She looks between them. "There's a secret handshake?" Something she doesn't know, obviously as she is not an Avenger.


Bucky rolls his eyes when Jane makes quite plain what him 'restraining himself' is. "It wasn't five bags. —was it?" He thinks about it, not seeming to notice her bumping against him. "…eh, well, maybe it was."

His ready distraction at the sight of Peggy's cake is probably just proving Jane's point. He has a closer look at the cake when Peggy reminds him, of course she bakes. Sometimes. Not often. It doesn't smell quite like any cake he's encountered before, but probably Peggy just has some kind of special touch. "'Scuse," he says, though he's grinning and there's a teasing tone to his voice. "Never got to see it before. Wasn't much call to be baking, out where we were, doing what we were." his expression gentles. "Glad there's a chance for it now."

Then they're all in, and there's people all around, and that anxiety makes a quiet reappearance at the back of Bucky's mind. He sidesteps a little to put down his burden somewhere out of the way, though his expression softens to see Jane hugging onto Jessica.

In the end, as always, it's Steve coming to his rescue. The arm slung about his neck is familiar, both painful and not in the surge of memories it brings back. The smile he flashes is fully genuine— a rare sight on his face nowadays— as he slings his own arm across Steve's back and gives him a rib-creaking, one-armed hug back. The reminder from his friend even elicits a brief laugh, because Bucky knows EXACTLY what Steve's talking about. "I watched some of those movies, Steve," he protests. "And I'm gonna actually watch this one."

He disentangles himself and gives Steve a friendly shove. "Of course, you're welcome to follow my example anytime." CMON STEVE.

He's moderately distracted from his ribbing when Tony says something about drafting Steve into the Avengers. This is more detail than Bucky knew: he shoots Steve a bit of a look, questioning, before he glances back at Tony. Who seems to have caused Jane to short out.

Bucky slides slowly over to her rescue. "She's shy," he makes excuse, slipping in to make conversation so Jane can quietly recover from system crash in peace. "Tony Stark? I knew your father. Good man." A pause. "Long story."



Cap has no idea what Trish and Azalea are talking about, but he seems to have a sixth sense for when people are being a potty mouth, even while Bucky it attempting to crush some ribs playfully. As Barnes attempts to encourage Steve's promiscuity, the American Icon just slow frowns in response.

Before he can say anything on the matter, likely a good thing, a blink is given to Peggy as she drops a bombshell on Rogers about myths involving carrots. "They don't?" he asks in shock. THE BRITS LIED TO HIM HE WILL CARRY THIS DISAPPOINTMENT FOR YEARS. Either way, he shrugs with regards to the Avengers. "They do, it's not that impressive. But you know what is? The Jitterbug." A glance is given RIGHT AT TONY as he mentions the greatest phone ever made.

But Azalea seems to have the wise idea and after Captain America makes himself literally three plates of food and stacks them all with a practiced grace, holding them in one hand as he moves deftly toward the middle of the couch, claiming the spot before someone else things to take it. Yeah, he's going That Guy. Regardless of that fact, he gives a smile toward Kingston. "So, how's life treating you? Seems odd being able to see so many people outside of the 'work' clothes. Makes us seem almost normal," he admits with a grin.


Trish's eyebrow quirks at the smirk from Tony, a hint at what she would be in for during said interview. She gets a smirk of her own at Az's compliment, since she's absolutely sure it wasn't her cutest moment ever. The smirk changes to a huge, toothy grin of delight at Cap's admonishment of Az's use of colorful adjective.

'He just did the thing! Squee…stop it!!'

"Well," Trish flicked her hair over her shoulder, playing it up for comedy's sake. "It takes a lot of work to put that look together and I just wasn't feeling up to it today." Without thinking about Az's wardrobe choice, Trish drops down into one of the bean bag chairs beside Jess, chuckling as it shifts underneath her.

"I have to say, when you throw a party, you throw a party! Your guest list is the crème de la crème, dude. I'm glad I made the cut." Trish nudges Jess's foot with her own. "How've you been?"


Really, in the long litany of things she might usual say in a casual conversation that Steve Rogers might object to, Azalea has no idea, at all, what she said to earn Cap's disapproval this time. Or was it Trish? She just can't operate on his level. Her brow furrows as he sidles up to her to get THREE MOTHERFUCKING PLATES, and then her eyes go wide, watching as he moves to claim the very comfortable couch.

Whatever she thought about his quip of 'language', it washes away when he asks about her life. It's drawn all over her face, the lines to honesty, the lines to the polite response, and the stunned silence that comes when Captain America just wants to know how you're doing. It isn't much of an answer when she looks up to Bucky. Is he the uncle she never had? It sure feels like he's watching out for her. Then she looks to Cindy, and stares at her not like the Spider Demon she thought she was but like the little sister she is. That gaze slides, over to her Big Sis that is Jessica who fawns over her movie night, and finally a glance to Trish.

Never in a million years would she have thought she'd find happiness in the middle of her dark storm, and if this is the eye of that storm and she drowns under waves of destruction tomorrow, she can be honest with Captain America right now.

"I'm pretty fucking great, Steve. Maybe not normal, but normal is overrated."

Azalea almost gushes the words, and her smile becomes an infectious thing as she grabs up a bag of popcorn, a couple bottles of water, and moves over to the beanbag chair. There's a nudge of her foot, indicating she's going to share, slipping out of her heels before she carefully lowers herself into the beanbag chair with Trish.

It is very clear she is not used to sitting in a dress at all, but eventually figures out that tucking one leg under the other works before offering her wares of popcorn and water across to Trish and Jess both.


The great and illustrious and genius Tony Stark is actually waving a hand in front of her face. It's Jane Foster's dream come true.

Only she can't MOVE. She can't speak. She can't think! Her mind is a lock. She stares helplessly, her brain a total system crash, helpless to just stare in her quiet hero worship. She needs to DO SOMETHING, but she can't!

Thankfully, for the love of God, Bucky Barnes comes in for the rescue. He speaks, and Jane blinks quietly, still tongue-tied, swallowing as she tries to catch up. She's so grateful. So grateful. Thank you, James. Thank you so much.

Able to think again, Jane finally finds enough footing to speak, to speak to /Tony Stark./ "H-hello, hi! I'm sorry, I just — I just know you! You're —"

Oh god. She forgot his name. SHE JUST FORGOT HIS NAME. She was THINKING it ten seconds ago, but her brain is failing her, and can't think, and his name, his name, his name?!

" — Tony Stank!"


"NO, I mean, Stark! Tony Stark, I'm. Oh my god. I'm seriously just going to." Jane briefly closes her eyes, trying to stave back the urge to just pull up her sweater until she can hide her entire head down inside its collar and turtle away forever. Her voice is so small, so sad. "Crawl away and die. Or sit. One of the two."


Cindy has a damn firm grip for a girl no older than twenty, Peggy will undoubtedly be able to surmise. She's got those bright eyes ready to take on the world! She's also a bit pale even for the winter season— she clearly doesn't get enough sun. Of course, the spider-girl has no idea how much Jessica's told the others about her— other than the obvious ones, considering her prior meetings with Tony Stark. "Nice to meet'cha."

Did she break the phone yet? Cindy's finger swings in Jessica's direction when she declares for herself the condition of the Stark-tech phone, a small grin tugging on the corners of her mouth. "It's a lot tougher than the last one I had. And I figured out how to watch Netflix on it. Netflix! I remember when they were still just sending out DVDs to people." Her eyes trail through the others one after another, though, but she pauses with her roommate: It's good to see Az smiling and having a good time, especially after how things went the other day.

Especially after all that, Cindy had to bury her face in a pillow at the start of John Wick GOD DAMN IT AZ.

Winding through the others, she's moving for a bottle of cola to tuck under her arm and a bowl of popcorn, though the spider-gal is taking a moment to survey the terrain and figure out a place to sit that doesn't jam up the couch and gives her a good vantage point of the TV. Her eyes drift from floor and beanbag chairs to the couch, and then to the wall, giving it a good long hard thought, then a sigh. Better not scare anyone.

"Yeah, normal's overrated!" she calls, thrusting her finger into the air in solidarity— even if she only half-heard the conversation. How does Jessica know these guys, again?

'— Tony Stank!'

Cindy's eyes go wide, her lips pucker, and her gaze sweeps from Jane to Tony to Jane to Tony, trying so hard to not laugh.


"Huh," Now Tony is transferring his gaze towards Bucky. A slight squint then. "You look younger than me how can yo—" A glance between him and Steve. Then between him and Peggy. "…oh god they are multiplying. Are you a popsicle too? Or did you jump though time? Maybe from another dimension?" A pause. "You know that's all personal questions, I can ask later. I'm Tony yeah, and you're…."

But before he can get focused on that Steve has to say that hated word.


Stark just grins though, that wicked grin that is just over the edge of mischief. "You know what, Rogers. I'll make you a Jitterbug. I'll project holographic nnumbers a foot wide for your old man eyes to see."

A snap look towards Peggy then. "He totally started it!"

There is a tap on the window then and as Tony looks over his drone is hovering there with a rather large cake. Its struggling to hold it up, bobbling a bit with its manipulators straining.

So Tony opens the door for him and takes the cake.

"Thanks, Dunce."

The drone burbles happily just as the inventor turns around in time to hear Jane mispronounce his name. He stops. He stares. He seems to think. "You know," He hands the cake to Cindy. "I think I was Tony Stank in grade school. Right before I designed a flash-bang and put it in that bully's backpack." A pause. "Ah memories."

A longer pause.

"And you're Jane Foster. Brilliant and hot physicist quantum something or other. You on the market again?" A pause. "That totally came out wrong because I'm in a entirely committed relationship right now." A longer pause.

"Right! Awkward! Dunce start the movie!"

It burbles questioningly at him.

"…uh…Back to the Future? Since we have relics among us."


Jess absolutely allows the handshake, looking pleased by it. The Peggy handshake, not the Avenger's secret handshake, which she of course does not know either. "I'm glad you came," she says, the shyness making another appearance. Shy, but sincere. "I'm going to look forward to eating some of your baking." And Jess actually might. Her tastebuds aren't exactly refined. She's burned them all off with high-octane alcohol. It might just taste fantastic to her, one never knows. Her eyes also take on a singular twinkle as Cap asks people to clean up their language; she glances at Peggy with that amusement, given they'd basically bonded over Peggy blessing Jessica's own potty mouth.

As Trish nudges her foot Jessica just grows even more shy, dropping her voice just a little, though she's not trying to whisper or anything. "Jesus, Trish, these are— I mean we're all just friends, it's not about that." Which might give Cindy some of her answer?

Granted, she hero-worships one of these friends herself, doesn't she?

Captain America is sitting in her…no, Steve is sitting in her living room getting teased over girls and feeling normal. So…she's…

Oh wow. I think I'm actually friends with Steve Rogers. Not close friends but I mean here he is. In this timeline. Holy crap.

Another realization. Tony freaking Stark hired her, like really. She's been on missions with most of these people. Maybe…maybe she's not a lousy B-lister. Inexperienced, still, at anything other than PI work, at the intricacies of Hero Things, but…maybe she wasn't a disappointment at all in this timeline, despite never having saved the United Nations or anything. And as a bonus, she didn't need to wear the outfit in this timeline. That's a big bonus.

She blushes furiously at the direction these thoughts are taking her in, actually blushes for no apparent real reason at all. "I'm good, now, Trish. I've had work to do. That makes everything better…and now I know throwing movie parties is pretty damn—daaaarned awesome too. I think I might try more." Language!!

Considering she knows the last time Trish saw her she was mooning and moping and generally making an ass of herself. Thank god for regaining equilibrium.

She grins at Az as Az passes popcorn and water, taking some. She's summed it up in two succinct sentences.

Pretty fucking great indeed.

"No crawling away and dying, Jane," Jessica says, though given she was just having her own fangirl moment she more than sympathizes. "What you don't know about Stark is sooner or later he's going to start babbling like a spazz off his Ritalin, and the shine will wear right off." This is not as mean as it might sound, truly, nor even as unpolitic. She's already gotten the impression from Tony that he prefers being treated like a real person to not. If she can help that along by poking a little fun at him for Jane's benefit and his, well, it's all to the best. She might have to just cling to Bucky's story about the pencils and the winter walk home to remind herself that Steve probably wants the same thing, at the end of the day, that maybe she's doing a disservice by putting him up on a pedastal and asking herself WWSD when making major decisions.

"Right, Back to the Future, " she confirms for Dunce. "Tonight we begin with a classic. It's campy, it's a little too on the nose for some of us sitting here, it's iconic, and it's the source of a zillion references people make. A story spanning the 1980s, the 1950s, and back again."

Because she figures those who lived their lives in the 40s might need that bit of grounding, as they wouldn't be able to necessarily auto-identify each era the way the modern people in the room could. Despite Steve's excellent Party Tray Navigation Skills.

"This is not a theatre," she adds, figuring they might also want this crash course on 2017 movie nights, "And I've got the subtitles on so…nobody needs to feel like they have to be silent or anything." Commenting, asking questions, heckling, hanging with each other and continuing to talk away if they don't feel like watching the movie… that's probably half the fun of a modern movie night.

Jess actually had forgotten about the very opening scene of this movie. On the screen Marty McFly and his classmates watch what may be an odd thing for the Men and Woman out of time: a black and white documentary about nuclear tests in the 1950s; he bops along to his Walkman like he doesn't have a care in the world, the scene that will lead to Marty being told what a SLACKER he is by his school principal.


Bucky looks a little awkward when Tony observes he looks younger than him— then has an obvious look back at Steve, then at Peggy. Unlike Steve, Bucky didn't really ask for his youth; unlike Peggy, he didn't really choose his presence here in the modern era. He starts to try to figure out how to even answer Tony's question about how he got here, whether he's a popsicle or a time jumper or a dimensional traveler—

Tony Stank!
Tony /Stank/

brilliant and /hot/ physicist

"Yeahhhh so," Bucky says, taking Jane firmly by the shoulders and steering her away. "We can talk about all that LATER."

He sits her firmly down on one end of the couch, and then goes to fetch food. When he returns it's with one plate for her, and three plates— comparable to Steve— for himself. He settles beside Steve— of course— with Jane on his other side, handing her her plate. It's a welcome distraction from the opening sequence and the nuclear tests on-screen, which would probably bother him a bit if he were paying full attention.


Peggy gathers some food for herself. It's certainly not at super soldier level, but it's quiet enough to last through a movie. She has never seen either of the offerings, despite trying to become up to date on a lot of modern knowledge. Steve's sudden surprise is met with amused laughter and surprise of her own. "No, darling. Carrots do nothing to improve your eyesight. It was intelligence spreading to cover for improved radar. We didn't wish them to know how we were able to shoot down their aircraft. I'm glad it worked so well that it still remains."

Azalea's language is not commented upon, nor thought to be anything offensive. In fact, as she doubles down on the swear, she gives a brief laugh, hidden behind a hand.

As Jessica attempts to heard the cats that are superheroes and friends alike to watch the movie, she politely moves to do so, picking a seat out on a couch. She will not be the rowdy one of this group.


People are cursing despite the gentle reminder.

Tony is going to make him a Jitterbug, but it will likely be evil.

People are encouraged to talk during the movie.

The Stick in the Mud-ness of Captain America demands to rise, but thankfully, the civil-minded Rogers reminds himself that Freedom of Speech is part of America. Even words like crap or stupidface. Rogers looks up from the food that he is all but inhaling as others begins to come in… Peggy's cake is untouched, clearly set aside with the rest of the desert items. Because a truly orderly society is one that eats the cookies last (or so Rogers believes).

Soon, Iron Man announces the movie choice, Jess explains it, and Bucky sits next to Steve. While a brow is arched at the Tony/Jane/Bucky interplay, the blue eyed boy from New York doesn't say anything on it as he proceeds with simple small talk. "This is a lot more causal than going out to the theater." A blink is given to the screen as he looks up from the swiftly shrinking remains of his three meal system. He's definitely eating like a starved man, trying his best to manage a balance between manners and devouring all that he gathered. "Did I miss the newscast-Oh yeah, they don't do those because they have news stations now." Then he realizes he's talking even though he doesn't like it when people talk during movies and just frowns. Captain America, worst role model ever.

But there is a silver lining, Peggy, who called him DARLING, is looking to sit on the couch. BUT WAIT HE IS ON THE COUCH, GREATEST DAY EVER. There will be a sudden burst of super solder strength as Bucky and Jane may feel themselves slide a little to the side as Rogers makes SURE there is room for her. Steve smiles toward the SHIELD agent as he nods toward spot beside him.

And Bucky thought Rogers didn't have game. Rogers knows he's cool at times like this. As cool as the ranch dip that is slowly dripping on the side of Rogers' face.


Bucky catches Jane with an arm around her waist right before she goes off the end of the couch. Preventing her from doing so means he gets mashed between her and Steve, but this is honestly fine.

Steve turns to Peggy. He's cool. He's so cool right now. Bucky always says he doesn't have game, but what does Bucky know? Nothing, that's what.

A napkin makes a passing appearance as Bucky quickly removes the ranch from Steve's face.



Suddenly, a cake on a robit!

Cindy shifts the cola out from under her arm and sets it down quickly in order to snag the cake from the flying drone, giving it a long stare— wasn't that the thing that was buzzing around the apartment the last time he was here?— before making enough space on the desk to set the cake down amongst other in-the-room goodies, near the sideboard.

"Man, I haven't seen this since I was a kid," says the twenty-year old.

And then she turns, seeing the most amazing squishing of people on the couch that she's ever seen, ever. The extent of the bromance between Steve and Bucky with the dab, the arms being thrown around the ladies on the couch, and then she has the moment where she stops, thinking about her ex. The anklet she wears feels heavier, now— as heavy as the weight of the Delorian in Jane's heart.


Trish scoots over at the nudge from Azalea, to make room for her, taking the offered water with a murmured thanks. "You have enough room Az?"

Both of her eyebrows rise at Jess's out of nowhere blush, enjoying the change in her sister. Jess had come a long long way from the days of hiding in her apartment.

"That's great, Jess. Really great."

Then Jane has her slip of the tongue, and Trish is doing all she can to not laugh, pressing her fingers on her lips. She had sympathy for Jane, since she was practically overdosing on hero worship, given the company in the room. Including Jess, even though she wouldn't wear the Jewel outfit.

Trish munched popcorn while she avidly watched the interactions going on around her like they were the show, not Marty and the Delorean. She rather proudly kept her cool, until Bucky wiped ranch off Steve's face. Trish's mouth drops open for a second, before the giggles start. Thankfully a stray bit of popcorn causes her to cough and smother both giggle and popcorn with a gulp of water.



Not that Jane gets a chance to consider it long, maybe for more than a shocked, stand-quiet moment, eyes wide, head slightly tilted, before Bucky reaches his limit, considers this moment far past the point of diminishing returns, and shoulder-steers her over to the couch. More than happy to find some place of hiding to socially recover, because she's absolutely considering just creeping off to the bathroom and HIDING in there not unlike the way she did her very first high school house party that did not, did not end well, Jane takes sanctuary, sitting there on one end of the couch, rubbing uneasily at her face in hopes to get the red out of her cheeks. Such a disaster, Dr. Foster.

She accepts her plate of food, looking at it ambivalently, no offence on the food — she hasn't had a real appetite in weeks — and instead takes more interest in smiling at the way Bucky has three plates for himself. She fork-rolls some food around her plate — then experiences a severe tidal pull of the GRAVITATIONAL FLUX OF A HORMONAL STEVE ROGERS, bowled over and — caught just in time by Bucky's arm around her waist.

The movie starts around that spot, and Jane uses that time to get comfy in her little window of space. Not that it's still more than enough for her, tiny creature that she is. She hooks her legs over the arm of the couch, back leaned against Bucky's side, and when his attention diverts to wing-manning Steve's semi-date night, she sneaks a bit of the food off her plate onto his. He needs it more.


Oh my God.

All Azalea can do as Jane has a Stark related self-destruct is stare in transfixed awe. But Bucky takes her away from it all, a true hero, even saving her from Steve's aggressive couch-hogging. Dear lord. And she thought she was awkward in a crowd.

A hand finds her mouth to somehow cover up her laugh, and when Trish asks her if she has enough room she look at her to watch her revel in the super hero screening room. It takes her a moment, but she realizes she's part of that show too, and a certain irony settles in when she feels like a real hero for the very first time.

Right in the middle of Back to the Future.

The family's all gathered, Strickland is giving Marty his tardy slips, and she has the biggest, enamored smile in the world when Trish asks her question. "If I say no, do I get to sit in your lap?"

And things were going so well.

Azalea blinks when she says it, and tries to smile like she was just making a funny joke, before shoving a bunch of popcorn in her mouth. Good recovery. Steve Rogers like smoothness.

Ohhhhh yeah.


Jessica manages to catch sight of Bucky wiping Steve's mouth too. And ranch on Steve's face.

And that was the story of how Steve Rogers suddenly became a real live human being in Jessica Jones' eyes…and kind of a dorky one at that, if still a good man worthy of respect, in a way that even Bucky's stories couldn't make happen.

She doesn't snarf popcorn, but she does look down, green brown eyes twinkling as her mouth curves into a smirk she tries to swallow. She gets up for more food to cover the reaction. Everyone seems snuggled up, settled down, and happy. Good enough. Really, she's not even going to let it ruin her mood if Az and Trish do couple snuggle less than three feet away from her.

As far as she's concerned…it's a good night.


Tony Stark is many things, but dumb is not one of them. There is a glance between Steve and Peggy and then between Jane and Bucky before he just shakes his head slightly. "How adoreable." A longer pause. "I'm gonna be sick. Need salt to counteract all that." But what he grabs first is totally a cookie which is not salt at all.

But its Tony. He plays by his own rules.

He seems fine with standing. Though there might be some staring at Bucky's arm. Because THERE IS TECH THAT IS NOT HIS IN THE ROOM. He must prove its not as good as his.

Because once again. He is Tony Stark.

He doesn't go for the couch either, he doesn't go for anything. Instead he just wordlessly hands Cindy a cookie. Because she might need one and she's closest. Mostly because closest.

Dunce continues to project the movie. Using Stark hologram tech to make the wall a screen worthy of a small theater. Dunce is useful.

He can even multitask. As he proves by flicking a Stark Industries card into Jane's lap.

On the back it reads 'Can't talk. Rodgers might eat me. Come by office later. Might have job.'

A second card is flicked into Bucky's lap. This one reads. 'ITS JUST A JOB.'

Jess at least gets a grin. And a nod. Thiis was a good idea at least.


There is a lot to process in a short amount of time. As Steve makes room for her on the couch, she beams and sits down right beside him. However, she is still an observant woman, she notices how Jane is displaced and needed to be caught by Bucky's arm as Steve made room for her. There an apologetic smile there. As she settles, though, she does not notice the wiping to Steve's face by Bucky. Brother program successful!

As everyone settles and the movie starts, Peggy settles into the couch. While she does not put an arm around Steve or do anything similar, she seems quite content to sit next to him and eat her table snacks and watch the movie procured by Jessica and projected by Tony's robot. She gives him a bit of a look as he seems to be up to something. However, Jessica set guidelines for this night. No shop talk! Just have fun! Her conversation will have to happen later.

Instead, she searches out the others to make sure that everyone is settled. Then, however, she cannot help it, her attention is diverted and held by the movie. Only a few bites are taken of her sandwich while she watches Marty McFly's adventures unfold.


There is an awkward moment as Bucky does his Older Bro/Mom thing and he just wipes. Like a Deer in the Headlights, Cap is still and he does his thing, as if pretending he wasn't there somehow makes it less awkward. It doesn't work. However, Peggy doesn't notice and so all is well.

While Rogers does take the time to shoot Stark a look for throwing cards during a party and listening to side conversations like Trish asking Az for a seat and seeing Cindy seemingly alone in her thoughts.

Soon, Rogers eats everything, even the Peggy's Cake, though it requires far more liquid than one would think and results in a hoarse, "Never had that recipe before, it's unique!" He gives a smile at the end, content he could compliment her cooking in a way that isn't a bold faced lie.

However, it seems Peggy was right and Rogers was very tired.

At first, it's just the occasional head dip and bounce back. He rests his arms on the back of the couch, trying to move around a little to help the blood flow. It helps for roughly ten minutes and before long, Steve Rogers is out like a light. At least he doesn't snore. Slowly, the head hangs to one side, which happens to be side is Peggy on, likely a result of a nudge from Bucky in protection of his own space or perhaps a noble endeavor of his own.

It will start as a simple head brushing against her shoulder. Then it will go to his head resting against it. Then the arm on Bucky's side will drop to Roger's side, but the other one will pull itself down to rest around Peggy's neck. Hopefully she won't try and shift her back or anything because the arm will then gravitate toward her waist, the palm awkwardly resting in her lap the arms snakes around her.

There is no way this ends badly.


Cindy has a Cookie!

It's a story unto itself— though she looks at the cookie before her head cants to stare at Tony. Is she that easy to read? Chomping it down, Cindy is reminded of the sweet release of comfort food and the sweet release of sweets before the movie starts rolling in earnest. Fidgeting a bit, she scoots down in front of everyone, staying low to the floor, and rolls over onto her back, keeping her arms folded behind her head and the popcorn bowl balanced on her stomach.

There's a big grin on her face, of course— it's been a long time since she's been able to enjoy a movie with friends, or family.


Trish grinned at Azalea, giving her a playful shoulder nudge. "Depends. Do you have a bony a..uh bum, cause if so, definitely not. Jess used to leave bruises on me, bag of bones that she is."

Trish gives Jessica a cheeky grin, getting comfy around the rest of the group. A brief debate followed on whether to toss a piece of popcorn at her for emphasis, but cooler, and maybe wiser, heads prevailed, and she held back. For now…

Trish finds herself getting drawn into the movie, contemplating Oreos, and deciding against the struggle of getting out of the bean bag chair without dumping Azalea. Or causing a wardrobe malfunction.

Trish settles back into the chair, gives Jess's knee a rub, all while composing her imaginary diary entry.

'Dear Diary, today was the bestest day ever….'


And so it went. Soldiers, investigators, spider-people, murdered gods, scientists, and even celebrity radio show hosts bonded over the eternal questions that plagued all of humankind. Like the uncomfortable truth that Back to the Future is about trying to avoid a mom-banging scenario while a cocaine fueled scientist tries to send you back to your own time, just in time to be murdered by Libyans.

Really, it's pretty heavy.

Azalea's eyes brows as Trish gives her a pass but almost doubles down on something her Dark Passenger so wants to respond to. In the end she gives a laugh, a lean of her head, and her cheek will find Trish's shoulder. She won't forget to give Cindy a nudge with her foot, and then pass off her popcorn bowl.

Before anyone even gets to see Biff covered in manure, Azalea is out.

Indeed, the best day ever.


As involved in the movie as Peggy is, it's impossible to not notice that Steve is falling asleep in his seat. There is a few glances toward him and an eyebrow raise, but there is no stopping the inevitable. Eventually, Steve falls asleep, head drooping down. Then, it rests on her shoulder. For a few moments, Peggy is careful not to move. She doesn't want to wake Steve, nor does she wish to disrupt movie night.

However, she can only stay rigidly in her position on the couch for so long. After a small roll of her shoulders and shift of her position, Steve shifts. She thinks he is about to wake up, but instead, he head rests more firmly on her shoulder and a hand drifts down about her waist.

Carefully, Peggy glances about at the others gathered. Mostly, she checks to make sure that Bucky and Azalea are watching the film - as she knows all too well their own thoughts about the matter of her and Steve. Once assured that they are both properly involved in Back to the Future, she leans back just slightly, cheek resting against Steve's blonde hair as it rests against her shoulder. An arm rests not around him, but rests her own hand on his.

Then, she returns her attention to the movie, a soft sigh escaping as she continues to try and find out how Marty gets Back to the Future.

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