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February 22, 2017:

Catwoman hears of Joker's return to activity and pays him a visit.

// Madame Mooovary Frozen Confections - Gotham//

The name says it all!


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It's a fact of the underground that every one of the major players in Gotham seem to know where the other head villains are at all times. It's part of the Bat-dependency system so that when one is attacked, the others know about it. Lately, in the rumor mill, it's come out that Joker has set up his latest project in a former ice cream factory.

It's the witching hour of the morning, when those who don't have business being out are out. On the industrial row, a large plastic and plaster statue of a cow stands outside of a factory. The long weathered and faded cow is dressed in a Renaissance style dress and the old sign over the security station reads:

Madame Mooovary Frozen Confections

The lights for most of the building are out, because Joker's learned after years and years not to do that. However, deep in the bowels of the building on the factory floor sit a man tied to a chair. Edward Bryant, the attorney recently kidnapped from his home. Nearby, in a pair of cages are his two teenaged daughters, finally asleep after a long and fearful day. The poor missus is nowhere to be seen. Nearby, in one of the large vats that used to read 'Pistachio Almond' has been marked out and repainted as 'Joker's Special Mix'!

As for the man in green himself? He's nowhere to be seen, but a pair of his henchmen are currently sitting at a table, playing cards to pass the time.

And then there comes a scratching..
…//scratching/ at the chamber door.

When it opens (either by lockpicking or the henchies), Catwoman stands there, arm extended upon the frame, hip pushed to the side, causing whip to fall behind. The relaxed smile is omnipresent, even the narrow of coral-ine gaze that has her following entry of knock.

"Knock…. KNOCK!"

A curl of whip around fingers and it swings in a circle loosely as she awaits a response, the henchies ignored (but not totally) as she moves past them in the ever haughty sway of leather clad hips.

A large order here and present, demanding with every **click* of heels upon the factory floor.

// 'Tis some visitor, tapping at my chamber door;
Only this, and nothing more. //

The scratching at the door is at first ignored by one of the henchmen, it is a windy evening, and not the first time that the door has been scratched at. Then when the door flies open, the wind swirls in, picking up some of the faded carton labels from the floor, the smiling cow crushed beneath a predatory heel.

The two of them stand up, one of them starting towards the leather clad woman, "Hey, you ain't supposed to be here! Mister J said no visitors!" the henchman, dressed in a simple if colorful suit as he starts to approach the woman. "You need to get on back to finding someone else to rub on, Cat!" the henchman calls out, reaching for his gun.

Then comes a few echoing footfalls. "No, let her come!" comes that strained, humorous voice, a pale imitation of the grave tone of the Bat. Stepping out of the shadows partially, those bright green eyes are quite unmistakable. "Nothing like a stray cat strut on a winter's night!" he says with a low chuckle. "Looking for some cream?" he asks as he gives a shrug of his shoulders. "I'm fresh out!"

The henchment scramling and trying makes Catwoman pause and stare.

A fast motion and she is crouching nearly, to come eye-to-eye with one, a claw hooked under his chin literally and figuartively. A /tug// and she draws him almost a whisper of proximity, all the while she rises and he may as well be hamstrung if he does not fight it!

"All I want… Is butter…" And then Joker speaks, that hand crooking harder, tugging the henchie 'uncomfortably' close.

"..Pecan… Well, then." At the Joker's proclamation she shrugs and drops the henchman with a non-chalant grace and a shrug.

"Welcome back, Jay." Catwoman states, a finger running along the edge of a metal vats rim.

"Care for a sample?" Joker asks with a cheerfulness that belies the deadliness of the material within the vat that Selina is so casually running her finger along the edge of. Inside the vat is a viscous green liquid, and as it churns, there comes a sob from inside. A face forms in the batter for a moment, a rise of the liquid, before sinking beneath the mixer again.

"Oops, guess it's not set yet!" the Clown Prince offers as he swings idly from a pole and then makes his way down the stairs. "You've been a busy kitty, Selina." he purrs as he moves and shoves the henchman out of the way. "Don't you have something better to do?" he asks, a glare at the man who scrambles backwards to go clean up the card game that they were just playing.

"I know this isn't a Welcome Wagon calling.." he says as he grins, turning those insane eyes back to Selina. "Amway? Avon? Though from what I heard recently…" he says as he sashays past the woman, though he's never quite taken his eyes off the prize. "…maybe I should ask if it's Girl Scout Cookies, hoo hoo."

Catwoman pauses when the face tries to surface, but does not withdrawal, instead her upper lip recoils, peeling from canine in a flash. But yes.
Eyes on the prize…

"Business makes one busy." The whip that traces along hip and falls behind in her lean slaps the floor with a light crack!, one that reminds while the 'henchies' are pushed off with a subliminal force.

"But I can say the same for you," Stated as she props elbows on the edge of the vat and trails a claw-tip within after the face retreats. Never mind the internal… Curiosity, a thing that has her peeling the goggles from her face and propping them upon crown to reveal ear lain back - feline in irrit(i)-(t)ation.

"Sorry, forgot to wear green." Catwoman states as her posture of repose stiffens, despite the lean upon the vat, spine bowing and the righting while arms span and claws spread…

Grinding along the edges of metal with spars as she rights and watches this Joker warily. Even Selina, knows better.

"But then again, I forget to fully partake in a lot. Even if there is more green clouding the ground then normal in Gotham."

"It's not even St Patty's day!" Joker laughs as he looks at the woman, and his head tilts. "Surely this isn't you coming to throw yourself on yours truly and tell me that you've gone plum crazy, why that's just loco talk!" he says with a curious look pulls at his features, considering her. "You know what I always liked about you, Selena.."

He winds around the woman. She may be a cat. And he's very much a flexible one as well as the tall pale man, who's skin makes Selena's look down right like a Sports Illustrated model, as he brings his finger up and draws it from her neck down to the beautimous cleavage, not quite touching her.

"Is that you have a nice. Large. Set. Of.." And he boops her on the nose. "Brains." he says with a widening smile as he steps back from her and twirls as he considers her. "So, you play good Sammy to a couple of kids in an alleyway, and out causing trouble for a couple of the Bats, but you've been reallly quiet. So. Now you're here. And I have to wonder if you're wanting some action.. or something else. You know our esteemed guest, after all. Say hello, Eddie boy!"

Eddie squirmsm mrfing loudly into the pair of boxers shoved into his mouth and taped down.

"He says hello."

Selena's skin is pale, considering Gotham's 'light', and now laden in lashes paler then such…. She is more Nordic in pigment than bleached.

That being said the vat she stands over is pushed from with an arch in spine, her reflection there, even in the ~slow~ pops and bubbles.

When Jaycloses the gap, though, Catwoman rocks back when it comes to 'Brains', matching the repose of tilted-ear goggles in annoyance, but she only stares at him as he moves and carries on. If he knows better though, her posture is rigid, and those fingers dance a scream down metal vat as she slowly steps back and flicks her whip over shoulder.

Every step bears a lick of leather on leather, a slide, a threat to flesh underlying the painted-on attire.

"My brains," A pause as every cadence is like a metronome with the kiss of leather on leather. "Sammy? I am expanding Jay." A pivot upon heel and now her own claw-tipped nails tick along buttons, zippers, and dimples!

"Just. Like. You." But the revelation of 'Eddie', brings pause and a tilt of head.

"I am sure he does…" A pause and she looks over Eddie, leaning down to tear at threads of his panty-gag.

"I want to know about this new green. Is he the ticket?" A rise of brow and Cats looks back at Joker with curiosity.

"Eddie boy? The ticket? Ahahaha! Only thing that Eddie boy here has a ticket to is a one-way ticket to Jokerville!" Joker says with a laugh as he moves towards the vat, considering it. "No no, you see.. I know things." the man says as he leans against the vat.

"That lovely dip that Batsy gave me? It gave me such insights you wouldn't believe!" Rapping his cane sharply against the vat to make her stop with the screech of metal, he winces. "Testy. Testy." he chides her softly as he looks within. "His wife. Did you know she was a meta? Not a particularly special one!" he admits as he pokes a stick at the woman within the mixture. "She only had some extra toes and fingers. But she had all those taken off to be a pretty prefect girl for Eddie here! But I noticed something, you see, at the party."

"That mists? It doesn't affect just any Larry, Moe, or Curly. It affects the special ones. Those that Batsy is always saying don't need to be here. And I want to see how and why.. and I'm gonna make them all as special as me, heeheehee!" he says as he glances to the teen girls. "Which one do you think is Mommy's Special Princess? Or maybe both of them!" he says with a laugh. "When Mommy Dearest here is good and mixed? I'm going to test it on both of them. See if I can get something as special as that!"

He gestures to the two pods he stole from the rave. They're both hooked to tubes and feeders, the Joker's own gas flowing to and from the pods as he alters them. "It will be grand, and it will be such a great Punchline!" he says with a grin at Selena. "After all, Batsy don't want metas? I'm gonna give him all the metas!"

Catwoman's ears lay back, but only by the drag of hand that sheds the goggles to loop around her neck. Joker knows, what's to hide or show? He's loony-tunes… Like the rest of them.

The sag of reflective lenses flashes a light and reflection as Joker speaks, warping the image into that of one of comic(al). A rise of hand and Selena 'tsks', a claw-flash while the other hand ~grinds~ along the rim of the vat, burrowing pale lines along the worn metallic surface, circling it like a predator would prey. The tails of whips edge teasing along the base with every sway.

"It is time to balance, right?" Selena states, casting a glance back to Joker with a small smile, but deviance borne upon the edges.

This is tragedy…

"Only way to know a princess, is to watch and weigh, the princess always come out on top." A lean, fabric moaning over the press of skin beneath as the duo in a "cage" meet the eyes of Catwoman and her own Cheshire grin.

"I know a Princess when I see one. They dance the best." grip upon bar and Catwoman slowly smooths along the cold metal, pressing forward as they press away.

"Bats…Man is bound to be surprised." Stated as clawed grip releases and Catwoman turns towards Jay.

"Oh, you want me to let them out to play? No can do!" Joker says with a tsking in his voice. "Nope! I let them out and they try to run and then I have to round them up and then they cry and wet themselves and it's all such a terrible pain." he chortles as he swats the vat again. "I said stop that!" he grouses for just a moment as Catwoman dares to screech the vat again.

If we're all Looney Tunes here, Joker is definitely the Merriest of Melodies.

"It will be a couple of days before I'm ready, just enough time for our dear little special secret ingredient here in the vat is all mixed up!" he says before he turns around to consider Selena. "You know, I have to wonder why you came by to check out my green. After all, I tell myself, a girl's prerogative is to change her mind. And boy do they ever, right Eddie boy?" he asks the man in the chair as he turns his attention back to Catwoman.

"You wouldn't double-cross little ole me, would you, Cats? After all we've been through, you wouldn't be thinking this is your chance to play the hero and catch yourself a Bat."

"Do I?" But those two words came upon her parting swing that left the 'Moo' Quarters behind and has Catwoman perched upon a rofftop, the moonlight cadencing off the liquid shadows she coats herself in, despite the new stitches to keep attire bound upon her.

The only thought: Bolster East End.

Even if the 'Cat Got Her Tongue'… Cats and Jay or even Harley… Have had odds. Unpredictable ones.

His final words have her drawing her goggles back over her eyes. "Challenge accepted. Mon ennemi.."

… From beneath a vat a recorder plays and relays.

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