SHIELD is an Umbrella

February 21, 2017:

Darcy visits Xavier's and interacts with some of its finest!

//Foyer - Xavier's Mansion //


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Darcy wathes Kitty and Rogue interact, the teasing and she smiles. The smile slips as Rogue makes it clear why she's not remembered. It doesn't sting. It's what Rogue needs to get past it. So, she just nods in full acceptance and support.

"I'm not going to wait on just hope. I'm not that kind of girl. The thing that you're moving to forget, which I don't blame you for at all… But that moment… I was there. And I fought the Nasty Bad with you. I saw the gas get released. I thought it had been taken care of. And I thought wrong. Now, I've learned trouble's followed.

"I'm not willing to see anything hurt any of you. I told Summers once that if I was a security risk I'd leave, I'd walk away from someone I loved to keep everyone else here safe. Now, that guy's off trying to recover from all that happened to him, as you are recovering. I'm ready to walk into hell again, shoot the Devil in the face, again.

"Storm has my number. Or you can call SHIELD. Ask for Lewis. They'll put you through to my cell. Anything that I can do, I will. And I'm more than willing to abuse my clearance levels to make it happen.

"This is my school now too. And I don't take kindly to people hurting my things." Darcy finishes like she needed to get that out. She looks to Kitty and nods once, before moving to show hereself.

"Excuse me. I should start back to the office. I'll be around," she adds and closes the door gently on her way out.

Little else in the world compares to a fresh pot of tea for Meggan. Especially if you can find someone to share it with. So she brewed enough to share and got several cups. The blonde girl with pointy ears just misses someone leaving but she teps into the area. "Hello. Would anyone like some tea? I just brewed it and have some figure sandwiches as well."

Rogue was about to say something back to Kitty when Darcy spoke all of that. Rogue watched her walk off and then slowly waved as she left. "Boy." The southern gal would speak then. "She sure seems like a go-getter… I kinda like that."

Rogue is seated on the staircase in the foyer, her arms are crossed over her knees and she looks over toward Meggan when the woman enters. "Tea?" She asked. "I'd love some." Her gloved hands went up in the air and she did the gimme-gimme motion with her fingers, wagglin'em all needy like.

"Miss Lewis is a bit flighty and somewhat… quirky," Betsy says, moving down the stairwell in the wake of Darcy's departure. As always, the Brit looks like she just wrapped a photo shoot, even in a casual shortsleeve aubergine blouse and darkly tanned leggings, tucked into riding boots. "But I assure you that her intentions are sincere," the telepath adds. She touches Rogue's shoulder carefully as she maneuvers around the woman— to prevent accidental contact— and smiles briefly, flickering, at Kitty and Meggan, as she moves to rest her hips on a nearby table. "Are we taking tea in the foyer, now?" she inquires, with one upticked purple eyebrow.

There's a bright happy laugh from Meggan. "Who am I deny such an eager plea." She pours the tea and holds out a saucer with the cup on it. "Hope you like it." Movig to sit next to the southern girl. She pours a second cup for Betsy and offers it over. "I don't see why we can't have tea anywhere we like. How are you Betsy? Having a good day?" She's in her trademark green outfit.

Rogue accepted the tea with her grabby hands and then pulled it to herself, smelled it and then sipped it. She smiled nice and big before noticing the voice of Betsy and the feeling of her touching her shoulder. Rogue was wearing a dark green hoodie over a black tanktip, hoodie zipped up to mid-chest level, so she was pretty much covered and safe to be near. AND she had jeans and boots on.

The southerner looked to Betsy, smiled at her. "Its just kinda weird havin' an outsider comin' in here tellin' us she's here t'make sure we're all safe. I mean. I'm pretty sure we're all ontop'a that, aren't we?" Rogue asked, glancing over to Meggan and smiling.

Betsy's smile is a subtle thing, barely visible unless one is well acquainted with her. "Thank you, Meggan," the blue-blooded Brit remarks, stifling her sense of propriety. Tea is taken in the /tea room/, of course. But that'd be rude to remark.

"My day is going well, thank you," Betsy remarks, politely. She looks back at Rogue and rolls one shoulder subtly. "It's part of the bargain struck with SHIELD last year," she explains. "We've grown a bit too prominent to operate in the shadows without any support. SHIELD is our umbrella against some of the forces arrayed against us. At least her concern is protectig us, rather than regulating us," Betsy observes, a bit wryly. She looks back to Meggan. "Are you settling into the school?" she asks, politely. "I wonder if you've seen Jhiao lately— Cloud had a bit of a row with a friend two days ago and has been sulking in the forest."

Meggan offers a shrug to Rogue's question. "I believe we are. I do my best to help everyone with that." Pouring herself a cup of tea before she can sip her tea. She's an empath and usually able to pick up on even those subtle interplay of feeling from those around her. "My pleasure Betsy. Glad I was able to catch someone that likes a god pot as much as I." She admits, "I don't know much about SHIELD or those with them. THough I have had brushes with MI-6 in the past." Shaking her head gently, "No. I haven't seen the feline in a while. I am doing alright I guess. Still not found my full niche but I haven't given up."

Rogue sipped the tea as well… sure she prefered to have a bit more sweetness in her tea, but she accepted the standard British-style too, but it was a bit… too… Professor-X-y for her tastes.

The southerner smacked her lips together a couple times and then shrugged her shoulders. "Well… if they're here t'help us, then I'm all for it. I don't know a lot about SHIELD other than that's a pretty wicked group name, though when ya actually sound out each word for what it really is, it kinda sounds like a bit of'a stretch for an acronym." She smirked and sipped the tea again.

"What this tea needs is some alcohol." She said, looking from one of the British women to the other. "Anyone up for a good ol' fashioned pub crawl?!" On a Tuesday evening. Good ol' Rogue.

"They're spies. Espionage and surveillance, with a bend for Mutants," Betsy explains to Rogue. She gives Meggan's arm a reassuring squeeze. "You'll find a spot, Meggan," she reassures the lissome blonde. "It might take you some time to figure out precisely what you want to do— but there is no pressure to do so quickly."

Rogue's suggestion gets an excited lift of the brow, though Betsy mostly conceals her agreement— though she rises to her feet quickly enough. "It sounds like a splendid idea to me, though really Harry's is the only pub worth going to inside of a drive to NEw York," she says, wryly. "I don't mind a trip to the city, though. Meggan? Care to come along for a pint of lager?"

Meggan grins at the comment on the tea. "I could go to a pub. I don't drink much, it can affect my control. But I'm willing to go out and have fun!" She even comments, "I'm all willing to. HOpefully I can avoid puting on shoes. But if not. I'll endure it for the fun to be out with you two. So how do we get ther? Fly or by auto?"

Rogue grinned at the both of them. "Really?" She replied. "Like, ya really want to?" She asked then. "Hell. Most'a the time around here if I even suggest somethin' like that I end up gettin' a speech about how I need t'spend my time in better places, like libraries or some such."

The southern gal went to raise up to her booted feet and she held her teacup, sipped it again. "I ain't flyin', I know that much. Its too damn cold out for me t'go zoomin' around in the air at high speeds. I'd freeze my tits off." She shook her head then. "We can take my car if ya'll want. I mean if we're goin' inta the city I know a few places t'stash it. There's some good bars in Manhattan… some really good ones. Pete's Tavern in Gramercy is a heck of'a nice place. Lots a cute'n wealthy guys hang out there." She grinned at them both again.


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