Yes. These are Goats.

February 20, 2017:


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The sun is out, it's still cold, and the streets are full of people. It's New York City, after all, and that means there will always be a surplus of individuals out and about, doing their thing, being tourists, workers, just out for a stroll, or just walking a pair of giant goats along the sidewalk like it's nothing.

Yep, that's how that sentence went.

Strolling along, with the reins held loosely in his left hand, the Prince of Asgard looks every bit the man at ease. Nothing is out of the ordinary, and there's no reason to wonder why the two oversized goats behind him have between them about eight barrels strapped to their backs. They lumber behind him, snorting now and then, a pair of furious individuals who are barely restrained by the harnesses they sport.

For Thor, the Asgardian who would be King is wearing a black vester, that combo of vest and duster that's so popular. Black jeans and a soft tan shirt complete his ensemble, the sleeves rolled up. "Yes, these are goats," he responds to a question. A camera flash goes off. The journey to the east continues. Behind him by several blocks is the apartment that he was last known to be living at.


So once again the irredeemable Peter Quill has let his mouth run away with things. This is a fairly common occurrence really. Most people who know Peter would know this. Most people who don't know Peter would figure it out pretty damn fast. Once its happened though, its up to the man himself to fix things. Usually fixing things requires a lot of lying, excuses, running from people shouting about official police business and fun things of that sort. This time though he is dealing with Asgardians. Which means he has to try something different. Something new. Something so confounding that it just might work.

He is gonna actually ask for permission.

Which is why he is strolling his way towards Thor's known place of residence. Dressed in his red leather trench, his trusty pistols at his side, looking for all the world that he stepped out of a bad Trekkie convention.

"Right," He mutters to himself. "How to approach him. I mean he's kinda a god. Or godlike. Or god adjacent. Or something like that. I'll just knock and say—"

'Yes, these are goats.'

The booming voice of the God of Thunder snaps his attention towards that sound. The pilot's eyes widen slightly at the size of said goats. Then towards the man holding their leashes. "Well," He finally decides after a few moments. "At least he's easier to find now."

Raising a hand he begins to amble in the direction of the mighty cavalcade. "I see you're acclimating to life here on Midguard." He calls the greeting towards Thor with a flash of a grin.


For his part, Thor is very patient. He doesn't seem to mind that people are stopping to stare, gawk, and then snap pictures. The culture of Midgard is all about him, and he is most assuredly lapping it up. In fact, he's in the midst of posing for a picture, one massive bicep flexed, when a familiar voice meets his ears.

His expression slips just a touch. The camera flash goes off, and the tourists go by. Straightening from his pose, the God of Thunder turns his attention towards the owner of that voice.

"Peter Quill," he greets, a smile taking his remarkably handsome features. "You are early for your check-in, but we can get it out of the way. I trust you have been up to nothing in particular, per our agreement?"

The barrels on the back of the Goat Lords all have the same symbol burnt into them, that of Asgard, but they're marked with those Asgardian runes that are so hard to decipher. But there's no mistaking the emblem on them, of a busty Goddess holding a pair of apples. There's mead in them there barrels!

"I have also learned of the most remarkably Midgardian devices, a tracking anklet," the God adds, voice just a little higher, a little playful. "Would you care for one?"


Peter Quill was totally up to nothing until he saw the images on those barrels. Now? Now he is entirely up to something. Mostly trying to figure out how to make off with one without getting killed by a Goat Lord or a Thunder God.

Its a plan in progress.

The questions draw him right back to the present though. "Wha me? Come on, you know me. I'm never up to nothing. I mean always up to nothing. Or…man the English language is weird. Anyway! I haven't gotten in trouble since we had to blow up that bunch of Saskarians that came after me. And I didn't really get in trouble for that." A longer pause. "I /really/ should talk to that America guy and that other girl…starts with a P…anyway, I should talk to them so SHIELD stops trying to track me down. Since. You know. I'm not doing anything."

At the offer of a tracking anklet he winces. "Last time we had something like that, Rocket turned it into an emergency explosive device without telling me. So no…I'll take a pass. But yeah . Here early for…a check-in and well…maybe a favor? Stay of execution? Bit of a vacation? Something like that."

A pause.

"See, after everything that's happened I need to take the Milano to a garage on Tau Ceti to get some work done. That /kinda/ violates the whole 'no leaving Terra' thing but…I mean its /just/ Tau Ceti. It'll only be a few days."


Thor is quick to lift a hand. "Please, tell me of these Saskarians, and why they are after you. Also, where are they from, and why are they after you?" Yes, he asked that twice, because he doesn't want Peter to squirm out of the question!

Folding his burly arms over his equally burly chest, the God of Thunder listens to the rest. He snorts softly as Quill turns down the anklet, much as he expected the man would. "A pity, I will have to see if I can return the item then," he dryly remarks. Chances are good that he's joking about that, but is Thor really the type to jest?

And then the favor is asked. The favor. The mirth slowly slides off of Thor's face, like a bucket with a hole in the bottom that's gradually being emptied. When left utterly devoid of mirth, the expression continues to shift, until it's a full-fledged frown. "You are asking me to go against the terms of your parole," he notes, brow now making a furrow. "You would have me dishonor the bargain struck to give you at least a modicum of freedom, so that you may take your ship and venture forth into the cosmos. With little guarantee that you and the other Guardians will actually return to Midgard."

He pauses for a moment, and then makes his decision. "No. You cannot leave this planet, Peter Quill. I will not allow you to leave my supervision. And why is SHIELD after you?"


"Oh those guys were just mad about that Ronan guy, they were some of his minions. Came after me for revenge. At least I think it was revenge. They…weren't really the kind of people you stopped and asked question of. Especially after Rocket and Groot got done with them." Peter's response to the problem of the Saskarians is as usual casual and flippant. Dismissive of threats to himself as usual.

The frown and the questions though cause Peter mirror the expression. "Hey now, its not like that! I don't want you to dishonor anything, I mean I'm not a complete ass. I…"

He pauses a moment to scratch at the back of his neck before he sighs. "…look, fine. I'll level with ya. I /kinda/ mentioned to Jane and Bucky that I needed to go, and I /might/ have /kinda/ implied I'd take them with me. To show them you know…" He waves a hand. "…space. Cause after all that happened they seemed to need a distraction. So I'd have to come back to bring them back…"

A pause again.

"You could always just come with, I mean that way I'm still under supervision. But I'm tellin the truth here, I'm not just trying to weasel out of the deal or nothing like that." A pause. "I mean I don't have a great track record I know, but this time I'm not. I wouldn't leave Kitty in a bind like that. Since she's stuck to that gem or something."

Not that he likes her or anything like that.


It should not have been possible, but someone Thor's expression plummets even further. It's likely the mention of Jane that causes that, now in this big equation with 'space' and 'aliens hunting me down.' Once he's done hearing all of that, the God of Thunder lifts a hand to his face, rubbing at the bridge of his nose. "Peter Quill, you have a certain way about you," he mutters.

The hand falls back to his side. One of the Goats nudges Quill from the side, delivering a dour, borderline furious look at the mortal. Maybe it's hungry?

"The one known as Bucky, he is able to handle himself from what I can tell. You may bring them to space, because I know you will return with them all, safe and sound. I may yet choose to accompany you, however I will have to check my calendar."

He pulls a phone out of his pocket, releasing the lock. His wallpaper appears to be a scantily clad lady. He swiftly loads the calendar app. "Well, we will have to see," he says after a moment, returning the technological marvel to his jeans. "What were you saying about the Lady of the Gem? What is going on there? You should consider involving me in more of your remarkable number of problems." He says that without any hint of sarcasm, too!


"I'll take that as a compliment." Peter replies as he is distracted by sudden Goat. A glance is given towards the Goat in question, a note taken of the expression. "…have you fed these guys today? I mean I don't know what asgardian goats eat but I'm betting it might be something like 'Whatever they want.' and he's eyeing me like I'm a trisket."

He seems to relax slightly though as he steps away from the goat and glances back to the God of Thunder. He has permission. "I will totally keep you in the loo-woah you have a phone now! That'll make getting a hold of you ta keep you informed so much easier." A pause again at the last question and he glances away.

"Er…well…Kitty? Well I mean its not like I like her or anything, I'm just hanging around with her cause she insists on keeping that gem and you told me to keep an eye on her." A pause. "Totally not like I want to. But anyway, its like…it pulls on her if it gets too far from her. I met that Constantine guy and he said it had some kind of soul bond or thread or something linked to her. I was gonna ask him some more, but I can't seem to find him. Anyway, she gets all mad when its too far away. We were gonna do some experiments with it with Zee, but she's gone too. Prolly with Constantine on some beach somewhere doing special wizard handshakes or something."

A pause again.

"I mean I don't have /that/ many current problems. The bounty hunters stopped after I stuffed the last couple into dumpsters. And I haven't been attacked by any magical beasts in weeks."


Quill notes that Thor has a phone. Thor doesn't remark on that, nor does he offer his number. Ouch? Maybe if he's asked nicely. Those arms cross again. "My concern is that you act as a magnet for trouble, Peter Quill, no matter how you choose to deny otherwise. That you are taking a skilled combatant with you is the only reason that I am allowing the venture. If you can return to the planet without any trouble taking place on your outing, then perhaps we can consider your restrictions being loosened, just a touch."

Based on Thor's expression, he doesn't expect that to happen. Still, the talk of the gem and its Lady earn another furrowing of the perfect brows. "Perhaps we should take the Gem, and this Kitty, to Asgard at some point. I am not sure we truly understood what we were acquiring, and the sorcerers may have a better idea."

Or his Brother might, if only Loki were still alive…

"Yes, perhaps that would be best. Once you have returned from this trip - when do you plan on sailing forth, and when will you return?"


"Hey now, Rocket and Groot and I are plenty skilled!" Peter protests as he crosses his arms. "But you'll see. This'll be fine. I mean really its just a little outing, what could even go wrong." So many famous last words in that sentence though Peter doesn't seem to care. He's confident that everything will be fine.

"Asgard though? Huh. I…well yeah I guess you have sorcerer types there. So…I'll tell her. I mean it can't be nice to have a gem stuck to your soul or something. As for when we are leaving…next few days I guess? I mean I'll have to make sure the Milano is space-worthy. But it shouldn't be long. You shoot me your number and I'll tell ya when we get back."


"It has been my experience that those words should never be uttered," Thor is quick to note, having lived a very, very long life by comparison to the crisp rat across from him. The goats bleat, and one lets out an almost human-like scream. "Hmm, well, I suppose there is little harm in you knowing the number of my communication device." He'll recite it then and there, and only once!

"Keep me informed as to your preparations. And yes, once you return, we shall venture to Asgard. Perhaps I should meet with this Kitty of yours prior to the journey," the God of Thunder adds, though he shrugs right after that.

And with that, he turns away from Quill, tugging the reins of the goats. They fully along dutifully. "Keep your nose out of trouble, Quill. Perhaps I will let you try some of this mead if you keep it clean."

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