Solarr Flare

February 21, 2017:

X-23 goes to help Nate and happens upon Solarr robbing a store. Reader comes in to help save the day.


NPCs: Solarr



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Despite the rumors about the Terrigen Mists making mutants sick, the denizens of Mutant Town go on with their lives without pausing. The Mists have not hit the neighborhood, even though Brooklyn and some other areas north of New York have seen cocoons.

But the Mists have brought new blood to Mutant Town. Some Nuhumans emerge transformed, sometimes looking like monsters. And Mutant Town is one of the few places where they can go without being harassed. Too many have no idea of what is going on, and there are also stories of Men In Black rounding up Nuhumans that are never seen again. Here, they kind of blend.

So when police sirens are heard and patrol cars roll in the streets of Mutant Town (an unusual sight) even more people than normal quickly vanish into alleyways and small business.

Another Mutant is upon the streets of M-Town, a cloned mutant, but a mutant nonetheless.

X-23 is pacing resolutely down a sidewalk, her bright green eyes assessing everything ahead of her, to the side of her and oftentimes, behind her. While it may look like she's out for a casual stroll, she's not. She's looking for a specific person -

- Nate Grey, to be exact.

She received a message from him that he was in need of help and so, Laura came out to Mutant Town to look for him. It's only when the sirens of the police prick her ears that the slim assassin pauses in her steps, her gaze flicking over her shoulder and towards the general direction of where those sirens are coming from. Unlike the rest of the denizens of M-Town, she doesn't scatter, not just yet.

The fact the Inhumans could blend in with the mutants in this Mutant Town were not lost on the Inhuman known as Reader. So he decided one day that he would take a stroll down here and see if he can find any. Of course he doesn't have much of way to tell them apart besides his own instinct, one day he'll get around to getting a device or something that will help him find them of course.

But he was walking down around the place, with his ever faithful companion, the dog known as Forey. When the sirens went out. "Well Forey, it seems like our tracking can wait for now." Yeah usually he has some selfish reasons for doing the stuff he does, but maybe spending time around the X-Men have started to rub off on him or something.

He kneels down and places his hand on his dog, "So which way are we going?" Sure he can use a read to find this stuff out, but well he only gets so many of those a day you know. So time to do it the old fashioned way.

Laura should know better than believe a message asking for help could come from Nate. Actually the text was sent from his cell, but was typed by one of the members of his theatre troupe who knows Laura a little. But the problem is real. Nate was hit by a technovirus flare-up and is currently feeling like crap. Not that he will admit it, but Laura finds him pale and dizzy, the second due to the painkillers he took.

He got out at hearing the police. The opposite instinctive reaction to a normal Mutant Town denizen. "Hey, Mouse," he greets, although lacking some of the usual energy, "looking for me."

The police cruisers, three of them, stop in front of a small liquor store. Two of the agents race for the door of the shop, while the other four take positions behind their vehicles. Another couple of cops, beat cops from the 11th Precinct, hurry up to join them, looking rather alarmed at all this.

Then the front of the shop explodes in flames, sending one of the cops flying out, burning and screaming.

Her attention stays focused on the sounds of the sirens up until Nate appears. When he does, the slim assassin will take a moment to give him an assessing look and when she sees the state he's in the barest of frowns will begin to edge her lips downward. His question is enough to cause her to finally speak, "Yes. The message stated you needed help. What happened." And while her voice stays relatively flat with all those words of hers, at the end there's the faintest of upticks to her voice, denoting the last part as a true question.

Of course, that question won't last long for X. As soon as the cruisers squeal around the corner and then abruptly stop in front of the liquor store, X-23 will turn her attention back to the scene at hand. Automatically she'll scent the air around herself and Nate and even as she scents the air, her gaze will flick around the area. She'll pause a moment when she sees Reader and his dog, but that moment is only fleeting, as the action at the storefront takes precedence. "There is something going on - " Begins her monotone words and then, just like that, the storefront blows. Reflexively she'll duck, but that doesn't stop her from release the claws housed within her hands with a soft *SNIKT* of sound.

Forey leads the way for Reader and they get to the store that is now on fire. "Well Forey, it seems like they will be needing our help on this." So now his own dilemma, deal with whatever is inside, or do something for the cop that is now on fire. Well the innocent cop comes first of course. Hey maybe it'll get some brownie points.

Forey once again leads the blind guy towards the cop, expecting to get stopped by the fellow officers he will explain, "I am a healer, I can help him. Just please let us pass." The card is already ready for the chance that they do let him towards the guy that was burning. Hopefully he has been put out by the time Reader can get to him.

Nate hrms at Laura's statement. "Someone grabbed my cell," which is not really the real answer to her question, even though it is true. "I'll be fine, what is going on?" The fireball serves at answer and the young man winces. Instinctively he reaches telekinetically for the burning cop, but a stab of pain through his skull makes him fall to one knee. No telekinesis. Nothing.

One of the other cops does jump forward to help the burning man, nodding at Reader while trying to put down the flames with his jacket. The two beat cops seem about to join them when a tall man with long hair appears at the burning entrance of the shop. He wears a red and yellow outfit under a long brown coat. "You followed me here?" He says in mock incredulity.

Three cops open fire, but the bullets are vaporized before they reach him. Then he aims at the cruisers with his hands and a stream of fire sets them all on fire. One of the cars immediately explodes. "Idiots!" Shouts the redheaded man.

The burning cop is seen, as is Reader and Forey, when they too join the fray. It's only, however, when Nate drops to a knee that X-23's attention shifts back to Nate again. That frown blossoms a tinge further for her friend, but, it doesn't stay long as the perp suddenly makes his appearance.

"Stay here." States X-23 harshly to Nate and then, with that command given, the assassin pivots upon her heel and turns back to the scene at hand.

The man is assessed by X and even with those bullets vaporizing before they reach the red-haired man, that doesn't seem to stop the dark-haired clone from making her move. With a last look at Nate, the cops and even Reader and Forey, X-23 will suddenly move. Her claws are before her as she runs very sure-footed towards the hippie with a grudge. The fire and the newly exploding car doesn't seem to stop phase the dark-haired young woman as she runs towards the would-be villain. When close enough, X will leap upward and forward, intending to get her claws into the man. Her aim will put her at shoulder and chest level and while she's not necessarily going for the heart, she is aiming to incapacitate him quickly.

Hey the cops are actually going to do the right thing and let Reader help, he kneels down next to the burnt cop and then rubs the card that he had in his hand. Once he does that, he touches the cop with both hands. "This will heal him, and get him back on his feet. But I am going to need at least 2 minutes to work, please."

Well that will be easier said than done, but hopefully the cops and X are up for the job. Reader himself just starts to talking, "Just focus on anything that you can. I am sorry but the healing will not stop the pain right away. But focus on your family, or anything that you have to."

Forey himself just sits there watching over Reader. When some other cops may get a little too close they get a cautionary growl, just in case they are trying something.

The cops are retreating, some of them got burned, one went flying when the car he was using as covered exploded and is obviously badly injured. Nate runs to try to help him, glaring at the redheaded pyromaniac. Unfortunately with his telepathy shut down by the technovirus his glare doesn't have its usual effect.

Said maniac - who goes by the name of Solarr (yes, with double r) while robbing banks, running drugs or attending Brotherhood parties. Seems quite pleased with himself until the moment he sees Laura jumping over burning cars and then jumping at him, claws out. "The fuck? Idiot kid, burn!" He dodges right, tossing a fireball on the brunette's way. He is quick, but not as quick as to prevent those claws nicking him. He yelps, trying to put some distance between his person and the clawed girl. Burning girl, he expects.

Idiot kid? More like idiot villain.

Not that those words leave X-23's mouth, no, instead, all she can do is offer a faint grunt as that fireball is tossed at her. While she's committed to her particular pounce and can't exactly swing out of the way, she can at least, make herself smaller. With a quick tuck and flip, the assassin adds a somersault to that leap and claw and manages to avoid the majority of her person being burnt. That doesn't stop a pained grunt from leaving her, when the fireball skims along her arm and side, but, instead of third degree burns, Laura now only has second.

And a ruined jacket and shirt. Possibly some damage to her black jeans too.

Either way, the clone will tumble to the ground, before she rolls right back up to her feet. Her claws (damaged arm and all) are once more held out before her. There's only the slightest tremor to her arm, as the blank faced, black-haired woman begins to move towards Solarr.

Reader was trying to be nice and heal the cop, he didn't care either way about the guy trying to rob the place honestly. But then he heard his dog let out a whine, and he smelled burning dog hair. Rule one in Reader's book, don't mess with Forey, ever. Of course he is as well, but that doesn't matter really, just the dog. Instinct takes over and Reader reaches for another card, 'FREEZE'. Anyone any anything within 200 yards of Reader will now be frozen in time.

Of course he has to take care of the important thing first. Reader himself rolls on the ground, putting out the own fire that was on him. Luckily Inhumans are made from tougher stuff than normal humans. Touching the dog, he gets Forey unfrozen, and uses his last read to 'Heal' the dog as best as he can now. "I know it's not perfect boy, but after some rest I will take care of you again. Now where is the other that we heard?"

Forey once again leads Reader, this time towards where X was walking towards Solarr. He reaches out and does a slight touch towards her arm, which will unfreeze her from time as well, "I estimate you have another minute before this wears off. Do whatever you want to him,"

Freezing, the bane of every pyretic! Well, in this case it could ruin the day of most super-villains, since it is a literal time freeze. Nothing is moving, not even the flames. People outside the radius of effect are gesturing pointing. Some things still cause amazement even in Mutant Town.

Frozen in time. Mid run - At that touch from Reader, Laura's form suddenly moves, a step or two forward before the slim assassin gets her bearings. The seemingly frozen state of those nearest is noticed which causes the young woman to whirl about.

Her claws will be extended towards Reader and Forey and while she was just about to ask a question, those words pause when the man speaks. Her nostrils will flare slightly as she takes in the scent from both him and his dog, a question being stated even as she flicks a quick look towards Nate. "You caused this." Her words are flat and devoid of most emotional cues, as her gaze continues to move from Nate to the police and finally Solarr.

"I do not need a minute." And with one last look to Reader, the slim assassin will now move quickly to Solarr.

A quick and efficient leg sweep will be used to knock the pyro down, before she strips his trench-coat from him. The trench-coat will then be quickly shredded into strips and used to hog-tie the would be villain's wrists and ankles together.

There is a nod toward her, when she says her line, "I did. It worked to end it, before anyone else got hurt. And he hurt my dog, he deserves everything that will happen now." He lets her do her thing at that and listens to what she is doing. "If you know anyone that is in the area that are frozen I can unfreeze them for you. Or it will wear off soon anyway." Yup still trying to be a nice guy and stuff like that.

He looks down at where the dog is, "So Forey, after this I need to find a place to rest so we can get you fixed up better." There are no other comments from the guy, even though he so wants to tell Laura she should have hurt the fire type person.

Nate is also frozen there, in the middle of doing some emergency first aid to an injured cop. Then time restarts, Solarr hits the concrete hard, head fist, and is out cold, as well as all tied up. The other policemen regroup, putting off the fire on their college, calling ambulances and bringing fire extinguishers to try to smoother the flames before more police cruisers explode.

Typical day in mutant town. Very few of the mutant residents come to help. Most seem to be munching popcorn, figuratively speaking. No one bothers Laura and Reader if they want to sneak out.

When time restarts for everyone, Laura will make certain Solarr stays down after he hits the ground. Once she makes certain he's down for the count, the dark-haired woman will turn towards Reader and his dog. She'll give the other man a searching look again, as she considers what to say to the man.

It's only after he speaks to his dog that Laura will say. "We should leave." Again, her words are in that flat tone of voice, devoid of emotion as she turns her gaze towards Nate now. "You can come with us, if you need a place to stay." She'll add on an impulse (which is saying a lot for Laura) and when she turns her gaze back to Reader and Forey, her eyes are more on the dog than the man.

"Come." She commands and with a step away from the two, she'll start to head back towards Nate.

Reader will of course leave, and he'll follow Laura and Nate. Hey it's a long way back to Westchester where he's currently crashing after all. They hopefully have someplace closer. Just some sleep and then he can totally take care of Forey, the important things in life. He follows along and just says a few simple words, "Thank you, from both of us."

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