Ghost Tag

February 20, 2017:

Kitty and Peter chance upon someone else who can phase… and who is unfamiliar with rocket boots. Juno makes a faux pas.

Deserted Industrial Area, Gotham


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Fade In…

The gem experiments have been done by Kitty and Peter, however, they also tend to get interrupted for various reasons. The last one involved Jessica Jones, a lot of liquor and a bottle lube. After that, it was an unspoken agreement to pause on the experimentation for a little while. Now, though, Peter and Kitty find themselves in a shadier part of Gotham, one of the parts that is abandoned except for warehouses and a few factories. It's as good a place as any to try and hide from strange magic demons and also make sure that the magic of the gem isn't being effect by the magic of Shadowcrest Manor when she phases.

Right down an alleyway, Kitty holds the gem in her hand and stands next to Peter, frowning. "I think this is just going to do what it always does." Kitty frowns. "Magic does weird things to my phasing. Just—-catch it, okay? I don't want it bouncing all over the place and then us losing it because we were trying some things out."

Despite her misgivings, she sighs and slowly starts pushing her hand through the wall. The gem stays pressed against the wall, despite her hand going through it. Then, frowning, she backs up and then takes a running leap right through the brick and fully into the abandoned building inside. The gem - as expected - does not make the trip with her, instead bouncing off the wall with a crystalline ping and flies backward.

Peter is kinda used to the run down nature of the bad part of Gotham. It reminds him of Nowhere. He liked Nowhere. But he supposes that this place is better than an Asgardian jail. Espicially since he can watch Kitty throw herself face-first at walls here. Which is kinda funny to be honest. "Yeah yeah, catch the gem." He had replied almost negligantly when she said anything about it. In one hand is a gigantic drink from one of the local corner stores. Which he is finished with judging from the screaching notes produced by his straw as he tries to suck the dregs out of it.

What he wasn't expecting though was for the gem to hit the wall and then go /flying/ like that. "Hey woah now!" And Peter jerks up, loosing whatever is left of his drink in a tumble of ice and styrofoam. He makes a perfectly decent grab for the gem though, finging curling round it just as he realises…

…whelp. Gravity hates you.

There is a /whump/ as he lands on his shoulder, dust flying up as he shouts at the blank wall. "Warn me next time!"

Experimentation can be scary. But when it brings results, can the good of it be denied?

Yes, if someone ends up in the hospital and has a very embarrassing story to tell later.

The thing about abandoned buildings, however, is that they're supposed to be a fairly known quantity. A building. Abandoned, as in 'nobody using them'. This building has the first part down just fine - it /is/ a building - but the abandoned part doesn't seem to be going so well.

There's a girl inside of it, sitting on a dusty countertop, drinking from a Capri-Sun and swinging her legs in the air. She's wearing a hooded sweatshirt, jeans, and sneakers, and the hood is down to expose her black ponytail and pale face.

Juno Hart watches fingers wiggle through the wall, and then an entire person comes through afterward.

She grins, wide and white in the darkness.

Jumps off of the counter, still grinning at Kitty-

-sprints towards her, one arm outstretched, the Capri-Sun abandoned in mid-sip-

-TAGS her right on the shoulder with and open palm, and ghosts right through the wall Kitty just came out of with a fearsome battle cry of, "Teg! Ty eto!"

Peter will be treated to the encouraging sight of someone who is not Kitty Pryde coming back out through the wall, laughing and whooping, only to cut a sharp corner and disappear down an empty alley.

Kitty rolls her eyes at Peter before she goes running through the wall. It's not just the way he's annoyingly finishing his drink, but his statement. That eye roll should be warning enough, right? For whatever reason, she trusts him to catch the gem - or at least not just let it fall to the ground while watching and leaps right through the wall.

Immediately, she's surprised. There's something in this building? There's a girl sitting there? Was she waiting for them? What in the world is happening? Startled, Kitty blinks a few times at Juno. "Hey!" she greets. It's hard to tell if it's friendly, surprised or accusatory. Really, it's a mixture of all these things. She and Peter are here to practice away from people and yet they just found someone. Someone who can—-tag?? Who can phase? What??

As Juno runs through the wall that she just came through, she blinks a few moments. What is going on! A part of her wonders if she should just stand here for a few moments. The other needs to figure out who this woman is and what she's doing here. Immediately following Juno out the wall, she glances at Peter, "Did you see that girl?? Where did she go??"

Peter was totally going to suprise Kitty when she phased back though the wall. He had some amazing idea in his head. It involved a pie. And a jar of honey. And a dollar store demon mask that he was just about to pull out of the knapsack that he had brought with him. However when there is a sudden laughing coming from the other side of the wall he stops to peer at it.

Then someone elses voice.

And then someone comes though the wall that is totally not Kitty. But she looks like she's having a good time.

"Er. Hi?" He gives a little wave, silver chain that the gem is attached too jingling softly.

And then the strange girl is gone again. Down and empty alley.

"What the hell was…"

Kitty comes bursting out as well and imeadeatly starts shouting questions. Like she does. "No," He deadpans. "I totally missed Hoodiegirl running right by me." A beatpause. "Down the alley that way." He adds as he jerks his thumb in the direction. "I'm gonna take it you don't know her?"

A longer pause.

"Totally going to chase her arn't you?"

Another ghost! How exciting is that?!

Juno tears around a corner, sneakers pounding the asphalt, the comforting weight of her weapons exerting gentle pressure at their designated points on her body. Plus she had a sweet drink that tasted sort of like fruit! It was way better than the reconstituted 'juice beverage' that Kindergarten served.

She steps over a man on the way out of the building. She thinks he said hello, but she was going too fast to stop and check.

That's okay though, the whole point of tag is for other people to chase you, right? So he and the other ghost should be coming to find her any time now.

Juno waits at the end of the alley, dancing from one foot to the other, waiting for Peter and Kitty to round the corner and spot her.

And when they do, she grins and dashes right through the wall behind her, into a (thankfully empty) kitchen.

Of course Peter was going to scare Kitty with pies, honey and a scary mask. He would - most likely - be unpleasantly surprised himself when she attacked him with her impressive fighting skills that she breaks out when startled or scared.

"There's some mystery woman in an abandoned warehouse that can phase, Peter!" she replies quickly, already through the wall and glancing this way and that. "Of course I'm going to chase her!" What if she's a mutant? There's another mutant that can phase? She wants to know more. "Are you coming?"

Whether Peter is or not, she's off in the direction that he pointed, running at full speed. She's no marathon runner, but she's athletic and has X-Men training. It doesn't take long for Kitty to catch up to and spot Juno. As soon as her target runs through the wall, so does she. So, this will make it a little harder for Peter to follow them. "Wait!" she calls out. "Who are you?!"

"Oh yeah, I'll just follow you. Though the walls. I mean its not like I can't PHASE or anything!" Peter fires right back…and Kitty just goes running off anyway. He pauses there for a moment in a unfamiliar moment of indicision before he finally just sighs.

"Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan." His annoyed battlecry echoing as he gives what seems to be a full body shrug and then takes off after the pair of them. He /can't/ go though walls so yes, this makes it more difficult.

But difficult has never stopped him.

So he finds a window, thankfully missing the glass and hups himself right over, shooting though the opening feet first in a somewhat impressive moment of athletics.


I mean he's not trying to impress anyone.

At all.

"You know!" His shout going though both walls. "This is difficult when you arn't a ghost Hoodiegirl! Or a ghost Kitten!"

C'mon c'mon c'mon c'mon! Juno waits in the kitchen long enough to ensure that Kitty is following her - she doesn't recognize the other girl from her Kindergarten class, but she knows that her place of origin was hardly the only supplier of assassins in the former Soviet Union.

She's waiting on top of a prep table, sneakers definitely not health-department-approved, when Kitty comes running through the wall, with her thumbs hooked into the hip pockets of her jeans and her entire body bouncing with barely-suppressed energy. "I'm Juno," she chirps in slightly-accented English. "Who are you?"

And, when Peter comes through a window and not the wall, she has to assume that he is /not/ a ghost and she is going to have to adjust her tag strategy if she wants this to be fun for everybody.

Surprisingly, Juno is fairly generous for a trained murderer. Who knew?

"You've got legs, right?" Kitty calls back over her shoulder with a smirk. Despite the urgency to figure out who this woman is, she can't help but have a little fun at this. Especially as this is kind of at Peter's expense. She knows that he'll find a way through to where they are.

Though Peter most likely can't hear her laugh at his yell, she does do that before focusing her attention on the girl int he kitchen in front of her. She watches the assassin in front of her bounce with restrained energy. "I'm Kitty." Her head tilts. "Are you a mutant, too?" She hasn't seen anyone else that is able to phase like she can.

Using the talking, she moves a few steps forward to try and get closer to Juno. She's never seen the woman before and is both curious and suspicious of her.

Peter lands with a thump, sticks the landing, holds up his arms and…realises that there really isn't anyone around to appriciate his awesomeness. He sighs slightly before he shakes his head and moves to find a new door. A door that he shoulders open to find…

…Hoodiegirl on the table.

The man just smirks, she has a lot of energy thats for sure. "Oh no," He drawls. "Don't stop running on my account. I'll just cheat to catch up if I have too." He is amused drawl filled with narry a drop of suspicion. This is his first year on Terra. This could be a common thing!

If there is anything he has learned in his time here its that Terra is a /really/ strange place.

"I'm Peter Quill by the way," A flashed smirk. "People call me Star-lord."


Mutant? Juno knows what those are! (She was told.)

If 'Kitty' is a mutant then that means she is /not/ part of Kindergarten, and Juno was right to just give her name and no more. The black-haired girl shakes her head, beads clicking softly in her hair. "No." What kind of person can ghost without being augmented? Is that a mutant power? "I thought that mutants were all eye lasers and lightning and things like that! Not being a ghost—"

She shifts about twelve degrees to the right to cover Peter as he barrels through the swinging door. Oh, he found them after all!

And he says people call him Star-lord. Juno gives him a long, thoughtful, appraising look with those bright blue eyes. "…No they don't," she decides, beaming like she's in on the joke.

Ah, good! Kitty is following her, even if it's kind of slowly. Juno doesn't look behind her, just phases backwards through a rack of pots and pans to hop down onto the tiled floor, putting the prep table between herself and the other two. "What is he?" she asks, gesturing at Peter with a thumb but addressing Kitty. Rude!

He can hear the eyeroll and soon see it as he introduces himself to Juno. Kitty grins at Peter as he comes through the door. "We didn't," she assures him, cheerfully. "And feel free to cheat." She and Juno have a bit of a cheat of their own. And this time, it seems as if it might be more fun to bring Peter into the game in a different way.

As Juno tells her that she's not a mutant, she frowns. Maybe she's an Inhuman? Something else? It's odd. "Really?" she's certainly more curious now. "Huh. I see." She doesn't even know that Juno is ruling her out of her own possibilities. Of course, that does make some sense. There's a very clear and easy way to get into Kitty's good graces. At Juno's retort that they don't call him Star-Lord, she laughs again. Whoever this woman is, she likes her.

"What's he?" While Juno might not know the smirk on Kitty's face right now, Peter might have a small fraction of forewarning. Then, she smacks him - a little hard - right on his chest and grins. "He's it!" And then she's running forward, right through the wall, hoping Juno will take her lead and follow.

"They totally do!" Peter protests as he frowns towards the both of them. "Just not people from around here!" This statement is entirely true. Though some people around here do call him that. And he is very happy when they do.

And then he continues to be talked about.

"Oh my god come on, I'm right here!" He calls out just before he finds himself smacked. He staggers just slightly for a moment and then. "I'm it?" A pause. "Wait. Seriously?! What are you Kitten? FIVE?!" But she's already off though a wall even as he reaches up to activate his armor. Faceplate extending. Red optics gleaming in the half-light of the kitchen.

"Well. I guess I'm it." He adds after a moment before lunging for Juno's feet to try to manage a tag.

He's played this game before, and no one is actually trying to eat him if he looses. So you know, thats a bonus.

Nobody's going to eat you if you lose!

/That you know of, Peter Quill./

And when Kitty tags Peter and runs for it, Juno ghosts right through his attempt to make HER be it, jumping for good measure, only to land on his shoulders and use /those/ to launch herself for the pot rack. Hanging from it like a chandelier, the closeness of the prep table doesn't slow her down as she swings /through/ it and lets go, tumbling through the very same wall after Kitty!

"He has to touch us to make us It, right?" she calls after the brunette ninja, because she's never done this with somebody who couldn't ghost, which means the rules are necessarily different.

"I haven't heard anyone call you Star-Lord in the entire time I've known you," Kitty argues with Peter. It's true. It's only ever been 'Quill' or 'Peter' or various versions of making fun of his Space Name. "Only you have."

But, then, she's called him It and she's not about to take that back. She tosses him a grin and a laugh. She doesn't have time to explain that she was It first and is just passing it along. She doesn't mind if Peter thinks she's being juvenile because she's seen him in similar situations. Plus, this is fun!

Through the wall she goes! The best way to get away from him is to take a corner, phase through a building and lose him. Of course, she kind of doesn't want to lose her newfound phasing mystery buddy. She waits for just a moment at the end of the street until she sees Juno's hoodie. "Yup! He has to grab us!" Then, she phases into the factory nearby, hoping that will help lose Peter.

"Well I havn't gone to Xandar or any other planet since you've known me! Thats why!" Peter shouts after her as she dissipears though a wall. Then suddenly he has a Hoodiegirl on his shoulders. "…you're a fast one." He mutters as he attempts to latch onto her ankles. He misses by /that/ much as she swings from a pot rack and then goes tumbling though a wall.

"…well. This really makes the game pretty difficult." He mutters to himself as they both dissipear from view.

He's moving then, his armor tracking air distortions, thermal energy and a host of other things as he tracks the progress of the pair of ghosts.

He makes it onto the street as he leaps though a boarded up window, leading with his feet to smash the wood apart and land with a grin behind his mask.

And then they dash into a factory. Zip. Zip. Phased.

"This is so totally not fair." He mutters before a plan starts to form and his grin returns. His dashes towards the factory, but not towards the main door but towards the fire escape.

He needs a better angle on the ghosts.

To be perfectly fair, it's important to have a name that you call yourself, one that belongs to you. It can be given to you, or it can be chosen by you. Juno is Juno because she liked the sound of who that might be.

She hits the ground running, sneakers eating the asphalt underneath her as she flies after Kitty. The other girl won't have to wait long - Juno runs fast. "Okay!"

Inside the factory, it's mostly dark. Juno immediately likes it. "Let's split up!" she suggests in a stage whisper, still grinning like this is the most fun she's ever had in her life. "He can't catch both of us, right?"

Quill, trailing behind but still in sight, might spot a discrepancy between Juno and Kitty on his readouts - specifically, when they each phase.

If it were easy, then it wouldn't be any fun! If she could hear Peter right now, she would laugh. It's so much fun to make Peter's life more difficult.

Kitty is through the factory and stops just in time for Juno to make a suggestion. Hmm. She does wish to get more information out of Juno, but this is also a game. She doesn't want Peter to win it, of course. "Right! You'll find me so we can talk after, right?" Because she's already assuming that they'll win. Of course they will!

"Alright, split!" And then she turns on her heel and goes running. Peter will have to choose who he's going to chase after, if he can tell who is who in his readout. She's not sure where Juno is headed for, but she goes straight through to the opposite side of the factory and will keep running through the next building.

Now isn't this intresting.

Entirely different phasing methods.

It makes tracking the pair fairly easy for Peter, gaze flickering between Juno and Kitty as they split up and make their dash for victory. He pounds up to the roof as they run, dashing and tumbling though the debris ontop of the factory as they split. A quick decision has him going for Kitty.

Not because he likes her or anything.

Its because he /knows/ he has a slight tactical advantage over her. He has the gem. If he can just get close enough…

He has no idea just how that gem will work with Juno but with Kitty it is a known quality. At the edge of the building he doesn't even pause. Recklessly he leaps towards the next building in line. Keeping an eye on the both of them as he tumbles to absorb the landing, his head flicking to the left and right with short movements he makes it to where he wants to be and…

If Juno hits the street she might notice an odd sound. Like a rocket going off. A flash of light from the building that Kitty ran into.

Kitty on the other hand would have a front row seat and Star-lord uses those rocket boots of his to rush though a skylight in the factory and barrel towards her. A quick jerk of his hand sends the gem flying towards her.


And then? Well he'll try to catch /her/. He has enough sense at least to angle his legs just enough so its not a rocket-assisted tackle he's aiming at her. More that he's skating across the factory floor on said rockets.

He isn't a ghost but the man /can/ fly.

"Yes, yes!" She may or may not, but Kitty doesn't need to know that. Juno probably isn't supposed to be doing half of the things she's doing lately, but she wasn't explicitly told to /not/ have crazy fun phasing races or play tag with other ghosts and their space friends either.

Juno gives Kitty a thumbs-up before the other girl dashes off for the opposite side of the factory. She'll have to keep track of Peter by sound.

…Fortunately it doesn't seem like that's going to be too difficult.

Well, she was /going/ to hide in that giant sealed vat with a label she can't read, but since the action seems to be outside…! Juno swings around a support beam to redirect her momentum and barrels for the wall that Kitty went through.

She can't let her new ghost friend get rocketed or missiled or whatever!! She thought those two were friends!!!

Which is why, as Peter skates across the floor toward Kitty, aiming to catch her, Juno flies out of the side of the building, skids to a stop on the ground, and levels a small pistol at the man's back.

"YOU SHOULDN'T THROW THAT!!!" Kitty yells at Peter as she hears the rocket boots behind her and hears his yell. She knows exactly what he's tossing at her. It's the thing that will help him win, because he can tackle her without worrying about him phasing through her. There's a part of her that debates just letting the gem fly through her - if it even will. Who knows what that gem can do when it's not actually touching her and she phases.

She stops just to try and snag the gem out of the air, but that's when Juno pops up right behind Peter with a gun. Wait! She thought this was all fun and games! Juno was her new phasing friend! The hand reaching up for the gem instead reaches out to grab Peter and yank him forward away from Juno and phasing him with her.

Behind them, she hears the gem pinging about on the ground. She winces. That's not good. They'll have to find that once this is taken care of. "Woah! Juno! Stop! Don't point that at him! I thought this was a game!! Why do you have a gun? This is-" she looks at Peter. What is he? "-He's not a threat!"

He knew that was gonna work! He knew it! Weak point he found you!

Peter is so busy being proud of himself that he is quite confused when he suddenly finds himself grabbed and phased both. "What woah! Don't over balance!" He calls as she yanks on him. One foot goes just far enough up to propell them along the ground towards a wall. He does as least manage to turn them off before they phase right though said wall. Though there is some skidding involved.

They might end up in the floor. He doesn't know how phasing works.

He opens one eye and peers around Kitty towards the girl with the gun. He doesn't really seem overly concerned. A headtilt. A thoughtful look. Then slow recongnition.

He raises one leg to waggle a foot at her. "Rocket boots. Not a weapon. Just a fun thing." He calls as the armored piece retracts from his face to reveal a lopsided smirk.

what is the thing what is the thing what is the thing it was thrown will it explode why is it shiny red why is it

Juno's face is nearly blank, no outrage or sorrow or fear. Maybe, maybe, a trace of something like worry. But no uncertainty, no hesitation. She just needs to see, because she can't fire without knowing for sure, because 'Star-Lord' is not a target assigned to her so she has to use her own judgement and that, that is something Juno can't help but second-guess.

And she is so, so glad that she waited, that she waited to really /see/, because Kitty doesn't look like she's in danger.

Juno isn't /great/ at knowing what other people are thinking, but she knows the face of someone trying to protect someone else.

Her finger immediately leaves the trigger, resting instead on the guard, and she lowers the gun swiftly to point at the ground beneath her feet. "I— I thought he—" Now there's a trace of emotion on her face. Some faint expression, eyes wide and cheeks pale. "I thought he is going to hurt you."

She stares at Peter (who honestly just scored a few points with her for being Cool While Being Gunpointed At), and at his 'rocket boots' and at Kitty in turn. She's not even going to think about the weird red-eyed mask, because at least she has seen masks before!! "I'm…" Sorry.

Luckily, Peter and Kitty don't go careening through the wall. However, unluckily, they go tumbling again. It seems a theme with when Peter and Kitty phasing. "This is your fault!" she accuses as the collapse backwards. Part of their legs go right through the ground, but she holds onto Peter and then onto the ground with a hand. It might be mental, but putting a hand on something tends to make it easier to not fall through.

Then, she pushes them up until they're above ground and allows them to go solid once Juno's finger leaves the trigger of the gun and points it toward the ground. While she's not angry or upset at Juno, she's puzzled. Why did she think Peter was attacking her? She thought this was a game. However, she also sees the expression on Juno's face, when she realizes her mistake.

"I mean, Peter's a jerk, but he's yet to physically attack me." A hand remains absently held onto his arm that she grabbed on to phase him. She studies Juno. "It's okay. No one's hurt."

"Yeah, its fine." Peter replies as he can feel solid again. He steps on the ground a few times to make sure he's not going to fall though. Then he'll go collect that gem he threw. Seemingly unworried about the girl with the gun. "I'm totally a jerk." He agrees with a grin. "And I just have a thing about people wanting to point weapons at me."

He dusts off the gem and lobs it easily towards Kitty, its obviously some kind of necklace. "I mean lets see…my current crew…one of them stuffed me in a bag, and the other one shot me in the back with a stun launcher. And now we are great friends."

A glance at Kitty.

"It was totally a misunderstanding. Rocket, Groot, and I sorted it out pretty quick." Totally. Just a misunderstanding.

"Naw, I'm not going to hurt her. Really she attacks me though all the time. I mean /how/ many times have you slapped me when I havn't even done anything wrong?"

The pistol is small. Juno likes it because it fits well in her hand and can be easily hidden. Some people prefer bigger weapons, to show that they are dangerous, but Juno knows that the tiniest weapon can kill a human instantly as long as it's used properly.

It's not the idea of killing Peter Quill that upset her, not exactly. It's the idea of being wrong.

"I heard the noise," she tries to explain, looking down at her weapon. She clicks the safety back on, checks the slide, and hides the whole thing away again at her waistband. She's trying to buy time to think of what to say.

In the end, she only wants to ask a question. She looks back up at them, fingers fidgeting with the hem of her hooded sweatshirt. "…In a bag?"

As Peter pulls away, Kitty lets her hand drop from his arm to her side. There's a roll of her eyes. "That was supposed to be an insult," she lets him know. But, he won't even be insulted right. That's the way of Peter Quill.

Reaching up, she grabs the gem out of the air with both hands and then clasps it there. "What did I just say about throwing that!" she chides him. "We don't know if it'll break." She's heard the story about Rocket and Groot, though she still finds it hard to believe. "Yeah, most of Peter's friends he got through violence. And I slap you when you deserve it!" Or, at least, when she thinks he deserves it.

Despite the warmness that she easily injects back into the conversation after she was worried about Juno shooting Peter, she still watches the phasing woman in front of her. It's not exactly a wary look that she gives her, instead it is a steady and curious one. Who is she? If she's not a mutant, how can she phase like she does?

As she asks the question about the bag, she gives a soft laugh. "If you'd like to try and fit Peter in a bag, I won't stop you."

"Well Rocket and Groot, my friends. They were bounty hunters at the time. And there /was/ a bounty on my head at the time. So I guess I can't blame em much." Peter pauses as he looks back and forth between the pair of them. "It was a very big sack and Groot is a very big tree."

Peter seems entirely relaxed, going so far as to make a face and stick out his tounge at Kitty as she turns to look at Juno. Payback for the comment about him needing to be slapped! He never deserves it!

At least he thinks so.

"I'd rather not be bagged! Happened once, never doing it again! One time happening there. Don't make me go flying again. Besides…" He glances out of the side of his eye towards Kitty. "…I think we are all missing the most important thing about this conversation right now."

Oh. So it's not explosive. That's both of Juno's immediate worries taken care of.

Now to try to explain herself in a way that won't get her arrested and/or deported.

And to think really, really hard about how much she wants to try to fit Peter Quill into a bag. Juno wonders what kind of bag it was. That surely had something to do with the success rate. He seems like the sort of person she would need at /least/ a lawn and leaf bag for. She may be staring a little bit.

Bounty hunter. She knows what those are. "Why was there a bounty on your head?" Juno asks eventually, when nobody seems very interested in retaliating for having a gun pointed at them. It's heartening, though, to realize that nobody seems to be mad at her!

Maybe it's not such a big deal. After all, there are guns and shootouts on TV all the time but her handler had told her that it was 'dramatized'…

"Um… what thing?"

Sighing, Kitty shakes her head t Peter with a grin at the stuck out tongue. That's not something she minds. It means she's basically won because he didn't have a verbal come back.

"Actually, he's never said why he had a bounty on his head." She glances at him with a raised eyebrow. "Something about a stone." And this is now about a gem. There's a lot of strange things that tend to happen around Peter Quill and stones, it seems.

Kitty is not mad at Juno for pulling a gun on Peter. She's dealt with quite a few issues and people who have different problems. She's more curious than angry, especially as it seems like she only pulled a gun on Peter after she worried about Kitty's safety. Being a member of the X-Men, she's seen a bunch things.

After a moment, she looks at Peter, brow creased as he says they're forgetting something. They are, aren't they? Then, realization dawns, just a moment too late. "Wait—!" she reaches forward quickly to try and snag him.

"Oh I went and fenced a source of ultimate destruction instead of giving it to the leader of the Reavers." Peter shrugs slightly like its no big deal. "We worked it out later."

…before he stole it again of course…

But thats why Yondu is proud of him. He thinks like a true Reaver.

His eyes twinkle though as Kitty realises what is happening, just a split-second too late. His rockets rip into life as he skitters back from her grasping hand. "You're it!" He sing-songs at Kitty with a grin before he turns off the jets and spins for the nearest door.

It doesn't… seem to have been as big a faux pas as she thought. Oh. Okay. …Okay!

Juno's smile comes back, though it might still be a hair dimmer than before. No worries though - soon it will be right back to megawatt power.

"A stone…?" she echoes, head tilting a few degrees to the side, eyes wide. Comprehension dawns across her face. "Ohhhhhhh." No wonder he had a price on his head! Reavers sound bad. Juno resolves to research them a bit, maybe, after Center City and just what Twinkies really are made of. Nothing natural can be that yellow!!

The rocket sound comes again, but this time Juno knows what it is. The pistol stays safely hidden away. Progress, you guys!!!

And the instant Peter calls TAG, Juno spins on her heel and starts sprinting toward the wall. She's very, very good at hiding! She's not going to be It if she can help it.

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