Brooklyn, Interrupted

February 19, 2017:

Brooklyn's nightlife gets an introduction to Nuhumans in training!

//Brooklyn - New York City //

One of the most famous of boroughs, Brooklyn is a cluster of small towns
in a big town. When night falls in the good weather, in the more 'city'
area, apartment stoops are pulled up and mothers chat with other mothers
while the kids play in the streets under the block's watchful eye. Gossip
abounds, and there is a spirit that seems to transcend all- when one grows
up in Brooklyn, one is never truly far from home.

Traffic on the street is heavy at times, pedestrian traffic even more so.
There is a lot to see when one gets away from the residential areas. Stores
of all ethnic variety serve their populations be it Russian or Ukrainian,
African American, Hispanic, Italian, Polish, or Orthodox or Ultra Orthodox
Jew; whatever one wants, it's easily obtainable.

Northern Brooklyn is closest to the vital economic engine that is Manhattan
and has benefited a lot from the ongoing prosperity there. Bedford,
Brunswick, Cadman Plaza and the like are the site of a number of lovely
public works and important institutions such as the Navy Yard, or the
Botanic Gardens. Business thrives here and the lives of the people, while
busy, tend to be full of plenty.

South Brooklyn is composed primarily of resort style housing and the
attractions for which 'Brooklyn' and 'Coney Island are famous mixed in with
commerce catering to tourists and locals.

Eastern Brooklyn is a lower income, largely African American section of
Brooklyn given over to low income public housing and other cultural
monuments. Crime is a bit higher here and public works slightly less nice,
but all in all it's still a livable place outside of some truly destitute

Central Brooklyn is the melting pot for the many ethnicities and cultures
that call the borough home. For the most part tensions are low and people
get along, though the general process of gentrification taking place all
over the island is causing some resentment among the poorer families feeling
the pinch.


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Fade In…

In Brooklyn late at night lights flicker and beats pulse the sidewalk while Milika… She is trying hard to keep herself collected, and to do so she figured to leave Chicago to come somewhere new and fresh so no one recognized her. Those eyes flicker though, changing with every pulse as the variants hit the streets, with and without cups of alcohol, shouting in variant languages, some even hooking arm with the girl as she draws a bill down over her eyes and face despite being swung around to the rhythm.

But several loops, several turns, several free cups shoved Milika's way and when she hits the ground, no one seemed to notice the flicker of being until then!

From fingers, cords extend into crevices and from one side to the next!! Lights flicker, beats take a tempo and the woman on the sidewalk seems to set a rhythm…

People stop and stare, and in a single motion she rises to her knees, rips the wires free to grip her face in a sudden snap that causes sparks to fly and chaos to reign in screams while the whole block flickers to the beat and starts to thunder!

Really, it's the rhythm that attracts Loopz. She's always on the look out for a new sound. She's enjoying the night, really, away from the club for the moment, but still soaking up the vibe. She considers seeing if she can warp some of that sound off a billboard, but the screams interrupt that thought. "Que pasa?"

She leaps down from the low-rise roof to an emergency exit staircase and slides down towards the ground. Out on the street, she sees the woman people are running from.

"Hey! Hey, chica!" In a flash (not a red and yellow one), she's at the woman's side. "Hey! Cool beat, muchacha, but you're scarin' the audience, eh? You wanna rock this joint, ya gotta play it cool!"

Under bent knees of jeans the concrete vibrates, chips away and those small chunks vibrate and dance long the road, but what comes from the cracks of sidewalk shred her jeans that ride high on waist beneath a crop-top t-shirt with a 50's man pointing, words around him say:
is for losers who don't play video games…'

Or right here, right now!

"Nahiin!" No! Stated as her hands grip her head and her eyes clench closed while the small replicants are already in motion. She rocks back and forth slowly, but the hand from the other woman make her pause, and when her eyes open the irises replicate the lights around them, flickering lights while her hair goes from curly, to frizzy, to straight, to bald, to electrocuted in pulses of the beat the reigns and shake the block!

"I can't! It wont stop! Never stops! It's in my head and out there!" The Hindi/Markovian accent is prevalent as she brings wrists to temples and people now are pausing to watch and piece it all together, walking slow despite the fact that the Bass is about to bring down the block.

"Ok, chica, ok. Lemme see what I can do, 'k?" Loopz looks around. Hero stuff isn't her thing. But, the last three months have been a learning experience and, a good girl at heart, she can empathize with the other woman. She takes off at a run and, as she passes a couple of guys she knows are likely local hoods, pauses long enough to slip the baton out of the pocket of one of them. "Mind if I borrow this, hombre? Gracias." She's off in a blur before he can respond. Then, with the baton and a metal garbage can lid she swipes from across the street, she's back in the midst of the beat the woman's pumping out. "Hey, chica," she says, trying to get her focus. "Send your beat at me, eh? I think I know what to do!" She flexes her wrist and starts imitating the beat on inside of the lid, fashioning it into a poor parabola.

"Tabl?" As the helpful woman comes and goes and that rhythm is beat out upon a movable item instead of into the clubs pulsing an electronic beat of the nights cultural Swedish electronic sound, Milika watches, feel the rhythm beat from the street-play the woman provides and the threads of wires made by replicants retreat and attach to the 'poor parabola' suddenly reforming the illusion into reality. A sight the denizens utter about while one provides the wires the other plays the tune, but instead of inside clubs the street is now the conduit…

Safer even as a flashing neon sign or five hits the ground in spraying sparks!

Laurie was a witch..
Yeah a sneaky li'le bitch..

From wariness to a spread of cheers that make it seem concert worthy some people turn around while others flee.

Brooklyn is now am open show in the streets and traffic not stopped by fallen signs is now halted to watch as 'Loopz's' poor formation flickers to what one inside a club is now stripped of and the curly-haired woman before her just stares on knees.

Fingers start moving though, and those wired "threads" start to lace up and around while the concrete rattles but not at a pace as destructive.

"Ya got it… chica?!"

Small snaps and she is picking herself back up.

Loopz continues the beat on the edge of the reformed parabola, now, as she redirects the sound skyward, attenuating it enough to keep the buildings and windows from shattering. Of course, the way it bounces off the buildings also turns the street into something of an amphitheater. "I got it," she tells the other woman, flashing a grin. "Seriously, sister, we got gifts, you and I. Watch this…" She moves away in a flash, the parabola hovering in the air for a heartbeat before she returns to catch it, a bucket now at her feet, the words 'Rave Donations' scrawled on its side.

"Hey, Brooklyn!" she shouts, casting her voice into the parabola to take advantage of the amplification. "You ready to rock or what?! Let's get this partay started!"

Ghost now stares as her eyes go a pale digitalized blue, and when Loopz returns she smiles, those replicants reforming before her to let the other reign it in, take the 'Loopz' and make them work for them.

"Gift?" Ghost had never thought of it as such, but played like this? She can accept it while people come from the clubs, her withdrawal even pulling the nearby power and redirecting while the replicants redirect power before Loopz and then splay outward with the dancing that has commenced. Turning chaos into a show for two non-heroes in the middle of NYC!

The broken chips removed from the sidewalk suddenly become the lights instead of erosion further lifted, a show that comes with lights and //pulse from one…

Pulse and bass from Loopz.

A wary glance to the other woman for a moment, but then she just deals, and begins her own dance with the others, looping an arm, flipping a peace sign with a broad smile and moving to stand then behind Loopz while Brooklyn has a "moment" and that bucket starts to fill.

No questions, not right now… But damn does she have them.

And, Loopz might answer some of them later. Over a pitcher of beer at an all night club, once the bucket proceeds have been split, of course. "Totally," she says, instead. "We could be the next Dazzler!" Does the other woman even know Dazzler, a performer famous for her light shows. Not, mind, that Loopz has any clue of the power behind the light show. Even if she did, she'd probably only see that as confirmation of their potential.

"You just keep channeling, chica. I'll keep the show going and buy the first round later."

And, indeed, it doesn't take long before the whole street is blocked and traffic is forced to go around. The club owners aren't so happy, of course. But, at least one of them is enterprising enough to sell booze on his patio. 'Cause, you know, if you can't beat 'em…

Join 'em!

The only ones allowed to be pissed are the DJ's who now lose the patronage to what is going on outside when they lost power due to the pull from Ghost who is dancing with those behind Loopz while she play/z/.

It also does not take long for the other clubs to get word of what is going on outside and they all 'pool' in, because if it stops traffic in New York….

It's #worth!

Selfies, videos, grams… They all plug up quickly and get hits, enough so the cabs and 'Luxes' (Ubers) are re-routing or dead-ending.

Ghost looks to Loopz, a question or a thousand there but she just nods and while she 'Tutts' those replicants come in, span out, and provide an addition to a show that could have been a cataclysm for Brooklyn, but instead has become a stream that has these streets flooding #Live!

"Split the rounds, and the room." A small smile, thanks within it while she dances and things settle…
As much as New York can in February during an outdoor impromptu rave!

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