Leaders and Warriors

February 11, 2017:

Ozymandias talks to Wonder Woman about the Justice League future, and his future plans.

The WatchTower

It's larger than a space station has any right to be, with
corridors stretching beyond to labs, to living quarters, to mission critical
systems, to the command center. Wandering through the corridors at all hours
of night and day, techs and scientists.
The most technically advanced space station orbiting Earth,
Watchtower Station is an advanced operational station funded and maintained
by anonymous donors and the UN, and used by the Justice League. This is a
-high- security location.

Current Day: The status of the Watchtower Station is being brought
back to life after a year of being emptied and unused.


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Fade In…

Ozymandias stands at one of the many windows of the WatchTowers that allows people to gaze upon the Earth below. He has his left hand on the glass as he continues to trace the shape of the Earth over the glass. Ozymandias speaks softly to himself, "I always amaze when I see you like this my old friend. How many stories have we shared over the years? Too many..far too many?

Ozymandias pulls his left hand from the window is about to make his way towards the nearest computer terminal.

Diana's footsteps are light as she approaches the old warrior from behind, yet loud enough to be heard and recognized. "Good evening, Ozymandias," she says as she nears polite vocal range. She pauses not far from him, gazing out at the planet below. "It looks deceptively peaceful in this view, doesn't it?"

Ozymandias turns around and immediately pays homage to Diana's lineage and her friendship with a deep a bow of his head as he lifts his head he smiles, "It is peaceful. It is just the creatures roaming around it that are not. It is like that old joke about a bee's nest." Ozymandias continues, "I have found many a peaceful places to found honey, but the bees kept getting away. Trust me, it was amazingly funny when I was young. I also think alcohol was involved whenever the joke was told too.

Ozymandias lets out the window and lets out a frustrated sigh, "I wish I could entertain you again at my home, but the recent and future involvements with my corporation and the League have cause me to take more precautions to maintain my secret identity. I hope you don't mind. I am thinking about bringing my harp here or one my lyres to the Tower. I recently mastered some from the Russian Opera, Rusalka. I am dying to share them with someone, instead of just changing the elevator music at many businesses.

Ozymandias taps his left foot a couple of times, "But, I digress. The reason I wanted to speak to you. It s about the changes in the Justice League."

Diana listens patiently, her posture relaxed. She smiles some at his reminiscences, and even offers a soft chuckle. "My home has jokes that don't translate well into American idioms, too," she admits. "But sometimes I think that's a good thing. You are more than welcome to bring a harp up here, Ozymandias. I would welcome it, certainly."

As he becomes more serious, however, so does she. She gestures to a bench sat near the window to enable more protracted viewing. "Shall we sit to discuss, or do you prefer we continue to stand?"

"Sometimes, I think I have stood so many watches over my lifetime that my natural state of being is standing, but I still pinch myself at the thought of me working with you. Myths, legends, and reality are one of the many things that I found fascinating about my life. Some things I thought real, then I believe to be myths, then turn to be true. It is a beautiful thing. "

Ozymandias walks over to the bench and sits on the bench, "So a long story short, I am always deeply honor to sit or fight next with you, Diana. Ozymandias sits down a taps his left foot again, "Thank you and the rest of the Justice League for helping me with Ma'at and Apep. I hate to see others risk their lives for me. I have been with the League a lot longer that I thought I was going to be; in fact, I thought joining the Avengers when I first join. I just got caught in the wake of the Justice League joining the Avengers, and when then Avengers left I stayed with the Justice League. No one ever told me that the a lot of Avengers had connections with Shield.

Ozymandias furrows his brows, "Since that time, I have helped with personnel, even when we lost the Tower. I provided people for the Justice League Network. Now, that will are up and running at strength that I have never seen, what is your vision of the League? More importantly, how will you please your many generals.

Ozymandias peers at the Earth. "Alexander's failure was not that he had global ambitions. It was that he believed that everyone else could see the world in such a grand scale. The inner workings of a group, even one that's cause can be hard to balance.

iana joins Ozymandias on the bench and regards him while he speaks. Then, she looks out at the blue, green, and brown planet suspended before them and gives a softly wry smile. "I set before us a difficult task," she tells her friend. "Not just because of the disparate people I seek to join together toward a common goal, but because of the goal itself." Her hands rest on her knees and she is bent slightly forward, though not greatly so. She looks back at him and smiles again, though the seriousness does not leave her eyes. "What motivated me to act was the injustices I saw being committed — by many different factions, but particularly within the bureaucracies that had taken charge of many of the things we used to attend. When Batman, Superman, and I founded the Justice League so many years ago, it was focussed on America and, to some degree, the American way." Certainly, that was Superman's contribution to it, though she doesn't say anything in a way that casts blame or doubt. "Truth and Justice, yes. But also a certain way of doing things. That made it easy for us to partner with organizations like SHIELD and various government agencies when required. After witnessing what Apocalypse has done and participating more fully in the UN as an ambassador for my people, I believe we should be more widely focussed on the world as a whole, rather than one country, no matter how powerful and influential it is. We need to fight for Truth and Justice still, yes. But, we need also to defend all the peoples of Earth, not just the ones the current American administration favours."

She tilts her head to one side, returning her gaze to the window as her brows rise and fall something like a shrug. "As for pleasing all my generals? I don't know that I will. I don't know that I can. I do know that we must be constantly vigilant to act with integrity and openness, for the greater good and not for the betterment of ourselves or even our own interests. That will be difficult. Even I must remain watchful that I don't put more emphasis than is proper on my own people and that I don't allow myself to become some sort of potentate. That is not my intention at all. My intention is to forge us back into a force for good, for the defense of Truth, Justice, and All the Peoples of the Earth. As to how that is done…"

she gives him that softly wry smile again and her hands lift, palms open. "I'm praying Athena grants me the wisdom I shall need in each moment to see it done well — as well as any of us can, at least." She shakes her head, letting her hands fall. "We, none of us, are perfect, Ozymandias — as you well know, I know. We will make mistakes. I will make mistakes. It is human nature, and we are all human still." Except for the aliens, but they still come under the same general umbrella. "Indeed, mistakes have already been made. The best I can hope is that we each learn from them and rise up wiser for the lesson."

"You always show your wisdom by stating that you do not have all the answers. Is a lesson that all of your people have learned, or you just as special to them as you are to us." Ozymandias tilts his head towards his shoulders as ponders the thought. Underneath his left eyebrow behind his mask, "I am far from perfect, Diana. There are very few people that have dwell on this Earth that are in such a state of imperfection as me. Forever good deed, I have done, there are other deeds that are greyer or just black that are attached to me. Ozymandias peers around the WatchTower and sighs, "Even this Justice League, hundreds of years from now can be something different and darker. It seems it is the nature of time. You ask me last time, why do I bother with having a corporation. The Sphinx asked me the same thing, but more to mock me.

Behind his misk, Ozymandias slightly bites his lip as his answers with a sense of weariness, "I would like to build something good that can last. Something that I will not be able to look back in regret with shame or questions. The last words leaves his lips with a sense of optimism in his voice. He pauses for a bit to cast his gaze back at the window.

Behind his mask, there sense of relaxation that appears on face as he gets lost in the thought for a moment. After the moment is over, he furrows his brow. "I would like to believe in that dream, but the reality is that I formed the corporation, when I realize that there are future armies of the world. When Cadmus Labs goes down, I will need you to issue a statement stating the Umoja corporation was helpful in proving Cadmus guilt in the aftermath. I need the public to know we helped, and that we provided information after and not before. I am planning on buying some Cadmus facilities after this event, and I do not want to have to deal with talking with the board about projected income loss due to public relations or being sued by Cadmus for a breach of contract. Umoja buying the facilities will not keep Cadmus from coming back, but it might take them longer.

Ozymandias smiles behind his mask, "Beside, the Justice League members could use some more safe houses.

Diana listens to her friend, nodding periodically as he speaks, agreeing with many of his sentiments. She cants her head at his request, however, and smiles at that. "I see no reason why we cannot support you in that. It is, after all, the truth." Then, she chuckles. "And, you're right. I wouldn't hurt for us to broaden our assets in such a way."

She straightens some, no longer leaning on her knees. "I believe it is possible to build a good and lasting thing. It is, indeed, my goal with this League to build such a thing, something with a legacy of integrity and openness that will be a beacon of light for generations to come."

"I hope to see that beacon shine through the generations to come." Ozymandias nods his head a few times in agreement with Diana as hd furrows his brow again, "I am talking with the Prophetess with ideas to track one of the shipments leaving my warehouse, but we really haven't come up with a way to track it if Cadmus is really being paranoid. I also remember some myths that I have heard in my travels on Earth that have some semblances to what we are facing now. I am going to speak with some other historians, and see if it is worthwhile checking it act. I consider myself an expert in this region, but I would like to get a second opinion too.

Ozymandias calmly clasps his hands together as he narrows his eyes and whispers, "Let me know, if my methods or attitude become a bit extreme. What makes me me …..has poison my relationships with others in the past. You know I not a cold blooded killer, but I still like the guidance on what type of damage is acceptable.
he smirk reappears behind his mask, "Even knocking out someone can have lasting damage, and my attitude issues probably means I will never be friends with Batman, even though I do admire how restrained he is with the villains in Gotham, and he has keen mind. He does seem to inspire others to fight by his side.

Ozymandias laughs, "It must be his warm personality and his amazing sense of humor."

Diana laughs at that, recalling the fights she had with him when they first met. "Indeed. Such a charismatic soul," she replies, eyes twinkling. "I'll tell you, Ozymandias, I understand your dilemma. I, too, am a warrior and understand that, sometimes, death is inevitable, even necessary, in battle." Yes, she would kill, if there was no other path to resolution.

"However, I will stand by the guidelines we created back when we first formed the League: Lethal force should not be used, when lesser force will do or when there is any other way. I expect Batman will still argue the point, and declare that lethal force under any circumstance is wrong. Certainly, it is not an option I wish to promote or encourage. Life is sacred and should be treated as such." She smiles wryly again. "Both Batman and Superman, however, have chosen to remain stepped down from their original responsibilities. I can respect their decisions, but that does mean that they cannot expect to make the final judgment on such issues any longer. Nevertheless, I will hold to that line. Never should we use unreasonable force. We do not want to be perceived as rogue agents acting unilaterally outside or above the law. It is important that all that we do conforms to those laws as closely as possible."

"Most lives are so finite, so I share in not wanting to take a human life when it is not necessary." Ozymandias doesn't understand how a lot of Gotham villains are still alive, hence why he admires Batman's restraint. Ozymandias tugs out the edges of cape almost in childlike manner, "I have learned that too much blodshed, even in the name of goodness can push me further into places I do not wished to go.

Ozymandias smiles and stands. I trust my ability with archery not to kill anyone without having to change to trick arrows. If I ever think I will encounter a personal situation that might require lethal force, I will do take a leave of absence to handle it. Such is the luxury of not having a costume that the world has seen for years. I think this is the longest I have kept the same costume, and I am about to change it."
Ozymandias grins behind his mask, "People are missing my amazing smile.

Diana chuckles at that. "Indeed. And that will never do." To her, what she wears is less a costume and more a uniform. But, she has come to understand how it works with others. "I understand your need to separate one identity from the other, given both your unique lifespan and the separation the corporation demands. I am content, instead, to have a private identity rather than a secret identity. I doubt I could truly hide who I am, in any case." It would be a deception, ater all, and she's not so good at that.
"I doubt that you could truly hide who you were either." Ozymandias smiles behind his mask again, "In the words of Irving Gordon, made famous by Nat King Cole, "You are unforgettable in every way." Ozymandias dips his head to Diana again, "It is always honor to speak with you. I need to get back to New York, I have a conference call in the afternoon that I have to prepare for. Be well."

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