February 17, 2017:

In the aftermath of providing overwatch for Flash's team under the sea, Spoiler gets a bike from Nathaniel. The good batling she is, she takes it to Batman straight away. The pair have a very normal moment of father-daughter bonding over dismantling the flying motorcycle.

Abandoned Parking Garage in Gotham.

Decrepit garage in Gotham.


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Finally getting back into Gotham with her new bike, Spoiler lands it down in an abandoned parking garage. The walls are cracking and it's decrepid enough that not even the homeless squat here. That's when Spoiler pings in, sending a text to the Bat Computer to route to Batman.

Spoiler to Batman: Can you bring tools to look at some tech for me, please?

There's no address. She assumes her phone and the other bat-gear he gave her is traceable by him. It's nice, actually, most of the time, to know that he's watching over her. That he doesn't hover nad rush in on everything helps her feel like she's trusted to be a grown up while having the safety net of being able to call in Dad when she needs it. Powering the vehicle down into idle mode, Spoiler waits, scrubbing a hand through her windblown hair.

<30 minutes.>

And 29.5 minutes later, there's a low *thrum* of a silenced electrical engine and the Batmobile pulls into the garage, barely making any noise. The hybrid vehicle is in silent running mode, and the only sound is the crunch of detritus under the tires.

Batman emerges from the cockpit (because it is not a 'car' in any conventional sense but the wheels) and vaults to the ground, landing heavily on his silent boots.

He examines Spoiler, nods once, then turns his eyelenses to the bike. He walks a slow circle around it, his left hand facing the vehicle. Sensors in his gloves scan the vehicle for a few moments, relaying information to his hood and augmentation equipment.

"No active pings," he confirms, finally. "We're likely safe to talk." 'Likely'. He moves to the Batmobile and retrieves a portable set of tools, handing one to Spoiler. "Nathaniel Richards, yes?" he inquires, glancing to Spoiler. "This is fairly high technology, even by my standards. Let's get to work."

Reading his silence for what it is, Spoiler returns the nod, waiting for him to make his cycle of the new vehicle. She's not going to admithow nervous she is about this. Since she returned and needed transportation, she was given one of Tim's old bikes. Hw wasn't using it and it suited the slim blonde. Having this for herself is thrilling. What she may never realize is the normancy of this very not normal moment. She just got herself her first 'new car' and has called in 'Dad' to look at it, make sure she didn't get a lemon on accident.

"Yes," Spoiler says as she takes the tool with uncertain fingers. She doesn't think of herself as the tinkering type, for when she was little any attempts were rebuked by BioDad. Having BatDad encourage this by giving her a tool and telling her ''let's get to work'' is also normal in a very not-normal way. Likely safe to talk means there are some topics she shouldn't even begin to broach.

"I have a log in at Avenger's Mansion. There's a charging station in their hanger bay. The tracking system is disabled, but can be activated as needed. I want to make sure it can't be remote activated without at least one of us knowing about it," she says as she waits for instructions, verbal or nonverbal, on what the heck to DO with the thing in her hand. Is she even holding it right?

Batman kneels down and lays out one of the toolmats, examining the bike. "Give me the clampwrench," he says, pointing at a modified socket wrench. His tools are not particularly different from normal— sockets, wrenches— but a Bat's ingenuity means one universal socket wrench takes the place of 50, and one wrench can fit better than any set of a dozen. A handful of tools are a substitute for an entire auto garage.

"First we remove the canopy and coverings," he explains. "Take this wrench and start pulling all of the bolts here, here, and here," he says, poingint at the aft section of the vehicle. "Once that's done, we'll start inspecting the interior engine components and I'll examine the avionics."

Clampwrench. Her mind starts to blonde out, arguing that she can't learn this stuff, but Batman gives her no time to fixate on that as he points and moves right into the explanations. Plum colored lips press together lightly and she kneels down to get to work where he tells her. There's a stretch of silence, Stephanie wound a little tight, nervous and anxious. Is she doing this right? Is she trying to take on too much again? Is she making Batman proud in asking for help with the tech?

Batman ignores Stephanie's neuroses and instead, puts her to work. His commands are terse and to the point— identifying each tool in order, and tasking her with one thing while he does another. Periodically he inspects her work and if she's visibly stumped, he offers a suggestion on how to proceed. In this element, as a teacher, is where Batman really shines— just enough lead to help her go the right direction, encouraging her to experiment in constructive fashions.

In the space of thirty minutes, the canopy is removed and Batman has the 'guts' of the avionics system in his hands, examining the computerized heart of the machine. He attaches sensor readouts to the remaining wiring harness, focusign on his scanner.

He leans sideways, looking under a flap, then cranes his neck and gets right up in there. The Batman looks up, beckons at Stephanie, and hands her an auspex— a small monocle that functions akin to his eyelens AR display. He points— silently— to a cunning, almost perfectly concealed compartment, and cycles the auspex through several scanning modes. Thermal and extended visual images are normal— but when he overlays a subtle magnetic field over it, it becomes obvious there's a hidden compartment in place. Batman hands Stephanie another tool. "Magnetic clamp. Pull the panel," he tells her.

Ignoring it lessens it, makes it loose it's hold and Stephanie relaxes into the almost Father/Daughter moment of the activity. With each task she grows in confidence. The excellent student follows the teacher's lead, and finally Steph starts to experiment as he encourages, though she does still need names for things.

When beckoned, Stephanie also gets in there, collecting the auspex and pressing it to her eye. The compartment is spotted when pointed too, and she nods, almost silent. The different modes has her smiling with that eager exicted youthful expression she gets. Worries forgotten in the moment, Stephanie is just living in the moment of her fangirlness. #SempaiShowingMeThing

Stephanie takes the clamp, feeling its weight as she gets teh name. In the tinkerbell zone, she peers at it just long enough to figure out how to use it and then she reaches in to pull up the panel Batman indicated.

Inside is a small black box, with a handful of wires leading to it. Batman produces a small set of clamps, almost surgical in style, and indicates how to use them, and expertly disconnects the device's leads. It comes out with a little jostling, and he holds it in the flat of his palm.

"Backup brain to the main computer," Batman explains. "I picked up a subtle passive signal receiver. Possibly, it's just a backup device," he says. "But if I wanted to remotely override a computer system periodically, I'd install a secondary receiver, hide it, and disguise it as something else." He produces a silvery silk bag and shoves both computers into it. "EMP shielding," he explains to Spoiler. "I'll take these to the secondary caves and throw the computer at them. I'll check for any software beyond basic avionics."

"Will… does ….can the bike still work without…?" because this has gone way past where Stephanie understands fully. At least, in how it affects how her bike works. Her Bike. Her baby. She watches the brains go in the bag with a nod, worry still in her eyes. "Okay."

"Anyone who says 'never look a gift horse in the mouth' needs to read 'The Odyssey'," Batman reminds Spoiler, cinching shut the bag. "The flight controls aren't likely to be something I can't replicate. Flaps, avionics, gyrostabilizers. The impellers and the power source are the only components beyond my engineering skill to replicate easily," he explains. "I can cobble a computer together that'll make this fly— and it won't have any programs installed on the sly that will allow someone outside the group to track or remotely control your vehicle."

He examines it, lips pursing. "And you'll need some custom additions anyway. One of Oracle's computers. Sensor suite. Some anti-theft deterrants. Detention tools."

A beat. "Maybe some stickers and a shiny bell."

"I read that," Stephanie murmurs. Which is why she didn't just fly this into the BatCave and be like: Look what I got! A healthy sense of paranoia that all batlings seem to have fueled her decision to call in Batman off site to look, to make sure it was safe for her to have and for her to have in the Cave. If it wasn't, she would have… had to figure something else out. She inhales as Batman starts listing off things she'll need.

"Nathaniel mentioned that the tracker was so that Avenger alerts could help send rescue to another memeber's location. It's a good idea in theory, and I don't want to lose access to their system that this thing's going to give us," she replies to groups remotely controlling her bike. At Batman's pursed lips, she waits, listening, and as she does a smile starts to grow. Oracle-tech? And a sensor suite…and…Batdad said what now?

The complete silly of the suggestion, stickers and a bell, catches Stephanie off guard enough that she giggles. That the suggestion is so completely something she would have wanted if her father had ever bought her a bicycle and taught her to ride it brings a blur to her vision and has her flinging arms about him in a childish embrace.

"Thanks!" she's giggling, like it's her birthday, like she's thrilled he's approved of her 'new car' and is helping make it better for her, like this could be a moment from any sappy car commercial where Dad gives freshly graduated daughter her first car to go off to college in.

Only it's the middle of the night. In an abandoned garage. And they are both caped vigilantes.

The bat family never does anything normal.

Batman tolerates the hug for about two seconds, which is 1.75 seconds longer than anyone else would get, and he squeezes Stephanie's shoulders once, with his free arm. "Maybe a sonic override emitter instead of a bell," he concedes.

Okay, no more huggy- Batman carefully nudges himself out of Stephanie's embrace, hefting the black bag. "Alfred," he says, hailing over the comm net. "I need a contact truck delivered to 3821 Bakeline. Two ton, with a skidramp for loading, and a winch," he adds.

"Very good, sir," Alfred responds.

"We'll leave the bike here tonight. No one seems to come around much." Batman digs a portable camera from his utility pouch. He directs Stephanie to start cleaning up the tools and boxing up the parts to be transported, while he sets out the camera to keep an eye on the bike and parts. A microsonic emitter goes up, too, a low bass tone that's almost inaudible but highly effective at keeping people from feeling comfortable in an area— a handy, subtle deterrent.

The concession has Stephanie giggling again. The sound a little watery into the one armed squeeze. TWo seconds. A lifetime spent waiting for two seconds. It's enough for now. Nudged, Stephanie steps back and works to get herself composed again as Batman makes arrangements. She uses her motion to collect the tools as a cover to finish getting herself put back together, and when the low bass tones filter in, Stephanie shudders faintly and moves subconsciously closer to Batman.

"Yeah. I …picked it out for that," Spoiler admits.

"You did well," Batman tells Spoiler.

He moves to the Batmobile, then pauses, and turns, digging in his utility belt. He tosses her a small thumb-shaped device.

The Batmobile's keyfob.

"You drive," he remarks, vaulting the canopy to land in the passenger seat.

She did? The swell of #MadeDadProud lifts Stephanie spirits away from the unsettling basso tones of the emitter, and she beams a smile up at him. She follows along toward the Batmobile, starting for the passenger side when he tosses a thing at her. She starts and catches it doubled handed just before it bonks her in the face. She lowers her hands and opens them, peering down at the keyfob. Her breath catches, lips parting in awe and wonder and then…

"You drive," Batman remarked. Stephanie looks up, eyes wide with excitement. There's no stopping the smile, bright as the sunlight in Metropolis. She closes her hand around it and eagerly hops into the driver's seat. No takie-backies! Lower lip bitten down on, Spoiler looks for seatbelt, and starts the whole check mirrors defensive driving class thing. All the while:

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