Of Blood and Mist

February 20, 2016:

Darcy pays Barry a visit in his lab after he was 'sick' for a few days. Conversation turns to ex-boyfriends and the Mists. It's odd how those things are related.

Lab in the Triskelion


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Fade In…

Deep in the bowels of SHIELD's labs, Barry has out the Mists recovered by Lara and is currently running an analysis on them as compared to what he recovered from a coccoon. He took a couple of days off with an illness - broken ribs and a punctured lung definetly count - even if he blamed it on a cold, as he is in his white lab coat, working on running some of the material on an analsysis.

Fitz always had a 'no food in the lab rule'. This.. is not Fitz's lab. And Barry did not rebuke her bagels the last time. Which meant 'definiatly food in the lab'. Darcy heard Barry was out sick, so when she heard he was back, she grabbed a can of soup from her 'fuck, no time to go down to the cafe for lunch, must eat from can, ugh cold soup sucks' stock pile. Taking a yellow post-it note, darcy cut it into strips to make a christmas present like bow for it, taped it to the side, then moved in with whatever office supplies he had ordered before he was sick. After all, Darcy must keep office supply logistics going.

She plunks the can down in front of him. "Hi."

Barry's a former police scientist. Eating on the job is part and parcle as he eyes the can of soup. "Seafood gumbo? Uh.. thanks." Quietly, he feels his stomach churn. No more seafood, kay please thanks. He glances up at the voluptous brunette and grins slightly. "I'm feeling better, promise. Just running some tests on the stuff Agent Croft brought back. How have you been?" he asks her with a smile. "Causing just enough trouble to get away with it?"

"Had your fill of the fish?" Dracy asks, setting down the office supplies he asked for.

"I've got steak and potatoes if you'd rather." she offers, brigh tlips smiling lopsidedly.

"Causing a little less now, but I'll bounce back. I'm glad you're feeling better. Sick days suck," she quips, setting her hip to his desk.

"That they do." Barry agrees as he turns to face her for a moment. "No no, not that. Just not hungry at the moment." The spectrometer beeps at him and he turns his attention away to look over the results, leaning over the device to look within as he hums to himself and starts to make notes.

"Oh." Darcy accepts easily, watching the man work. He is the scientist in every way, and she just smiles and pushes away from the desk, ready to let him to his work.

"You're leaving?" Barry asks, not looking up. "Hey! Look at this!" he says as he pushes away and punches up the computer link with the spectrometer. On the left is the undiluted Mists. The right, the Mists from the cocoon. "Look, do you see that? It's only moving on certain genetic markers." he offers to her. "Mind if I get a little prick on you." it's so quickly asked, she may miss it. "Of blood?"

"Well. Yeah. Figured, delivery made, you have work. I shouldn't b-" Darcy starts, interrupted by Barry's excitement. She moves back over to look, not really understanding any of it. But he's complaring things and seems excited, so Darcy hmmms and monds and smiles encourganingly.

"Oh yeah. I do see," she says. Because she's seeing. He didn't say anythinn about understanding. The quickly asked has her grinning. She shrugs out of her jacket, down into just the almost too thigh white sleeveless tank she wears under the black jacket.

"Wow, not even dinner first. You move too fast for me, Mr. Allen," she quips, cuckling.

"Ha ha. First. Girlfriend. You remember her? Hot blonde as you said? I'm not going to mess that up. Second. You'd probably break me." Barry winks at her, as he takes out the little sample pricker and takes her hand. "And as nice as they are, I only need your finger." Taking her hand, he swabs the end of it, and 'poke!' A little well of blood forms that he collects in a small straw.

Carrying it back over to the spectrometer, he moves to seperate some of the Mists. "Okay. I'm going to introduce Mist to the blood of Lewis, Darcy." he says for his log as he drips some of the blood on the panel, and starts to mix it with the Mists.

"First. I remember, and never even crossed my mind, messing that up. Second. Yes, I would break you. But it'd be a helluva way to go and only if girlfriends says I can. Hell, I'd fuck that too, with you, if you want. I'm easy," Darcy replies, seeing the grin and just going there. Becasue fuck filters! She's grinning broadly, then blinks as he just needs her hand. Well, she's using blood draw as an excuse anyway. Jackets suck.

"Ah. Shit. That hurt," Darcy grouses at he prick to her finger though she doesn't move. Blood taken, Darcy sucks her wound and moves over.

"Ohoh! I want super speed. That'd show him. Or, no wait. Eye lasers. That way looks could.. no, i'm not that bitchy. Dude. fucking regen, man. I'm sick of running into doorframes and people thinking my boytoy beats me."

"Show who?" Barry asks, lifting a brow as he watches the Mists and her blood. Boytoys, beatings, he's not even sure what to say on that. The scientist watches as the two react and meet and mingle and..

…much like a date with a Choir Boy.. nothing happens. The Mists do not take to her blood. "Huh." the sceintist mutters, moving the sample further to the side. "Good news. I don't think the Mists are going to affect you. But I don't know why. And don't go testing that theory. I'd hate to be wrong and you end up with three breasts."

"Ex boyfriend. He's a speedster," Darcy replies, calm, composed, like she's completely over the guy she shot a demigod in the face for. Not even a blink as she watches as noting happens. Choir boy with Darcy not on the date, for sure.

"Well, that sucks. I'd fucking rock the hell out of three tits," Darcy quips, leaning back and rubbing her fingertip. It's going to bruise. Very slightly. Her lot in life. Like the bruise on the back of her left arm that's visible as she turns away.

"So, can we figure out why I'm not going to get this funky high off that crazy gas?"

"That's going to be next. I'm going to need samples from others." Pointedly not his own, as Barry starts to say more before she turns and he espies the bruise on her back. "Is that the reason why he's an ex?" he asks, though the mention of a speedster has him lifting his brow. "Like he runs track?" he asks in some confusion.

"Start with me. I'm here already. And then flag your request to the file, so May can approve it," Darcy says, blinking as Barry asks that question. She looks at him, then around then..

"OH! That? No. That was the door. I backed up into it. I bruise stupid easy. And no. He's a mutant. Super sonic, moves like, hella fast. He got taken by Apocalypse, turned into a Horseman, Death. Got faster, if that was possible. Like… fast enough there were six of them in my apartment at once. Fucking trippy as hell, but the shit he could do with his tongue. It's way not-safe-for-work. In any case, he's back to normal now, but… hasn't really been himself. He needs time to get his head together without feeling like he's got to be careful or shit around me. Which, is just fucking stupid if you ask me. I mean, I did track El Saba Nur down, lead the SHIELD strike team on his flying pyramid, shot the fucker in the face, and recalibrated my speedy's brain to help us in the fight before shit went sideways and the whole crap stick ended up in the ocean. But, much respect. He needs his space and his time, he can take his time. I'm gonna do me, while he does him and if when he gets back and wants to pick it back up… well, hafta see where we are at that point. I'm not actively looking for anything steady or long term, but I'm not going to avoid it either. Needless to say, he's gonna be a hard act to follow. Pretty much most of it." Darcy pauses here, grinning at Barry.

"Did I forget to mention that my life is weird?"

Barry takes it all in, and forunately his mind is not twisted enough to use this information on his own girlfriend later. "Well, I'm sorry to hear that it didn't work out. But if anyone can rebound, I'm sure it's you." he says as he starts to make a list. "I guess I should ask for volunteers to try out the stuff on - wait, you were in his ship? You know, big ship, expelled this stuff like candy, made a whole bunch of metas?"

"Upside down pyramid, farted out gass. On, yes. Like literally on. We didn't get inside. We were on the roof. He met us with his Horsemen. One of the XMen used me to slow Pietro down. Which was good, because I can't that fast. Fucking threw me at him, which was exactly what I wanted so I could jostle him back to himself. …why?" Because that was a Wednesday for Darcy Lewis.

"Yeah, that's where this sample came from." She gets the pieces for the 2-4 years puzzle. Hopefully it won't take her that long to figure it out. Barry gets a thoughtful pause as he moves towards the spectrometer again. "You said that Apocalypse somehow modified his powers. I wonder if the Mists did that, or if it was something else." he frowns, chewing on his bottom lip as he considers. "Maybe I can convince SHIELD to hold a blood drive at a college so I can get samples of blood to test this on. A control group, as it were."

The Mists… Survival of the Fittest. "Well, fuck me up against a wall," Darcy states as she figures some of it out. She taps her lower lips with a fingernail.

"Yeah. Apocalypse killed him, then brought him back as Death. Upped his power levels crazy amounts. He didn't say how it happened. As for saple groups, you're going to need some mutant samples too, if you're going to really isolate anything. I'll have to talk to the Institute's Headmistress. See if I can get them to agree to it."
"Maybe you'll have better luck than me." Barry says as he turns his attention back to Darcy. "I tried talking to someone there that had been through the Mists. Reader. He says that this stuff is some kind of rite of passage for his people, and we shouldn't be trying to stop it." he shakes his head with a shrug. "That this was the will of God or something that suggests that it wasn't supposed to be here, but now the more the merrier. And give him time to get himself back together. If it was worth it, he'll come back."

"Maybe. I've been helping with their Accreditation. Remy owes me," Darcy states, head tilting as she listens to Barry talk about Reader.

"Hmm… sounds like he's been brainwashed. Well, we'll figure it out. I'm sure they're leery. If they can't get equality now, they'll breed us out and flip the tides. Which is fucking shitty, and I'll let them know that. Here, take your sample, and them I'm going to get lunch. You should too. Being sick knocks you on your ass. Food's the best way to bounce back," she adds, before smiling at Barry.

"Yeah. Drop the subject, Allen. I'm more than fucking worth it. Any hints to the contrary's going to end with a bloody nose for you and bruised knuckles for me," Darcy says, smiling without it looking friendly at all. Once certain he's got it, the aggression fades and the smile looks perfectly friendly and alluring and Darcy.

Barry holds up his hands. "No offense ment, just.. nevermind." he says as he turns his attention back to the results and other tests to be done. He wasn't trying to insinuate that she wasn't worth it.. but of course, brain and mouth don't get along all the time. "I'll eat in a little bit." he adds.

"Dude. It's fine. Just touchy still. But, you do you. Imma go do me. See about getting those samples for you," Darcy says, grabbing up her jacket.

"See you around, Darcy. Good luck." Barry offers behind her after she leaves. Yeah, that's more par for the course. How does Stephanie put up with him?

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