February 18, 2017:

Spoiler gets Avengers tech as a Welcome to the Team gift. Nathaniel hits the bull's eye about the Flash/Spoiler entanglement. No one is surprised that it makes the batling brood.


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The outskirts of Gotham are usually quieter than downtown, probably because they get some kind of metaphysical 'like' from Metropolis. So it is a quiet (and cold) night when Iron Guard floats down, riding something that looks like a large, wheelless flying motorcycle. It is stays quiet but for the low humming of high-tech turbines. The vehicle lights are at the minimum setting, barely more than white pools of light.

Nathaniel sent a message to Spoiler to meet with her at these coordinates about twelve hours ago and he got the confirmation back. So he expects the young woman lurking around somewhere close.

Richards had contacted Spoiler to meet him about some tech. The rendevous point was on her way to Barry's and was scheduled for a time that she might have been heading that way anyway. The tricky thing would have been to coordinate going to Barry's as Stephanie after meeting with Nathaniel as Spoiler. The way the night had gone, however, left her in the cold and watching Nathaniel float down on that bike. She had sent a message to Flash through his private comm, which she might have misused her sister's DELPHI system to link in permanently to the new comm device Oracle gave her.

Spoiler to Flash: I'm OMW, on bike btwn Met/Got. BTS.

She expects him to stay put and wait for her. She expects the worst and has a medkit in her bike's storage spot. She stands from her lurking spot, and moves over, trembling faintly.

"Richards," she greets, moving over. Despite the trials of the night, her eyes roam the bike, a little smile forming. "That's a bike…"

Somewhere in New York, Barry Allen was looking forward to a hot shower, some TLC, and to give his ribs some time to recover. Instead, he gets a message that piques his interest. Apparently it's not time to put away the scarlet garb yet. He at least looks into the mirror to make sure that the blood from his mouth and nose is cleaned up.

Pulling the cowl back on, the speedster decides that he's a little in need of some fresh air after dealing with the stale and ruined air of Apokolips' base. Plus, he pushes himself. Just like someone else he knows.

He's out for his run, looking to intercept Spoiler, when he finds himself at the bridge as the bike comes floating down. "Hey Iron Lad." Flash greets, a soft wheeze of breath that may be missed by most people. He's a little winded. One lung at half-capacity will do that. Then he glances at the bike. And at Spoiler. Tracking works two ways, after all.

"I still don't think that will keep up with me." he says with a hint of amusement in his voice."

"This is -your- skycycle, Spoiler," replies Nathaniel, his voice mechanized by the armor. "Told you I would modify one for you, right? This one has the tracking systems disabled by default, so do not lose it. You can activate them for Avenger missions, too. I used voice identification as activation procedure, but it has a retinal scan if you want to switch to something more secure," and possibly put her eyes in the Avenger databanks, but if she is going to spend any time in the mansion she is already trusting them a little!

And apparently she trusts Flash quite a bit, since she invited him to meet here. "Flash, good evening," he greets, then chuckles. "Iron Lad? I used that nickname seven years ago for a couple months. You did some research. In my defense, I was sixteen."

"Want to try?" He offers the girl, sliding off the vehicle one it is on the ground.

The moment Flash shows up, Spoiler turns admittedly wide eyes on him. Plum colored lips part slightly, and her head tilts in that 'exaperated woman is exparated' way of girls dealing with stubborn boys everywhere.

"Shouldn't you be resting?" grouses the batling at the speedster before Nathaniel distracts with 'want to try'. Ohmygod, how is that a question? Spoiler turns back to the bike, moving over toward it. And then…

"Iron, lad? Yeah. The names we come up with at sixteen," Spoiler comments, blushing lightly as she reaches out to take the handle from Nathaniel. "Rental scan. Okay. I'll keep that in mind."

"Figured I'm here.. better learn something about those that I call friends." Flash offers as he gives Spoiler the most innocent of smiles. "It's medically proven that keeping the blood flowing helps heal faster.." Just ignore that slight lean to the left so that he can favor his other side. "And I'm not in Gotham." he points out to her.

There's a soft laugh from him. "When I first arrived on the scene, a reporter named Iris West called me 'the Streak'. You can imagine how well that went over." he says as he smiles. He misses his 'sister' and dad. He's definetly going to have to introduce someone to them. "Not that, as she told me later, Flash was any better."

Nathaniel lets Spoiler settle on the skycycle and points at some of the elements at the front, "voice recognition mic here, this is a touch screen of the onboard computer. I included schematics and flight instructions, although the controls are as intuitive as I could design them." The screen lightens, showing the inner mechanisms of the vehicle. "It is fully electric, the battery has enough power for 9 to 18 hours of flight, depending on speed. Top speed is 380 miles per hour. House power can charge the battery, but it would take about a day," and the power company bill will be murderous. "Industrial power lines are advised. The mansion hangar can charge it in less than an hour."

"You do know I can check your sources on 'medically proven', right?" Spoiler quips at Flash, eyes not even for a moment missing how he leans, ears not missing the faint wheeze in his words. The quip has a decidedly frowning quality to it, disapproval. As for not in Gotham, technically he's right, so she's not going to argue that point. Instead, his admission of being called the Streak has Spoiler's frown back-flipping upside down into a snicker.

"Oh because Flash is-" her words are interrupted by him finishing her thought with his sister's and Stephanie presses her lips together, like she's smudging the lipstick about. Thus, she turns from Flash, ignoring the faint pink under her mask, and focusing on the instructions. Industrial.. yeah. Bruce would NOT want this thing charging in the Bat Cave. He'll want to see it, of course, but charging it? "Looks like I'll be spending less than an hour in the hanger every so often," she comments faintly, leg tossed over so she can straddle the machine, eyes looking over the dials.

"I am not racing you," she says clearly at Flash even as she's looking at the dials and touching the screen with her gloved fingers to scroll through the menu.

"That's okay, my cruising speed's just under mach. But I can't fly." Technically. Flash shrugs a little. Mistake. There's a little wince of pain as he considers. "For the record, never taking a beach vacation. Don't care how hot my girlfriend is in a bikini." There's a playful glance at Spoiler at that. "I've been meaning to drop back by there. How's your friend? The one that can punch holes in the universe?"

"That is fine, it is less than an hour flight from Gotham. Although I do not advise you to run at top speed until you have mastered the vehicle," Nathaniel turns to flash, "so you two are involved? Congratulations, I suppose. I am a little jealous." The helmet hides his smile, but his voice sounds amused. "As for America, she is probably punching third-world warlords somewhere in Africa or saving whales somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. She likes to keep busy. And despite your amusing assumptions last time, we are not dating."

The comment from Flash about his cruising speed has Spoiler rolling her eyes and glancing his way, just in time to see the wince. Blue-green eyes narrow until he mentions the beach and girlfriend. Spoiler turns her face back to the bike, working not to acknowledge the blush and then failing the moment Nathaniel turns to Flash and asks about them. Her hand pauses over the touch screen as all sorts of Bad Things race past her thoughts on that connection being so flippantly stated. Those thoughts war with the warmth of the compliment of anyone being jealous of Barry for being with her. Her blush burns her cheeks as her hand continues scrolling through the menus, reading up on all the different things the bike can do. She has no idea what Flash is goign to say in reply, so she opts to take the Bat-route and just try to pretend she didn't hear it at all. That's batlike, right?

"Yeah, she made that pretty blatantly obvious." Flash says with a smirk as he considers. "But I think I don't need help.." he says thoughtfully as he glances towards Spoiler. And immediately, he feels bad. He knows that he wants to keep them a secret. And he should as well, so he glances away. "Uh. Anyway. I didn't mean to keep you from your bike fun." he says. "I'll see you both later. Have to work out the lung a bit more. Stupid mutant lobsters." and with that, he's on his way.

"Mutant lobsters?" Asks Nathaniel, curious. Or maybe he is better not knowing! Flash doing his Flash-out thing solves the dilemma. "He seems a good guy, but his conversation-ending skills are annoying." Pause, to see what she is doing. "Ah, right. That is the taking off procedure. Lets try that. I will be flying at your side to assist and we can head to New York and the mansion, so I can show you the recharging procedures."

Spoiler tries not to react when Flash sounds a little dejected. It's better this way. It's one less weapon Joker can leverage against her. It's one less thing anyway can use against her, against the Bats, against Flash. Stephanie inhales to force the blush away. She's not even going to say anything about RUNNING not being a good idea for a punctured lung. Nor does she comment further about lobsters or social graces. Batman's worse about ending conversations.

"Alright," she says, revving up and working to get the bike up off the ground.

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