Undersea Extraction - Lab Team

February 19, 2017:

Flash leads the mission to Apokolip's Crashed Lab.

Apokolips Undersea Lab

A destroyed lab under the sea.


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Barry's message to the others was pretty simple. Flash had set up a non-descript harbor pickup for the group. The scarlet clad meta is currently at the dock itself, with a few SHIELD vehicles about as the speedster moves back and forth quickly as he tries to figure out where everyone is going to be, and looking out over the darkening water to see when the ship that Aquaman promised is going to arrive. "Please, don't let him thing we should ride down in the belly of a whale like Jonah.." he says to himself as he waits for the others to arrive.

Normally, Caitlin would fly on her own power— but there's some gear she needs, so there's a *whoosh* of motion overhead, and a hatch opens from nowhere. The Invisible Jet, on loan by Diana's graces, disgorges Caitlin Fairchild and a heavy steel lockbox she carries negligently on one broad shoulder. She turns and waves at the ship once the ramp is clear. "Thanks Plane! Head home, I'll get a ride home later," she chirps. Whether or not the plane understands her is anyone's guess— but it does take off on its own power, and Caitlin walks towards the docks. Her red hair is bound back in tight, coiling braids at the base of her neck, perfect for swimming. She wears her usual leotard, but the loose utility belt has been cinched tight and her boots have been traded in for lightweight 'approach shoes'.

"Hey folks," Caitlin greets, wandering up. "I've got the modified SCUBA gear. Do I need to ask permission to board?" she inquires, looking around.

Lara Croft's black jeep is one of the SHIELD vehicles that is now on site and the owner, is gathering up a couple bags out of the back before closing the door and stepping away from it. She's come with her assostciate, Jonah who she knew was as reliable a companion as one could bring on any expedition. She smiled over at him. "Back in the water we go, huh?" She said to her friend, while moving to board the ship and join the others, nodding to anyone who would make eye-contact with her.

Flying under her own power? That's the very definition of Captain Marvel. Hence golden glow-enshrouded figure that drops out of the night sky and alights on the docks. She doesn't come with big cases full of gear. Just the heroine herself, marching across towards the gathering of others. "Hey, Flash. Nice ride in, Red." Some day, Carol will fly the invisible jet. But not tonight, apparently. Something to stay alive for, perhaps? "Anything else we need toted onboard when Fishstick arrives?"

Jonah Maiava is beside Lara as they board the ship. Looking about now at it he keeps a pack upon his back that is filled with stuff he felt he needs for it. He would go on an immdediate search for the galley but then he wasn't about to leave his friend for any reason at the moment.

An indistinct presence made whole..

Focus pans from one arrival to the next only to re-center in at the final panel to focus upon the Flash and then upon the impending arrival beyond. Without any sort of entrance there is now a lanky olive-green figure which stands just at the edge of the frame his crimson eyes peering across the sea from beneath the shadow of a beetled brow.

The waters off the docks ripple for a moment before rising up as if alive, surging upward a trio of stories into the air before splitting apart and crashing back down upon itself in a foaming mass, revealing the glisening black carapace like covering of a distinctly 'alien' ship. It appears to be made of metal, or something metalish, and has a design asthetic that's distincly 'shellfish meets naval destroyer', sleek and aquadynamic, but large and with clearly interlocking armor plates. There are no visible weapons, but then how would one tell exactly? It's a shockingly large ship, easily large enough to include the entire retinue plus their vehicles if they were so inclined. It's /not/ the smallish ship that Barry rode on during his last visit.

A part of the outer hull lifts with a hiss and a spray of water, to show a large open bay area and Aquaman standing in it's entrance, "I was this close," he holds a forefinger and thumb a quarter inch apart, "to bringing one of the whales." he says to Barry, as if he could read the speedsters mind. "But I like Cap so…" he quips, teasing his old friend. "Come aboard if you like," he motions towards the opening and the part of the ship that's dropped down on the dock to act as a gangplank, inviting everyone in a single gesture, "just remember if anyone tries to steal tech or baubles it's a long walk home." he grins. Which means he's kidding. Right?

"And people complain I'm slow!" Flash grins at Arthur, and then waves around. "If you haven't met him, everyone, this is Aquaman, king of the seas. Like he said, we're only checking to see if there is Mists intact, we're not taking tech.. or baubles." he says with a roll of his eyes. "No pirating!" he offers, before he adds, taking out some earpieces. "We have a Bat on overwatch tonight, Oracle will be feeding us information as we go." he says, as he passes them around and then puts his own in. "Overwatch, Flash. We're loading up. Reading us okay?"

"This takes me back."

Slowly, the shoes of Captain America make their way onto the ship as people shuffle aboard, Steve considering when he went on a big boat for a massive war overseas. But that was a few years ago… But what's a few decades between friends. Having arrived simply on his motorcycle, Rogers has answered the call in order to get to know other heroes and if possible, lend his aid. Dressed in blackish-blue variant of his costume (some would call it a 'Stealth Suit', despite the fact that it has a white star still in the center), the only real odd thing is that he has simple flip flops instead of boots and a dufflebag that likely has his underwater equipment. He nods to everyone gathered, remaining rather silent as to not steal the thunder from others since he knows he has little right to call the shots for a water mission.

"Hey everyone," he states unaware that he is being mentioned, perhaps distracted by taking in the ship and the people. "Nice day for a swim, right?" he offers in an awkward attempt of friendly small talk. As there is talk of introductions, Cap offers Arthur a wave, only giving a handshake if the King is willing to do so. "Happy to be on board," he says with a small smile.

The Martian moves with broad arms clasped at the small of his back. The high-collared cape he wears flows with an unnatural pseudo-motion as he steps upon the gangplank and then ascends towards the belly of the vessel.

J'onn seems to avoid looking at Arthur until the social distance becomes perilously close. The Manhunter looks at the King of the Seas and nods with simple reverence before crossing the threshold into the vessel's dim interior.

Caitlin whistles when Aquaman's boat— ship— disgorges itself from the waves, and admires the alien hull with an engineer's appreciative eye. "Wow. That is a piece of work," she says, admiringly. Shouldering the heavy crate once more, she heads towards the vehicle, ducking her head at Aquaman with a polite smile as she passes him. "Permission to board, sir?" she asks, a bit hesitantly— no one actually said if that's a courtesy or custom, after all!

She waves at Carol in greeting with Captain Marvel joins them, and ends up entering the vehicle when Lara and her friend arrive. "Er, hi! I'm Caitlin, Caitlin Fairchild," the big ginger says, smiling down at Lara. "Are you with the League?"

Lara was wearing a black denim jacket, some blue jeans and a red tshirt beneath, she had her leather duffle bag hooked on her left arm and a backpack slung over her right shoulder. There was so much interesting things going on / people arriving that the young archaeologist barely knew where to let her eyes linger next.

But when Caitlin spoke to her she put her attention onto that of Fairchild and she offered a soft smile and extended her hand for a shake. "Lara, Croft… This is Jonah Maiava." She motioned to the big Hawaiian man. "And uh, no, we're representitives of SHIELD." She glanced at Jonah and then back to Caitlin. "Well, that is to say, I am. Jonah is my protector." She grinned at her friend for just a moment.

Lara had heard the bit about not being able to take any items back with them and that sorely disappointed her, but she'd play along… if that was the rules.

Captain Marvel follows the Martian, Captain America, and Caitlin on-board. "Your Worship, good to see you." she teases Arthur, with a smile and a little bow of her head. "I really do appreciate you being willing to help out with this. I know it's a pain. We'll keep things in order, as promised." She nods to Cap, glad to see that he has agreed to join on this operation, whatever his ongoing status with the League. "You ready for this, Red?" she asks Caitlin, curious about the other woman's preparations. She offers a little nodding salute towards Lara. "J'onn. It's been a while."

"Indeed," the Martian speaks with a baritone so hollow it somehow conjures images of an infinite wind blowing across an endless red desert, "It is good to see you again, Ms. Marvel." There is warmth in the final two words.

Jonah Maiava stands by Lara offering a nod as he is introduced. Honestly he was happy to be called her body guard because honestly it was true. He knew his friend wouldn't like the part about no trasure hunting.

Aquaman takes Cap's hand in his own and beams a little bit like a fan boy at Cap, "My Grandfather was 101st," he says in that same tone of voice that Steve's likely tired of hearing from people who knew people in The War, "and Namor talks about you once you get enough darkwine into him. He doesn't talk about /anybody/ so it's kinda noteable." he releases Steve's hand quickly, realizing it may have been one or two pumps to many to be polite and clears his throat, "Anyway, welcome aboard." he finishes lamely before moving on to the others as they board, handing out nods and smiles.

"Through the door at the end, hang a left, follow the path until you run across the," he pauses, translates in his mind to soemthing that'll work, "war room. Mission briefing there, and smaller private rooms for people to gear up as they see fit. This should be a dry mission but I would suggest the precaution of wearing protective gear in case there's a breach. Might buy you the scant moments required for me or mine to get you into preassure chambers back on the ship." Welcome to ocean life where everything really is trying to kill you all the time. "We'll be at slightly over three miles deep and I cannot stress how much I would like SHIELD, the Leauge, and Atlantis' first triple joint mission to /not/ have a body count."

Carol gets a raised brow, "Keep that up and I'm gonna convince all the algea that there's yummy things inside your suit." He's threatening Carol with slime before nudging her with an elbow fondly. The doors hiss closed as the last of the group boards, and seel with a soft sound of seals meeting. The floor trembles slightly, signalling they're underway, and Arthur begins herding any loiterers towards the aforementioned warroom to get the show on the road. One may notive the odd lack of crew as they make their way, and the plethora of large sealed hatches they pass. Shy people the Atlanteans.

"Well, I thank you grandfather for his service," Rogers replies with a sincere gratitude as he returns the handshake. If there is a frustration in people saying who in their family served their country, it never shows on iota on the Super Soldier's face. After all, considering the sacrifice so many made, he owes them at least an honest appreciation to them and their loved ones.

Namor, however, causes Cap to give an awkward grin. "Yeah, Namor and me go back," he muses as he rubs the back of his neck. After all, the two might fight together and respect one another, but they truly have different mindsets on how the world should work.

As Maiava is introduced, Rogers offers him a hand as well. "Good to meet you, Mr. Maiava. Sure Miss Croft is lucky to have you around," he states with a hint of a grin. A brief nod is returned to Captain Marvel as he merely sets down his equipment in a place that makes sense, only to pick it up when he realizes they are going to be on the move. Like a good little superhero, Steve allows himself to be shuffled around as needed without a word.

Flash bites his tongue so he doesn't snicker too much at Arthur's quip back at Carol as they get on board and move to the war room. Once there, he sets up his own briefing and draws in a breath. "Alright, as some of you know in here, several months back, when the Terrigen Mists were first unleashed on the world, the mutant known as Apokolips had a flying fortress. With the help of a multi-group force, led by Iron Man, they were able to bring it down. We had thought the ship destroyed and under SHIELD jursidiction. That is until I did a little bit more research and spoke to Aquaman and Aquawoman. The ship has surviving areas, including the main lab area. Our purpose tonight is to breach the ship on one of of the sublevels, work our way to the lab, and then recover what information we can. I do not know if there has been any Mists released in the area.. as the tide there is dangerous." he admits as he looks to Arthur. "They've been keeping a vigil at distance on the area."

The ship continues it's journey down, as Flash considers. "Lara, you're going to be our expert in this. Apokolips was heavy into the Egyptian thing, and we'll probably need your help to translate some of this." he admits as he hears over the comms that they are approaching the base. He brings it up on a viewscreen, the massive wreck sitting on the bottom of the ocean, undisturbed since it's downing. "We should be ther shortly. Heavies.." he smiles at the Caps, J'onn and others. "…if this turns out to be a boring walk, I apologize in advance."

Caitlin smiles affably at Lara and Jonah. She's probably not any older than Lara— no more than her early 20s. But she walks with a certain confidence, and besides that, she's got all the mass Jonah does and a few inches on him, to boot. "Glad you're here, then!" she says, and means it. "This should be a lot of fun!"

She sets the heavy crate down with a *thunk* that translates that she's idly bandying around several hundred pounds of gear, and pops the lid for Captain Marvel. Inside is modified SCUBA gear, all bearing the hallmark of Justice League engineers. "Pressurized liquid oxygen for anyone with a lung capacity that can handle it," she explains. "We figured out a safe way to phase shift the liquid into gas. This little container's good for almost thirty minutes, even for me," she says, waggling a canister at Carol. "But the pressure is high enough that anyone who can't bench press a city bus probably shouldn't use it."

J'onn gets a curious look— she's never met him, but the similiarities with M'gann are uncanny. And then, speaking of bench pressing, Captain America is shaking hands with Aquaman, and Caitlin pinks a little and tucks a stray bit of red hair behind one ear. "Oh my," she murmurs— then, focuses! Mission! She beams at Carol and shuts the footlocker again, then tilts her head towards the direction of the war room as indicated by the Lord of Atlantis.

Cait listens carefully to the briefing, her excellent memory taking thorough notes. At Flash's quip, she smiles and shakes her head minutely. "Boring is fine by me," the big ginger says. "I'm looking forward to seeing some of the ocean. I've never been deep-sea diving."

"All points, check in," comes a young female voice into the earcoms of anyone that's been given small Comunits. Spoiler sits at Oracle's auxillary station, headset on, watching things on her monitors, trying not to sound nervous. She's mostly successful. Push to talk is weird. Honestly, she should have done more PC gaming with the ex. It would have come in really handy right about now. C'est la vive. Stephanie takes a breif moment to inhale and steady herself, before . She watches the various comlines come to life as people check in, counting them off against the list of operatives Flash had given her earlier. She might have made icons for each. And color coded everything. Spoiler flicks a glance at one of the monitors, checking some vitals she has on a certain scarlet clad member of hte party before she reaches for her water for a sip. Just a sip. Once this raid starts, ther ewill be NO potty breaks and no way she could call AFK.

Lara glanced over to Captain Marvel when she approached, offered a smile to the other woman but she didn't know who she was. Croft wasn't the most versed at super hero knowledge, it wasn't really something she focused on and being that she rarely watched television, and rarely used the internet for anything but research… she didn't know really anyone on this ship, other than Steve and thats just because he was on a date with Darcy in the park that one day (It was a date, right?) She did offer a smile to Steve too and a nod!

At the briefing: Lara stood near the back and she kept her arms crossed over her stomach, holding her elbows. She nodded when she was specifically spoken of. "It won't be a problem. I grew up nose deep in Egyptian history." It was one of the fields she was most confident in her knowledge of, as she first started drawing hieroglyphs when she was four years old and her father would make up little mysteries around the house for her to solve, based on them.

"Captain, J'onn. Ms. Marvel is the girl in Jersey City, now. Great kid, too." Carol offers with a smile, her own warmth filling the words. Quite the good gathering of personnel for this op, and she's glad to see it.

"Slimy. Nice one, Arthur. Glad to see court intrique hasn't robbed you of your talent at the burn." Carol offers with a wink att he handsome King of the Seas. Then she turns to follow the others down said hallway. No special gear for Captain Marvel, but neither pressure nor vacuum is going to harm her. She doesn't need to breathe, either, though she does have the habit. No, the worst thing for her is that down in the depths she's going to be almost blind. 'Cause if she lights up to see better, she'll be swarmed by those that like to eat the glowy ones.

"Evening, Cap. Didn't know you were joining us on this dip. Good to have you. Flash, do we have everything onboard?" Carol finishes, just as she is ducking to step through the hatch into the passageway.

Carol settles in for the briefing, and nods. Alright. "OK. So, we're going to need scanners to detect for terrigen release in the water. No telling what it could do to us, or Arthur's people, or the wildlife." She glances around, and then reaches up to tap her ear as her League comm unit starts offering up a voice she does not know. What the … ? "Hello? This is Captain Marvel. And you would be …?" Not Oracle. At all.

When Carol speaks to the Martian his thin lips stretch into a faint smile.

The simple action seems to convey a sense of good-spirit as beetled red glare settles upon the hero, "Captain." He restates the word with a familial pride, "Good."

Unable to possess a communication device while shifting between insubstantial forms the Martian relies upon the psychic impressions of those around him to communicate. As others check in he seems suddenly less present as his mind searches for the consciousness woman at the other end of the radio.

Aquaman nods his agreement with Barry's words, "My navy's sitting a half mile out, they've had this place blockaded just in case." he tilts his head to the side as if hearing something the others can't, "Dock in four… three… two…" he flicks a finger and there's the slightest of tremors. He grins at Cait, "Sorry, nothing to really see this deep, well, not unless your eyes are better then I suspect. But instead of ocean depths I can offer you one Egyptian super lab filled with aresolized mutagen?" he offers helpfully!

"The image on the screen is a computerized representation built from modeling done by sonar and overmapped by footage of it before it fell from the sky, it's not an actual real ti-" his eyes suddenly go wide, "BRACE FOR IMPACT!" he bellows as he himself reaches out to grip a handle like protrusion that's grown into the wall, likely for just this sort of thing.

The ship lurches slightly under everyone's feet, just enough to knock the unwary on their backsides but not enough to hurl anyone around the room. "We've been breached!" he says, though there's no actual sign of it. He pulls the trident from his back in a flurry and points at the doorway, "Get back to the bay, by the time you reach the room the breach will be complete and you can get into the pyramid. We may have to seal it and flood the ship." his brows knit and the fun loving slightly fanboyish surfer of a moment ago is gone and in his place is a furious King, "Something is ripping into my damned ship!"

"It's was a last minute thing, but glad I could make it," Rogers admits with a grin to Marvel's words. As talk of a 'boring' trip is given, Steve shrugs. "Regardless of what's needed, I'm here to help. Despite my skill set, I'm find with being here 'just in case'. Just because I'm good in a fight doesn't mean I'm looking for one."

A glance is given toward Caitlin, taking in the pink in her cheeks with a slightly arched brow in confusion. "Something wrong?" he asks, looking at himself in cause his zipper was down or the like. He doesn't have time to wait for an answer as there is suddenly something hitting the ship. He is thrown forward, but he rolls along the ground and pops up swiftly enough.

As the situation is given and the mission understood, Rogers nods, pulling out the oxygen tank from his duffle, clearly preparing just in case this becomes true swim. "You heard the man, we need to get going," he offers, racing to the bay. He might only have the mission briefing given here to guide him, but as a man used to missions, it's all he needs to get going.

Flash's eyes go wide as the first lurch of the ship causes him to react, moving at a sudden burst of speed to secure himself as the ship is lurched into. "Aquaman, take those that can handle the pressure, and figure out what that was! Captain America, take the lead of the search team. I know the way to the lab!" he calls out as he already has the map memorized.

Then Steve is suiting up to possibly go outside. "Captain, you sure you can handle the pressure out there?" he asks as he's already opening the door to move people from one location to the next that are on the lab team. Within the pyramid, the walls are a mix of technoorganic looking brick and heiroglyphics. They have been long since dormant, several pipes hanging down from where they hit the water hard, but the pathway ahead seems clear.

"Huh?" Caitlin looks over— slightly down— at Captain America, and promptly turns pink again when he addresses her. "No, nothing's wro—"

At that moment, the ship collides with the … whatever, and Caitlin's flung sideways! Strong though she is, she is not as dextrous as others, and with a wide-eyed yelp, she falls heavily at Captain America.

The gentlemanly thing to do, of course, would be to catch her.

The /smart/ thing would be to not stand in the way of a 350lb amazonian ginger being flung violently sideways. Caitlin is /deceptively/ heavy for a metahuman.

Down they both go, and Caitlin— for the second time in less than a month— finds herself staring in horror at a pancaked Captain America.

At least she didn't throw a table at him, this time. "Cap! I'm so sorry!" She heaves to her feet and grabs Rogers by the front of his uniform, and with one arm, rights him on his boots. She brushes him off and straightens his uniform— taking a little longer than needed, if one was to be very particular about it— then jumps a little at a second *thud*.

"Right! Er… I'll go with the land crew," she volunteers. "Aquaman, I've got my rebreather if you need me in the ocean!" she calls, before joining the rush towards the docking port.

The vessel lurches…

The sudden pitch topped the Martian off of his feet to send him topping towards the ground only to, evaporate into a rapidly fading olive-colored cloud..

..only to reappear as an indistinct form that registers more as thought than presence..

When the water floods and the pressure settles the Manhunter becomes more distinct. Adapted for the deep his arms and legs are finned with hands and feet that seem more like webbed appendages than terrestrial apparatus. His neck has become thick and muscular with wide gill-slits that open and close with each shallow movement of air through his chest.

As others exit the alien remains.

Gold starbust lights up: "Good evening, Captain Marvel. I'm Spoiler. Snape kills Dumbledore," says Stephanie into the mic, keying in the private line to the glowy meta after greeting her. Just Spoiler making sure she can toggle to priavte and back without issues.

As J'onn searches, he'll find the girl's mind in Gotham. A feeling of being slightly overwhelmed by what she's doing while at the same time being completely determined to be perfect at it. She's focused on her task, on watching information and keeping it flowing to all parties while simultaneously being more concerned about two individuals more than the others. That's not to say that everyone else isn't important to the girl. There are just two she seems to know more than the rest and likes better. One of the two, her subconscious would strike as a lot more than just 'like'. And just as the ship lurches, she's suddenly alert, eyes scanning over the screen and information.

"DELPHI. Get into Aruthr's ships sensor bay. They need to know what's out there," Stephanie tells the AI that Babs left to assist her before leaving the girl to learn this for herself.

"Your Majesty, I am attempting to figure out what's out there. Get your teams moving," Spoiler says to the whole group, still not pleased that only one person seems to have checked in. So, she repeats: "All points. Confirm comms."

"Spoiler. You subbing in for Oracle?" Carol returns, as she smirks. Spoilers indeed. Thankfully, Carol already knows the plots of those books; she read them to Kit as they came out. Quite well balanced and usually flying innately even when standing still, Carol has a terrible habit of not lurching when the ship does. But she notices.

"I'm with you, Art." That's about all Carol gets out, as the water rushes in. She can't really speak without air, so while she can hear, she can't really respond worth anything now. But she does help push people where they need to go to be safe. And then … time to go out and glow temptingly. Here, elder evil godling of doom. Stop messing with Art's pretty sub, and chase the glowy Captain Marvel!

Lara was used to ships she was on violently lurching and eventually dying, so she wasn't terribly surprised when this one did the same thing. She braced herself and attempted to follow the direction of those who were clearly commanding the scenario, at least this time she wasn't alone in the dark with a ship filling to the brim with sea water (yet).

Lara would carry her gear to the indicated bay, moving with the others to keep up as best as a very non-powered person can/could.

Aquaman automatically corrects anyone that uses his 'title' at moments like this, "Aquaman." he says, then sighs. Dammit. They got him to /say/ it. He hates that name. «Murk! Soon as the surfacers are clear, seal the breach and break us free before whatever it is uses us to rip a hole in the pyramid!» he doesn't wait for a telepathic acknowledgement of his order before he's sending more orders out into the waters with narrowed eyes. Outside, in the lightless depths, stars begin to spark to life. "J'onn! Link us up!" how the hell Arthur can speak under water, and do so in a manner that everyone can hear just fine, is just… wrong. Science says it's wrong. Says it can't happen. And yet. There he is. Talking. "I'm calling in outside light sources, use my eyes if you need to!" Arthur is mad. Someone scratched his ride.

Captain America is a rather strong man, but coming back up from a roll means that well, he has little time to react. Still, he's righted soon enough and thankfully there are few here that would give him grief about the innocent. At least not in the current situation. "It's fine" is all he replies as he continues his push forward as his shield reveals itself.

"I'm planning to go to the pyramid actually… Just getting my water gear out just in case," Cap replies in response to Barry's astute observation. "While I spent a lot of time in the ocean, not really something I want to repeat anytime soon." A brief glance is given toward Aquaman as he adds a swift "No offense." And with that, the man continues his push forward toward the Lab O' Evil.

Reaching up to his chest, Flash illuminates the symbol there, casting a light down the hallway. "First one to make a Mummy reference walks home." he says as he starts down the hallway. "We've got a bit of a walk ahead of us." The ship creaks and shudders with the sounds of the battle outside as he continues to move down the hallway.

"So.. spent a lot of time underwater?" he asks noone in particular. "Me? I don't swim much. I usually run on water." he says with a little frown as there comes a small grumble of pipes and dust raining down on him.

"Agent Croft, will you be able to help me extract the canister when we get to it?" he asks as they round a corner towards a large opening to the lab area up ahead, set up like a massive area of worship and there are several tables and areas where large containers would have been set up, filled with the Mists. Most of them have collapsed in on themselves, a heavy green parlor to the area.

Caitlin's not just bulletproof— she's also SUPER handy to have along for carrying heavy things. Like the spare respirators and assorted gear people expect to need. At least a hundred pounds of equipment in durable plastic containers on a pack frame, and she doesn't look like she's even aware of the weight.

"Hey, Flash— hang on a sec," she says, with a frown. She digs a small, high power light from her belt and shines it on the area. "Looks like some of the mists are loose," she remarks. "I'm pretty sure it won't affect us, but Lady Croft for sure probably should avoid them— and Cap, I'm not sure what they'll do to you," the big ginger tells the soldier, almost apologetically. "I know some of my DNA recombinazation is derived from the Super Soldier project, but I /do/ have an active metagene. Will inhaling this—" she wiggles the light at the mists. "Hurt you?"

"My darling, when Ramses destroyed Syria, that was an accident. You are a catastrophe!" Spoiler quips into the coms in response to Flash's statement that the first one walks home. Because, technically…. She can call the Clocktower home and crash there. And now, everyone else is free to Mummy it up! #HelpfulSpoilerIsHelper

Lara was quite enraptured by her surroundings, she had pulled an orange-yellow glowstick out of her backpack and was moving it around to look in various directions while listening to the background noises and the voices of her companions.

Her eyes went toward Flash and she heard his question. "I will certainly make every effort to—" She was cut off by Caitlin's observation of the mists and her eyes went toward where Cait was looking with her own light, Lara's light soon went in that direction too. She observed the potential leaked mists, recalling Darcy's research on them that she'd read prior to this expedition.

"Wonderful." She quietly muttered. "I sure hope this doesn't render me a useless addition to this team…"

"I.. think I can handle this?" Flash suggests, as he steps forward, standing in the hallway. "Uh. Hold your breath, just in case." he offers. Lifting his arms, he points them outwards, and starts to rotate them quickly. As he goes faster and faster, the damp air condensces around his arms forming storm clouds as they roll out from the heat he's making, turning green quickly as they pick up the mutagen and he pushes it back, making a giant cloud of the dangerous toxin as the wind whooshes loudly before it goes down the hallways, disappating as it is pushed out of the main area.

However, the noise draws a clacking noise. And there comes a dangerously loud roar. Stumbling in from one of the hallways is what looks like a mutated Atlantean. His body is covered in twisted criterian armor, the massive creature more than eight feet tall. The markings of the Royal Guard are barely clinging to him, the body starved and mutated, as he raises a massive claw, slamming it into a table as he holds a harpoon in the other arm.

A shrug is given in response to Caitlin's question about Roger's ability to take in the Gases. Captain America is far from a man of science and while he believes he should be protected for a variety of reasons, it's best not to mess with the unknown unless necessary. At least not when it comes with possible changes with your DNA. The oxygen tank is turned on and Cap makes a few on the fly configurations with it in order to have it be a breathable replacement. "There," he decides before he offers it to Lara to strap on herself and use. If she wants to use it, that's fine, if not, he'll use it himself. That is, of course, before Flash uses his skills to handle it himself. "Impressive," he muses.

The Super Soldier secures the equipment to himself again, pulling out his shield just in time to see the large beast. "Fairchild, you want to take first crack?" he muses with a faint smile, merely moving to be defensively in front of Croft with his shield, just in case it's stronger and faster than any of them had planned.

Speaking into his radio, "Yeah, Spoiler, you just wait until I get home." Flash says with a smirk. "Okay, it's not a mummy, it's some type of super lobster looking thing. Last time I did this, I ended up in Australia."

Caitlin might have some girlish qualities, and a bit of wide eyed innocence about her. But she's also got a prizefighter's mentality, and she grins wide at Cap, cracking her knuckles thunderously.

"Captain America, that'd be my genuine pleasure," she assures him.

"Spoiler! Fairchild moving to engage… mutant-crab-man-thing!" she announces into her commlink. Caitlin drops her feet low, almost like a sumo lunge, despite being more than forty feet away.

Then she /explodes/ into motion, with bewildering acceleration. Faster than any mere human could hope to move. Not as fast as Flash, of course, and Captain America would be faster off the line— but in the space of ten long steps, Caitlin's accelerated to 'speeding vehicle' amounts of momentum, and there is a LOT of mass behind that F=M*V^2. She shouts and lunges on her last step, throwing a heavyweight right cross that starts at her hyperextended left toe, crosses both hips, and ends right between the knuckles of her right hand.

Lara reached out to accept the mask that Rogers had prepared and she accepted it with a quiet and soft response. "Thank you, Captain." She said, moving to place the item on to hopefully offer some protection. She observed Barry's solution to the problem as well and just nodded her head a couple small times.

When the lobster monster showed up, Lara took a step back, drew her gun from inside her jacket and gripped it at her side… Seeing Cap take up a defensive position in front of here, and Caitlin rush to fight!

Lara gently shook her head, wishing she'd had this team with her on previous adventures… it would've saved her a lot of bruises and cuts!

"Where would something like this even originate from?" Lara asked into the comms.

Movie quote given, action starts up. Spoiler can hear it in the chatter of voices. They haven't confirmed, but she's got DELPHI ensuring steady connections for her, so she's matching up icons to transmissions. It's frustrating, but she'll ignore it for now. Instead, she watches Flash's vitals doing weird things as he power-stunts the mists.

"DELPHI, search for any wireless access points to the pyramid's computer systems. Cameras, doors, lights. Anything. I want in," she tells the AI, as she puts Fairchild's icon, a cute little red heart with a smiley face, to light up. Finally! a proper confirmation.

"Acknowledged, Fairchild. I'm watching your location in cause you get Flash'ed to Austrailia." she says, then keys in Barry's personal coms.

"First off, ix-nay the comments about home-hay. Secondly, Austrailia? You'll have to tell me over dinner. Red Lobster's having an endless shirmp thing. We should hit it up," Stephanie says to Barry, grin unmistakeable in her voice as she checks in with DELPHI's intel. She sits up, speaking into everyone's ears but her words are in response to Lara.

"Altanean Guardsmen. Sent down to check on things. Got hit. I'm directing some power to the area," Spoiler says, as she keys in to redirect some of the power still on the 'ship' pyramid thing.

"There's a center console. It's a teleport pad, very Star Trek. Switches on the control pad across the room, should send him… somewhere else," says the youthful voice, eyes taking in information and relaying as quickly as she can manage. "You'll have power enough to trigger it in thirty seconds."

As Caitlin offers her position and Lara asks what's going on with Spoiler, Rogers merely continues to listen. It's clear that he's trying his best to navigate how the Justice League does things as opposed to his own personal style. While a smart and creative individual, it doesn't mean that Rogers doesn't struggle with adapting at times and this is no exception. He'll get there though, he's sure of it. Still despite going from WWII communication of spotty, short, and terse the banter here is calmer, clearly, and much more conversation.

"Thanks for the heads up," Rogers offers with a sincere but slightly confused reply in to Spoiler's spot-on assistance.

For the time being, he remains stalwart in his defense, the careful Captain merely seeing how this creature measures up before deciding an attack on his own.

The heavy-handed punch cracks the armor and sends the mutated guard slamming against the far wall. The whole structure shakes dangerously. A few springs of water rain down on the group as a large of canister, that could be filled with Mists, threatens to tump over. "Got it!" Flash calls out, gone in a blur of red and yellow as he starts to try to push the canister back in place.

Of course in the red of the costume, it draws the creature's attention, and the creature whips around it's claw, catching the speedster in the side and sending him flying across the room where he slams into the floor and rolls several times. "…ow." he murmurs to himself, taking a few moments to compose himself.

Turning towards Fairchild, the creature's harpoon is flung at her with enough force to penetrate battleship armor as he tries to knock her backwards, impale her, or some combonation of the two. Apparently the pair of them are going to be the distraction team for Steve and Lara.

Caitlin's immensely strong and has the sort of agility you can only get from being able to physically perform one-legged backflips. But she doesn't have the reflexes of Supergirl, or Flash's altered perception of time. So she has little more time for a squawk of surprise and a violet side-turn of her hips before the harpoon smacks into her stomach. The angle is oblique enough that it doesn't look as if it penetrates any major organs, but it enters a few inches to the side of her navel and apparently stops against her hipbone. She grunts in shock and is flung to the ground, curling in agony at the unexpected pain of being actually /injured/ by something.

"Owww…" she whimpers, gasping as nervous shock temporarily overrrides pain signals. "Fairchild… hit, I'm down," she gasps, struggling to maintain consciousness as she fades in and out.

Lara was very grateful for Captain Roger's defense of her from this menacing guardian, but she'd face similar behemoths in recent years and when the dust settled on those fights… they'd been left bloodied and dead in her wake.

The plucky archaeologist burst out from behind Steve and rushed toward the 'Star Trek' console that Spoiler had spoken of. She saw Barry fly past her in one direction, then go rolling back in the other before exclaiming his 'ow' … she wanted to stop to help him but she needed to get to the console…

The massive harpoon was flung at Caitlin and Croft saw it out of the corner of her eyes, very glad that that was not sent in her direction. With gun in hand, she nearly ran right into the control board of the teleportal machine and started to scan its controls with her eyes, hoping the power was already shunted to the panel…

Back in Gotham, Spoiler straightens up as Flash takes a hit. She can hear him mutter in pain. She clicks to his private comms, voice concerned.

"Barry? Get up," Stephanie says, biting her lower lip a moment, eyes leaving his monitor to check on the rest for a moment. She notices something odd just before the pyramid shudders. The power flickers and Stephanie directs DELPHI to try to stablize it and hold it there for Rock Lobster to get shoved into position. The shudder adds a second jolt to that precariously balances canister, splashing more water down on the group.

The power flickers again then steadies out, ready at the console for Lara to input coordinates and press send.

"Captain Rogers. Fairchild's partly on that teleporter pad. You have to get her clear before Agent Croft activates it," Spoiler says, heart racing. She can't hear anything from the comlinks of the other part of the group. She can only hope they are okay. She checks the system again, hoping for anything else she can do from here to help.

The temptation to get into the fray is a common one for the superhero community, but thankfully, Rogers is a rather disciplined man. It seems clear from the time being that Flash and Caitlin have the creature under control. To attack himself, Rogers risks giving the unspoken message that he felt he needed to handle it himself or didn't trust the pair to do the job. There are many things that Steve is not, a team player is not one of them.

"Moving toward the objective," Captain America states simply as he moves with Lara, positioning himself so that even while Croft goes around that there is still protection. Despite the fact that the fight seems controlled for the time being, the war hero keeps his wits about him, aware that Spoiler stated a team of people and this is only one monster.

However, as Lara moves past the battle, as both Flash and Caitlin appear to feel the changed Guard's wraith, it seems as if the Star-Spangled Man is up. Steve understands he doesn't have the Flash's speed or the power of Fairchild, so his attacks will have to be flawless in order to give them the chance to get their bearings once more. "I'll do what I can, Miss Croft, I'll trust the rest to you. On it, Spoiler," he offers to the women in question before doing his thing.

The Super Soldier Serum has done a lot for Rogers. One of the changes was to his mind, allowing him to figure out complicated angles. It's why he's so good with his shield. And in ten seconds, he'll prove that. The duffle is tossed to the teleporter pad, not caring if he gets it back or not (even if SHIELD would really prefer that it would). He needs the weight to keep himself light as possible when he pulls off an Attack Plan. And how does it look?

A powerful toss of the shield is given not toward the monster, but a wall. It bounces off a few areas before coming right for the back of the creature's knee and bounces off a wall to go for the other knee before going back to the wall and going back toward where Rogers has now raced toward, which is by Fairchild's side. By the time the shield has done it's ricochet magic, Rogers has already thrown Fairchild over his shoulder. She's heavy, but he's able to muster up the power to get her out of harm's way. "As soon as I get you away from this guy, we'll see what we can do," he replies as catches the shield. Why does he have the shield at the ready? Because he has a feeling after his little stunt, the altered man, will want to attempt 3 for 3 for hero beat downs and that special tool is the only thing that keeps him from being a smear on the floor against guys like this.

Pulling himself slowly to his feet, Flash groans in pain. "Spoiler my everything hurts. Sitrep?" he asks as he hears the clattering of the shield against the walls and smacking into the walls and slams into the creature. It roars, turning towards the star-spangled hero and starts to advance. The creature starts to lumber towards him as Flash comes speeding past in a blur and starts to circle wildly. "Catch me if you can, crab cake!" he calls out.

That is until he moves suddenly, heading over the pad as the creature is distracted and starts after the streaking speedster. "…Lara, now!" he calls out as he races past it and leads the creature into the middle of it.

In the meantime, at the panel, it will only take Lara a couple of moments to find out exactly how to use the system. The only catch she may have is putting in coordinates. Hopefully she has map skills to match her Egyptian skills.

Caitlin cries out in pain when Steve picks her up. She clutches the spear tight to keep it from jostling against her innards, but it still /hurts/ like hell. And it's painful enough she misses Steve's badass toss!

Carted off in a safe direction, Caitlin spots the creature roaring and preparing to attack again, even as Steve retrieves his shield.

She grabs at Cap's waist. Then his other side, trying to fight through the pain.

"Why don't you have a GUN?!" she demands of him, just as Lara gets the chevrons locked and hits the Big Red Button.

Lara slipped her handgun into the holster on her right thigh and then put her hands onto the console as the power fluctuated within it and then came online. "Okay." She quietly exhaled. "I can do this…" She whispered, eyes scanning the systems.

Hieroglyphs, lots of them… pulsing on the screen. She started to decipher their meanings and how the console was laid out. Her hands started swiping across the screen, combining them in different orders, spinning them about and tossing them around on the console. Tap, tap, tap, taptaptaptap!

Lara looked up then, breathing heavily from the adrenaline of all of this (her favorite thing in the world!) "Ready!" She exclaimed to the others and then slapped her middle two fingers down on the screen, activating the teleporation system, to send the Lobster straight up… into low-Earth-orbit.

That groan has SPoiler looking back at Flash's vitals.

"Well, I think you fractured soem things and you have a concussion. As much as I'd rather you sit still for a bit…" Spoiler starts, speaking to Flash alone. She hears him taunting the beast and sighs to herself.

"Called it," she grumbles, turning to continue decyphering the controls. She's about to start relaying her best guesses when Lara states that she is ready. Really? Wow! Stephanie is shocked for half a heartbeat. She reads the coordinates, hoping the SHIELD Agent didn't send it anywhere stupid, like a populated area but then…

"Space. The final frontier. Awesome," Spoiler says into the comms, revelling for a moment before focusing on the matter at hand.

"Flash. Get the samples. I haven't been able to get anything from the other group. Right before that shudder, Aquaman's comms flickered. Soemthing hit him and hit him hard. I have no eyes out there."

In low orbit, the guard shows up, mutated and all, before he starts to freeze and convulse, curling in on himself and starts to float through the sky. As it does so, the ISS radios down. "Houston, we have an unidentified object up here. Positioning for visual, over."

"ISS, Houston, what do you have?"

"…it appears to be.. a lobster. Did you forget butter and lemon, over?"

"ISS, we have a problem, suggest you send samples of urine and blood, over."

Back in the undersea base, Flash draws in a few ragged breaths, a trickle of blood from his nose and side of his mouth. Punctured lung, definetly. "Captain, can you get Fairchild back to extraction, or do we need to work on her here? Do we remove the spear?" he asks, as he looks towards Lara. "I need your help in reading the controls on the valves so we can find a tank to get a sample from."

Caitlin is sat down and can't help a cry of pain, fumbling at her waistpack for a pouch with the universal cross of 'Field Medicine' on it. She tries to sit, but can't, and ends up sprawling mostly on her back, clutching the spear with both hands to keep it from floppign around. Her immensely sturdy abdominals are keeping it mostly steady, but it's clearly an extraordinary sort of pain for the big ginger.

"G-gotta get the spear out," she pants, sweat beading on her forehead, her face screwed up in pain. She unrolls her little field medical kit and produces an foaming autoinjector, one used to patch severe penetrating wounds. She fumbles with it, but as the spear is jostled again, she turns white and almost passes out. "Need some… need some help here," she gasps, her left leg completely limp under her.

Spoiler's not getting a response from the other team and it's getting worrisome. Almost as worrisome as… Spoiler leans toward the screen she's been using to track Flash's vitals, frowning at what she sees. She's not medically trained, but she's sure that even for a speedster his heartrate shouldn't be that high.. nor should his oxygen levels be that low.

Reaching for Lara's comm channel, Spoiler speaks softly and as calmly as she can manage, "I'm not letting Flash go with you. I'll keep him here. Take the vial from him. I'll guide you in. He's more hurt than he's letting on."

Over the public channels, Spoiler speaks to everyone.

"Flash, Rogers, tend to Fairchild. I'll guide Croft in to the tanks." And then, because she's a batling and does not ever play fair, she keys Flash's line alone.

"And you're damn well going to stay put, Bartholemew. Henry. Allen." Stephanie says into Barry's ear, voice soft, pitched to promise not fun times if he doesn't do what the cheerleader is demanding.

Lara separated herself from the console and she moved toward Caitlin, seeing the injury it made her worry quite a lot… "If we can get it out of her. I have medical supplies in my pack." She told the others, worry laced in her British accented words.

Her approached was paused though and she heard Spoiler's instructions. She looked toward the Flash to stare at him, trying to judge just how injured the man was… He'd had a sniper take a shot at him the other day, now this encounter… He like was rather enjoyed.

"Copy that." Lara said over the comm unit and she released a heavy exhale. "Just tell me where to go, I'll get there." She drew her gun again, but kept it at her side… lord knows if anything dwelling inside this ship would even be felled by a mere handgun, even if it was a fairly hefty calibur.

"Understood, Spoiler." Barry can't really argue with Stephanie over the private comms at the moment, not without everyone hearing him. Yet he grimaces again in pain. "Alright, I haven't tried phasing in a while, Caitlin." he says as he kneels down next to the woman. Uh. Away from her chest. He positions himself to take a firm hold on the spear. "I need you to hold really still."

And with that, he starts to vibrate. It's going to hurt at first, but as he does so, his hands move faster and faster, becoming mere red blurs, before he moves, lifting the spear and pulling it from Caitlin, tossing it to the side as he falls to his butt between the woman's legs. Moving quick, he grabs the foam injector to start to seal the injury. Just ignore what it all looks like.

As for the tanks, the first ones that Lara comes across are spent. It's the third one that has some left in it. Now, to find something to put it in. The contained Barry had got smashed when he was smacked by the lobster guard.

Lara rushed through the directions provided to her by Spoiler and she found the tanks. She started to scan them over, running her eyes over the symbols and markers on each one… "God this is fascinating…" She muttered under her breath. "Focus, Lara…" She encouraged herself.

"Found one… not empty!" She said turning them she scanned for something, anything to transport the thing. "Imagine how they'd look at you if you went all the way back with an empty tank." She talked to herself as she made the proper arrangements…

Moments later and Lara was returning with the filled tank, she was riding on some kind of space-aged go-kart that made a squeal sound as it rolled down the hallways. With a small 'beep' 'beep' of a horn, Lara looked at them and smiled.

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