The New Windy City

February 17, 2017:

An awoken Nuhuman child unleashes in Hub City. The Justice League (Green Lantern and Wonder Woman) save the day.

Hub City, Midwestern United States


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Hub City, Illinois
A state that is no stranger to tornadoes and the typical unusual weather of the Midwestern United States it's often not a major concern that alerts the likes of the Justice League. Tonight is a different story.

Less than 30 minutes ago a Fujita Scale F4 tornado appeared in Hub City's manufacturing district and has gradually started to work it's way towards Spurling and Easthaven, more populated small business to residential areas.

The city itself is blacked out, sirens wail from everywhere and rescue and relief efforts are already underway. The death toll right now is small but it is gradually climbing, tens will soon be hundreds and hundreds eventually thousands.

Green Lantern over the JLcomms can be heard almost shouting, "I'm en route! I had another date tonight but this one sounds a lot more pushy!"

Starting out from Metropolis, Diana is equally quickly en-route to help where she can. "I'm joining you, Lantern," she says over comms, nothing more than a blur in the sky. "I have the Watchtower ensuring this is a naturally occurring disaster, and not something created otherwise." Be it by meta, mutant, or machine. All are possible.

(Red Tornado, anyone?)

"They'll update us when they know."

If the pair haven't determined it by themselves before then.

A strong wind blows from the ocean, showing a new way.

Even from afar Wonder Woman can discern the giant funnels that form at the top as clouds then to a base of terrible destruction, wind speeds of over 200 mph throw cars, debris, lamp posts, fencing, chunks of buildings the sound is something out of a nightmare, a growl only nature can accomplish accompanied with a vacuum that tears away all noise. It is absolutely terrifying. Where the giant funnel is not there are small streamers touching down upon the earth from it, like tendrils of a great beast.

In the darkness there is a light, a green one, flashing back and forth as it drives off slashing winds and creates domes all across the city's landscape in appearing and re-appearing spots. Hal Jordan at work. Using his rings powers to fend off the destruction.

"Wonder Woman, glad to have you." His voice over the comms is strained, even with his outer layer of energy armor he is being beaten with tossed debris and forcing himself opposite the winds. "I'll be damned if I know what is going on. I can't pick up a reading with the ring but I really can't slow down and concentrate to do so either, people will die if I stop… " Stop what? Slowing the tornado that is what. Those bursting bubbles of green are creating disrupting pockets here and there. So far its the thing hes found out that works. At least a little.
As Diana gets closer an empty wheel chair careens directly at her. It's just the beginning of a salvo of danger that awaits.

Diana spins in the air, catching the wheel chair and sweeping down to put it somewhere out of the immediate line of fire. Not, mind, that there are many of those places. She can tell, from above, what Lantern is attempting to do. And, in response, she moves to the edges of the winds, catching flailing people and cars mid air and returning them to earth some distance away, giving them instruction to get out of the area as quickly as they can — or to go inside into basements and hide.

"I can try reversing the flow of air, much as Superman does," she suggests over comms. "Perhaps that will begin to stabilize the area." She's hoping, anyway. The woman can reach flight speeds up to nearly half the speed of light. Surely she can use that ability to try to 'catch' a tornado. Mind you, it's not something she's ever tried before. She usually leaves that to Kal. "I don't promise it will work."

"Whatever works!" Hal yells. Not intentionally they are over comms and it isn't exactly necessary but given the situation he can't help himself.

As Wonder Woman enters the tornado she'll realize immediately its multiple vortex, vortices rotating around the central. It is powerful, far too powerful for just a Midwestern wind build up with no warning, this is something that should only be tropical. Closer to the surface it is more chaotic but her might, that of the Gods themselves through gift and birthright allows her to withstand even nature's majesty, sound is lost to her and strength is required to fight just exactly what she is bracing herself against.
Almost as if a response to her presence the tornado widens, expanding outwards and ripping up more road, cement being cast up as mini-tornados actually peel away terra ferma.

"I am doing my best to try and steer it between Old Town and Easthaven but you have to move fast!" Not JL comms now but the Power Ring, bolstered by Hals will to reach past typical communications, almost akin to telepathy. "I can't push it north, maybe we can stop it completely in Hub Park, only trees and ducks to worry about there. Maybe some vagrants… "

Wonder Woman finds herself battling through multiple winds and uses the Lansinar crystal in her tiara to allow her to respond to Lantern. "I don't believe this is natural, Lantern. There are too many spin-offs and the winds are behaving wrongly." She continues to try to redirect the winds, flying faster and harder, but it becomes far more of a challenge as the mother vortex births and releases her young. "I am going into the eye of the storm to be sure." Because, she remembers the God of the Winter Wind an errant satellite crash released a couple of months back. And, with all the weirdness going around these days, this could very well be something similar.

"Good call. I'm trying to actually set a house down… " Hal Jordan is not joking. Several have lifted up and taken flight with the winds, fortunately they won't be hurled past the Missouri border.

A city bus hurtles towards Diana, crashing in to her and bouncing off as she passes through the windwall and in to the main vortex, to the center of the storm. It is almost as if a person is watching TV and they switch from FX action to somber afterdark Hallmark, it's quieter inside the tornado eerily so but the roar is still present, the ground is blasted back and torn up, barren around the windwall, as if nature is just scrubbing away human influence and there walks a child. Perhaps no more than ten years old, torn clothes, tears and what could be blood streaming down his (or her) dirty face and mussed up tawny brown hair. No attention is paid to Wonder Woman, the youth just walks and while it moves, so does the tornado around it. The world unravels in violence.

Diana deflects the bus away, making her way deeper into the heart of the tornado. "I was right, Lantern," she says upon seeing the child. "There's a child in here…"

And anyone who knows Diana knows that's a serious trigger point for her. She lands near the child, still within the eye, walking with them. "Here, little one," she says gently. "Stop a moment. Let me see you. You look injured. Let me help."

At first there is no spark of recognition in the child and then as if fixated upon the motif on Diana's belt the youth blinks as if coming out of a dream slowly and looks up at her face, "Wonder Woman? I seen you on TV." The winds around them begin to slow, opening in portions to release some of the darkness and objects held aloft start to plummet, "You're just here to stop me from hurting them." The kids face contorts and the vortex picks up speed again, objects that were starting to freefall lift up again, continuing the dance of destruction and strife.

"Easy, child," Diana says quickly as the winds pick up. "Yes, I want to stop you from hurting anyone. She moves closer to the child, but not into their immediate personal space. "Especially yourself. You're bleeding, I think. Stop, and let me look at that. Who are you so angry at?"

The princess will always try to talk before fight. Especially against a child. The winds pick up, and she hopes Hal can handle them, while she tries to work her interpersonal magic within the gap.

"My mom, my dad, my big sister… those people killed them. I have to stop them from hurting more people, taking more families." The kid declares, shakily, as if saying this to not just Diana but also them self. "They burnt them. Burnt them while they slept in the big eggs." Tears stream more freely now, the blood is visible from a cut on the child's brow. "I stopped some of the bad people. The burners. Now I have to find the rest… they're somewhere… " Shock, it has to be. Wonder Woman is not unfamiliar with such things and this child is in a state of absolute confusion, likely doesn't even know what they are doing to the outside world nor that they are hurting more than just the 'burners'.

"Whatever you're doing in there is working Wonder Woman. It's getting easier to push, we're getting closer to the park. We should be able to stop it completely there with the least collateral damage." Hal hopes at least.

Diana uses the Lansinar's telepathic qualities to allow her to communicate with Hal through the ring without alerting the child. "The child is a victim of the mists, Lantern. As are the rest of his family." His? Her? She has to pick a gender for the poor waif. It may change.

She dares to reach out and touch the child's shoulder. "Oh, little one," she says sympathetically, wiping a little blood from his face. "Stop. I know how angry you are, and you have good reason to be. But, let me find the people who hurt your family. The winds you make. They are strong and I know you want to use them to stop the burners, but they're hurting many others, too. Let me find the people who did this to your family. My friends and I can find them for you and bring them to justice without hurting anyone else."

"Hurting anyone else?" Another of those slow confused blinks, the kid looks around and then up. Seeing something drift by in the clouds above, that frown deepens. "I am hurting people? I didn't mean to hurt people. I just want to stop bad people." A trembling exhale and the kid suddenly latches to Diana, wrapping thin arms around her waist then begins the sobbing but with the tears the tornado disperses, the heavens around them fill with the sounds of the outside world, sirens, screams, crumbling buildings, howling animals and the emerald light of a Green Lantern trying to hold the world together as objects crash to the earth, smashing against the Hub City Parkgrounds, a metal painted pony bounces off the raw gravel not far from Diana and the young very powerful Nuhuman, cars without people in them crunch against eachother to form a small junkyard and with the debris, the cast off, rain pours. The sudden weather change becomes a quick storm much less harmless, the only danger now is getting soaked.
Wracked with sobs the kid clings to the Princess of Themyscira even as Hal Jordan descends to land beside them, "Whew… "

Ring Power at 37%

"Yeah, yeah, did you fin… was this the prob… " Some odd out of nowhere empathy sparks up from Hal and he motions with a thumb towards the child, mouthing (despite them having close to telepathic comms), 'That the source?

"Holy shit." That last bit outloud.

Wonder Woman glances at Hal over the child's shoulder, wrapping her arms around him and giving him a close hug. She nods faintly to the hero, but rubs the child's back as he sobs. "It will be alright, little one," she says softly, brushing some hair away from his wound. "I know it doesn't feel like it right now, but we will make sure of it." This child will indeed be tended to through the League and others, to ensure both his safety and that of others — though they'll need to find someone who can handle training the child's powers. Perhaps it is time to reach out to the elusive X-Men.

Exhaustion and an extreme use of newfound powers has the kid slumping against the Amazon, clearly unconscious.

Hal watches as the kid crumples and looks like nothing more than a harmless pre-teen, a frown appears and he pushes a mop of his own dark brown hair away from his brow and that half mask he wears, the rain steadily falls, "I am going to help Hub City clean up. Maybe you should take that kid to the authorities or… elsewhere." Elsewhere maybe the best idea, no place is going to be safe for a Nuhuman with that much power except containment. The Justice League is likely the most humanitarian option in those regards.
"I mean, I dunno, this just doesn't look like there is going to be any explaining here." A motion around them, absolute chaos, it looks like ground zero. Hub City isn't destroyed, far from it but at least two of it's districts just suffered a serious weather calamity of monumental levels. It is going to require some repair and work effort. At least Illinois will have some more job opportunities.
"Positive note, the Slashers had an away game in Calgary this week." Hub City Slashers vs the Calgary Flames? Yeah, Hal Jordan pays attention to Hockey. It's a man's sport after all.

Diana nods to Hal, rising and taking the child up in her arms. "I will take the child to the embassy, for now. The healers there will tend to his wounds and we can see where he might be best tended." Someplace away from the authorities, yes. She chuckles softly at the references to sports, but otherwise ignores them. "I will leave you to the clean up and return once I know the child is settled. If I find others who can help, I will have them join us." Starfire might aid, she knows. The alien princess has done so before. She rises up gently into the air and nods farewell to the Lantern. "Call me, if you need." Then, she cradles the child close to her and flies back towards New York.

"Will do. Thanks for having my back." Hal grins as she departs. "And you know my number if you need me!" He shouts after her as she departs, even with the severity of the moment he can't help adding, "Like, you know, for anything… a drink, a movie, a Slashers game!" A light chuckle at himself and then reality hits again, the wounded and helpless need champions.
"Need a recharge don't we ring, gonna be a long night… "
Final words from Hal that Diana is likely to hear runs a familiar string, "In brightest day, in blackest night… "

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