Cutscene: Joker's Mists Marinade

February 20, 2017:

What happens when you touch something that the Joker has claimed as his? A lawyer in Gotham finds out


An ice cream factory somewhere in Gotham




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The Bryant family of Robbinsville had always been a slightly affluent family of Gotham. The problem was is that while Edward Bryant had been a high-profile and high-cost defender of the Rogues of Batman, often getting them off of their charges when he would subpoena the Bat or one of his associates to court to no avail, he had his own vices.

Mainly he had a thing for exotic women, and one night, after a night of drinking and partying at the Glacier Club, he had made the mistake of making a pass at one Harleen Quinzel. While Harley was steadfast with the idea that she was away from Joker, when one of his contacts had informed him of what had happened, and the Joker seethed. Once a clown, always a clown. Now, what to do with someone that dared to touch his property.

The home invasion had gone off without a hitch. The Bryant family was huddled into the back of a non-descript van and driven to an abandoned frozen confectioners plant. The large cow out front stared out lazily with it's big cartoon eyes and roiling comically over-sized tongue.

Inside the plant, the Bryant family huddled in an abandoned freezer. "Look, I don't even know what I did! I speak out for you and the others often, how many times have I gotten you off the hook, Joker?!" Edward Bryant pleaded to the darkness, while his wife and children huddled behind them, the group of them still in their night clothes.

A low chuckle came from the darkness. "Now now, Eddie, I'm not here to hurt you. No no. That would be silly! After all, you have done so much to help me. Inviting the Bat to our shenanigans, making sure my suit looked nice, defending me so valiantly, I just figured it was time to repay you for it!" Joker steps out of the darkness, as he walks by a vat, he looks in on the two chrysalises within.

"You call this repaying me?" Edward bristled, "Taking my family from their home in the middle of the night? Bringing me here? How is this paying me, you freak!" he roared, angry and the lines of fear starting to pull along the lines of his face.

"It was such a great idea I just had to share it with you, Eddie boy!" Joker said with a bright and cold smile, as he approached the family and looked in on them. "What a lovely wife, and those kids! Just the apple of your eye, aren't they??" he says with a lowly chuckle. As he walked around Edward's lovely wife, Joker grinned. "Good to see that my money is going to keep up with this old jalopy!" he laughed. "So if you spent so much on implants, Botox, and.." his hand slapped down on the woman's rear. "…ooh, even the deluxe pushing cushion package.."

"…why did you touch what is mine?"

"What? Harley? What did she tell you? It's a lie! I wouldn't touch that crazy bitch!" Edward roared in anger, pulling against the chains that held him away from his family.

Joker moved suddenly, a hypodermic needle shoved into his wife's arm. Crystal screamed in pain. She started to shudder and shake, the familiar laughter of Joker's gas starting to burble up within her as she fell to the ground, convulsing, laughter ripping from her as she started to cry in maniacal pain.

But something else happened. As she stared down at her hands, her body arched in laughter and pain, her skin started to change, hardening, expanding, forming around her. Her screams of pain and laughter echoed through the factory before she finally collapsed, half cocooned, half human, and all dead.

Joker leaned down and tsked softly. "Maybe not enough of the special sauce! Whoops! Can't make a meta without breaking a few eggs!" he laughed as he went back towards the vat. "Take the lovely Missus and add her to the vat!" he called out to a couple of his henchmen. "I need to make some adjustments to Joker's Special Mist Marinade!"

Edward stared. "No.. no.. NO!" he cried out. "Please, no more, I'll give you anything! Don't hurt me!"

Joker smiled over his shoulder. "Hurt a favored lawyer?? Never!" he said with a chuckle, as his attention turned to Edward's teenage children. "But you touched something that is mine.. and I don't share my toys. So, I'm going to take yours, and put my name all over them, hoo! I messed up once, but hey! I'm sure to get it right next time!"

The screams of the Bryant family in fear and terror would continue through the night among the cow motif and ice cream vats.

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