A Visit to the Met

February 16, 2017:

Nathaniel and Sofia visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York

Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York



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It took a few days for Nathaniel to call Sofia. He keeps himself busy and took some schedule wrangling to clear a day. Luckily he found her willing to meet with him again, and the day was also good for her.

The ‘Met’ is conveniently close to several good restaurants and the Avengers Mansion, and it is large enough Nathaniel has barely seen half of it so far. So his offer was a morning there, followed by lunch, and if they are having fun, he is more than willing to find something else for the afternoon. It is now 10 am, and he is waiting by the main gate.

To be entirely honest, Sofia wasn't expecting Nathaniel to call. Yes, she had given her number but never thought it'd get used. When he did, she was surprised. Pleasantly so but surprised all the same.

The day planned actually sounded really nice which also surprised her. It also left her flailing for what to wear.

When she arrived, it was by cab despite having access to the limo and cars Danny kept handy. Dressed in a pair of light colored jeans, a pair of small heels and a red 'Gothic' style silk shirt, she actually managed not to fidget as she made her way to the gates and Nathaniel.

Nathaniel smiles at seeing the dark-haired girl. He is wearing dark suit, with a red button up shirt and a grey tie. Jeans and t-shirts are not his style, he likes to look his best and his neurokinetic outfit usually allows him to do just that. “Sofia, good to see you,” he greets. “Have you been here before? This place is very large and I have barely started to explore it.”

"I haven't, no." A soft blush touches her cheeks. "I feel really under deessed for it though." That silvery-white streak is tucked back behind her ear. "It's good to see you too." Her eyes flit to the Met and then back. "How large is it? Which sounds lile a terrible joke…."

Nathaniel shakes his head and smiles, “do not worry. You look great, beautiful.” He offers her his arm. “It is the largest are museum in the nation, and if you have never been here, I can show you a few of my favorite exhibits. Much of is here was long lost in…” my time. Did he tell her he is a time traveler? Nope. “Ah. I am not from this time. I better get that out of the way so you do not think I am too strange.” His accent is strange, although after a year in New York it is faint. But he still avoids contractions.

The blush deepens at the compliment, her head dipping a moment. "Thank you. That's sweet of you."

Her arm links with his, eyes cutting up to him. "I'd love to see them." And then she blinks. "Not from… Really? Fascinating!"

She straightens a little and gives his arm a slightly squeeze. "It would be a little weird if something a bit strange bothered me, of all people, don't you think?" Pause. "Is that why the speech pattern reminds me of talking to a God?"

Of course the Strange surname leans for some amusing comments. Nathaniel chuckles. “I learned 21st Century English from books and holographic teachers. So I would not know. I came to this period six years ago, for a few weeks. And then again a year ago. This time I plan to stay for a long time.” Not that he has a choice, but he is no trying to leave either. “I am from the 30th Century.”

Sofia giggles softly. "Well… They failed to teach you contractions. Not that I'm complaining. It's really cute actually." Her eyes dance and sparkle as she follows him in and through the museum. "What about this time is it that seemed to draw your attention?" Because with the exception of a bunch of angst… It's kind of boring to her.

“Oh, I do not think they were supposed to teach me that,” comments the young man, “I am quite sure Latin also had contractions, at least most dialects in most time periods. But I do not know those either.” He looks at Sofia and grins. “Dead languages, you see.” As to remark the statement, he has brought her to the Ancient Near East Art collection. Sumerian, Babylonian and all that. Many people still think they are the oldest civilizations on Earth, despite the growing evidence Atlantis was there 20 millennia before.

Dead languages… And Sofia's eyes light up brightly, a brilliant smile curving her lips. "I can't believe I haven't seen this before!"

Her eyes take in each piece in minute detail. "This is absolutely… Yes, Latin has contractions."
A hand lifts to reach out and touch one of the pieces only to stop short and draw back. "Are we allowed to take pictures?" She glances over at him and then back to the piece. "I'd love to study this more…"

“Almost everything here has been carefully studied, cataloged and correctly classified,” notes Nathaniel. “If you are interested there are articles about each piece in archeology publications.” He peers at the girl, “do you speak Latin? Is it a language useful for magic?”

Sofia straightens and smiles at Nathaniel. "And I'm sure you could have learned all about this century in history books or something similar but… Here you are… Nothing quite like experiencing it first hand.."

She giggles softly. "I do. Languages are a passion… What I'm going to school for. Languages with a focus in dead and ancient languages as well as pictographs, hieroglyphs…" She clamps her mouth shut, realizing she's rambling.

After clearing her throat, she nods. "It can be, yes."

Nathaniel nods, “I was studying science and engineering,” he says, thoughtful. “But history fascinated me. And this time period, well, it is the greatest heroic age of humankind. I found it very interesting, and when I… had to leave my time, I came here.” And then he had to leave! But now he is back for good. Maybe.

Sofia tilts her head. "I suppose what is history for me is ancient history for you…" She smirks. "You know… Technically, there's a massive age difference between us." She smirks before walking over to link her arm with his. "Why did you have to leave?"

“Oh, I am minus several centuries old,” admits Nathaniel. “I do not think that is how it works,” he adds, smiling again. “As for why I came, well… a time travelling terrorist showed up and asked me to join him. I came here because he had been decisively defeated in this time by the heroes. But then everything got very complicated. He followed me, there was a temporal paradox, followed by a timequake, and we ended in ancient Egypt. I was lucky I met other time travelers from this period there, and eventually we were able to return to this temporal continuum together.”

"I suppose that makes me quite the cougar…" She giggles brightly before the smile fades. "I don't quite understand how time travelling works but that sounds really dangerous and complicated…" Her head tilts slightly. "Why here? Why not home?" She smirks. "Not that I'm not enjoying your company, mind you. Just… curious. Why not go home?"

“It is complicated, and now fully understood not even in my time,” Nathaniel sighs. As for explanation, “well, the other heroes, Starfire and her friends, were native of this time period. And I still have the terrorist after me, so staying here still makes sense. And right now the time-line has been mined with tachyon disrupters aimed to my temporal signature. I cannot leave.”

Sofia nods her head, getting the gist of it. "I'm sorry " Her eyes lift to him as the walk. As much as she loves art, it's not aa interesting as the man at her side. "I can't imagine it's easy to be cut off from everyone you know amd love like that." It's a rare moment of empathy that has her pausing to lean up and lightly give his cheek a quick kiss. "Hopefully you're enjoying this century, at least?" Her eyes drop. "Ifnthere's anything I can do to help…" She doubts it, seriously, given her lack of understanding but…

“I miss my parents sometimes, but little more,” admits Nathaniel. He blinks at the kiss, pleasantly surprised. “Truth is I found my life very boring. I had few friends, and my supposed peers were… banal, petty. I wanted to explore and adventure. And I got my wish… and then some.” He chuckles, “now I live in the Heroic Age, and I am an Avenger. And I can help create a better future. What more could I want, hmm?”

His sheer optimism makes her smile up at him. "That's… an amazing outlook, Nathaniel. That you see such promise in something that most would see as… tragic…"

For aseveral heartbeats, she watches him before her smile grows warm and playful. "What was it like? Ancient Egypt?" Because she'd kill to be able to experience something like that. "Don't they have magic in your time?"

“Lets see what they have on Ancient Egypt here,” points out the young man, inviting Sofia to join him. “I am not worried; I will return some day and see my parents again. No time will have passed for them.” Now, that might be optimistic. Or maybe arrogant. Definitely arrogant.

“Magic is a relatively well-known force in the late third millennium. But like all ‘super-abilities’ it has lost much importance. Technology does everything magic can do and in a way that is more easily understood by humans. So… I suppose the human race choose science over magic long ago. Maybe a mistake. Because, why to follow just one path when it had been possible to follow both?”

Sofia's eyes dance and sparkle at that arrogance. It draws a brogjt giggle from her as she leans her head on his arm. "Well…there is that then, I suppose."

His answer cause her to blinks. "Everything? Really?" She arches a brow at this. "So, people like me don't exist in your time?"

“I think they do,” admits Nathaniel. “But they are like… I am not sure if this is a correct example. Like swordsmen nowadays. It looks interesting, you can admire their skill and art, but it is not very useful. There are better ways to do what they do. In my time magicians were left behind in their capabilities due to readily available technology.”

"So I'm obsolete in your time…" Sofi seems beyond amuaed by this. "Is that why you seemed so curious about my magic?" She gives his arm a gentle squeeze. "Maybe I can show you some before lunch. I haven"t learned to really store energy or use energy outside if myself well yet so it can be a bit draining which is why I eat calorie heavy foods afterwards."

“I am curious about almost everything,” admits Nathaniel. They had just arrived to the Egyptian Art section, “ancient Egypt was very interesting despite the almost total lack of technology. I did notice there was a clearly higher percentage of the population with magical powers, but it was generally restricted to the upper classes. Priesthood and the court. And Pharaoh Hatshepsut herself had alien metal wings of Thanagarian origin. That was quite surprising.”

"Curiosity killed the cat, I'm told…" There's a quiet chuckle from Sofia before her eyes lift to him as he starts to describe his time in Egypt. Her attention stays glued to him while he talks before her head tilts off to one side and her brows pinch together. "Thanagarian? Which is…?" Sofi's completely lost and confused. "So Ancient Egyptians weren't from this world?"

“Of course they were, but I suppose a Thanagarian spaceship crashed there before the 1500 BC,” explains Nathaniel. It is not important for the main issue, though. “Magic became ‘obsolete’ once technology developed enough. But I have to wonder if magic could not have been developed too. Surely there is room for advancement. But for what I have seen most mystics are either hermits, or vigilantes or power-hungry maniacs. Where are the teachers, researchers, diplomats and leaders?”

Sofia can't help but giggle brightly. "Sorry. I get caught up in the details some times." She can'r help but chuckle softly. "In hiding… Or smart enough to be diplomatic about how they handle things." Like her father. "A lesson I should learn but…" She shrugs and smirks. "I never have been good at following the rules."

“Me neither,” admits Nathaniel, smirking faintly. But he doesn’t elaborate, instead shifting the conversation to ancient Egyptian art. He is not an expert, but this is a section of the museum he has explored at length and he knows quite a bit about the pre-Hellenic Egypt. Some of it from genuine personal experience.

There's a soft snicker from Sofia as he admits to not following rules. "Quite the pair then, aren't we?"

She's happy to let him change subjects though, listening as he talks about what he knows from this time period.

"So, what other time periods have you been too?"

Okay, no more Egypt talk. It is almost lunch time, anyway. “I was briefly in the 27th Century. I saw the fallout of the 6th Eugenic War. Not something to talk about before lunch, believe me. Do you want to go through the Park? You can show me magic and maybe tell me about yourself.”

Bright blue eyes shimmer as the young sorceress looks up at her 'date'. "I have no idea what that is," is said with a wry laugh, "but lunch sounds terrific and so does cutting through the park." A slight shrug is given. "I'm afraid my life hasn't been nearly as interesting as yours."

“But I am still curious, about you and about your magics,” reminds her Nathaniel, leading the dark-haired girl out of the museum and into Central Park. Tavern on the Green is just the other side and he made reservations.

Sofia's eyes flit up to Nathaniel and she regards him silently for a moment. "You really are, aren't you? I'm used to people being interested in the magic but…" Her head is given a shake and she smiles. "You're something else…"

As they stroll through the park, her brows knit. "Until just recently… I wouldn't have been able to tell you who my parents were. I never knew them. I was raised by a nanny who kept me out of a sense of obligation of some sort…." Her shoulders shrugged. "She never let us stay in one place long… I've lived in almost every state in the U.S. at least twice…" Her eyes stay on the ground. "I spent all my life feeling… abandoned and unwanted. I wasn't a particularly easy person to deal with in my mid and late teens… I drank and partied and stole and slept around… I had a tendency to get in a lot of trouble. Especially when it came to fighting. And using my magic."

Her hand lifts and she whispers softly in latin. A flame, no bigger than a candle flame, flares to life in her hand. "Until I met my father… My magic was… wild and untrained. It still is really but I'm learning… Figuring it out on my own wasn't easy and I figured… I had the power so why hide it…?"

“Many people fear power, or shy away from it,” Nathaniel comments quietly. “Safety in being unknown, I suppose. But by their own natures I suppose magicians are never like that, are they? If you seek learning, you seek power.” He is looking at the flame, and letting his armor take sensor data. Maybe he can figure out something later.

The energy for the fire was concentrated into a single point and moved quickly. As her hand closes around the flame, the energy dissipates. Uncurling her hand, several movements are made as she chants again and this time the energy is twists and swirls in a somewhat larger form. Soon, a ball of water floats in front of them as she walks. "I don't want power… I want to learn to control what I have… Father says I have the potential to be very strong… If that happens and I can't control it, Nathaniel…"

Her eyes lift to him, real fear shining in them. "My mother's side … Not all of her family are good beings… I don't want to become that. I don't want to hurt people. I don't want to…" She turns her face away and sighs. "I don't want to disappoint my father. I never wanted to know him… And I convinced myself he didn't matter… But he does. And I want him to be part of my life because I can't… I won't lose him again."

Nathaniel hmms, “I suppose if you develop your potential, you develop your control,” he guesses. “As for hurting other people, that is rather easy for anyone. You do not need magic or superpowers. Ultimately power can also be used to create and protect. So seize it all you can, and use it to make your dreams true.”

The water disperse into the air, making a fine mist for them to walk through, and the energy that was used goes with it. Her eyes cut up to him and she smiles warmly. "I'm beginning to think you're an empath…" She's teasing him, of course. "I'm not sure my magic can help my dreams but… maybe… I can use them to help other people." Something she had shied away from until just recently.

Nathaniel chuckles, shaking his head, “is that so? What do you dream to do in your life, Sofia Strange?” He will let the girl explain over lunch, the Tavern on the Green is just ahead and they have a table ready for them.

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