Grave Introductions

February 05, 2017:

After Executions and Introductions, Starfire returns to the Watchtower to report and runs into Barry and Captain Marvel

Watchtower Station - The Final Frontier

It's larger than a space station has any right to be, with corridors
stretching beyond to labs, to living quarters, to mission critical systems,
to the command center.

The most technically advanced space station orbiting Earth, Watchtower
Station is an advanced operational station funded and maintained by
anonymous donors and used by the Justice League. This is a -high- security


NPCs: None.

Mentions: Hal Jordan Doctor Strange

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Fade In…

Starfire stepped back through the portal opened into the Watchtower at the wee hours of the morning, dirt laden armor is shed by the digitalized removal that leaves flakes of earth o the Watchtower floor, but that says nothing for the sod buried deep beneath nails and upon hands left bare. A sink is started as the armor sheds away from her figure, white bleeding into the straps of violet and leaving only that behind while water runs from clear to a muddy beige.

"Status so far of the graves. 17. Not done, but my reserves are exhausted." The computerized system of the Watchtower (or whoever is present) at the crack of dawn reads her words; while she takes her own Ships comm system from the place tucked along hip and loops it back around her ear and to magnetize within a mane of flame red at the occipital of cranium.

"Sorry, guys. Back."

"I'm in space. There's a base. In space. And I'm on it. So. Let's think on this, Barry. There's next to know friction in space, so if this place explosively decompresses, you're not going to have anything to run on." Flash is saying as he sits in the control tower, talking to those on duty, and probably getting eyes cut at him in frustration, because this is the third time he's circled back to this.

"Not that it matters, near vacuum out there, I'd suffocate first. No, blood would boil and I'd pop like a hot dog in the microwave too long." There's a frown at all the thoughts that go through his mind. "But space. That's uh.. neat. So, do we fight aliens and stuff up here? Because I didn't pack my lightsaber."

Any other thoughts that he is having come to a halt as he hears Starfire's voice. "Graves? What graves? Wait, you were out there? Oh, right, alien, you can do that.." No comment on the melting armor or the shapely figure beneath, Barry is polite enough to look away with a blush as he considers it all. "Oh cool, is that an intercranial communicator device?"
"If it comes to an explosive decompression, Flash, run to the zeta beam station and get back to planetside." Carol comments. "Seriously. Drop it, before you give everyone panic attacks for nothing." Captain Marvel is not terribly happy with that. She doesn't want people freaking out for nothing.

"Hi, Kori. Welcome back." Carol offers. "Looks like you needed that shower. Sorry for the mess. Have you met the Flash yet?" she inquires politely. Introductions first. Then she can shake Barry until he stops that. Good lord.

"And yes. We fight aliens, when we have to." Carol offers. "We are Earth's first line of defense against otherworldly threats and incursions, including intergalactic and interdimensional."

Starfire had only shed the extra plating and was washing her hands, a thing that seemed not enough when it came to scraping beneath nails with a tiny scrub brush while she denied any offer of "decontaminants".

"I was only in Africa, but I use my own means to travel. The other Princess asked to link us…" Starfire turns then, the water from hands dried with a towel the agents manning the station took away to dispose of themselves due to the 'level of contamination'.

Carol gets a smile with a light dip of head in acknowledgement, and Flash as well. Once hands are clean, one is extended to the man of Speed in a stiff, but formal, thrust. "Koriand'r of the former planet of Tamaran. Now of Earth. Here to…"

And her voice falls in line with Captain Marvel's, "… defend against otherworldly threats and incursions, including intergalactic and interdimensional. For the safety of **all*."

Despite the report, and the deep way in which she returned to the Watchtower she bears a smile and hope.

"I met her a few days ago, so won't catch me geeking out on the alien princess today." Barry responds as he sticks out his tongue at Carol.. where she won't see it of course. The speedster rubs the back of his head thoughtfully. "Well, up here, I'm about as useful as a solar powered flashlight." he admits as he looks between the two and then back to Kori. "Uh. We met?" he asks, confusion pulling his features. "I think?" he asks, as he shakes the hand anyway. "Weren't you in the Hall of Justice a few days ago, or was that a remarkably good looking twin/'

"What makes you valuable, Flash, is not just your speed on your feet. It's also your brain, and your heart." Carol opines, heading off the self-pity party. "We all find ways to be useful. Good to see you, Kori. I'll go over your report later. I wanted to bring Flash up here and let him see the station. So. Welcome to the Watchtower."

Kori pauses and drops her hand, awkwardly rubbing it along her side while she looks away. Too much has gone on. Too many arguments, too many meetings, too many nights explaining herself…

… But why???

Nostrils flare just like they did without masking - in Africa, but to alien is to alien, right?

"I'm sorry." The words sound of the true regret as she glances out the window bow of the Watchtower and sees the reflection of The Captain taking her own control where another could not. A deep breath…

"The Justice League does not just take anyone. Use here does not mean use-less *there*." A tilt of Kori's head and she smiles once again despite the momentary flicker of mind.

"You are here for a reason, and in time for Ms. Marvel to show you how it's done!" And then the smile brightens!

Holding up his hands in a defensive manner, Flash chuckles. "Whoa whoa, put away the party hats. No pity party here. Just realizing that I'm a small cog in the grand schema of things." he says with a wink to the two women as he gives a rub to the back of his head. "All more than willing to help out and all." he moves towards one of the railings to look over the Earth.

"Just know that I'm a lot better down there than up here." he points out as he turns to sit on the railing, idly kicking his feet. "Thanks for the compliment, Cap, lets just make sure I live up to the lofty goals there, hmm?" there's a hint of a tease in his voice, it tries to cover the seriousness of the young man that lives beneath it.

"We all have our best, and our specialties." Captain Marvel offers. Then again, she can fly through space and blast ships to shreds when needed. But she can't keep up with Barry if he gets his feet onto a surface. Then again, few can, if any. "But Kori has a point: we only recruit the best of the best. So take the compliment, and come look at the stars without an atmosphere in the way. It's gorgeous."

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