Danger Room: Interrupted

February 16, 2017:

Laura interrupts Warren's Danger Room session.


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Apparently someone has set up for the Danger Room early in the day. The set up is the skyline of Madripoor, with ramshackle buildings hastily meeting each other as they lumber into the sky. Several drones, dressed as terrorists are carrying rifles and firing into the sky as Warren Worthington, otherwise known as Angel is sweeping through, gracefully avoiding attacks and trying to get in close to get in his own. Dressed in a simple set of combat togs, his wings flare and move, the young man diving and swooping as he streaks between buildings, only to rise up again with a powerful thrust. He's much younger than what his originally dossier gave his age as, though it seems that the world is quickly adjusting to this younger Angel, barely over 21.

While Angel might have intended for solo training it seems another is about to join his scenario -

- One X-23.

She came to the Danger Room to run a specific scenario and when she found the room occupied she waited in the control booth for her turn. That wait turned into automatic interest for the young assassin, as her gaze watched the swooping form of Angel, as well as the terrorists upon the rooftop. Her bright green gaze is hard as she calculates the possible success rate of the firing drones from below and also Warren Worthington. It's when she finishes those internal calculations that the dark-haired assassin will finally make her move.

It only takes her a few minutes to enter the scenario and then she's like a shadow upon one of the buildings holding the terrorists. Her own costume, a dark gray thing, helps to hide her movements as she scales the towering building. Once upon the rooftop the girl gets to work -

When Angel rises upward he might find the spray of fire lesser, as X-23 rises up behind the nearest drone to herself and buries her claws deep within its back.

The problem with this being is that the very terrorist that Laura was going after were the same ones that he was going to take down in the next pass. And because he's not the older and more experienced Warren, when Angel comes up and sees a figure there, he barrels into the young woman, looking to take her down.

When he hits her in a body tackle that's when he realizes she's a lot softer and then firmer than he expected from the other terrorists. "What??" he starts to say, just as the terrorists turn their rifles on the crushed together pair and open up with their rifles. The room comes to a halt as Warren sits up on top of Laura and peers down at her, because he just totally failed the mission because of her. "Where did you come from??"

While Warren wasn't quite expecting a helping hand, neither was X-23 expecting to be barreled into. In fact, while she's normally quite light-footed and quick, that moment of surprise from her and Warren's speed, is enough to cause X-23 to miss that small window of escape. Or rather, that window to dodge his oncoming 'attack'.

As such, there's the lightest of 'oomphs' from the girl, as the much taller and likely heavier man hits her.

As the two crash to the ground there's a second oomph of sound from Laura, as she (helpfully) cushions Warren's fall. Thankfully, she had enough sense to point her claws downward, otherwise Warren might be full of holes at this point. Finally, however, when the room freezes and Warren asks that question of his, will the slim assassin speak. "From the ground." She states, her voice monotone and quite devoid of nearly all emotion. A second will pass, before she continues with those same flat tones, "Get off. Please." At least she added please - in the past she might not have been quite so polite.

"Oh. Right. Was just getting comfortable." Warren gives the small assassin a wink before he hops off and offers her his hand. "Haven't seen you around here before." he admits as he shakes his wings out a little and tugs on his uniform. "Little big on me." he mutters to himself, before he smiles down at the young woman he squished. "Warren Worthington, most folks just know me as Angel."

His extended hand is ignored (as is his joke and wink) as Laura pushes herself off the ground then into a sitting position and finally back upon her feet. Unlike some, she doesn't brush her clothes free of any imagined dust. Instead she'll give Angel an assessing look, only offering her name and codename when he offers his own. "I am X-23." She starts with, before she amends with some hesitation, "Laura." Then with introductions out of the way, her gaze will turn towards the frozen 'terrorists'.

"You committed to your attack, but even so, you must always be aware of everything that is occurring." Her vivid green eyes will flick back to Warren now, as she states her assessment of the situation. "Your mission failed because of that lack of observance."

"No, my mission failed because I forgot to lock the door and a cutie with claws came charging in to show off." Warren says with a hint of mirth as he considers her. "Any relation to Logan? Fetish for redheads, maybe? Where I come from, one asks before they come barging into a room and jumps into playtime. What if I was doing something more dangerous. Or had the safeties off?" he says with a frown as he rubs the back of his head to peer down at her.

"Not very social, are you?"

Warren just rattled off a lot of questions - for Laura, at least. While she has become more accustomed to such a thing, it still can take her aback at times, and today is one of those

As such, her face takes on a rather blank expression, as she considers everything he just said. It's only when he mentions Logan, danger and the safeties off, that the vaguest of frowns begins to twitch her lips downward.

Of course, that frown only enhances itself at that final question of his.

"I am his clone." She finally begins, her voice still quite monotone, though beneath those flat words is a hint of something. Anger perhaps? Or possibly frustration? "I do not have a fetish for redheads and I only intervened because you were committed to a flawed attack. Even if you had not barreled into me there was the high probability that you would have still failed." Or so it seemed to her by what little she watched.

As for the danger of the situation, or the safeties being off, those are simply given a singular head shake by the girl. She rarely works with the safeties on herself and wasn't worried at all.

It's that last question of his that finally causes Laura's expression to shift a tinge more, as her eyebrows now lower slightly to pinch together. "I am not." Then she falls silent, as she now just offers a stare to the young man. Along with that stare Laura likewise sheathes her claws, as they disappear back within her hands and forearms.

"If I failed, then I would have least known what I did to try to better next time. Isn't the purpose of this room to learn and expand, not to be shown the answer?" Warren asks her with a lift of his own blonde brows as his wings fold around him comfortably. "And I'm sure that you're some combat goddess in a little package, but noone asked you to jump in." he chides her, though he rocks back on his heels.

"Clone, huh? Ugh." he says with a frown. "Sorry to hear that. But hopefully you'll figure out how to be your own person and not all broody and grow some facial hair and start drinking cheap beer and smoking cheaper cigars."

His first words earn an almost owlish blink from the dark-haired assassin. It goes far enough that she'll even cant her head to the side as she considers those words of his. "This is true." Laura states in complete agreement, her voice still quite flat with those words of hers. "I will not interfere again with your program. I will leave so you may continue."

And while she was just about to pivot upon her heel and leave, his last words cause her to pause. Her eyebrows pinch downward again and with a flare of nostrils, Laura will finally scent the air between the two. She's trying to see what emotions she might pick out from that quick sniff. "That is a joke -" And while her words sound more like a statement than question, there's the faintest uptick to her voice at the end of that to denote it truly being a question.

"I'm done for the moment." Warren says, wings flaring just a little and tucking behind him as he moves to follow. "I was about to get some breakfast. Want to join me?" he asks with a smile as he waits to see her response to that little offer. "I mean, the main dining hall, that is." At least there was a clarification and not exactly asking her out on a date.

"And yes, totally was, a pretty good one, if you ask me." There's another one of those winks as he waits to see her response.

The slim assassin narrows her green eyes as she considers the winged man next to her. "You are confusing." She finally admits and while she could say more on that topic, she doesn't. Instead she'll consider his offer of breakfast and with the faintest of nods, the dark-haired young woman will say, "I have yet to eat." Translation: yes, she'll get some breakfast with Warren.

"Let us move out." She ends with as she now turns towards the exit.

The Danger Room, while not intelligent, is aware enough to shut the program down. The holograms and drones disappearing to reveal the generic metallic room when not in use. Once the room is revealed Laura will briskly walk to the exit, her movements quick and compact. Any type of small talk on the way to the main dining hall will have to be taken up by Warren, otherwise, Laura will make the journey silently.

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