February 17, 2017:

Iceman and Storm begin his return with an Ice-capade.

Mutant Town - New York City

District X, also known as the less politically correct yet more popular
coined Mutant Town is a very unique Burroughs located between Alphabet City
and the Bowery of Lower Manhattan.

M-Town's famous (and infamous) for hosting one of the largest concentrated
populations of 'muties' in all of the United States and quite possibly the
world. This collection of metahumans isn't just those hosting the X-Gene but
many others who have found it easier to get by in a world rampant with a
lack of understanding and fear for the unknown. The very real unknown.

Its population boom began in the mid to late 90's after the X-Gene was
isolated and hate crimes against mutants and metahumans had almost become an
epidemic. The District X location was already nestled in a major cradle of
immigration from outside countries. This clustering of families and
community from allover the world had many subcultures and secrets, a secret
very few knew but overtime it developed in to what we now call Mutant Town.

No longer just a subculture or collection of assorted various subcultures
but it's very own enclave of metahumans, muties, freaks and outcasts.

This massive enclave has only grown in leaps and bounds, the Morlock
Massacre ten years ago attributed to this as has recent events.

To the outside world M-Town is seen as a dangerous ghetto full of
human-hating mutates, crime, prostitution, narcotics, illiteracy,
unemployment, overcrowding and violence. It has been listed as one of the
most dangerous places to live in the world several times over. Although
true, this does not mean it's incapable for people to live there or maintain
a happy life.

Quite the opposite really, M-Town is full of diversity and oddities the
outside world could only dream of, District X is the center of fringe
movement and cutting edge fashion, food, design and even some technology.
The cultural influence of the residents along with their unique abilities
aids in making Mutant Town one of the most progressive, liberal minded,
innovative, unique places in the world. Old School Total Recall has nothing
on M-Town.

Due to the diversity of District X and it's pro-mutant stance New York City
and the SRD have had a hard time keeping any form of law enforcement within
it's territories (SRD or 'MRD' come in hot or not at all - they have a
tendency to disappear in this neck of the woods). Due to this crime is a
major factor of concern and about 90 of all illicit activity is controlled
by organized crime families. Life within District X had largely been Wild
West rules up until two years ago when the 11th Precinct of the NYPD was

Though small this specialized task force of police officers is a collection
of some of the toughest, meanest, hardiest law enforcement professionals the
city has to offer, as a golden rule they follow the motto, "Expect the
Unexpected" which in M-Town, these are words to live by.



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Fade In…

Storm promised Bobby shopping for 'duds' more his, and less the other. So she took him into Mutant Town, likely somewhere familiar to him.

Stepping from the car, boots hit the concrete, leather pants tucked into the tops of the calf-high lacings and trappings. A belt laces low on waist left exposed, bearing loops and studs that cadence with every step. Abdomen is exposed and a white midriff wraps around her chest, the leather 'bomber jacket' of midriff proportions is open exposing more then covering, the lining glistening silver buckles and belts at the opening's edges, melding with the long fall of alabaster mohawk.

Storm looked more like a high-rolling gangster stpping from Xavier's Cadillac with Bobby, than a lead of Xavier's, but looks can be deceiving. The hardened looking woman is what she has to be.

Apparently known here, those passing smile an get one in return.

"So, do tell me, Bobby. What's your style?"

"Not as flashy as yours," Bobby offers with a little smile. "Or are you going to a Club after this?" Although, it -is- Storm and she doesn't seem to be conservative here either. He glances around at Mutant Town and the smile fades. "Please tell me people aren't forced to live here just because they're different. I don't know if you had it here, but we had something like that happen over in Europe in the late 1930's and 1940's…really bad stuff." At this point, he doesn't know what history is the same and what's different.

Storm smiles to Bobby, but tilts her head as his fades, then looks around at his query, brows dipping above bridge of nose. "What? No. They live here because this is the place they can live freely… Openly. If that was the case, Bobby, we would be fighting here, not strolling in to shop."

Point blunt. This is why Storm was brought back from Kenya in the first place, to maintain neutrality on warring matters and be decisive when others could not. "This place is not free of its issues, but -that- is not one of them, I assure you."

Storm then laughs and looks around, head tilting back into the chill winter air. "Clubs here are too… Stifling. I find freedom in more open spaces…. Come on Bobby… Take us 3 blocks north and 2 west."

A wink and the temperature around them drops with a slow rise of a breeze around them, offering to aid in their coast that direction.

"This is the dining area…" Hint hint!

"So that hasn't changed," Bobby offers with a sigh. "That sucks." It was probably too much to hope, though. Otherwise, would there still even be an Institute? He'll have to explore this area a little further another time.

To change to lighter subjects, he glances over Storm's outfit, "Freedom in open spaces? You could have fooled me," with all that tight leather, but he's teasing. Or trying to tease. These are different people, of course, so the humor might fall flat.

At the suggestion that he skate them towards the shopping district, he arches an eyebrow, "Is this a test?" Even as he speaks that, he begins to frost over, "Because they're going to love having snow and ice here in the Winter." He'll get rid of it, but it's amusing to think about folks shaking their fists and cursing at him. They'll love it in the summer though! "You flying or skating along?"

"I provide the throttle," Storm states to Bobby, known as Iceman. The wind kicking up around them.

"Skating" Storm states with a lower that seems challenging.

"Please," Storm rolls those chilled eyes of azure towards the heavens. "Here? Show me what you got, Iceman!" The challenge evident while the simple smile comes to reveal teeth in a flash while remnants of pre-fallen snow kick up around them with the wind.

"Bring it…" Storm's voice lowers while she even seemingly comes to a challenging crouch to race the Ice-man- on his own path.

So, it -is- a test. "All right, but you get to explain it to folks when they're iced in." He crouches some as well, getting into a starting position to start the race. "Ready…Set…Go!" because if he doesn't say it, Storm will and he won't be ready!

There's a glance to the woman before his hands fling out in front of him, creating the ice that he skate/surfs upon. Three blocks north and two west, right?

Iceman is right with his directions, and behind them a wind kicks up, one that throttles Storm forward, that leather coat flapping against skin and halter beneath! But she smiles as boots suddenly met ice and slidddeee!

"I will!" And those boots seem smooth over the surface despite the high-sole meant for grip, but in spite of it she is flying along the path laid forth, the wind kicking that mohawk into a rise.

"Shields up!" Storm's voice calls forth and women even carrying children turn slightly, but watch while either forming their own or others step forward to aid those without, pushing the path into arches unexpected with the interruptions, making jumps and interference!

"Come on, I know you know fun!" A laughing remark of pure jest as Storm hits a reformed bank, kicking off to land with a slam and push forward in the way Iceman had set… Her directions.

It's a test -and- a training exercise? The fact that suddenly barriers are erected in their path catches him by surprise. There's a jump up over one of the barriers before he reinstates his ice-slide, sliding along the surface, now ready for the next to pop up all while trying to keep to the directions of 'three blocks north and two blocks west'. "I know -fun-," he insists, although it's been a little challenging lately. Just for that, Storm gets a snowball hurled in her direction.

Storm gets *splatted* with a snowball, the frigid white along the bald-side of her head to meld with the white of mohawk despite contrast.

Mid-leap she is held back, a crouch in the ice path while she shakes it off and smears fingers through the frosty white to peel it off her left eye. A bank slid down and those boots burrow in while she pushes after Iceman. "Oh, you just opened up!"

A flicker of a broad smile in her pursuit that has her suddenly pressed by a cold wind and sudden snowfall that almost blinds paths! But this is just his element.

Fingers lower, scoop, gather frost and toss back in a melted revision that will impact and yet melt if they hit while she follows and is guided to the block desired.

She's making it snow? Really? He -is- snow and ice! At the moment, quite figuratively. Bobby gets smacked by the melted, frosty slush and it just sort of freezes to him. "Really? Come on, Storm…you know better than that!" He nearly runs into a newly-erected 'shield', though, distracted by the secondary game there. That causes him to stumble and have to catch himself and re-start his ice slide.

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