Meanwhile, In Red Hook...

February 16, 2017:

Nightwing finds Ravager again, but hope that's offered is hard-pressed..

//Red Hook - Gotham //

Between residential and the Gotham River's warehouse activity Red
Hook is a squalid smear of homes, low brick-like structures and storage
facilities. The location is surprisingly stable despite the rundown, crime
ready look of the landscape. With a steady influx of harbor work, the
Warehouse District is predominately controlled by the Irish Mob of Gotham,
this whole area is sometimes referred to as "The Cauldron" almost every
business and residential complexes in the Cauldron are owned by some
criminal element or another that has ties directly to the Irish crimelords
of Gotham. The Warehouse district is busy, productive and secure, keeping
work in and out of Gotham's western shores very active.
Renfield Heights is a giant tenement complex here that sprawls out
along the short stacked buildings, warehouses and structures. The Gotham
Central Terminal is also situated here. If you wanted to get to any location
in Gotham along the monorail the best starting point is Red Hook.


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Fade In…

Well, gang fights seem to be a thing in Gotham, a thing Ravager has been around plenty of and not cared for, but she had to set up and observe, she was hunting something, someone. Green and black.

That and she found a place fitting Mutant Town's status in Gotham, but lacking mutants, just those of more human stature and yet could go above and beyond..

The woman is getting to be known here, but on their level.
Step 1. Infiltrate
And so on a spool made table, a gambling game of dice is payed, whie lined along the strip cards, cups, and others are also on the roll for quick money of sleight of hand or more less moral statutes where even some 'Ladies of the Night' come. Most stay away from them unless they can pay, at least the ones with small scars under their eyes. 'Feline Fatales' go to high rollers. And East End.

Rose seems to pay no mind to anything but the game, legs crossed on her crate-seat, exposing the heavy boots laden in plating of exposed steel, laced to calf where tattered fishnets pick up, torn underneath of red spider-webbing across pale skin in a contrast of blood and shadows to the hold of garters at mid thighs. Straps of stretched fabric disappear underneath zipper-wide leather shorts that ride high and hang low on hips, much more like 'boy-shorts' then pants. But at the small of her back and along the 'V' of hips, piercings glint as well as the wind of a Rose Tattoo along her side stretching upward to the halter top of criss crossed leather strapping, half concealed by the fur-rimmed trenchcoat that pools off shoulders and along the concrete walk.

From lips a cigarette dangles, beide her a flask rests while the fist that held it rattles dice.

"Give me snake eyes!" And the money on the table is…. Not small, nor are the men watching with wary eyes.

When Nightwing let Ravager go a few days ago, he was sure she wouldn't be hard to find again. White-haired woman with her attitude and looks are not hard to find. At least not in Gotham. Information flies, and the Bats have ears in the streets.

Playing dice games with street toughs is not what he expected, however. He was half-expecting Ravager had come to Gotham to work for a high-ranked gangster or crime-lord. But no one admits or knows anything. And the young lady herself, not very subtle. So he watches from a fire escape, a couple floors up, places so she can see him if she looks up. He waves when she does.

A glance up has Rose catching the movement and wave from the upper-shadows, the dice roll and land, nd the smile shows before she looks, the way those around reacted told her enough. The dice are taken as well as the stack of money and she winks over the blue eye lined in kohl.

"Been fun, boys. Tomorrow." Hands laden with money and her pieces stuff into pockets and she disappears towards the Arms Apartments. Groans, threats, curses and cat-calls come at her back, all to which she gives them the middle finger before she disappears.

Not far above Nightwing, Rose perches, the coat descending like tails behind her, arms propped on bent knees, fingers flicking her cigarette to let the ash fall below where he had been.

"To what do I owe this visit?"

"I find you irresistible and I had to find you again," replies Nightwing, looking absolutely not serious. "No. Actually I am still trying to find out if you are in the city for a job and if I need to worry about people dying. So far so good, which is… nice. We rarely find out things aren't as bad as we think in Gotham. And maybe I should apologize for being nosy and paranoid."

"Yeah. Fuck you too." The cigarette in Rose's hand gets flicked his way and she rises from the balance on the fire escape banister, leaping up to disappear onto the roof.

A derisive snot came though, eyes narrowing. "You'll figure me out when it happens. People need to be alive right now." Well, isn't that a little pre-emptive?

Two for flinching.

"Oh, dunno," Nightwing straightens, easily climbing to meet Rose. "You are an interesting lady. But not very subtle. No, if you were here for some work the hospitals would already have received some new visitors. And yet, few come to Gotham willingly. What are you looking for, a fresh start?" He peers at her, but not unkindly. "A place to belong? Gotham is dark and violent, but it has its unique charm."

"I am as subtle as a bull in a china shop with ballerina slippers. I haven't the slightest clue what you are talking about." A pause and Rose glances back at him. "And stop talking like you know me."

His peer makes her spine straighten and her fingers bearing fingerless gloves curl in on themselves. Considering the day, the last thing she wanted was a man paying her a visit to gve her more ridicule or loathing, speculation, doubt. Could she ever get the hell away from it?

"Yeah I wont find any of the above. I am simply looking to settle and be left alone. Good answer?" He's making her tense and it is obvious by the slow squaring of her shoulders.

Seen her reaction, Nightwing leans back, grabs the railings and graceful moves away a yard or two, setting in a new perch. "Yes, but not. You won't be left alone. But if you want to be left alone for real, you would have moved all the way to the West Coast, to some smaller, quiet city, dyed your hair and changed lifestyles. Look… you are a very competent mercenary warrior with some reputation. You can bet a lot of dangerous people are watching you already. Penguin, Two-face, maybe Catwoman and Joker too. Trying to figure out who are you working for and how you fit in the scheme."

"Already am left alone, Nightwing. Save by you. What's the deal?" When Rose finally turns the coat is shed and left at feet and those swords are in her hands. His distance he pushed between them is quickly gapped with an agility she has l/earned/.

"I don't fit anywhere, either and that's my problem. I tried the small city on a coast, it didn't work. Now I try a depressed city of darkness and that isn't working either. Perhaps Antarctica would have been best to have disappeared into.." A tilt of her head and those swords slide together as they pull away.

"I am doing what I do for me anymore, it's what I got. Let them come." The step back has her rescinding her blades and offering a come hither curl of fingers, but more of a challenge if anything.

"This is all I know, save having a Bat on my heels."

Nightwing smiles, but sadly. "Spar with me, last time it was fun." He climbs higher, trying to reach the roof before she does. "I am sorry you feel bothered by my visits, I thought it was better me than Batman. I suspect he would have annoyed you far more, he has that effect in young people. And I hope you find peace here, but lady, this is Gotham. There is little peace here. But I'll give you space, if that is what you want, you won't see me again."

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