Everyone Loves Cake

February 15, 2017:

A conversation before dinner.


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The earlier part of the evening had been spent in Alfheim. Darkedge had been off doing… who knows what. Likely dealing without other Realm-y things of his own. Which means, by the time that Vanja returned, he still wasn't home. That was okay. She brought company with her.

The area that the elfess and her guest materialize into is, by human standards, quite dark. Unless one was used to seeing in the dark… It's lit mainly by a small fire burning in the fireplace and bits of glowing whatnot here and there. It's a modern penthouse but has clearly been altered by magic. And they're in the kitchen.

"You could have taken one of the ones with gold and From would have died a happy elf." Vanja can't help but chuckle as she tosses the bag she got on the table and immediately heads over to the fridge to pull out the things she'll need to make dinner and dessert. "He simply loves watching people enjoy his work. And his wife is a lovely woman." Meat, rice, veggies… milk, eggs, lard… How she balance so many things without any of them dropping is likely a miracle.

"Would you like some tea?"

Lara followed Vanja into the room, looking around the darkened area and admiring the decor of the place. She was still carrying the bag-in-question and she looked down at it and smiled. "I would've very much done so, if… I wasn't entirely certain that it would be stolen the very first time I took it somewhere overseas." She said with a small grin. "You see. I travel a lot, and often to places that require men to separate myself from my belongings. For security purposes." She sighed softly then. "Someone would almost certainly steal it if they thought it was real gold."

She approached the area where the fire was looked at the burning logs themselves for a moment, lost in a memory, it would seem.

From a shadow over what might be the door to a broomcloset, Darkedge steps. His head tilts at the sound of two female voices. One he recognizes. The SHIELD agent. One of them. He slides to another shadow in the kitchen, behind Vanja, peering at Lara as if he can't for the life of him phathom what she's doing here. Without making a sound, he sends that faint question toward Vanja's mind alone.

Vanja's eyes slip over to Lara and she laughs softly as she sets water to boiling for tea and the rice before she turns her attention on the chopping of… pretty much everything else she took from the fridge. "Sounds exciting. I somehow think any adventures I had in the woods of my home would pale in comparison to what you seem to do."

That feeling of someone suddenly /right there/ has Vanja smirking. A smirk which grows into a smile at the feel of Darkedge's mind brushing her own. The reply is just as private. We went shopping at the market. I invited her to dinner. It's her nameday. Because that explains everything, right? Right. Good.

Lara smiled at Vanja's words as she watched the fire burning in the alcove. When Darkedge arrived, it took a few seconds, but she looked back toward where she 'felt' a new presence in the room. She smiled faintly. "What 'I do' would be a heck of a lot easier if I could do what 'he does'." She said then, turning away from the fire fully now to face them. "The shadow walking, that is. It probably would've spared me many a fractured bone and likely a lot of limb trouble in my elder years to come."

Lara then showed a faint smile for the new arrival. "Hello Darkedge, Vanjasyl has been showing me around, helping me have a more memorable birthday… or nameday. Its been quite lovely of her to do."

Wrong. What the hell is a nameday? Birthday? Why in the First One's names would any one want to celebrate that? But rather than ask, Darkedge just steps up behind Vanja, brushing his shoulder past hers in what could be felt as a reserved expression of affection before moving to ….there's no drink here. So Darkedge moves to lean his back against the wall where he can see them both.

She has a talent for crafting lovely days.

A warm and bright laugh comes from Vanja. "I think many things would be easier if we could do what Darkedge does. I must say though, it can get quite chilly in those shadows." Hence the cloak she's always wearing when with him which was distinctly absent from her wardrobe today. "And it has been my absolutely pleasure. I admit, I am proud of my people and while my father may yet disapprove, it is important for people… even if it's just a few… to see who and what we are."

Of course, then there comes that compliment and the elfess blushes slightly. Thank you. Ahem. Back to putting the cut things in a pan to cook. "Tea will be ready shortly. Cake for dessert." And hopefully Lara has enough light to see by.

Lara eyed Darkedge because he appeared to be moody as-per his usual. She smiled at his telepathic response though and nodded her head gently once. The bag that she'd claimed in the market from the leatherworker Brom was then set down on a chair and she reached her hand up to adjust the butterfly haristick that pinned her dark hair up to the crown of her head. "Last year, for my birthday… at about this hour… I was in a Siberian, on the edge of a mountainside, cutting raw meat out of the carcus of an arrow-felled deer. Preparing to cook it on a campire that I made inside of a burnt-out old Russian military truckbed."

Lara looked back to the two of them and folded her arms togethar across her stomach. "Tea, cake, and these lovely gifts?" She smiled more warmly then. "This is a far more enjoyable memory. So I won't be able to say 'thanks' the number of times it will take to make it feel evened-out."

Fine. He's going to ask.

Why would memories on this day, out of all of them, need to be pleasantly memorable? asks the dark-loving elf, noting how he's being peered at. His eyes narrow faintly. But there's that flicker of: Cake?

All the veggies go into a pan along with a few sauces and oils she had sitting out. "Far more exciting than anything I ever go into, yes. I'm afraid I'm not a very good hunter." Her nose wrinkles faintly. "There are no thanks necessary. It was nice to spend the time with you and get to know you outside of the unpleasantness." Which she clearly isn't letting effect her at the moment.

And then her eyes slip to Darkedge and she smiles gently. For some… most… The day a child is born, named… Is a day of great joy and something to be celebrated with just as much joy each year." But his people are different and she knows it. So… subject change. **Yes, sweet fox. Cake.

Lara looked to Darkedge when he asked this of birthdays and she smiled just a little at him. "Humans, such as myself, are not on this Earth for very many years compared to some. Plus our lives are rather fragile. Reaching another year-past, its something we celebrate.. like an achievement, of sorts." Lara then looked to Vanja and nodded, to share in agreement with what she said also.

"Do you need any assistance, Vanja?" She asked the elfen woman. "With the tea perhaps?" She didn't want to stand there in the middle of their domicile and be completely useless.

Yes. I can understand wanting to celebrate such a momentus occassion, Darkedge quips, almost with mirth. Almost like he's trying to be teasing but isn't all that good at it really. The way one corner of his lips pull up could read anything from a callous smirk to a mischevious half-grin. The expression, for the observant, shifts to something softer and warmer as Darkedge glances to Vanja, inclining his chin at the mention of Cake.

The white one or the brown one? he asks, because he likes them both, but the softer subtler flavor of the vanilla cake was definitely preferred.

Is there enough light for you, human? The lights can go as bright as is needed, Darkedge actually offers hospitality. The undertones seeming to hint that he is willing to mask himself to make it so Lara can see.

And then there's a soft laugh. The white. Because she knows his preferences as well as she knows her own. It will do better after dinner than the chocolate… the brown…
"Help with the tea would be wonderful, actually, thank you, Lady Lara," is the warm reply to Lara. "We sweeten with honey but if you prefer sugar, we have that also." She'll note that any utensils used are either wooden or pure silver. And yes, her name was added for Darkedge's benefit.

And then there's a soft laugh. The white. Because she knows his preferences as well as she knows her own. It will do better after dinner than the chocolate… the brown…

"Help with the tea would be wonderful, actually, thank you, Lady Lara," is the warm reply to Lara. "We sweeten with honey but if you prefer sugar, we have that also." She'll note that any utensils used are either wooden or pure silver. And yes, her name was added for Darkedge's benefit.

Lara looked around the home again, trying to take in various details about it to help give additional information on the two she was dining with tonight. But when Darkedge asked her this quesetion she looked back to him and lofted both of her brows up in moderate amount of surprise. "Oh." She told him. "Uh, this lighting level is fine, really… I grew up in a dark and gloomy home. I'm somewhat used to it." She grinned some then.

At Vanja's reply, Lara moved to do just that and assist with the tea. "I actually prefer my tea to be unsweetened… Call me strange, it is fine… I will accept such titles." She said back to the other with more grins. "So when is Darkedge's birthday? So that I may buy him the largest cake ever made? And perhaps start a new tradition for him." She glanced back to him then. "Afterall.. it is never too late to start to celebrate."

White. Darkedge nods once. His eyes track toward the cupboard near him, and his eyes peer at the various foodstuffs contained therein. This as he wordlessly and pleasantly acknoweldges the human's name: Lara, Lady of SHIELD. He also notes how she doesn't balk at the title.

It is not so troublesome, more light, Darkedge comments off handedly, folding his arms over his chest as he very dutifully holds up the wall with his back. The motion pulls his sleeves up to expose part of the diamond cuff that wraps about his wrist, a gemstone bracelet. Of his birthday, he is not commenting.
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Vanja stops everything she was doing and turns to look at Lara. The human is studied intently for a moment… two… Before a slow and warm smile curves her lips. It isn't often that the Princess is made so totally speechless for more than a heartbeat. Finally, when she speaks, it's through telepathy where her feelings of friendship and gratitude can be carried with it. For every bit that you feel unable to properly thank me for today, there is no amount of thanks I can give that would truly share how much that gesture means to me. And while Darkedge may be opposed to sharing his birthday… Vanja isn't. And so she does. Because she lived his memories, so ha!

Her attention turns back on the food and while she wasn't tense, per se, before… there's a release of tension even she didn't know was there. A sense of peace and calm she hasn't felt since the mess with SHIELD started. And it radiates from her. Someone point it out and she'll put up shields. She's just not used to needing them here.

Lara grinned when Darkedge seemed to want to keep that information to himself, she even nodded two slow times. "I am not surprised…" She quietly commented prior to Vanja's reaction.

With the tea well prepared, Lara would pour them all a cup and line them up on the counter before setting the teapot onto a cool, unused, burner. She'd lift her own cup up and take a few steps to get out of the way of the others, hold her teacup in both hands and then laugh softly at Vanja's transmitted thoughts. "If one truly enjoys cake, why would one ever turn down an annual day in which they are required to feast upon one?" This was her greatest counter-argument for Darkedge's original questioning of birthdays.

Darkedge huffs silently. Birthday shared. BAH humbug. He seems to frown, though isn't truly upset, just… uncomfortable because when he was born was never anything to celebrate. It wasn't ever even commented on. Ever.

Required? Sounds unpleasant, is reply, as grumpy as a wet cat… fox. But even as he is frowning, his pondering. This is important to the human and to Vanja. A memorable day, pleasantly so. Vanja gifted a day out, memories. Darkedge can do nothing. Well, maybe a trinket. Pushing away from the wall, teh elf dips his fingertips into the pouch on his belt that Vanja knows full well holds the stones he uses as throwing weapons, as lethal darts. Palming it as he walks over, he holds it out, palm open, for Lara to see. It's a sapphire, rich and blue with a tiny spot of white at its heart. As she watches, the inch round ovaloid polished gemstone stretches and morphs into a mimic of the hair pin he noticed her shuffle with not long ago. As it grows, it gains some of it's faceted properties so that it catche the light and glitters. The white speck stays at one end and when the shaping is done, has turned into a perfect 8-armed radical starburst.


"I agree!" Vanja can't help but giggle brightly. It's been a long time since she's made such a sound.

And then Darkedge is moving and while she knows where he's reaching, there's no sense of distrust. Just curiosity. Sitting the spoon down, she walks up behind her male counterpart and peers around him to watch. She's never actually /seen/ him shape the crystal before. She only knows that he can.

And when when the gift is offered over to Lara, Vanya's eyes flit up to Darkedge and she smiles, warm and sweet and affectionate and the approval and pride that rolls from her mind is sent to him alone.

Lara was sipping her tea and continuing to look around her surroundings when she noticed Darkedge approach and his hand come up to offer something / show the display of the gemstone morphing. She stood motionless, hazel hued eyes upon the show and it made her delicate arched dark brows lift up over her eyes…

After the eight-armed starbust appeared there, Lara looked up to Darkedge. "You're the one that shaped the gemstone in the knife then?" She asked him. "That is remarkable…" She practically exhaled the words because witnessing magic like that first-hand was something rather new to her, to say the least.

A second later and Lara reached out toward the offered item. "Its a gift?" She asked him, a look of great curiosity showing on her youthful face now. "Are we 'friends' now, Mister Edge?" She inquired, a touch of humor behind her words. Waiting before she tries to take the item, hand extended though.

The entirety of the blade is gemstone. And it is mine. I would very much like it back, Darkedge replies, hand falling back to his side as he turns away from the human. Turns to face Vanja, feeling her approval and warm affection for him and his actions flooding into him. She can see the way he wars with himself, fighting the urge to display emotion, affection, warmth. He knows it's no longer lethal, and yet.. there's a human.

Just Darkedge.

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