Cutscene: Reporting Back

February 13, 2017:

Juno reports back to her 'Uncle' after completing her mission.

A Mall - Food Court


NPCs: Oliver Pearce



Mood Music: None.

Fade In…

A man in his late forties with black hair going grey waits for her at one of the tables. It's next to one of the potted trees, which she likes. He folds his newspaper and puts it aside, pushing a tray with noodles on it towards her. They're still steaming hot, and the smell of them makes her mouth water. "Juno. I see you found something to want after all."

"Yes, Uncle," the dark-haired girl nods, hefting the dolls underneath her arms for emphasis. "They're pokemon. For my room." At his nod, she has a seat across the table from him, tucking the stuffed animals safely at her feet, and digs in.

For a while, there is nothing. Just Yuliya eating her lunch with the occasional sound of happiness, the man boredly people-watching. "You remembered what I told you," he remarks eventually, voice quiet. Yuliya's eyes snap upward to settle on his face, but she doesn't stop eating. "About being a foreigner. You were awkward, but you did what you were supposed to. You even chose appropriate objects - even if you had a little help." He smiles at her. Yuliya stops eating, fork resting against her paper plate. "Good job," Oliver tells his 'niece', before picking his paper back up. "As you persevere, your leash will become longer. Eventually, you will not need or want one at all."

Yuliya's mouth curves in something like a smile, but not because she has any particular emotion. It seems to be what she should do, so she does it. Her handler lifts an eyebrow at her before returning to the wanted ads. "Tomorrow you will have another errand. One that you no doubt want more than a trip to a shopping mall." He'll give her the man's name and dossier when they're safely behind locked doors. Yuliya hums and goes back to her noodles, content with the knowledge that tomorrow she'll be doing something familiar.

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