Lara's Birthday

February 14, 2017:

Lara celebrates her birthday with a couple of close friends.

Chinese Food Restaurant


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Lara had recieved the invite from June and had come down to Chinatown for the second time in two days. The previous day she'd been… distracted and hadn't gotten to eat here like she'd originally intended, so now she was hoping to correct that.

Located inside a Chinese Food eatery that is pretty mundane looking, Lara sits at a boot by herself with her leather jacket drapped over the bench behind her. She has on a black hoodie and white tanktop beneath that, blue jeans and black leather boots. She's thumbing through the menu and reaching for a glass of water to sip from it.

June makes her way in, carrying a box in one arm and a bag in the other. Her heels click on the ground as she approaches, giving a smile. "Hey Lara!"

Lara's hazel eyes looked up from the menu page she was flipping when she heard the woman's voice and shoes approaching. She brought up a smile for her friend's arrival and set the menu down then raised her left hand to gently wave it toward her. "Hey!" She said back. "Thank you for the invite out, its sweet to know people remember these things. I have a terrible time at it." She said with a small laugh.

June smiles. She sets the box down on the table first, and then sits, putting the bag down next to her chair. "I don't believe that with as much obscure trivia as you keep in your brain that you can't remember your own birthday."

Lara eyed the box, because… present? She then heard the question and she looked over and into June's eyes. She smiled first, then laughed and shook her head side to side. "Mine? No… mine is far too easy to remember because of this dreadfully appauling holiday its associated with." She showed a little grin then, sipped her water and shook her head again. "No, its remembering others birthdays that is difficult for me. Because I'm probably the rudest person I know… lost in my own little worlds, and not thinking of others nearly as often as I should." She released a heavy exhale then, always hard on herself is she.

"That's all right. You're a busy woman." June smiles over. "And I always thought there was something appropriate about your birthday being on Valentine's Day. It's not as if you're the sort to settle down enough to have reason to celebrate it for the normal reason.

Lara nodded her head at this statement and lifted both of her hands up to press them against either sides of her face, cupping her head in said hands. "I'm not much of a romantic." She replied. "At least not in the sense of… jewelry and… relationships. My father never was either, until the day he met my mother… then it almost became more important to him than his work, almost." She sounded a bit forelorn, but she always did when she referenced her parents.

She then shook her head. "How are you doing?" She asked. "I don't want to blather on about me." Another small grin as she lowered her hands back to the table's surface.

"I'm getting by. Still staying with Darcy, which is an interesting state of affairs all on its own. Here…this is for you." She takes the bag by the chair up, and takes out something akin to a ring box, offering it over. "Happy birthday."

Lara nodded gently at the state of living. "Darcy has been scarce this week. Busy with work, I assume." She'd said before her eyes went to the box that June offered her and a smile spread across her pale pink lips. "June." She started, eyes going then up to her friend as her hands reached out for the box. "You're amazing, truly. I'm going to promise to remember your birthday in-return." She'd pull the box toward her and make to open it to discover its contents!

The box holds something which looks like a round locket at first glance. When opened, however, it turns out to have a compass on one side. The other has a photo of June and Lara from when they were in class together. "I hope you like it." June says.

Lara would examine the locket, turning it over in her fingertips and opening it to look inside at both the compass and the photo. She'd have a smile planted firmly on her expression and would then look up to June and reach her left hand out across the table toward her friend's own. "I love it. Truly. I'll keep it with me. You know, just as well as I do, how useful knowing the direction can be." She grinned at her and clutched the locket in her right hand. "Its exactly the kind of item I'd look for in fits of needing to 'accessorize' myself."

"The other's a cake. Chinese restaurants don't exactly do birthday cakes." She nods to the box, and squeezes Lara's hand. "Happy birthday, Lara." she says again.

Lara and June are old college friends. June had spent a semester in London at UCL where Lara had graduated. They'd recently re-united in Manhattan and Lara had discovered that while out on an archaeological dig, June had unearthed a statue that had broken moments later and caused an evil Aztec witch to invade her body and mind. Lara was working to find a way to solve this, but it was a difficult process.

Its also Lara's birthday! Valentine's Day…

The two women are inside of a chinese food restaurant and seated across from one another at a booth. They haven't ordered yet. June just gave Lara her present, a small locket and she had a cake in a box beside them!

"Its a cake?" Lara repeated, looking surprised. "June… you're amazing." She grinned at her friend. "We should order then, so we can get to it afterward."

June smiles. "Order whatever you'd like. My treat. Least I can do for you on your birthday." she offers, looking over the menu herself.
Jonah Maiava pages: would I know you are here?
You paged Jonah Maiava with 'Yeah. I've said ICly that you and Samantha are both sharing an apartment with me ICly.'
You paged Jonah Maiava with 'In that we all 3 live in an apartment in Greenwich Village.'
Jonah Maiava pages: i meant the restuarant
You paged Jonah Maiava with 'Yeah. You can say that I invited you.'
So he had something to do before meeting his friend. Jonah knows he is late but he walks in carrying a box with a lid on it loosely tied with red ribbon that some might feel is moving in his hands, on this box is a large gift bag. "LITTLE BIRD!" setting the box in front of her, "Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you!" he sings a couple of times leaning close giving his friend a sloppy kiss to the cheek before taking a seat. "Sorry that I am late."

Lara grinned over at June and once more gathered up her menu for the restaurant. "You're going to spoil me." She said, flipping it open and starting to loo— And thats when Jonah arrived, the large and loveable man himself in all his bombastic glory. Lara's eyes went up and a smile spread over her face at Jonah. "Hey, you made it." She said to him. "Oh my god, more presents? You guys… are the be—"

And thats when she got the kiss to the side of her face and it made her face scrunchy-up and she then laughed. "Someone's been having a good day, I guess." She said to him. She then motioned between he and June. "Jonah, this is my college friend I told you about… June." She looked to the Blonde woman across from her. "June, this is one of the people who helped me survive on that island… Jonah the Brave." She said with a small grin.

June smiles over to the new arrival. "Pleasure to meet you, Jonah. Please, have a seat." She indicates one of the other seats at the table.
Jonah Maiava moves the bag off the box blushing deeply standing back up nodding to the other, "Pleasure to meet you, Miss June." he tells her before sitting back down. The bow on the box unravels and the lids pops off as a furry creature pokes its head out wth a cute whine.

Lara smiled at the both of them and then went to pick her menu up to look at it agai— The puppy!

The young archaeologist looked over at the animal and her eyes went wide! She certainly had not expected to see a live animal pop out of that box, let alone one that looked quite so adorable. "Jonah." Lara said, looking up at him. "You got me a puppy?" She asked, dumbfounded in a way. She'd never had a dog before, never had a cat before… she'd had a horse, but that was it. She LIKED animals, but was a bit clueless on how to interact with them.

"He's so cute…" She said then and leaned forward and down toward the little fella, smiling at him and poking at his nose with her left forefinger.

June looks…unconvinced. "A puppy? Not sure you've exactly got the lifestyle to tend to a puppy, Lara…" She looks back over to Jonah. "And it's just June."
Jonah Maiava smiles as Lara looks at th pup and then over to June, "She can handle a puppy." he tells her simply before looking back at his friend as the pup licks her poking finger. "I believe he likes you already, Little Bird." he smiles.

Lara watched the curious animal looking all around and she laughed softly at both of their words. "I think she means because I am a traveller, Jonah… often away from home for long periods of time." She pet the animal's head and ruffled his little ears before looking to Jonah. "Its a very sweet gift though… I can, find a way to make it work, perhaps. I don't know. I've never had a dog before…"

June nods. "It's not as if you can't hire a dogsitter, though. You're not exactly strapped for cash. I hope they don't get touchy about it here in the restaurant, though. Animals and all."
The pup licks at Lara's hand a few times his tail wagging quickly. "I know and when he gets older maybe he can go with you on some of them. You should think of a name." Jonah tells her lightly not caring what the owners of the place think, its not like the pup is doing anything wrong. "The bag is from Sam. I don't know what it is… I also restocked on your favorite treats in the apartment."

Lara smirked at the comment about being loaded. "Yes well… I haven't touched my parent's money even once… but now that I have a job with SHIELD, they're paying me far more than I expected. So you're right, June."

Lara looked to the bag that Jonah mentioned. "I should open it at home when we get back, so Sam can be there to watch. I can't imagine she'd want me to open it when she's not here." Lara reached out to touch Jonah's shoulder and she smiled at him. "Thank you… I'll try to think of a good name, but I've never named anything that required me to feed and water it before." Even her horse had been named when they acquired it.

"Jonah, what should we order here? And please, no jokes about dogs and Chinese Food restaurants." She jested, eyeing their new little family member.

June looks over, and considers. "Hmm…I'd love to stay, but it may be a better idea if I bow out early." She closes the menu, and smiles. "Have a good birthday, Lara."

Jonah Maiava blinks a moment, "I can go if this was to be a girls only moment." he tells them looking between the pair hating to break up the party.

Lara looked up to June and then over to Jonah. She still had the locket/compass that June had given ehr coiled around her wrist. "You needn't go, June." She told her. "Are you feeling okay?" She had to ask, because the Witch inside June was always a concern to Lara.

"No, no…not at all. Just a birthday party for Lara." She looks over to the other archaeologist. "I'm feeling a touch…unsettled. Think it may be best if I go to lie down." She says, talking around the issue.

Lara listened and gently nodded her head to what June said in respone. "I understand then." She told her. It was simply that June had a case of a common cold, or even the flu… it was far far worse for the woman to become unsettled. "I hate for you to go, but if you must… I'll call you later, okay? To check in?" She glanced over to Jonah then.

Jonah Maiava sits there a moment staring across at June now an unsettling feeling resting on him. Something didn't feel right but he was hoping in this case it might be wrong.

June nods. "That's fine. Have a spectacular day." With that, she'll stand and make her way out.

Lara watched June leave and then she looked over to her friend beside her. "I need to find a way to help her, but its been all dead ends." She said to him then, still playing with the puppy who was trying to get out of the box. "Someone has gone to great lengths to hide any evidence regarding what happened to her. And this Witch… inside her, treats her like a Jack in the Box. If wound up enough, the evil bitch will just pop out of her and ruin everything around her."

Jonah Maiava settles a bit once June leaves, "So its the witch I was sensing." he says lightly blinking as the pup seems to now be chewing his finger. :"I am sorry if the pup was a bad gift. I thought maybe you'd like him and someday he can go on adventures with you."

Lara laughed softly at him and she smiled at the dog. "He's not a bad gift, Jonah." She said. "He's adorable and a treasure all in his own right. But, sometimes it is almost impossible to take dogs from one country to another. They get very picky about pets crossing borders, even more than they are about humans." She grinned then. "He will be a fine research companion here though. For that I am certain. Plus, the three of us will enjoy having him around. I bet Sam even can teach me a thing or two about how to not be a clueless pet owner."

Jonah Maiava chuckles lightly atching as the pup settles down to nap in its box, "I got everything you need for him at home. Either way he will be a nice companion for you when you are home." he tells her now looking over the menu a moment these kind of places never his favorite and really he isn't sure what to try. "So what you feel you want?"

Lara reached over and patted him gently on the back. She watched his face and it made her grin. "You hate Chinese Food, don't you." She said to him then, able to see it by the expression he was making while staring at the menu. It made her grin. "Usually when I see your eyes on a menu its like you're a child skimming through a new comic book… But this time? You look like you're staring at a… pamphlet on an unwanted medical proceedure."

Jonah Maiava laughs now finding that funny, "I just… am not sure what to have so why don't you order for us both." he closes his laying it down giving her the control over what he will eat this evening.

Lara went to retrieve all the items from the table and she put them away in her pockets (discounting the ones she didn't own like the soy sauce jar!) and she smiled over at him. "Come on." She told him. "My jeep is parked outside. Lets just go a few blocks down to that burger place that you love so much. If its my birthday, I'm making sure that the people I spend it with are happy." She'd pick up the cake that June had brought. "Carry the little Explorer if you wouldN" She asked, referring to the box with the puppy in it, smiling at its sleeping form.

Jonah Maiava picks up the box for her and follows back outside to her jeep. "Sorry if I broke up the party with your friend. sShe uh… seemed.. disturbed by something." he says carefully putting the box into the backseat before climbing into the front passenger.

Lara loaded the jeep in the back with the cake box and a couple other things before she got into the driver's side and she glanced over at him while putting her seatbelt on. "She's possessed, Jonah." Lara told him. "By the spirit of an Aztec queen… The same kind of spirit that tried to take over Sam on the island… the one that Sam and I killed." Lara put her hands on the steering wheel for a moment. "I wasn't able to be there to offer the same help to June…" She sighed softly then.

Jonah Maiava slips n his own seatbelt now while watching her, "I am sorry. There is nothing at all that can be done about it?" he asks rather sad by this now. "It can't be exocised out or something like that."

Lara sat there in her chair inside the jeep and listened to his question. "Not in any way that I have discovered as of yet." She replied. Her eyes looked over at him. "The Witch is seeking something she calls her 'heart' and its in the hands of some… shadowy sect of the government who is controlling her to do their bidding. Black Ops type missions, wetworks… Foul things."

Jonah Maiava listens to this now, "So she possesses others until she finds her heart? I sense evil there, Little Bird." he admits lightly not really liking this at all. "Anyway we can help?"

Lara breathed in deeply and nodded gently to what Jonah surmized. "I have met the Witch too… I was with a fellow Agent when the Witch came out of June." She glanced to Jonah again. "She flicked him away with some kind of teleportation magic that dropped him into the East River, with just the flick of her hand." It was Logan who'd been teleported away, grumpy hairy old Logan.

"She is pure evil, Jonah. Its why I think you made her uncomfortable, because of your ability to… sense those things. I believe it may go both ways and she sensed something in you, the Witch, that is. But yes.." Lara nodded again. "I am trying to find ways to help her. As is SHIELD."

Jonah Maiava sighs deeply with a nod to that, "Ah yes, I forgot you joined them. I do hope you all can help then. Wish there was more that I could do." he settles back a little bit.

Lara smiled softly at Jonah as she lenaed forward to turn the key and start the jeep up. She'd purchased it just last week, so it still had that new car smell on the inside and was spotlessly clean.

"We will just have to put our heads together and figure that out then." She told her friend with a smile. "As for now, let us brave New York traffic on our way to a burger place that is probably at max-capacity on customers already." She showed him a grin then and would move to pull the Jeep out into traffic amidst all the taxis and other cars.


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