Catchup without Ketchup

February 12, 2017:

Dick and Kori meet up and discuss many things from past to present

Diner in Queensland Park



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Nightwing never comes to Metropolis, but Dick Grayson does. He has business, there are social events, and he has friends here. But not Nightwing, a vigilante that clings to the shadows has no place in the City of Tomorrow - and he doesn't know the territory anyway.

So this is just a normal guy, well-dressed and handsome, but normal. But he is visiting his ex-girlfriend to catch-up on life and stuff. When the ex is a six-four former supermodel and an alien, who is now known to be a super-heroine of the Justice League (and the Avengers) it can't be a normal date.

Dick had to arrange a reservation for the whole restaurant. He can't have paparazzi taking pictures and reach to conclusions. It was not a great secret Starfire and Nightwing were an item. Years ago, when they were young and crazy.

But it is a nice restaurant, and she can get to the terrace flying. Or teleporting.

Starfire does not come as Starfire…pre se. She comes as Koriand'r, and despite the formalities the people of Queensland know her, even despite her debates against Godfrey and Alien Kind here in Metropolis. Starting a magazine for those willing to model for it and give statements gives her more attention then a streaking comet.

Stepping into the restaurant the parka hood is drawn up. Red-colored faux-fur casts shadows around her façade but melds with the large spill of mane that comes over shoulder and down along the front with the rest of the 'fur' held together over herself by 'fang-toothed' buttons that hold the parka closed, all the while her figure is not muted by the sinew stringed corseted sides the coat bears.

Once inside the hood is dropped and several teeth unhooked while those pupiless eyes of jade seek out her old… friend.

Settling upon him the smile is wavering upon plum stained lips but it does not stop her from claiming the chair opposite him, crossing leg encased in matching boots that lace just above knee and end in the same colored 'fur'.

The moment of stoicism comes to a clattering halt as Kori reaches across the table and embraces Dick with a wide smile. "Too long my friend! Are you well??!!"Stated as she basically Elmira-hugs him!

Dick waited at a booth, looking outside, but spots the redheaded Kori as soon as she enters the room. It looks brighter, somehow. And he stands up to greet her. "Kori, you look fantastic, as always." He laughs when she pulls him into a hug. "Yes, it was. I always say I will be back every week but you know… life conspires against us. I have been well. What about you? You are on the spotlight very often, lately!"

Releasing Dick was likely a thing that allowed him to breathe again. Kori overdoes her hugs on an Elmira level, good thing Dick is sturdy enough.

Dropping into the booth the coat is undone and draped behind, leaving her in just a purple sweater dress, loose collar hanging down to the V cut at the front, the fabric stretchy enough to contour her form even with the small strapped openings at each side for skin and fabric contrast, thighs exposed until the tops of those boots. Simple enough but also chic enough, as her agency prefers when she goes out 'dressed like a human'. Or as human as Kori will wear.

"Yes, you say, and years ago I learned better." Kori states casually, but seems to hold no grudge, as she is no better - and she goes star systems away.

"Politics does that to anyone, especially an alien." A menu is propped up then and skimmed casually.

"You would be if you chose not to stick to shadows."

Dick shakes his head, "I am more effective in the shadows," which is always his argument. In truth, he is more comfortable there, and it is what he was trained to do. But a few heroes have shown to be effective in the light even without powers, so sometimes he is tempted.

"Politics? I think you are too honest for Earth politics," points out Nightwing. "You are sending the right messages, but you are not presenting an alternative political option and I am not sure you should."

"Weren't you playing detective, at one point?" Kori pauses and sets the menu down, those pupiless emerald eyes staring dead at Dick, his own reflection easily seen from them.

"That's in the light enough." As if her point had been proven one leg slings over the other in a cross while position shifts and her shoulder is propped against the wall that borders the booth. "We both know you can't be bought."

A waiters arrival has her pointing to the wines, seasonal of a flute of a "chocolatey" hinted vine asked for with that brandishing of a vibrant smile.

"Honesty is what Earth Politics needs, though. If they do not know the truth they will keep fearing without logic…" A pause and her brows dip over the bridge of her nose.

"It may be counter productive, in some ways, but in others… They will never dig up a lie."

A light clearing of throat and the menu is momentarily placed down so Dick can order his drink.

Dick grins, "you want humans to be logical? I think we are still a few centuries away from such a society. For now we all we should aim for is 'mostly good', and even that is a bit of a struggle." And he is the optimistic one, living in Gotham and all. Not many are as optimistic as Kori, though.

The menu is given a glance, and he selects a light wine, which he will barely taste anyway. Then he waits until the waiter leaves to add. "Some truths are unpleasant, some lies are easy to swallow. Consider this too. And since I am a detective, so I will ask this too: who will stand to gain the most if the lies are believed?"

Kori smiles and laughs lightly, the waiter has left but eyes are on them at all times even if she is known… The way she leans back is almost a feline casual, and that half lidded look of calm needed a lightly flicking tail. But what she says is different:

"I know what humans are. They have everything allowed to them unlike most other planets. No locks. I want them to know better, and if they deserve a hand-slap…" A gesture towards Dick. "That's where you come in. Or your kind. Patched. Promoted? Whatever."

"I won't lie, what harm will it do to me to be able to say 'I can't' or 'I can', and let their //Giggle Search/ find them nothing.

A lean forward then and the smile never wavers as the menu is instead drawn to rest beneath the prop of arms. "No one gains anything in any of this, Dick. That's the point."
Dick shakes his head, but he is not going to argue. "Fine, but if you need something investigated, some mystery brought to light, I will take a look." He really didn't came here to talk politics. But it is something Kori has gotten into, and he came here to catch up on life with her. "How are things going with Roy?" That is a more pleasant part of her life he is curious about.

The wine is delivered to them both and Kori sips hers and her nose wrinkles slightly..
Kitt'n:Also it is Gaggle, not Giggle..
Kori: Silly! That's a pack of geese not a name!
Kitt'n: …..

"That's what I thought!" The triumphant smile comes with a look to the flute of wine. It was a "taste test" and it failed her palette… But then Dicks question comes, moving topic on and Starfire smiles! "Roy is fine! You know, busy like you, but good! Lian likes to try to cook with Orn…" A light lean forward a she whispers.

"Not good, but edible dipped in milk." A wink as she leans back and when the waiter returns to get their order she points to the picture of the 'covered and smothered' platter.
…No way?

"How is Gotham?" His life, right?

"Dark and cold," as always, remarks Dick. "Or if you mean the family, I have been somewhat distant with them for a few weeks, but I have not heard anything dramatic changing." The comment about the wine makes him chuckle, and he pauses to order dinner, going for salad a fish. "Try mine," he offers, serving her white wine. "Roy is busy and not with you, tsk, that boy is losing it."

The wine he had is readily accepted, as the chocoa aftertaste of hers is… One of those flavors that coats tongue and mouth in a nasty. Just not her flavor. Kori likes sweet, but that is… not sweet.

The white wine Dick offered is taken, sipped, sloshed around in her mouth, gargled even… Nope, no tact needed, the choco-wine was not liked!

While Dick ordered healthy, Kori ordered top calorie levels. At least she metabolizes it well. When he mentions Roy 'losing it' the flute of white wine is set down with a clear of throat. "Just like you and me, he has a family and a job. I cannot de-grudge," Wrong wording! "When we step out into our own "light"," She even air quotes at the words.

"We accept that."

And though her words lower a bit, Kori smiles.

"Have you come across anything else of interest?"

"Maybe," replies Dick, thoughtful. "Maybe aliens in Gotham. Ask me in three months. I am going to talk with Red Robin and a few others, too. The Bat clan is getting large. But I have only vague plans. One pressing concern is the NuHuman situation. For once Gotham has been spared, but New York has been hit hard and I hear so has Metro."

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