Double Date with Royals

February 12, 2017:

Barry and Arthur agree to meet for dinner in Atlantis. Spoiler and Mera make great +1s.


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Date night is an odd idea in general, perhapse odder still when one adds in royalty and a whole… thing. A thing in this case would be Arthur meeting the other couple at the Metropolis docks and showing them to still waters that part noisesly to allow a submerisble vessle to rise quietly. Entering it is as simple as walking onto a raised bit of the hull which lowers them down into it's hull without bothering to make a single noise, and then closing over them. "We have the best toys." Arthur says with a grin before thumping the trident down on the hull twice. There's a soft sensation of movement and that's it. "Come on, I'll show you the brigde." he moves them through the halls of the ship, which are wide and oddly roundish instead of flat on the bottom. Likely designed to be swam through more then walked. The Bridge is a large room and seems a flawless cross between crustacean armor plating, holo-technologies, and some sort of metal that doesn't appear familiar at all. A single man seems to be piloting the craft, he's tall and thickly muscled, one of his arms ends in twisted scar tissue and a vicious looking hook, and his helm does very little to hide the ropes of scar tissue that cover one half of his face, twisting his lips into a permanent snear. "Murk," Arthur says to the man, "take us home." The big man just grunts, "Yes Majesty." and … nothing happens. Arthur eyes them, "Anticlimactic, right?" he says, starting out the pitch black 'view port', "Yeah. Everyone thinks so. Your eyes just can't see through the darkness, trust me, it's a hell of a show." he turns back to them, "So." he says, smiling warmly, "Game of go fish while we travel? Shouldn't be long." He pulls a deck of cards from a drawer to the side of one of the other unoccupied chairs in the room.

He wasn't wrong. Arriving in Atlantis is oddly without fanfair, and Arthur, who's mean mugging his cards something hard, looks up suddenly as if hearing soemthing the other two didn't, "How can I lose so badly at a game called go fish?" he asks no one before pushing himself to his feet, "We're here." he adds, tossing the cards down on the table to show yet another hand of unmatched losing cards he'd no hope of winning with. "Welcome to my home." and he leads them out through the dimmly lit ship to the same elevator like platform which lifts them up into beauty personified. Arthur pauses to grin and begins to walk, "Mera will be waiting for us in our dinning room, she's been seeing to the arraingements all day. I'm not sure if that means grand cuisine or she's set up a training battle with The Drift. I was to afraid to ask."

Everything in sight is gorgeous. The walls are made of some sort of crystaline material capable of withstanding the tremendous preassure set upon them, and seem to be lit from inside by something that looks like blue lava flowing through them, if one could see through lava that was. Beyond the walls is an entire city, no, a megaopolis, that stretches as far as their eyes can see, lighting rolling away into the distance in any direction they look, buildings shapes that seem impossible rising high into the air, beautifully arched in ways that would be suicide on the surface, twisted and twined about one another in perfect harmony down beneath the ocean. There are Atlanteans swimming beyond the walls as well, fitting every shape and form of 'merfolk' one could possibly imagine, from the rather normal looking to those with shark's heads instead of human, or squids tentacles extending beyond their hips in place of legs, they come in bright colors and dark, fins, spines, teeth, large eyes, none. If the surface world was worried about it's mutant or inhuman or nuhuman population, it has nothing on Atlantis, which seems to have seamless integrated an almost infinite number of visually unlike peoples into one cohesive nation.

Arthur watches the other two and tehn turns to look out over the city scape that stretches out into the darkness of the ocean, looking for all the world like a stary night sky, "Never stops feeling like that." he says before turning to go, "Until I remember my wife is waiting on me for dinner. Then it feels like fear. Come on, I promised Barry we'd stuff his face."

The message Spoiler got was simple: Dinner, 9PM, Dress Nice, Wear Mask.

There was a moment she wanted pinch the bridge of her nose. But, Flash had quipped about dinner with the royalty of Atlantis and maybe this would be a good time to continue networking with members of the League. After all, Spoiler was going to plug Oracle into Atlantian com systems now that they seemed reasonably comfortable with helping with an underseas excursion to Apocalypse's sunken laboratory.

On her bike, Spoiler arrived in her usual 'work' attire: black and purple Nomex body suit, black and purple utility belt, purple cloak with a hood (black underside), and the black domino mask over her eyes. Her lips are painted dark purple. It's not a shade Stephanie Brown wears. She left her bike, in 'don't mess with me' mode at the League HQ, and let Flash take her the rest of the way to the meeting point. If he was disappointed by her attire and voices it, she might be inclined to retort that this was the nicest batling suit she owned. So there. #AllDressedUp :P

At meeting the King, Spoiler nods her head lightly, politely, and then all semblance of polite and compose fade as the waters part — like freakin' Moses! — and the sub takes them into itself.

"Yeah. That's a way to put it," Spoiler says with a tiny, awed, squeak to her voice. She tries NOT to look taken aback by Murk (the Murlock, ablurblrhahghrhlghlghhrgh! Damn nerds in her brain!).

"Yeah," she giggles lightly. "A little." is the agreement to things being anticlimatic. She relaxes a bit as Arthur's warm demeanor and easy go attitude is infectious to the young blonde batling.

"You like the ocean puns, don't you?" Spoiler asks, moving over to play Go Fish. Because it's been… far too long and… his name is Arthur too.. and… It'd be nice to imagine a different older blonde man names Arthur playing cards with her. The losing hands has Stephnie smiling lightly, but when they stand, she works to compose herself, barely managing to stop herself from reaching out to take Barry's hand. Stepping out, Stephanie is once more flabbergasted by the sights, and her plum-colored lips part as she peers here and there and everywhere. It seems like the scenary was going to be the biggest surprise here until Arthur utters Barry's name and Stephanie's eyes widen. She looks to Arthur then to Barry then back to Arthur… then back to Barry. O.O!!

When he arrived at the docks, Stephanie had made it clear she was going as Spoiler. Barry sighed, and decided to humour the young woman, snapping his ring and within a few moments, is in his Flash costume. "Better?" he asks as makes sure the tri-polymer gear is in place. "Just a warning, it gets a little cold way down there.." he admits with a small shiver as he notices the arrival of Arthur with their ride and grins at the Atlantian King. "Thank you again for the invite." he offers as he moves to take a seat within the submarine.

Go Fish? Stephanie's murdering both of them at it. Just as Barry seems to be making just enough of a comeback and is about to close in on her with a proud announcement of taking away all of her threes, Arthur is suddenly announcing that they arrived. "Next time I'm brining Monopoly." he deadpans as he the young man rises from his own seat to depart the vehicle and zips about quickly, taking it all in. "Hey, I found a shop that sells seashell bras. You want one, Spoiler?" he asks. "Or maybe a conch phone? I hear they're great for long distance. Oh, hey, are there any sunken ships nearby? That'd be cool. Unless that's like.. pollution for you, and then not so cool." He's still going through his own Convergence it seems as he moves to pull back his cowl as Arthur refers to him by name.

As Arthur had guessed, this Barry is younger. Leaner than his original self. And a brunette as compared to a blonde. "Dude, he has tentacles for arms. I be that's awesome for soux chefing." he offers quickly as he looks and notices Spoiler's surprised glance between him and Aquaman.

"Don't worry, I haven't told him who you are. I don't want to spoil it." #Hejustsaidthat.

Date night. Mera remembers when Arthur first explained the concept to her. She's still not entirely sure she understands it, but any chance to spend time with her husband and NOT have affairs of state take precedence she will appreciate to its fullest.

Having spent the day concentrating on the dinner preparations — she'd been told there would be Surfacer guests, and she wanted to make everything as palatable as possible. She knows most Surfacers don't usually like to eat urchins and anemones raw. She's not at all sure that the food will be entirely to the liking of their guests, but she tried her best with her limited knowledge, and ensured that if nothing else, the food is plentiful.

When she receives word that Arthur has returned with his guests, she smooths the gown she's chosen to wear today and moves to the door to meet them there. And no, Arthur didn't think to tell her in advance exactly who would be visiting, so it could be anyone from an important Surfacer leader sort to some of Arthur's extended family from Maine.

Aquaman stares at Barry for a long moment and shakes his head, "This life is just to weird." says the King of a continent that currently exsists on the bottom of an ocean that should by all rights explode all of the people living in it. Then he moves on, "Don't listen to him, we don't do sea shell bras, by and large women don't generally wear bras. Gravity isn't so large a problem down here and so the need doesn't arise. Armor on the other hand is fairly common as predators still lurk in the depths." he doesn't sound as if he's kidding, "And no, there are no sunken ships near here." it's best he not get into the why of that particular bit of trivia. "And he isn't a chef. He's actually a member of the Council of Magi, or at least an apprentice to one."

He reaches the doors just as Mera is coming through and he grins at her, "It would appear my old friend The Flash has done some time traveling or some such fool thing and become younger," he glances over at Barry, "and brunette, when I wasn't looking. Barry, you remember Mera from the wedding, Mera, Barry, and," he grins, "the young lady in the purple is his date, Spoiler. She is one of Batman's people." he uses the real and code names on purpose, to let his wife know what she's allowed to give away and what she isn't. For instance, he's not sure Spoiler knows who Batman is. It would be just like Bats to keep apprentices around who /don't/ know his ID, and so he and his wife won't be the one's to out him. Just in case. Life in the hero life long enough, you work up a polite code for thsi sort of thing.

"You said to wear… I thought this was League…" Spoiler stammers slightly before closing her mouth as Barry 'suits up'. During the ride, Spoiler rolls her blue-green eyes at mention of Monopoly. "Because I won't kill your hiney at that game too?"

In the hall, Spoiler's shock ends when Barry jokes at her codename. Stephanie groans, eyes closing, lips curling into a smile. Which is a good thing, because she'd forgotten that she smacked Barry's arm for hte seashell bra comment. Now in the room with the Queen, Spoiler bows her head politely, smiling a bit nervously at the introductions. She notes that Aquaman uses real name for Barry and codename for herself and for Him. She slides her gaze that way. Does the King know about Bruce? And Dick? Jason? Tim? The rest? As warm and personable as Arthur is, Stephanie can't tell, but it is odd to be in mask when no one else is. Spoiler looks back to Mera and finds her smile again.

"It's a pleasure to meet you. Thank you for allowing us into your home. It's very beautiful," says the petitie blonde batling. If they are used to dealing with only Batman, the idea that one of His could be so polite and not-growlly might be novel. If they know Him as Bruce too… Stephanie looks for any clues. Because ….#SpoilerAlert.

"Don't ask about the armor." Barry adds quickly. "While down here it may seem lightweight and easy to use, on the surface, the Atletian phsyiology allows them to adapt their strength to be able to wear it easily and comfortably, while a normal human would find it as heavy as attempting to wear full plate to wade through Jell-O." How he knows this causes the scarlet speedster to get confused for a moment. No more so than when Mera is introduced to him. There's a tilt of his head and a bow. "I promise not to eat you out of house and home. I had a large meal before I came down.."

And as he does so, there's a vibration in his pocket and he takes out the phone to look at it. "Just a reminder that I need to eat again." he says as moves to put the phone away as he nods his head. Despite his playfulness, one can see the sharp look in his creulian eyes as he takes it all in.

Not that Arthur asked Barry before selling out his identity to his companion - it's a good thing she already knew who he was as the young man offers a bow to the Queen. "Your Majesty, good to see you again, even if the memory of it is muddled a little - I think whatever happened to me is causing me to remember some things and be confused about some others. But I do know that I am a good friend to the royal family and offer my services, even in this.. well.. different form?" he asks with a small chuckle. "It's all really confusing, and we could probably use the whole dinner to explain how it could have happened, but there's more pleasant things to discuss.. like the fact that I'm looking rather underdressed for the occassion. I'd dressed nicer, but Spoiler here wasn't sure if you would allow her a masque and a nice dress, or if nomex and kevlar was acceptable dress."

Fair enough. If Mera was told who the Surfacer is that wears the Bat attire, she can't remember right this moment. And, beyond that, the identities of the two in front of her are pretty much lost on her. "I am pleased to meet you both." She treats Barry as someone she's not met before because he's, well, not the Barry she remembers from their wedding.

"If you wish, Miss Spoiler, I can have a dress brought for you. You should be close to … hm. What do you think, Arthur? Kiara is pretty close in stature, don't you think?" If the young woman prefers to wear a mask, why would that be a problem? It's not like it would impede her ability to eat.

Aquaman eyes Spoiler up and down and then nods, "Perhaps a bit taller, but only by a smidge." he agrees, leaving the two ladies to talk dresses and sizes and … whatever. So not his scene. He eyes Barry, "You tell her about the first time I let Batman come down here?" he asks with a smirk. "/He/ never asked if masks were dress code acceptable. I thought Orm was going to-…" he stops there and his smile fades slightly, a shadow flickering over his face. "Ahem. Anyway, yeah. It's not an unusual thought for the Gotham crowd I gather." there is it. The age on his features that Barry doesn't have anymore and that Carol seemingly isn't affected by. He shouldn't have brought up his brothers name.

For a moment, Barry Allen of Earth-Arrowverse forgets that he's supposed to be the stranger here. The Convergence affects everyone differently. And when you're a speedster, you're used to being one step ahead and realizing things are out of step - but in that moment, that moment that Arthur reminds the scarlet speedster that he's this man's /friend/ on this world, Barry places his hand on his arm. "I still believe, somehow, someway, that your brother will realize the error of his ways, and work with you and Mera to make the Oceans as great as they have ever been." he promises quietly as he fixes those blue eyes on the older man. Yes, this Barry is younger - this Barry is /not/ the Barry of this world.

Yet he quickly is adapting to that role - becoming part of what it was supposed to be, that the former Barry Allen is now this world's Flash. And as he glances at Spoiler, he realizes.. he has no reason to want to go home - even as his home continues to come to him.

"Just make sure you can find something in purple so she can keep the mask on!" He saw how some of the girls dressed.. and if Kiara was an example, well, why not allow Stephanie to play dress up just a little. Just don't ask him to wear any of that stuff, he's an ill fit, little scrawny thing that he seems to be.

Stepahnie's lips part, to say something, perhaps to decline the offer of a dress, when Arthur and Barry both speak up. She looks between the two. Batman was here. Had his cowl on. Arthur's smirk, so like teasing a friend. The Barry's looking at her and suggesting a color and just beneath the mask, Spoiler's cheeks turn a faint pink.

"Everyone here is so comfortable going without," she comments, in part to Barry. The merfolk have no reason to hid themselves. Barry clearly doesn't. As far removed from the surface as they are here, and that Stephanie herself has never heard anything about Atlantis before that night at HQ, means… maybe no one here will talk? Does Batman feel comfortable lowering the Mask?

"Thank you, Your Majesty. If… my current attire is inappropriate, I would.. be must appreciative of something more fitting tonight's …event." What the hell kind of word waht she looking for?! Festivities? Dinner? GAH! Barry needs to stop looking at her like that in public while she's int he mask. Makes her all want to swoony-face.

"Nonsense," Mera says to Spoiler. "You are attired in a manner you find comfortable, that is more than appropriate enough." Regardless, she telepathically sends a maidservant to get a dress for the young woman, to take back with her. You know, because she can. "Shall we go inside, then?" She indicates the door she came out of. Where all of the food is.

Orm isn't exactly /bad/, he never has been. He honestly believes in Arthur, believes he should be King, believes he has the right. He just doesn't believe in peace with the surface. Orm has issues. But honestly who doesn't? Arthur offers a small genuine smile, "I'd settle for just peaceful." he quips back and reaches up to pat Barry's hand fondly. "Dress as you like Spoiler, I've been living the life since I was fifteen. I'm… somewhat older then that now." he shoots Barry a look, "I'm old hat at this. Keeping your armor on, your mask, it's no insult to me or my house. Most of my friends wear them after all." Seriously. Most. As in mathematically. He shrugs again, "Or don't. No one here minds." and then he's following his wife inside and towards the food.

"I know I wouldn't complain if you wore something dressy, Spoiler." Barry says with a wink at her, as the speedster considers. "Make a deal with you. I'll go native as well." he finally agrees to get out of the tri-polymer red and yellow in order to make Stephanie feel more comfortable. "If that's okay? I'm sure I can find something.. uh.. appropriate?" he asks, a frown pulls at his face. "Course, I don't think there's a Macys down here. Where do you get clothes from anyway, Arthur?"

The pink had started to retreat, a little, teeny tiny bit, and then The Deal.

If Spoiler acts like her cheeks aren't burning everyone else is going to as well, right? Good. She looks about the gathered, smiling anxiously. There's a phrase here: When in Rome?

Mera isn't giving the Surfacer couple a chance to find changes of clothing, though she does add on a request for attire for Barry as well to her telepathic message, including a mental image of the young man so the clothiers will be able to send something that shoudl at least come close to fitting properly.

The table in the room is positively huge, almost to the point that is joked about in movies. Despite that, only one end is set with approximate versions of place settings — two per side with a small stand taking the spot at the head of the table. It's proof that Mera truly did this without consulting Arthur at all, as from the looks of the mini-tridents in place of normal forks she couldn't precisely remember what the commonplace Surfacer cutlery looks like. Also, the knives? They're REAL. As in they'll shave the top layer of skin off of a person like lifting the top sheet off of a stack of paper.

Aquaman smirks at Barry, "The Armory." he states flatly as if the answer to that question should be obvious. Aquaman lives his entire life under the threat of constant violence, not because of assassins (ahem MERA) or anything, but because Atlantis is surrounded by enemies and despite a prodigious military might, Atlantis' first line of defense remains her King. He lives a shockingly violent life. And then there's the surface world. He pretty much /lives/ in armor. Okay. Literally. "But not everyone atires themselves as I do, they live more peaceful lives. Mera is seeing to getting you some-" he pauses, "there's no direct translation, but it's a bit like a mixture between silk and spandex? Stronger, more durable, but light and breathable, not much in the way of flowing edges though as that sort of thing is tangle prone underwater. Also uh… no shoes." cause why would they need them? He eyes his guests and sends his own telepathic command, though not to the staff so much as to the palace's living heating systems. "It should be more comfortable for you both soon, just let me know if it gets to hot." one of the other downsides of Atlantis, it's freezing down there. Not that anyone notices.

Sorry, Stephanie, there was no talking Barry into going shirtless for the dinner. Wearing a shirt made of light light red shortsleeve scale across the top, the longsleeve undershirt is yellow, covering his midriff to a matching belt and a pair of darker red board short looking designs that go into yellow spandex type, before going into his boots. He kept those, because well, he likes them with the outfit. A silver band twines down his upper right arm, eel-like in design, and a headband of red is settled around his head. See, he can make this work. Though he laughs at himself as he keeps his glasses off, and makes a thumb/pinkie motion at the mirror as he looks at himself. "Surfs up." he quips to himself before he makes his reappearance at the meal, a proper Atleatan bow offered to the royal couple before waiting on Spoiler to return so that he can seat her first before he takes his own seat. "Sorry, too cold to be barefoot. No offense.. just cold and I don't get along well." Hence the layers.

With Mera leading the way into the dining area and not giving a normal human time to change, Spoiler once again looks a bit ut of her element. The table is… wow that's a big table. She manages to trun her gaze from it, however, when Arthur comments on where people get clothes here. Seems like the nomex is going to work, and the chill… hasn' tbeen noticed yet. Her suit's thermal. She might have said she was cold once in teh cave. Because it's a cave and wet and chilly. With Barry dashing off and then back, Spoiler just quirks a brow at his clothing.

A moment passes.

"Thank you," Stephanie says to Mera nad Arthur, moving toward a seat but waiting for the Royals to settle before moving to sit herself. There's a Barry getting her seat. Spoiler gifts him with a smile, and a soft word of thanks.

Mera settles in to her chair, looking at Barry as he returns so close to instantly. "I do not think I will ever become accustomed to that." But, now that they're all here, one of the palace cooks enters from another door with a tray. He's holding it high enough that the Surfacers won't get to see what's on it until it's set on the small stand at the end of the table.

Apparently, Mera tried to emulate Surfacer foods, as this … first course? looks vaguely like the sort of appetizer one would find in a standard American fare restaurant — a giant vegetable of some sort sliced to open like a flower. It even appears to be breaded. Possibly fried.

Aquaman eyes the meal as he takes his seat, pausing to set his own trident, a much larger and more intimidating version of their 'forks' next to him, where it stands in place seemingly without support. "I see you've taken to the surface world love of fire in cooking." he says with a grin, "I approve." he eyes his guests, "Our chefs cook with magma powered ovens down here, as fire isn't generally an option. It's also how my empire is powered, geo-thermal power. Entirely environmentally friendly. Occasionally a few of those who prefer air pockets in their homes will work up the nerve to work fire into their cooking, but as you can imagine, finding combustables down here is something of a challenge." he reaches out with his little wee triden and spears a bit of the first course and deposits it on his plate. He pauses and eyes his wife before speaking telepathically to her real quick, <None of this is a toxin carrier is it? They do not have our immunities.> It's like the temperature, he has to actively remember these things.

Barry nods, giving thought to the geothermic system. Sure, he may have had a chat on this on a past version, the younger Barry is considering as he starts to eat. After a few moments, of scarfing down, he slows himself and draws in a thoughtful breath as he looks over to Stephanie. Then he returns his attention to his meal. "So I'm sure there's questions. How am I younger, why did I change. I can't really explain it myself. I was battling Reverse Flash - he was trying to get back to his time, and I was trying to stop him. In the process.. something happened. I don't know if I'm supposed to be here. But it feels like I should. I have a lot of the Barry that was here's memories. And I know some things, but don't know others." Why is he rambling?

"I had a small group of those I can trust. If it's one thing that this.. merging of where I was to where I am has proven? I am glad to have found new friends." This to Arthur. "New allies." This to Mera. "And new relationships." This to Stephanie. "Thank you for allowing me to be in your lives, when you could have easily rejected me."

In her seat, Stephanie surveys the table setting and the forks. Little tridents! They are so cute. She waits for food though, before picking up a 'fork'.

"I was starting to wonder, actually," she says, smiling at Arthur's explanation of how they cook down here.

o/‘ What’s a fire and why does it - what's the word - burn?

Taking a few petals of what looks like a deep fried onion, Stephanietakes a bite then pauses at the unexpected flavor. it's not bad or gross, it's just… foreign. She chews, finding the consistency just like an onion. It's just the flavor. There's nothing she can really compare it to. Swallowing that bite, she moves to take another, to taste again when Barry monologues. She regards him, eyes clear and face calm, only to blush as he mentions new relationships.

"Yeah, well. I figured trying to out run you would be pretty pointless," she quips, a little grin on her plum colored lips as she teases barry.

Mera is quick to telepathically reassure Arthur. <I had the cooks ensure that everything they used is safe for the Surfacers. There is a sauce they will bring with the next course that you might like, but we must keep the Surfacers from sampling it.> For Barry and Stephanie, she offers a smile and a quasi-explanation. "In this dish, the conversion was simple enough as one heat source works as well as another for cooking things in oil. It was acquiring a suitable oil that proved a momentary challenge." She figured that the Surfacers might not be too keen on melted cetacean blubber as the cooking medium, so had the kitchen seek out a non-animal based alternative. They … kind of succeeded. Krill don't really count as animals, do they?

Aquaman pauses with food halfway to his mouth and quirks a single blond brow Barry's way as he does that thing where he speaks without bothering to, you know, breath. Arthur just grins after a moment, "Dude, we faught an alien starfish cyclops that controlled minds," he says flatly, "and I am the long lost heir to the largest empire on the face of the planet." he munchs his bite and shakes his head, "You being young? Not even the weirdest thing that's happened to me this week." he mmm's and nods his approval at the fried yummies, "We lead very interesting lives." he pauses and sighs, "And my Dad just wanted me to be a lighthouse opperator."

<Good. Thank you sweetie.> he says as he munches more. The beauty of a telepathic relationship is that you can talk all you want with your mouth full and no one says you're being rude.

"You would have just been tired and sweaty and gross." Barry teases Spoiler back as he continues to eat. He's the first one to finish, of course, he has little control when it comes to his appetite as he considers the situation and chuckles at Arthur. "Okay, that's true enough. I suppose that's fair." he says as he gives a thoughtful pause. "At least it wasn't a telepathic gorilla intent on ruling the world." There's a shrug at that as he considers for a moment.

"That you took pains for this is humbling. Thank you," Stephanie says to Mera, not bothering to wonder what the oil is from. Oil is oil, right? Stephanie doesn't have a clue. Vegetables or olives, right? Wait…. do they HAVE olives unde the sea? No, no earworms, thank you.

Stephanie chuckles at the king saying 'dude'. She has no idea why that strikes her as amusing. It just does.

"Telepathic gorilla? Okay, you'll have to tell me that one later," says Spoiler to Barry, smiling. Looking back to the royals, Stephanie takes another small bite of the 'onion', because it is tasty.

"Is this really.. like… what our myths call Altantis?"

Strangely enough, it's not the word 'dude' that has her looking at Arthur oddly. Instead, Mera raises an eyebrow at the starfish cyclops comment. <I will want to hear about that starfish later, love.> At Spoiler's question regarding Atlantis, she glances to her husband. Why? Because she honestly doesn't know. She's not FROM here.

Seeing how most everyone is done with the fried flower first course, a pair of cooks arrive again. And this is how the rest of the dinner goes, with light and friendly conversation over familiar-looking but slightly odd tasting food.

Aquaman sighs, "I /hate/ Grodd." he says off to the side. "You have no idea what it's like being in his head." Arthur isn't Grodd's match in telepathy, clearly, but Grodd's closer to sea life then people are and there's a window there Arthur's exploited before. It's… never worked out super well but maybe it will one day. "And he smells. So. Bad." he raises a hand to his face and shakes his head in memory.

He glances at Spoiler and grins, "Yes." he says simply, "Sort of." he adds after a moment, "It's a bit complicated. Involving the untimely sinking of an entire continent, the sort of geological forces released when you do such a thing, and magic. But the short version is yes, yes this is indeed Atlantis. Atlantean the language is actually the precursor to what you know of as ancient Greek though there's almost no remaining similarities between the two. Trust me, I checked." he perks up at the new course, "Don't uh… don't eat the creamy purple sauce, it's not safe for you two. Sorry. It's a favorite of mine." he says as he drips the oddest looking cheese stick of all time into said lavender colored dip.

Given half an excuse Arthur will talk someone's ear off about Atlantis, about how things are done on a daily basis, the minuta of daily life, the things that everyone seems to feel a need to ask. Like where do they go to the bathroom and what about roads or cars or currency? He does well keeping the conversation going this way. And only once does he tell an embarassing Barry story. About that one time the Trickster and his SuperDuper Glue cost Barry his pants mid sprint. But only the one.

"He does smell terrible.." Barry admits. That is until Arthur continues, and brings up the Trickster story. The younger Barry finds himself blushing for his older self and looks at Spoiler. "That wasn't me, and I swear if you ask, I'll totally find something to tell about you!" he threatens Spoiler, though it has no bite to his words as he is eagerly digging into the next course, looking up with a mouthful of purple sauce. "Uh.."

He zips away. There will be some heavy vibrations to get the toxin pushed out of his system.

Enraptured by the food and the stories, Stephanie ends up leaning an elbow on the table, completely focused on Arthur. The informatino about Atlantis is awe inspiring, and Stephanie asks ALL the Questions. But when there's a story about Barry and crazy glue? Stephanie giggles so much, she gets whatever they are drink up her nose. Unlike the merfolk, she can not breathe liquids. After the coughin fit, Stephanie can't even LOOK at Barry without breaking down into giggles. Not even his threat ends the gigglefit, though she does hold her hands up in a 'dont shoot' motion.

When at last the meal is done, farewells are made, and off the Surfacers go. Spoiler giggling lightly now and again. This? Was a great night.

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