Ambush in Senre Ville

February 11, 2017:

Barry Allen gets a call from a DEO whistleblower, promising information on their research of the Mists. He walks into a trap - thankfully, he has powerful backup.

Area 81 - Ruins of Senre Ville, Metropolis

Area 81's wasteland was once Senre Ville served as Metropolis's
resort area, offering a wide range of recreational activities such as
fishing, swimming, and sailing. This area also had beachfront resort hotels
that offer legalized gambling, and expansive as well as diverse amusement
parks and remnants of it can still be seen littering the streets among the
skeletal remains of what still stands.
Senre was renown for is the artists alley, where galleries line the
streets in storefronts while the artists themselves live behind in
comfortable "alley shacks", spanning outward to more expensive homes that
were rebuilt after the hurricane, having once left this area a newer vision
of what Tealboro refused to fully conform to, until the invasion.
Bare beach fronts are laden with debris, rebar, wiring, and beams
that once held together rides at the small amusements parks. Old small
vendor stands are either completely gone or now bearing trips of the old
circus style tents as roofs and doors - as some residents still refuse
removal from their island in part where the D.E.O. has not forced them out.

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NPCs: Lab Tech Decoy, Sniper, Crew of HMSS Starfire

Mentions: Melinda May

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Fade In…

It had been a pretty normal day at the Hall of Justice when Barry Allen got a call from a private number on a secure line. A burner phone, as it turned out to be. The person on the phone claimed to be an associate of Dr. Kavita Rao, the researcher that was working for the DEO on the metagene and Mists projects in Area 81. She had some information she wanted to share with the chemist, as word had gotten out that Barry was looking into the Mists himself.

When it was suggested that Barry meet this contact at a resort in the former Senre Ville, he started to grow a little more suspicious. 'I'll send a friend to pick up the information.' the chemist offered before he hung up the phone, and checked the duty roster. Finding out that Starfire had the duty made him smile a little. She's showy, perhaps not perfect for a possible undercover mission, but he isn't either in the bright red Flash outfit.

Tapping his communicator, he called up to her. "Hey, Starfire? It's Flash. I got a possible Mists lead. How do you feel about sunny resort beaches?"

Well, that's what this once was. Having shared the location, Barry raced from the Hall of Justice in the red and yellow of his speedster's outfit, making his way quickly into Area 81, over a wall, and into the former Senre Ville.

As he got closer to the arranged meeting place, he slowed and took up a position to await his backup, even as he gets that feeling in the back of his neck that there are eyes on them, though who's he can't really determine at the moment as he waits, bouncing on his heels in nervous energy.

I can hear the lost crying…
Yeah the shadows are calling us out..

K'tten scowls at the communication, the tension evident along the line of her tawny jaw, the only other Tamaranean (aside from Blackfire) known to exist anymore holds a major defense that is the balance between dark and light. A neutrality in War. But when it comes down to it Starfire will not hesitate to throw down and have limited mercy, due to the past she and her crew have had to carry.

The 'resort' mention is what brought on the tension, as they have been harboring transients from said resort on 'The Land of Queens' (Queensland), building additional levels of living spaces to harbor those seeking to evade the chaos of a different "Apocalypse" and now one that threatens not only their lives but that of their genetic dormancy.

So when that beam of a translucent blue comes from above and Starfire descends she is in full armor. Where violet would simply land in strips of 'nary armor now white covers to the neck, upward along jaw to accent defined lines and hook around pupiless green eyes.

But none-the-less, Starfire arrives and waits in a speed all her own, not close to Flash, but just far enough to gain a view of the surroundings.

As he watches the avenging K'tten descend towards the resort, Barry draws in a breath. Like a flare in the darkness, that's going to draw attention. Which is both terribly bad.. and somewhat good. Those eyes that the speedster seemed to feel upon him reduces as he looks towards where she went to ground so to speak. Reaching up to his communicator, he speaks.

<Going civilian. Keep an eye out for me. I think I see my contact.>

The ring is opened and in a whirl and blur of motion, the Flash manages to store his costume somehow back in the class ring on his right hand and reassumes his normal dress, jeans, dark flannel shirt, thick rimmed glasses and a pair of hiking boots.

Noticing the young woman standing out in front of the resort ruins in a lab coat, he makes his way out into the open and towards her. "I'm Barry." he offers, a smile pulling on his lips, strained as it is. "You're the one that called me?"

The young woman nods quickly, too quickly, as she carries a thumb drive. "I have the info that Doctor Rao has so far on the project. She doesn't know I took it, but they're doing things in there.. dangerous things."

"What type of dangerous things.."

While the two of them talk, on an opposite building nearby, the sun reflects for a moment off of a targetting scope. A soldier in an unmarked uniform holds a large sniper rifle, his sights settled upon Barry's head. 'Target confirmed.' he reports. 'Permission to weapon free?'

A voice comes back over the radio. 'Copy. Eliminate target.'

Pressing down on the trigger, the large calibre gun cracks loudly in report, the slug thrown forward from the noticable muzzle flash. The bullet immediately goes subsonic, racing towards Barry Allen.

The informant, proving that she may or may not have been in on the ruse, suddenly backs away from Barry just before the shot goes off.

Time moves slowly for the speedster at this point. He sees the reaction of the woman, he hears the crack of the rifle. He has less than a second to react. He knows that they are expecting one shot, one kill. Barry /could/ evade the bullet. But that would give away that he is far more than meets the eye. Jerking his head back at the last possible microsecond, the bullet grazes his temple, breaking the skin, splattering blood just enough to give the idea of a clean hit. That is going to hurt and bruise for a bit later as the bullet continues past, impacting into the ground to kick up cement dust.

'Target down.'

We are heroes,
heroes in the darkest times…
When there is no light…!

The lab technician who called this meeting to come feels the heat as Starfire seemingly *blurs* passed to catch Barry before he hits the ground, illuminated in an aura of orange and red that lashes around her form by the tails of her hair that bear a comet's affinity. Green eyes bearing no pupils stare towards her and the rest.

"Target: Heat radiation/elimination. Leave none unlisted." Starfire states to her crew upon the HMSS as they scramble for stations, their assumptions warranted and proven as Kori speaks into the comm system that even causes the 'Systems" above the heavens to darken, eclipsing the sun, but only slightly as the ship rotates into a Station,
Battle or not…

Suddenly any sniper ((possibly detected?)) is under the weight of a large citadelean named Orn, something of the alien build of a Yeti as the bean looses the crew only awaiting word and traiterous movements!!!

'Metas! Contact, Meta!' the sniper sings out into his communicator as Starfire comes racing from her cover to catch the falling Barry Allen. The young woman that had set up the meeting drops the flash drive she was holding and backpedals. "I'm sorry!" she says quickly to Starfire, panic and fear in her eyes. "They told me I had to do this, that he was threatening Doctor Rao's research!" the young woman offers, but even as she seems to be feared and panicked, she's reaching for her own pistol that's tucked under her lab coat. Apparently she was the backup in case the sniper had no joy on the shot.

Not that the sniper will have long to react to the sudden arrival of the fire-headed beauty. Before he can reload and start to fire again, there's a giant citadelean falling towards him. 'Multiple metas!' he warns, bringing his rifle up to try to fire at the creature, but the shot goes wide as he jumps back just as his sniper's nest is smashed to pieces and the soldier draws a nasty looking combat knife to prepare to engage the Yeti like creature in hand to hand combat.

'Withdraw, mission complete.' comes the orders from an unknown source on the comm.

'Mission compromised.' the sniper reports.

'You have been terminated. Thank you for your service.' comes the cool response, before both the woman and sniper are grabbing at their ears as their communicators are fried out to prevent further contact.

Barry, in the meantime, remains limp in Starfire's arms. He has to act the part of a dead or at least badly wounded man. However, as he notices where he is, he draws in a quick breath to steady himself, speeding his own heartrate and breathing to the point that underneath Kori's hands, he'd feel rather flatlined. It's part of the ruse.

He'll totally apologize later.

Multiple Metas!

o lie there as not only Orn comes crashing down upon a sniper, picking it up and tossing it to the side off its perch.

'It' being the armor-adrogynous figure that had 'skimmed '/Barry/' and splattered the blood across Star's forearm as she swept in to catch her comrade of the JLA.

// "I've got no place to hide…
Your heart is like a drum,
the chase is like a drum.."//

Orn rears up like a Godzilla with the sniper in his grip as if to cast it stories below to its death, but then…
It spasms and grips its ears!…

Star lowers Barry slowly to the ground, her upper lips recoiling as she lunges for the lab tech, if successful as well the woman is held by throat in a tawny hand that is slowly heating higher and higher as she almost rattles the woman until she 'spasms' due to the radio-feedback!

Star lifts the woman's spasming body overhead like a rag-doll, head tilting…

"Heart is like a drum,
the chase has just begun…"

"I did not do that. Orn! Cease and decist! Hold it!" Star demands and mid-lift overhead Orn stops with the silhouette of soldier and lowers the body, waiting while Depalo is in the shadows…
"We'll take 'em, one for one…"

"K'tten, readout of radio systems and feedback!"

The sniper is decidedly male, but at the moment is totally getting ragdolled around by poor Orn. He struggles, trying to drive his blade into the creature's arm in order to try to escape as he fights back. His uniform contains no markings, nothing to show who he works for. It's as if they were just out here on freelance.

The woman is wearing a nametag on her coat as she is lifted off the ground and struggles. "Don't you see.. the Mists, they were bound to happen, it's just the next step!" she pants and wheezes as she's held up. That nametag? It was meant to be sent as a warning, becuase the name on it is:

'Melinda May'

K'tten's scan comes too late, alread the signal is scrambled and garbled. It wasn't localized, bounced off a half a dozen microwave towers in the general area alone.

It only took that look upon the badge from Starfire…
"The chase has just begun…"

"Let them go!" Her call echoes along the extra-terrestrial system with a flash of eyes and drop of the womans body bearing the tag.

No fool to the Earthen heriarchy, especially after Bridge's information fed through with 'alliance records' Starfire and her people know better.

But that does nothing for Barry as Orn is "disintegrated" by a blue trator beam of the HMSS.
Depalo… on th other hand still wants answers.

"I know full well what is meant to be….," Starfire murmurs. "But this Earth is not for taking!"

And with that Depaloseeks the womans body, grips it nd if she does nt fight it, is broght into the HMSS and a Dominators Lab…

Nothing to scoff at…

In the meantime Strfire returns to Barry and crouches over him, a wave of hand illuminating a perse glow that warms

The woman screams as she feels the pull. "I want my lawye—-" and she's gone just like that. The sniper is down and out. He got whipped around but good by Orn.

As for Barry? Opening one eye to peek around, the speedster moves, picking up the flash drive and rolling over to push himself to a sitting position. "Okay. Ow." he says, reaching up to touch the side of his head. "That stung." The bleeding has stopped, and he seems to be getting back to normal, though the side of his face is covered in tendrils of blood that moved down it while he was 'down'.

"What did you do to them?" he asks in a bit of concern as he pushes himself to his feet and glances at the flash drive in his hand. Not something for him to go sticking into things. But he knows someone that knows someone.

When Barry woke and asked her 'doing', Starfire blinks and lets him go, to back away. So used to the defensive but now, she stands tall, and considering the 'threat' has dissipated the white beneath teh strips of purple disintigrates digitally, leaving her exposed, or as exposed as a Tamaranean gets.

"We never shoot to stun.
We'll take 'em one by one."

When Barry woke and asked her 'doing', Starfire blinks and lets him go, to back away. So used to the defensive but now, she stands tall, and considering the 'threat' has dissipated the white beneath the strips of purple disintigrates digitally, leaving her exposed, or as exposed as a Tamaranean gets.

"We never shoot to stun.
We'll take 'em one by one."

"They're on my ship. No harm intended as long as… There is the same." Despite Kori's words it is actually more nice then 'typical' of "aliens".

"Your life is assurance of that." A smile, one as warming as that of the sun, afeeling of such while that hair decends and lashes like a flame around her statuesque silhouette.

"That and We have a pact with a Themysciran Princess."
*snortttt from the K'tten*

.. Nothing..

"// You better stay clever if you want to survive..//"

"They will come to harm. Care to see?" A tilt of head and her hand extends to him.

K'tten: "You have got to be kidding…"

Accepting the hand, Barry chuckles as he looks up at the stunning beauty, and then the ship beyond. "It seems that someone at least is against my being there. But it will give me a chance to clean up a little." he admits as he pushes his hair back over his ear with a little wince as he feels the graze just above his temple. "But yeah. Not sure they can give us much, but we can at least make sure that they get turned over to the authorities."

"You're heart is like a drum,
the chase has just begun…"

The hand accepted is taken and Starfire smiles, but then frowns as that graze is inspected with a low murmur, fingertips sweeping the free blood from the grazing wound and the skin below.

"You asked for help, you need that to be looked at. So close to vital of the human parietal…" A slow nod and Starfire looks up as the ship disappears as quickly as it had come, amidst a plume of clouds.

"It is not a matter of what they can give us, they also were harmed. What they give, is of choice." A pause and Starfire offers once more, hand extended, to bring Barry on the HMSS.

"Let us look at at that, and I will help you 'clean up a little' once we know everyone is okay?"

Accepted or not, the beam removes Starfire from view, and Barry with her if he took her hand.

"Yeah. Good thing I can duck quick." Barry says with a small chuff of laughter as he considers Kori's offer, and finally, he reaches to take the alien's hand to be pulled onto the ship with her, leaving behind the ruin and devastation of the former resort area.

Starfire pulls Barry onto the ship with the trac-beam that was meant for her….

Aboard the HMSS he sees a spaceship of metallic hue bordering on a pearlescent white, and a crew of "aliens" scattering" away save the ones he had 'seen'.

Orn stands there, laying the sniper on a med-bed meant for Depalo, who comes and goes in a fashion that almost seems illusory, an IV attached and care attended to…

But on the main floor…

K'tten, who is a mohawked version of Koriand'r stares deadpan at the arrival of their commander, hand in hand with newcomer.
"Stop bringing strays home, I know how you care for this Planet…"
"…And what more do you expect? It is time… K'tten."

Barry is released from hand-held compassion, and the solidity of his being in the ship is *there* with a gravitational difference giving knees a sensation of *jelly*.

K'tten: "Yes, Captain. Shall we /fully/ assess…?"
"Star waves her hands and shakes her head. "Not necessary!…" A glance to Barry.. "Right?"

Transporter? He barely sits on trains or cars, or anything like that. He runs because it's comfortable and really, much quicker than any other transportation. Except you know - can't go up. So as he's alien napped, the scarlet speedster ends up aboard Kori's ship, and the first thing he has to do is fight the pile of bile in his stomach that wants to come back up. Good thing he ate light this morning.

His knees feel as wobbily as they did the first time he took off at super speed as he finds himself at the control center and the commander is releasing his hand as he considers the heavy hint that Starfire is dropping on him.

"Right? It's all good.. uh, she knows me from work. No need for probes or anything like that." He's /heard/ stories.

When Barry was hit by the sniper's bullet and sped up his rate to an unreadable level, the Watchtower made an alarm notice to available backup to get to his location. Not that Barry knew that there was such a system in place, or he might have communicated to make sure people knew he was really okay - he was just acting on the moment.

Depalo is always ready to do the 'cliche' when "Outsidrs" arrive, so the clamps and the /very large/ probe is dropped while the insectile clicking seems like curses as he heads off….
But not to harm, to help the sniper per Starfire's orders, all the whie the lab tech woman stands there beside K'tten wide-eyed and confused…

Kor stands beside Barry and hands him a paper baggy with a neutral face, looking towards K'tten.

"You could have been nicer
"Ph-lease…"*typeytype* on her massive platform, but fake, and Kori knows it.

An exhasperated sigh and Kori is opening the port to the Lounge of her ship where suddenly a veritable buffet of delicacies across the galaxies rise up. Drinks as well. Water, coffee, tea, /mixed/… even with a worm in the vial…

"They are defensive, especially now on this Earth. Give -us- some lenience… I am sure you know…" Starfire states as she ushered Barry into the lounge, saying -us- for them all aboar the HMSS, but the welcome and flag based on what Wonder Woman had asked for…

Despite unsurety in Wat, they comply. Starfire the only one with past…

The following teleporting into the starship Starfire is not, for once, initiated from the Tamaranean vessel. Instead a gate opens in the air, jagged edges of silver light, and Starfire can see the Hall of Justice operations room behind Dr. Strange figure. "Permission to come on board, captain," greets Strange, deadpan in his attempts of humor. "I heard there was an incident and doctor could be needed," he steps through the gateway if Starfire allows. Today he has skipped the regular American attired for a blue tunic and his red cloak, looking very much like a wizard from a fantasy movie.

"I'm not bothered.." Barry says as he is lead into the lounge by the flame-haired beauty. But that's when he sees.. food. And drink. And that's when his phone goes off with a reminder that it's time for him to eat. "Need to keep my carbs up." he explains sheepishly as he closes his eyes. Okay, the bullet wound gave him more than a little bit of a headache. But food? Food makes it all better. And he starts to gather a plate and pile on items. Except you know - the worm.

In the meantime, the sniper stares up at Depalo. "I don't know what you're expecting, but you're not getting anything from me." No wallet, no information. Nothing that would say who he is or who he works for. Apparently that fact means it's probably something government level or worse.

The lab tech sits on the floor and curls up on herself. "I'm not supposed to be here. I was supposed to just deliver the message to him and then go back to work." Sure, she had a pistol. But she was more than reluctant to draw it as she stares up at K'tten. "I know my rights. You can't keep me here. I want to go back home. Or I'll .. I'll." And that's when she realizes how hollow her threat is and lowers her head against her knees, still wearing that Agent May SHIELD ID card on her lab coat. That she was supposed to leave on Barry's body. As a warning to SHIELD to stay out of the Mists business.

Doctor Strange's appearance into the lounge for Barry gets a momentary pause from Starfire, a step forward, instead of back, but his record disclosed for JLA'ers allows her enough to not bear defense of a 'warring level'.

A shift of those eyes as her release comes reluctantly from Barry as he goes to feast she meets the Doctor almost toe to toe and tilts her head to scan him from toe-to-head with a reflective gaze and a small smile.

"A wound to the parietal ridge, perhaps abrasion, but the blood of a wound to the scalp is always misleading." With those words Starfire steps aside, the door to the lounge left open to hear at least the "lab-womans" words to K'tten, though the sniper is within a Dominator's grasp…. and that is less forgiving.
"I do not expect anything from you… Verbally…" And with that the mandibles of Depalo flux and grind insecile while a hand holds up a syringe…
"You'll what?" K'tten's upper lips withdraws and suddenly she is no longer in her piloting seat, standing over the woman with back arched… A feline posture of dominance, one that casts shadows and sucks out light…
"Shoot. See how fast a vaccuum holds less mercy in space…" And with that K'tten hits a button and veils remove from the ships sides, showing the stars beyond and…..


"Who are they?" Lowly Star asks as she listens through her comm, and looks to Barry and Strange.

"Do they mean my people harm?" Not just her crew but the denizens of Queensland, even the evacuees of Hell's Gate they watch over…

Strange steps through the magical gate, which closes behind him with a crackle. "Allow me," he offers, walking close to the prisoner and meeting her eyes with his own. Then he pushes into her mind, silently imposing his will and forcing her into a trance. "Answer all the questions, please. No need to hide anything."

He leaves the woman in Depalo (hopefully) capable hands (claws?) and turns to Flash. "Since you have not lost your appetite I doubt it is serious, but let me take a look. There might be a concussion and you might be going in an adrenaline high."

The lab tech stares up at K'tten, realizing that they are in space, the girl frowns. It's not a sad one. It's an angry one. "Alien freak." she mutters, and then sticks the gun under her own chin and pulls the trigger, the shot ringing out through the spacecraft, and leaving a splatter on those nice clean windows.

Hearing the shot, the sniper snarls. However, as Strange meets his eyes, and the sniper laughs shortly. "I only get orders. I don't know anything." he says simply, honestly.

Barry pauses as Strange approaches. "Oh right. Uh. Grazed me. I guess I'm glad I ducked?" he says. He has a shallow wound on his temple, grazing across part of his forehead, the shot from the sniper's nest was messy, but Barry at least was able to move quick enough to make the wound only minor at most as he stops eating for a moment. "Am I alright?" he asks with a knitting of his brows.

"Looks clean, you heal fast," comments Strange, examining Barry's injury. The sound of the shot interrupts his analysis, though. The sorcerer hurries to the bridge to see the mess left by the suicidal woman, frowning in concern. A brief check up confirms there is little he can do. At least without relying to pretty creepy necromancy.

The shot causes Barry to react. Even before Strange finishes what he's saying, the speedster is on the bridge and kneels down. "…dammit." he hisses between his teeth, a slight headache from the wound before he draws in a breath. And Strange gives his analysis, and Barry nods his agreement, as he reaches to take the nametag from her that is a SHIELD ID badge for Melinda May. A forgery, but also a message. "I should get this to Agent May. If the DEO is targetting those working on the Mists.. we need to have them on alert."

"The DEO? Are you sure?" Because Dr. Strange is no fan of the DEO, but they have never relied to attempt murder a member of the Justice League or anyone. Trampling over their civil rights, yes, all the time. But never murder. "Not just Agent May. SHIELD needs to be notified officially."

"I'm not sure. DEO, Cadmus.. they're trying to block this investigation somehow." Barry says with a frown. "I'll see how May wants to play it, they hired me there, and now I have something I can talk to her about." he explains as he draws in a breath. "Maybe this was just to scare us off the course. I don't know."

Strange looks at the corpse and shakes his head. "I doubt this is a feint. This woman killed herself. And I don't know much about Cadmus. I will have to try some divinations when I return to the Sanctum. Dare I suggest bringing the corpse to the Watchtower for an autopsy? I'd say the Hall, but I don't want to be under American jurisdiction while we do it."

The woman's words make K'tten scowl, but it is only a fliscker of emotion before those opened windows become spattered in a painting of what she did -not- desire to meet…

"X'Hal!" A cry from both and Strafire is beside her comrade/friend/partner in a flash… No pun intended…((Maybe?? Considering company..))

Starfire seems more at-a-loss, standing over the body - K'tten seems more stunned. They have seen deaths, but none like this, and none here.

Hearing their words of affirmation of this not being on their hands, Starfire seems to relax, as the blood is not on their hands….and yet
"Restrain the sniper!" A flicker of light and the illusmory comm mic can be seen then, as what would be 'routine' turns to a more "high-profile" restraint in Depalo's lab.

Starfire turns, placing herself between then and K'tten, but more with a posture of askance. In other governments (even Earth's) she knows Guilt until Innocence, especially after her attempts at diplomacy.

But pause comes…

"Watchtower? But would that not make it your blame. The JLA?" A dip in brows, one almost of sorrow…

While in the lab the sniper is attempted to be restrained in metal cuffs to an alien gourney.

"She's right." Barry agrees as she looks from Strange to Starfire, and back to the body as he takes off her lab coat to cover her face. "It'd be better to take it to SHIELD and let them handle the investigation." he explains. "That way, it's all above board, and we don't have the DEO accusing us of kidnapping of two of their own.." a glance to Starfire and a wane smile. "Not that I don't appreciate you saving my life. I just don't want you in trouble. No telling how many cameras they had."

"I doubt they will admit the sniper was one of their own," considers Strange, thoughtful. "But SHIELD is a good option if you wish so. Very well. I confess I don't fully understand what has happened and look forward for the report."

Barry Allen heads out to Hell's Gate.

Starfire looks from Strange to Flash… Then with a dip of her chin…
To K'tten. The one who spoke so against them partaking, and this would be why? A glance from one to the next as Barry covers the lab-girl, the gun just centimeters from her limp hand now stared upon.

For once K'tten had no quirky words, no jabs, not quips. She just gripped her chair, spun it and went back to facing her monitors with eyes narrowed.

Starfire stepped towards the gun and then pauses, walking towards the lab in a trail of light comet-heat behind her, flicking like feline irritation. "K'tten…" A pause at the top of the trio of steps as she looks back…

"Find any relays. If they can be, scramble them, delete them…. Destroy them!" A curl of fingers on the frame of the entry.

"I have an assassin to question…" And send to SHIELD in a plummet from the disposal system…

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