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February 10, 2017:

The mysterious elves are spotted on a random New York street.


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Fade In…

Night time. Of course it's night time. Vanja, standing quietly in the huddle of her cloak is looking around like she's waiting for someone. There are enough people on the street that several pause to peer. None of it settles well with the elfess and so a mental summons is given. There can only be one response.

Darkedge appears.

As is his usual, it is from a shadow. Unlike his usual, it is from teh shadow directly in front of Vanja, which was being cast by the small group of young human men that were walking past her. Yes, tehre is some interest in their gaze. Of course, the one in the middle whose shadow Darkedge used slams into the elf a heartbeat later while the one furtherest from Vanja yelps and falls backward at het 'suddenly there' elf, and the one closest to Vanja 'huhs?' stupidly and turns to look at what happened.

For his part, Darkedge turns a rather calm seeming gaze at the humans. Calm, and then he grins toothlessly.

Nighttime. Flash needs to get used to running at night, because it is good to work on his night vision. Thus, there's a red blur with yellow lightning coming off of it as he streaks around the island, covering it quickly as he moves from lower to upper Manhattan, the speedster moving at just over 600 miles per hour as he streaks towards the elves location, but not quite there yet.

Lara Croft is seated in the driver's chair of a black jeap, looks brand new. the jeep is parked off to the side of a corner across from where Vanja and Darkedge are. Lara had parked the vehicle only moments ago upon seeing Vanja specificaly and sure enough… there was Darkedge. She lifted up a cup of coffee from the center console and sipped it once before setting it back into the holder.

"How on earth do I keep running into these two." She muttered quietly to herself inside the near-silent confines of her vehicle.

The prone human pushes himself up. Starting to glare at the elf, but… something about that grin. The three back away and walk off. Darkedge turns his gaze back to Vanja, still grinning.

You summoned me, sends the elf. It's open. It's a touch arrogant. It's silken and smooth and if it had been spoken aloud it would have been called honeyed and silver-tongued. As he speaks telepathically, the elf sketches a bow in front of Vanja, one hand over his heart.

The humans being so close and paying so much attention definitely has the elf's on edge. That sense of nervousness seems to skyrocket when the humans all run into the elf who made no attempt to hide his arrival. "Run along. All of you." Because Darkedge being that calm after a human touched him doesn't bode well.

When they walk away, her attention immediately turns back to Darkedge. Her brows knit, the agitation fading into a general sense of 'wtf?'. And then there comes that touch to her mind and a brow arches. I sent, yes… Are you well?

It's been a long time since he's pulled that move with her.

Streaking by the jeep, the red blur causes the vehicle to rock for a moment, jolting the SHIELD agent within as Flash continues to race along the ground as he moves towards the pair and then comes to a halt, vibrating in place as he peers at the two elves. "You two behaving tonight?" he asks as he looks from light to dark, the speedster's blur barely a human form at the moment.

Lara, for whatever reasons, could hear the mental communication between the elves and it made her lean her head back against the rest on her seat. "Perhaps that has something to do with why I keep finding you." Lara talked to herself, she was odd like that. One of her many quirks and something many kids in her chikdhood used to pick on her for.

Her head came back up then when her Jeep was gently nudged, and she gave a look around, but saw nothing…. Undoing her seatbelt then, the young archaeologist popped the jeep's door open and she stepped out. Her hands went to her black jacket and she zipped it up to mid-chest, then stuffed her hands into the pockets and started walking along the side-walk. She didn't want to 'spy' on the elves-in-question but she felt she needed to. Though if they saw her (which they easily could now) she'd be curious to their reaction to her YET AGAIN being near them.

That /was/ interesting indeed. With people going about their business, and the darkness giving 'birth' to the unnatural presence of another, the snake-eyed girl watches with rapt interest. The brush off of air causes her curls to sway and bounce every which way, and her petite form to brace against the after gust of chilly wind. Eyes forward on the pair, the voice of another catches her attention all the more. Shrugging, she crosses the street and starts heading for the duo (now trio).

"Dat's s'nice trick." The Creole comments at first. "Y'ain't hurtin' no body, m' 'ssumin'." She then questions lightly, looking from Elf, to elf, to something vibrating in the darkness. "Red?" She then blinks, "Dat you in dere?"

Darkedge straightens back up, smooth and slow. As if there was no reason to be tense, to fear any of the world around him. The grin grows into a toothless smile, eyes narrowing faintly. A slow blink and a nod.

I feel good, is all the elf says in reply to Vanja's question. And there's no lie. He's calm, almost clear headed in this odd not-clear sort of way. So calm that his turn toward the vibrating Flash is slow and almost seems calculated. To Vanja, it is calculated. As is the dark elf's assessment where the stupid fast human put himself.

Adorable. In darkness. You know I can still get to you, he comments. Thre's no threat. Not that Vanja can detect. Just as if Darkedge is stating a fact and not thinking quick enough to catch how it might sound to anyone else. And then the elf draws himself up and, still smiling, nods to Flash.

Oh, yes. Behaving, Darkedge assures the Flash, silver eyes leaving him in order to peer at the new arrival and oh look: A SHIELD maid. Darkedge seems to snicker lightly then he sighs and looks back at Vanja.

How are you? Because pleastries! They are sometimes important, and right now, mildly amusing.

"I… Believe so?" Vanya's answer to Flash seems uncertain. "I do not know what is…" Her eyes widen. "He's drunk!" A bright laugh comes from her, her head shaking. "By the gods… I didn't think he drank." She giggles. Yes, you do, don't you…. I am well, sweet fox, but clearly not as well as you are.

Her eyes spot Lara and, believe it or not, her amusement at Darkedge's current state overrides any trepidation she might otherwise feel at the woman's approach. Instead, she bows her head in greeting. And then looks back at Darkedge. What /have/ you been up to, sweet elf?

Lyn draws her attention next. "There is no intention to harm anyone, no. And even if he wanted to, he couldn't right now." For a moment, her empathy gets away from her and she bleeds her amusement at the situation.

"I'm sure you think you could." Flash responds simply. Sure, he can move through shadows, but can he catch a ten thousand mile per hour shadow? "You have not been cleared in the murder of the SHIELD agents yet. Either of you. While I believe the idea of self-defense.. there are still questions left to be answered." he points out. "This is not your land where you can mete out justice as you see fit." the speedster says when Lyn calls him Red.

"Who are you?" the speedster asks in some confusion. Apparently he hasn't merged with all of the world's Flash just yet.

Lara slowly approached the group, hands in her pockets, her brown eyes landed on Barry as well, seeing the scientist here was a mild surprise. She looked between them all, though not recognizing Lyn. She listened to Barry's words given to the elves and it made her quite curious as to their reply… "And here I thought this was going to be a casual meeting, and we'd all perhaps go to that Taco Restuarant over there for a bite." She joked, offering a light smile for all who cared to notice it.

Lyn parts her lips to speak, but the comment from Flash has her attentions more. Murder, you say? Without memory of her, the girl blinks and pouts half-heartedly. "Daw, now dat hurts, Red. S'mtimes when y' tossing angry spirits back int' a portal, y'bound t'member it." Shrugging, she lets the comment, and memory loss, slide. Then Lara joins them, and looking at the much larger collection of people who seem to know one another, at least a bit, she takes a step back and glances across the street.

I am not 'drunk', retorts the silver-haired elf, lips shifting from smile to near-pout. Yes. I drink. I like drinking. I got a drink, but I'm not drunk. Speaking of drink, I am thristy, Darkedge continues, licking his lips and loking back at Flash. A brow flicks upwards.

Are you STILL pining about that, human? Had we not answered your questions? Would you like the Truth? I can show you. All of it. Every heartbeat. Theirs. Mine. Every detail, every scent, every shadow. Would that appease your sensiblities? Darkedge it asking, turning from Vanja slowly to face the man in red. There's this odd almost serpentine motion to the elf, something dark and seductive to how he shifts his weight soundlessly from one foot to another, the way lips are licked.

After all, in Send there is Only Truth. I can not lie, the elf adds, full attention on Flash so that he seems not to notice Lara or Lyn.

Vanja's amusement dies immediately and her emotions go on shut down. Her eyes slip over to Flash and she sighs. "Thank you for the reminder. I had almost relaxed around humans again." Her voice is as emotionless as the elf's can make it.

Looking over at Lara, she actually smiles faintly in return though it doesn't reach her eyes and that nervousness is back. Darkedge… Her mind is locked to his, not allowing others to hear. *Do not… Please?**

She watches as Lyn steps away from them, assuming it's because of what was said. Her eyes drop and she pulls the cloak tighter around her. "Perhaps it is time we go," is said quietly.

Somewhere, Barry realizes he screwed up. "Perhaps I don't need the truth. But the families of those that loved the ones that you took. What justice are you allowing them? Perhaps someone else needs to hear your truth." There's a gesture towards Lara. "Over tacos, at that." He frowns, not that Lyn can see it. "I'm sorry that I do not know you.. I'm not from around here. Pardon me, I have patrol.." And with that, he's gone, a red and yellow blur.

Lara stepped back then when the Flash vanished so abrupty. She sighed and glanced back to the elves. "Things just work differently here, from what the two of you are used to. Its why SHIELD has tried to encourage you to work with us." She glanced to Lyn again, wondering if this woman worked with the elves or some such.

"Either way." She continued. "I was just checking in on you both. Don't let me interrupt your evening any further." Lara would offer a faint smile before she'd turn as well. She wasn't friends with either Vanja or Darkedge, so why should she push her interaction any further with them when they were not on great terms as-is.

"Don' worry 'bout it, Red. S'weird world we livin' in." She explains, falling silent all the more once the conversation continues toward justice, lives, and words unspoken aloud. Glancing toward the duo, and at least offering Lara a nod in greeting, the floofy haired girl turns and heads down the sidewalk. She pauses after that slap of wind shifts with Flash's departure, and after a settling shudder, moves to cross the street.

Cowards, Darkedge quips as everyone runs or walks away. He turns to Vanja, smiling again. A step and he's up near her, an arm moving around her waist.

Do not, what, beloved? Do you want to go? Say where. I'll take you anywhere. As long as there's drink. I'm thirsty, replies the elf, back to the others, unconcerned.


Vanja lifts her head and arches a brow at the elf who has wrapped his arm around her. The sweet offer and open display of affection has the Princess sighing softly. I think home might be best. We'll get you a drink when we get back. I'll make some tea.

She pulls the cloak tighter and twists into him. He needs to sober up. She needs to bake.


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