Danger Room XB-031: Survive

February 09, 2017:

Rogue, Storm, Gambit and Deadzone begin an exercise of a worst case scenario in the Danger Room.


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Fade In…

A feminine voice is audible over the rooms intercom systems.
"Greetings, Remy LeBeau… initiating Danger Room Session XB-031."
"Subjects Identified: Deadzome, Gambit, Rogue and Storm."

Those gathered witness a mirage like waver in the air before extraterrestrial very advanced tech manipulates the landscape of what was once a rather simple box of a large room. The terrain transforms it looks New York and then it graphs over once, New York turns in to a Post-Apocalyptic version of itself, ruined cars, burning barrels surrounded by faceless nameless denizens trying to remain warm in the cold weather. Yes, a temperate room just turned to a brisk chill, too cold to be enjoyable. An alarm is heard off in the distance, perhaps several city blocks away, gunshots add to the terrible sounds making for a horrible warzone backdrop.
"Mission Objective… Survive."

Rogue is dressed in a blue/gold X-Men bodysuit, but she has her brown leather trenchcoat on over that and a dark green canvas hood that is sewn-in to the jacket is up over her head. Her green eyes peer out of the light shadow cast over her head by said hood and she eyes her surroundings in the new apocalyptic environment.

"Lovely." The southern belle muttered quietly, hands inside the pockets of her brown leather trenchcoat… she starts to turn around, looking in a full 360-turn at everything around them. She hears the alarm, but it does not yet register as anything more than simple background noise.

Nancy has repurposed her space suit for working with the X-men. After all, it's suitable for all environments, armored, can be made airtight if she needs it to be and besides it's sexy as hell on her! She smiles as the terrain comes into view. "What? Looks pretty cool to me. Been on more then one planet that looked similar to this. Course, I had my pistols then." The goth rolls her eyes, still upset that she's not allowed to use them.

"Je me demande… " Remy says quietly to no one in particular. "Air breathable? They never check dat on TV. Just assume we all just breath same air or drink same water." They? The Cajun must have watched something new recently, hes a binger at times and when nothing is happening he binges on things or causes mischief for the Institute's staff. Who knows what the latest poison is.

"Cold, maybe, cool, yet to be seen." The people around the barrels huddled together pay very little attention to the X-Men, they are all rather focused on getting warm and surviving. These things just take priority. One would almost they they were lifeless computer simulations with no programming until whirring is heard, it grows louder and several beams of light skip forth and a scan projects up and down those at the barrels, cries and a chorus of noise comes from them as they try to relax under a floating drone's attentions. A chirp noise escapes the flying robot and then it rotates, beginning to aim itself towards Rogue, Gambit and Deadzone.

Rogue glanced over at Nancy and she grinned from under her hood. "Yeah, well… let me know when you're goin' to Hawaii Planet… I'll tag along then, okay?" She grinned at her friend and then looked toward the Cajun. "Ya watch too much television, Remy LeBeau." She teased him with a small smile before going to walk toward the people who're huddled around the barrels. "Hey!" Rogue called out to them. "Ya'll seen any dange'ah around here? My friends and I are lookin' t'smash it in it teeth…" She let her words trail off when the scanning thing started…

Rogue would look up then to see the drone. "Robots. Robots are almost always bad, right?" Admittedly, she wanted to immediately leap up into flight and go smash the darn thing, but she figured she better wait for an order or a clearer source of threat.

Nancy's hands flex and fist, cracking the knuckles in preparation as she looks around the area. "S'good thing my suit can double for that sort of thing," she tells Remy. When Rogue mentions the Hawaii planet, Nancy gives her friend a sheepish look. "Yeah, I'm not allowed back there. Partied a little *too* hard," she tells her, holding up her fingers to indicate it was just a teeny tiny bit too much partying.

The droid turns to scan the trio and Nancy resists the urge to flip it the bird. Who knows? Maybe they are supposed to diplomatic their way out of this mess. But then this room wouldn't be called the Danger Room, now would it?

I can hear the lost crying.
I can hear the truth hiding… Hiding..

It did not matter to Storm, the scenario was enough to draw features tight, as she can see this happening here and now and outside of this sub-room within Xavier's, especially after the visit and talk with Flash.

Once the scan begins over one of her team-mates a sudden rising comes from the surroundings and hairs rise along skin, electrically, but enough so to suddenly build and then all at once it is gone as the droid is met with a strike from the smog-laden clouds above. A strike of lightning that rolls after not before.

The alley behind the 'bums' shifts and Storm steps forth, stroking fingers through the Mohawk mane of white. No uniform, at least not in appearance of the corseted bodice of black leather that matches the low-rise leather pants held aloft by a belt of loops and studs.

"I didn't like how it looked at you."

"Well if folks give me something better to look at then snow or TV." Remy winks; his attire being the sleak underbody suit and his trenchcoat. A scarf as well. It is cold even outside the Danger Room this time of year. "Hawaii Planet? Gonna make things up at least make it believable, cher."
"Like Amazonia ruled by it's fem-puter. Not that I'm dressed for snu-snu tonight." Anything further Remy is about to mumble on about is cut off when the drone *pop-kraks* and hits the ground in a loud crunch of metal and plastic composites landing in a fried heap.
"Way to go, Storm. Maybe it came in peace?" Teasing as ever, the grinning thief is right alongside everyone else in thinking robots are usually bad news.

"You hear dat? Boots, lotsa them incoming." Gambit is correct if anyone bothers to listen, a stampede of feet are headed down the street around the corner, no visual on them yet but there sounds to be at least a dozen.

Nancy is just sliding her hand behind her back, under the leather jacket over her skintight futuristic space suit, staring down the droid when it explodes into small bits with a fizzle and crack. Her grey eyes become even more alert until they crinkle with her smile upon seeing the weather witch. Her hand comes back down. She wasn't reaching for the blaster that she brought with her anyway. Nope! "Awww, now how's a girl supposed to get a date if you zap everything that starts looking at me funny?"

At the mention of boots approaching, Nancy takes a deep breath, getting her mind focused to use the more fine-tuned efforts of her nullification field.

Rogue watched the robot/drone go down hard and she winced at the sight of the thing all broken and smashed up on the ground. "I sure hope it wasn't the Lottery Robot… come t'give me my winnins." She quipped in a quiet tone. She looked up and over to the mohawked one in the fine black leathers. "Well heya there, Stormy. Glad I'm not on your bad side!"

Her green eyes shifted over to look at Nancy then and she grinned at her. "Too much partyin?" She asked her. "How come ya ain't neve'ah taken me out t'go partyin'? I'm left in this school t'grade homework an' clean-up dining rooms filled with dirty dishes?"

But, good ole Gambit pointed out the footfalls and they sounded a bit ominous for the southern gal. Rogue lifted up off of the hard-deck and flew up into the air. She silently glided toward a broken-down building and landed on an a ledge, to try to get a birds-eye-view of whomever was coming.

"Fans'a yours, Remy?" She called down at the Cajun. "Come t'get money you owe'em?" She grinned.

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