Mission Planning: Mists Recovery

February 09, 2017:

Flash starts to assemble the team to go explore Apocalypse's sunken lab. First up, letting an old friend of a different Flash know that the more things change, the more they stay the same. Mission and social plans are made.

Hall of Justice

Built in the same architectural Art Deco style of buildings such as the
Empire State Building and Union Terminal in Cincinnati, it harkens back to a
simpler time. With its wide open rotunda as the lobby and carpeting gracing
the marble and granite floors, the Hall of Justice seems to embrace the
concepts of Liberty, Freedom and the Rights of all Humanity.

It is a practical building; a front desk is manned 24/7 with a
less-than-obvious security force, ready and able to help any who may seek
aid from those within. Beyond, down massive lines of corridors, lies the
inner workings of the JL. High tech labs that mix both alien and earth
technologies can be found there, conference rooms, and even some living


NPCs: None.

Mentions: Wonder Woman, Queen Mera, Melinda May, Storm

Mood Music: None.

Fade In…

A few nights ago, Flash and Wonder Woman arrived with some nuhumans that Flash and Witchdoctor had rescued with a stranger's help several days before. The Nuhumans were sent towards different locations, including the Thymescarian embassy. But that's not all that's happened. Walking with Spoiler, she and Flash are talking. "So I went through the files, and I have the approximate location of where Apocalypse's lab ship went down." he explains. "I'm going to approach Acting Director May about a salvage operation to see if there are any tubes of unreleased Mist left.. but seeing as it's nearly three miles down in the ocean.. I need to ask someone in particular for permission. You ever meet Aquaman or Queen Mera? We're meeting one of them tonight." he teases. "So no mentioning going out for a seafood dinner after.. I mean, if you're interested." He just totally snuck in asking her out.

Caitlin Fairchild is useful for more than lifting things! She can do research, too!

The big ginger is perched on a chair that's almost too small, one knee angled up and elbow and palm propping her chin. Wide glasses hang low on her nose, a faint yellow tint to them as she rolls a scroll wheel through document after document.

Sitting in the League's research room, her hair's back in a loose, messy bun, held in place by a scunchie and a pencil, which she seems to forget she has as she periodically goes looking for one and has to find another from the pencil container nearby.

That one joins the other two in her bun and she goes back to distractedly reading league reports. At the sound of voices, she stirs just a little, but can't quite rip her eyes away from the reports.

From above Caitlin - near the ceiling, in fact - comes a sardonic comment. "And the reason you're using paper, instead of one of your tablets would be … what?" Because, see, Carol Danvers is just the queen of snark where Caitlin is concerned.

"Don't get me wrong, you're adorable with half the pencil pack sticking out of your hair. But I'm pretty sure it's all unintentional." Which makes it cuter, but still. The costumed blonde floats down from the second floor ceiling with a scroll in hand. Yes. A scroll. YOU GONNA MAKE SOMETHING OF IT?!

Walking at Flash's side, Spoiler listens to his words, nodding faintly now and again. Hair loose tonight, the blonde walks with her hood down and domino mask over her eyes. The full face mask doesn't fit under a motorcycle helmet and… this way she can eat and drink.

"Asking Agent May means you'll likely have a SHIELD contigent with you. I won't be able to go, but no. I've never met either of them…" Spoiler replies, not answering the question about dinner. Any answer might be a give away. Just… pretend you don't know him quite as well as you do, Stephie B. Just play it cool. #FreakingOutOnTheInside

She'd gotten this 'text message'. Human can be so literal. Weird. Of course it's a text message. It's not as if they can send telepathic messages. It was brief too, without much detail, but asking for help and an 'outsider perspectice'.

Well, it was nice to be thought of, at least. A quick swoope and a fly and then she phased right through the wall, because she *had* been invited, after all. Thus does a green-skinned, redheaded young woman in a costume appear. "Hello!" she declares brightly. A couple glances, and then she waves at Caitlin. "You said I should come?" she asks, as she lands.

Despite the fact that old age will effect him far less radically then it will most of more human friends, time has not been entirely kind to Arthur. Heavy is the head, and it's starting to show. He enters the Hall accompanied by the sounds of dripping water and wet bare feet slapping against stone. He's never worn a mask, never hidden his identity, but the sudden wearing of the crown is new, at least to those that know him well, as are the faint lines starting to etch their way into his features.

That said, he's smiling at the moment, and a hand reaches up to run through his hair, slicking it out of his face, "Seriously, man?" he asks as he walks towards Barry, "My brother invades Metropolis with a regiment, we fight a war against an Elder God for eight months, I was frikkin' assasinated and not so much as a phone call, but you lose a despot's pantry and suddenly it's 'Hey, we should call Arthur!'?" he asks jovially as he swats Barry on the shoulder fondly. Then stops. "Did you time travel and…" his eyes narrow for a second, "Wait. Are you /younger/!?" He hasn't yet greeted the newbies, expecting Barry to hand out introductions when the time comes.

Nodding his head as Spoiler lays down her reasons for not going, Flash seems to accept it. "That's fine.. there's plenty of other things that need to be done on this. Don't worry, you'll find a place." he winks at her, before he notices the others. Gesturing first to Caitlin, he offers to Spoiler. "The tall redhead is Caitlin Fairchild. Superstrong, supersmart, super everything. She breaks walls on occassion. The blonde bombshell is Captain Marvel. Public face of the Justice League, mentor, all of that grown up adult stuff that I don't do well." Reaching into a pocket, he takes out an energy bar to snack on, munching on it after he gets it unwrapped.

And then Arthur's approaching. And Barry's left a little confused. Okay, a lot of confused. The most confusing part of it all? He knows some of those very memories that Aquaman is speaking of, even as he blushes a little. "Sorry, uh, it's confusing, involves the speed force and multiple.. things." he says, waving his hands in a little bit of frustration and confusion. "So.. yeah.. uh. Younger." he admits with a little nervous laugh. "Still uhm.. figuring it out. Anyway. Everyone, this is Spoiler. She's one of Batman's associates, and she's been helping me with the Mists issue."

Barry quickly adds, "Spoiler. Aquaman. King of the Sea, ass kicker of evil brothers, and fish talker extraordinaire."

"My tablet's not working, and I can't find the stylus," Caitlin rebuts to Carol, affecting a scowl that's ruined by a pleased smile at the blonde's arrival. The stylus is, also, in her bun.

"Why— you don't get to criticize -me- if you're holding one of the Dead Sea Scrolls," she adds, jabbing a finger in the direction of Carol's hand.

She turns and waves Barry off. "I've met Aquaman before. Hi, Your Majesty," she says, smiling as best and politely as she's able. She moves up to Aquaman and offers him a polite if slightly awkward curtsey— it's not as if he's been around enough for her to feel entirely comfortable with casual informality, it seems.

"Hi, Spoiler," she tells Stephanie, darting aside to give the cowled girl a quick hug. "How're you?"

Carol Danvers salutes the King of the Seas with a nod. "Arthur. Good of you to come." The appearance of Spoiler only manages not to shock Carol because she read the report on what Barry has been working on and noticed he was working with her. But the teen Martian's sudden appearance catches her off-guard, and she tilts her head, trying to resist the instinctive urge to start her fists sparkling. "Uhm. Hello?"

To Caitlin, Carol just shrugs. "Hey. Not my fault the only place that the treaty for representation of Themyscira at the UN is fully proscribed is in a scroll. We're hip deep in all of this, and I don't want it biting Diana and her mother in the rumpus if it can be avoided with a little dusty reading." And then Carol reaches out and plucks the tablet stylus out of Caitlin's bun and presents it to her with a flourish.

This is quite the star studded event. It's hard not to be overwhelmed. "HEllo!" she says back to Carol, smiling perhaps too widely, raising her arm vertically and doing a quick left and righ twave. "Is…somebody in trouble?" she asks, unclear, crinkling her brow and shrinking back just a touch.

Spoiler inclines her chin to Barry's accpetance and assurance she'll find a place. Because that's not slightly patronizing. It might have been, if this were anyone but Barry Allen. Instead, the blonde grins on a soft giggle. Turnign her attention to those she's being introduced to, Spoiler nods to each, eyes locking onto them to memorize names and faces as she was taught. Barry quips about the Captain have her nearly chuckling. Instead, blue-green eyes behind a black mask slide to as Flash pulls out an energy bar. A tiny grin tugs at one corner of her lips at the sight, as if pleased the speedster's eating something.

"A pleasuer to meet all of you," she says in a distinctively NOT growlly voice. Stephanie hasn't found her growl yet. She's a young baby batling! There's a hint of surprise at Caitlin's hug, but the blonder smiles more fully at it, and hugs back. Her eyes flit then to M'gan, then to Arthur, to whom she gives a more formal sort of nod.

"Your Majesty." Must not comment on him knowing an OLDER Barry.

Caitlin also totally waves enthusiastically at M'gann when the Martian arrives. "M'gann! Thanks for getting here so fast. M'gann, this is Aquaman, Captain Marvel, Flash, Spoiler. Everyone, this is M'gann. She might have some insights into the Terrigen Mist thing," she explains.

Aquaman shakes his head, "I'm going gray." he says to no one reaching up to push a few locks of damp hair from his eyes agian, "And he gets younger. Honestly, where's the justice?" And then someone's Majestying him and he frowns, "Arthur is fine, Caitlin." he remembers her just fine it would seem, prolly a prerequisite for state dinners, "Unless we're doing something offcial, then…" he shrugs. He's got a job to do after all. He then offers Spoiler a hand, "Arthur Curry, called Aquaman by the internet against my greatest wishes and King of Atlantis by what I can only imagine is an overwhelmingly unlucky case of mistaken identity. Pleasure."

He offers a warm but heavy smile to Carol, "Captain." he greets almost carefully. Long friendships are rarely problem free and he's butted heads with Carol often enough to be cordial if not huggy-huggy. He then shoots M'gann a grin as well by way of greeting, "Arthur." he offers as he extends his hand her way too.

"She is? Great. We can use all the help we can get." Flash offers as he zips about for a moment to type in some information, his fingers dancing over the keyboard. "I met with Headmistress Storm over at Xavier's the other day. They believe the Mists and Inhumans and Nuhumans are genetic design, and while they're willing to help us find a way to prevent the Mists from spreading and affecting others, they are not going to be forthcoming with the idea of a cure - as it comes too close to trying to cure the X gene." at least that's how he understood it.

"The problem with using the current mists or a chrysallis to test off of is simple. The Mists have had time to blend and be affected by the pollutants and other chemicals in Earth's atmosphere. There is no telling how those imperfections may have affected the Mists formula's original properties. Which is why I wanted to ask you, Arthur.." Apparently Barry knows well enough to be on a first name basis with the King, "…if you would champion our cause to Queen Mera to take a dive mission with SHIELD's assistance to the wreck site of Apocalypse's Lab in an attempt to find the original, undistributed Mists. You may be able to advise us on what could exist down there, and what troubles we could run into, as well as leading the mission in a fashion of knowing the best way to approach this without reproaching your environs - I don't want to break one of these on accident down there and unleash the Mists into water - I don't know how it would react with the currents or gulfstream."

"Well— that's why I asked M'gann here," Caitlin says, waving generally at the Martian girl. "Martians know more about morphological DNA than… well, anyone. I figured she might have some insights into it. Maybe some ideas on how we could survive that depth. I can handle it with oxygen, but I'm not sure there are a lot of Leaguer's who can handle that kind of crush weight. At five thousand meters, that's like 500 atmospheres of pressure."

Miss Martian swallows hard and nods a few times. "Yes they are," she says to Caitlin. Actual big name superheroes! Flash! Aquaman! Ms. Marvel! But then again, there's also Caitlin, and that blonde girl, and…maybe it's not so bad? Maybe she's here for a real reason? With Caitlin's introduction, the green woman draws herself up a bit taller…"Yes!" she declares, clapping her hands together. "We know a great great deal about it! We're aware of the mists, of course, but they were never studied extensively, since our biology makes us immune to them," she says. How could you morph a race of shapeshifters? "There may be academic papers in the databanks. I could look."

Carol Danvers offers a nod of respect in return to Arthur. "I think you look pretty good with the grey." she opines. Honestly, she probably ought to have some of her own, but no crown for Carol, and no grey. It's the wonders of Kree physiology. "I can survive the depth, and maneuver without oxygen. But I will say that I'll find steering hard down there; my senses aren't likely to be much use beyond several meters. I can glow, so I won't be blind. But I won't be much better." She gets the need for the mission. But she doesn't like it. "Spoiler. Good to see you. Thanks for helping Flash."

Aquaman tilts his head to the side, "I have no issue with helping, the problem is in getting there." he offers Barry a small knowing smile, "Which you well know. American military subs have a maximum crush diving depth of around a half a mile. Their classified tech they don't talk about can almost reach three quarters of a mile. SHEILD, Luthor, Stark, the rest of the usual suspects can manage a mile, maybe a hundred meters plus or minus. Wakanda can do better. Manta does the best." his tone darkens a bit there at the end, but he doesn't get to far into it, moving on quickly, "I have cloaked Atlantean navy ships watching the downed craft from a half mile out, have since it fell and to my knowledge it's not yet been tampered with." he's been at this for a minute after all, if a giant threat drops into his domain he's going to keep an eye on it.

He nods at Carol, "Some of the League's members might be able to survive the preasures, but they'd be handicapped in a fight if it came to one. Laws of physics down there aren't kind to surfacers, even those with power. You remember when Superman tried to heat vision that Godzilla thing we were fighting? It fizzled out in the water, the coheasion of the beam falling apart but not before it created a massive steam surge air pocket which then collapsed on itself and created a massive depth charge shock wave that nearly blew up Batman's fancy boat and blew out all our ear drums." He reaches up to rub at his beard as he thinks.

"I can offer you my help, that of my Queen, The Drift, and transport." he says after a pause, "But only because the threat to Atlantis is should this be released into the water." not to mention how his people would react to a preceived 'attack' from the surface world. "It'll give me the political cover required. But if I were you Flash, I'd pick your team very carefully. Caitlin might be able to survive the trip, but she couldn't see anything down there, and Captain," he grins at Carol, "probably remembers well what happens when you take a light with you down there. There are things that like to see what lights taste like." then he sobers up a bit, "But you know all you had to do was ask, man." he grins, "At least to get me or Mera at the very least."

"Well, that's a shiny bit of good news. I don't think we can all grow fins and get flounder singing companions.." Flash says, frowning thoughtfully as he continues to type and frowns a little. "Being that far down at least means noone else is trying to salvage it." he at least allows. "I don't want to put undue burden on you, my friend, but if you can get a few to help you.." he says, and looks towards Miss Martian, curious. "Martian gravity of course is not as heavy as Earth's.. .but does your physiology allow for a deeper dive?" he asks curiously. It seems that the speedster is coming up with an idea. "And Arthur, would you mind a SHIELD advisor on one of your ships? If I can find one that promises to behave and not try to steal your tech?" he asks with a wink. "I have one in mind, however. Agent Carter. Apparently the Barry you know and she.. dated?"

With Arthur's hand offered, Spoiler reaches to take it.

"Arthur, then. Thank you," she says politely to the still wet man. She listens in, noting M'gan's warm excitement about being here. She smiles lightly, then glances at Marvel. The smile fades into something more serious, and the batling nods once. No need to say more. So, she steps toward Flash's side, eyes reading over the screens of information he is pulling up. As Arthur speaks, the blonde batling looks over her shoulder at him. Of course her mentor would have a sub capable of things like this. Her eyes turn back to Flash.

"We'll need dossiers. Full list of any party you're thinking of takign down there, any one you're remotely intersted in. As much info on them as can be managed," Spoiler says, turning back to Arthur. "If you've worked with Him before, then He'll have a way for me to run through some computerized scenarios. Maybe we can find an optimal team composition."

Tank, DPS, Main Heal. you know, usual raid. Oh, god. The nerds in her life have infected her thinking. She might have said more when Barry mentioned that the other Barry dated …Stephanie glances at Flash, then turns back to the screens of information. Will not comment. Different Barry. No need to be unreasonable. Spoiler takes a breath and exhales as she focuses on the task at hand again.

"You can borrow my terminal login," Caitlin suggests to M'gann. "We'll go over some of the research— I'm pretty good at doing that kinda thing," she says, adjusting the yellow-tinted glasses that are still on her nose. They slide up, then immediately slide down again.

"I think you'll want me along— I'm a safe bet for the environment," she tells the others. "I'll need some pressurized oxygen equipment, but… I mean, realistically speaking, we don't really need diving suits," she remarks. "If there's an accident, that's a lot of swimming to the surface."

"Pressure, Your Majesty?" the Martian asks of the Atlantean. "I…am unsure. Your Earth units don't quite convert. If I can't travel, my ship should. Martian bioships are designed for a range of environments, including gas giants, which…are kind of the same." That she'll have to check up on, and by the end she's wringing her hands. Megan smiles wider at Spoiler and then turns her attention to Caitlin. "I meant on my ship," she says. "It has an archive of Martian knowledge…but I don't know if it covers esoteric subjects like xenobiology."

Captain Marvel totally got herself gobble dup by some giant fishie down there, and she did not enjoy it. Then again, neither did the fishie; she punched her way out of his guts messily. "I agree. The threat to Atlantis is a biggie. So maybe helping out will earn us a little more goodwill with Arthur's people. Sadly lacking most of the time, I'm afraid."

Aquaman shrugs at Barry, "J'onn has always felt at home in Atlantis, perhaps with work M'gann could as well." he offers her a grin, "And be every bit as welcome should she desire to visit sometime." Arthur trusts his friends and by extention their people, not to endanger his people. He also files away this 'bioship' as a thing he needs to look into. "As for SHIELD… yes. But they'll be searched entering and exiting the craft. By The Drift." he shrugs, "I would let it go, but I can't be seen letting SHIELD mettel." his rule isn't iron clad and he has a fine line to walk. "Help, perhaps. Mettle, not a chance."

He grins wide at Spoiler, "Yes. We've… met." which is a really light way of saying he's fought with Batman for well over a decade. "I know for a fact that the interior of the-"

Aquaman shrugs at Barry, "J'onn has always felt at home in Atlantis, perhaps with work M'gann could as well." he offers her a grin, "And be every bit as welcome should she desire to visit sometime." Arthur trusts his friends and by extention their people, not to endanger his people. He also files away this 'bioship' as a thing he needs to look into. "As for SHIELD… yes. But they'll be searched entering and exiting the craft. By The Drift." he shrugs, "I would let it go, but I can't be seen letting SHIELD mettel." his rule isn't iron clad and he has a fine line to walk. "Help, perhaps. Mettle, not a chance."

He grins wide at Spoiler, "Yes. We've… met." which is a really light way of saying he's fought with Batman for well over a decade. "I know for a fact that the interior of the-" he looks at Barry for confirmation, "lab?" then continues, "isn't entirely flooded. Sonar sets a good third of it is still air tight. My people can dock wherever you like and cut you a breach without compromising that. So long as nothing floods, any member of the League could be part of the boarding party. I will have emergency containment available should it be necessary." he offers as an aside.

Barry nods his head in agreement with Aquaman's assesment. "Present the idea to Mera, make sure she knows what's going on.. and I'll have to make sure to have dinner with the two of you sometime - we have much to catch up on." he promises. "I'll even bring company." he grins a little, a hint of pink touching his cheeks. "M'gann, any assistance you can bring to this mission is great and eagerly accepted. I will speak with SHIELD on their part in this.. and I will be in touch with you as soon as possible." he promises, as he looks to Spoiler. "I can drop you off in Gotham if you need a lift?" It's on his way back to New York, after all.

Knowing that Arthur knows Batman has Spoiler nodding once.

"That opens the raid open to a lot more potential skill sets," she muses lightly, glancing at Barry.

"We'll have to keep that in mind," Spoiler tells him, pushing away from the computer console to pull her black phone out and scrolling through some scenes for a moment then she looks at Arthur.

"I'll ask Him about com setup for this. I'll stay back, and help Oracle with communication," Spoiler adds on a sof tsmile, trying ti ignore the faint pink to her own cheeks as Barry mentions having company. She turns her gaze to the Speedster and quirks a brow. The pink fades.

"My bike will be just fine, thank you," she says, tone a bit clipped like she's hoping the refusal reminds him of something important about.. you know.. NOT being in Gotham. TOne might be clipped, but there's no mask to hide the little grin that accompanies the words.

"Oh. Duh," Caitlin says, smacking her brow softly with a thick palm. She grins at M'gann. "Okay. Well, I can try to help anyway, as long as you can translate it to English. We probably don't have time for me to learn to read Martian this trip," she says.

She looks at Carol and nods. "I agree. Plus, anything that threatens the oceans— that threatens the world, right? And I've never been to Atlantis."

"What's the snack situation down there, anyway?" she asks Aquaman— very seriously.

"Take a protein shake canister connected to your rebreather system. You won't be chomping down while down there." Carol advises Caitlin. She listens to the rest, but she's not really thrilled with involving SHIELD. But it's far better than the DEO. Those jerks still want to put her in a damned test tube. Always have.

"Fishstick!" Megan declares excitedly, perhaps entirely not reading the room. "I….yes, well, if J'onn can do it, I likely can as well. I haven't tired, though," she admits to Arthur. "I'm just glad to be of any help at all."

It's not like Flash is going to invite all of SHIELD down. Just an advisor or two. Giving a nod as he's chided by Spoiler, he rubs the back of his head. "Maybe I should get a collar that beeps when I get too close to the city limi; nevermind, I don't want to give any of you ideas." he says as he grins at Caitlin. "…well, if this succeeds, the Atleatan feast is pretty darn awesome.. if I'm still allowed?" After all, Barry's appetite.. tends to get him in trouble.

Aquaman nods at Barry, "Mera would like that. She says we don't do enough 'couples things', whatever that means. I think someone showed her a movie and now I'm in trouble." he shrugs, "Surface women are hard enough to understand, meet one from a pocket dimension four miles under water sometime. Gives you perspective." he politely doesn't comment on cheek pinking on anyone present. "We can use Atlantean coms for the mission if you like, simplify everything. He'll want you to record the entirety of the thing, of course." he grins at Spoiler knowingly.

"Snacks?" he asks, eyeing Cait curiously, "Seafood." he says as if that should have been obvious, "Though we just call it food. You can eat on the ship if you like," M'gann's outburst has him barking a short laugh, "Um. Yes. Fishsticks… though if you're a sushi fan I know the chef for you." Even though this is a serious mission, this is the stuff he actually likes about comeing top side. Talking about his culture, his people, spreading knowledge to replace ignorance. Batman has his mission, GL has his sector, Aquaman's life revolves around bridging the gap and he's always believed that education was the key to everything. He /loves/ this stuff.

Arthur grins at Barry, "You havn't been down in awhile, the farms have all recovered enough we can sustain another visit. When this mission is a success I will see about setting a celebration dinner for all involved. Food I find is the great leveler." he looks around the room, "Of course, that means one of you will have to grill burgers for The Drift. I'd offer but I'm from Maine, we're more a chowder people."

To Flash's suggestion about a collar to alert the Bats to proximity, Spoiler smiles in that way women smile that make the little hairs on the backs of the necks of men the world over stand on end.

"Of course, Arthur. I'll pull the comspecs from our system. Good to meet you all," she says politely. Still smiling, Spoiler turns to show hereself out. Barry'll catch up long before she gets to her bike. Heck, he could catch up with her on her bike. She's not going to stop to comment that Batman grills the BEST burgers. Which reminds, she should get him an apron for Christmas next year. never too early to shop for Perfect Gifts. As she walks, she taps a text at Flash's phone: >Bridge ain't Gotham.

And then she's stepping out of the Hall and headed for her bike. The purple and black one.

"All right. I'll work with M'gann and we'll figure out some research," Caitlin tells the group, with a bit of uncharacteristic authority. "Captain Marvel, maybe you can recommend some folks from SHIELD who would be appropriate for this operation— someone you can refer to Barry?" she inquires of Princess Sparklefists.

She waves farewell at Spoiler when the black and purple clad heroine departs.

"That said… I'ma get some lunch," Caitlin says. With a smile she waves and after everyone's said farewells, takes her own leave.

As soon as his phone goes off, Flash glances at it and ahems softly with a little faint flush. "Don't let him lie to you, M'Ghan. He makes a great seafood chowder." he says, before he's off, lightning and red as he takes off for the neutral bridge that Spoiler mentioned.

Oh! Perhaps she was running late even when she arrived. Miss Martian watches Spoiler stalk out and then Caitlin seems to wrap things up. And Flash just said her name. Wrong. Is that a blush throwing through her green complexion. "It was a pleasure to meet you all!" she declares with her over-perkiness again, and then she says to the departing Caitlin. "I will..'text' you soon?"

Caitlin nods at M'gann, but before the alien girl can leave, she gives her a quick and enthusiastic hug. "Thanks so much for being here, M'gann," she says. "We'll meet up and go over those files whenever you feel like, okay? Just text me and we'll set a time up." She smiles brilliantly at her friend from Mars.

Aquaman watches Spoiler, and Barry leave and turns to eye the rest, "They're not under the impression they're fooling anyone, are they?" he asks with a grin. The Hall is a small place, and emotions run high. It's not the first work place romance these walls have seen, won't be the last. He eyes M'gann, "I was being honest. If you ever feel out of place up here, a need to go where you can be your true self, let me know. Atlantis has many faults, but judgements based on how one looks are not among them." he pauses, "Well. Most of the time." old superstitions about purple eyes and blond hair are mostly dead these days. Mostly.

He eyes Carol, "We should catch up. Things got crazy there for awhile, maybe it's time I come up for air again." he nods at Caitlin, "Nice meeting you again, and if you're serious about trying your hand at testing yourself underwater sometime, let me know. The more leaguers that can operate at depth the better, the roster's a bit thin there and the threats are not." he offers a wave to the remaining people and turns to head back the way he came, leaving a puddle where he was standing and wet bare foot prints as he goes.

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