Watch out for that Pen!

February 08, 2017:

A casual meeting of some of SHIELD's best!

SHIELD mess hall


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Breakroom at SHIELD HQ is not unlike the breakroom at most major office complexes, complete with cafeteria, a nice open area filled with tables and chairs, and lots of windows to let in the waning light. Its getting on into the afternoon, and our friendly neighborhood accountant has decided he needs a cup of java to make it through the day.

Fred is dressed normally for him, business suit, blue power tie, and his badge on a laynard around his neck, as he waits in line to pay for his coffee. It's been a good day for Fred, and he looks a little less world weary than usual, and has a half bemused smile on his face.

Lara Croft is seated at a table by herself. She has a laptop in front of her and a few books laying aside of it. She's reading the screen of the laptop and sipping from a cup that has a paper lid on it. She seems completely lost in her work and hasn't touched a plate of fruit that is sitting behind her laptop.

Setting her cup down she accidently knocks her silver pen off of the table and down toward the floor, completely unware of having done this. Lara starts typing on the laptop keyboard…

Coming away from the omelette line, Barry is carrying a large plate. Omelette, all the way, fruit, milk, cereal. It's a meal made for a mountain man.. and it's just about right for him. As he walks, he is unaware of the pen on the floor, and as he steps on it, the pen rolls, as pens do.

The young man's foot comes out from under him and with a yelp of surprise, the tray of food goes into the air as Barry goes backwards to fall on the floor.

Darcy had herself a lunch plate too. Chicken arabiatta. With peas. And her tray was wet because it must have been dried in a rainforest. Green eyes watch Barry spill out, and she moves towards Lara's table.

"Man down!" she calls out, stepping carefully in her tennis to avoid the food splatter. "Clean up. Aisle ten," she adds. Darcy, in tennis, means one thing: PT. Which means athletic shorts over torn whore-red fishnets and unmatched knee high socks. Add an underwire sports bra and a sloppy braid dark with sweat and work out Darcy!

Fred pays for his coffee and grabs a large handful of extra napkins, moving over to the crash site. "Are you all right Agent Allen?" he asks, setting his cup on the table and holding out some napkins to Lara for her laptop and then offering the fallen speedster a helping hand to his feet.

Lara was on the verge of finding precisely what she was looking for and her body even leaned forward some to look closer at the text on her scree—- she was suddenly covered in… something, from her hands up to her face and over her head.

Lara's eyes shut right about the time that Darcy sat down across from her and she sat there completely motionless while listening to something thud next to her, then all their voices reacting to it.

Lara opened her eyes a few seconds later to see the offered napkins and she reached out for them, just in time to see her laptop screen flicker and shut off…

"Thank you…" She quietly said, pulling the napkin back to wipe her face off around her eyes to start with. "What just happened?" She quietly asked then.

Barry got the lion's share of his breakfast on him - ruining the tweed jacket and bowtie, and splattering across the white shirt beneath. His trousers are okay at least, though there's some splatter on his glasses. "Ow.." he whimpers plaintively as he rolls over, shaking off some of the goop, before he finds the offending pen and holds it up for Lara. "I think you dropped this." he says as he sets it on the table

Noticing Fred's offer of assistance he pulls himself up, and finds himself staring at a pair of fishnetted legs, that go all the way up to exercise girl Darcy. "…uh.." color hits his cheeks. "I assume that this means we have time to change before we make the trip to Westchester?" he says, swallowing hard to chase away that lunp.

"Duh," Darcy quips, lips curled up in a quirk. "You think I'm going to a school like this? Please! There are children," says the Darce, smiling at Fred and Lara. "Hi Fred. Hey Lara. Your compy ok?"

Usually Fred is the one making such a terrible mess of things, especially with ladies present, so this is a welcome change of pace. The accountant grins, and reaches for his coffee.

Just behind Lara and the group at the table, a soft blue light appears on the floor, and quickly sweeps upward, and suddenly Fred…a second Fred…is standing there. This Fred looks a lot more tired, and has a much deeper five o'clock shadow on his face, but is otherwise wearing the same suit and tie, though the tie is loose around his neck, and the start of a wonderful looking bruise in the shape of a female hand is present on his cheek.

Both Freds stare at each other a moment, before the second Fred asks the first. "What time do you have?" The first Fred checks his watch and responds, "22 after."

"They sent me back a minute early." Fred #2 finishes with a sigh.

Lara was wearing a black tanktop and a white button-up shirt that was unbuttoned down to her waistline, dark brown jeans and some black leather boots. She'd been helping with the training room earlier today, so she'd already showered twice today. "Guess I'll be back down the locker rooms." She said with a slight smile. Lara's eyes went to the pen as Barry set it on the table.

"God. I'm so sorry!" She told him then. "I didn't know it had fallen… If you're hurt, then I'm going to be terrible."

She glanced at her laptop and then lifted up a book beside it. "It has an external hard drive, so if it is dead… at least that should be saved."

Continuing to wipe her face off she dabbed at her chin and saw the exchange between the… two Freds… This made the British woman even more perplexed about who this 'Fred' character really even is. "Are you both accountants then?" She asked them, her accented voice laced with suspicion.

Barry blinks at the two Freds. Okay, he's had a talk with himself before - don't ask - but yeah, it can get weird to see it in public. "It's alright. Nothing hurt but my pride." he says as he moves to rub his backside. "I'll just have to go home and change before we go on the roadrtip." he says as he dusts off some of the egg remnants and stoops down to start to clean up the mess. "And get myself some more food. I'm sorry about the laptop.. I'll replace it… uh.." think of your bank account, Allen. "..somehow."

Darcy watches Fred pull Barry up and then Fred ask Fred for the time, and Darcy blinks. Yeah. Her life is suddenly no longer weird, and that's okay. She smiles at Barry and nods.

"Yup. Plenty of time," she says, before looking at the Freds. "Which one do I get mad at for denying me a car request?"

"Just run it over to IT, I'm sure…" both Freds say at the exact same time, and then both stop to let the other finish. Fred #1 sets his coffee cup back down on the table and shakes his head. "Okay, this is weird. Even for a Wednesday."

It seems like Fred #2 is about to explain what exactly is going on, when a soft blue light starts just above Fred #1's head, and then sweeps downward, and the accountant vanishes. The first accountant vanishes. The second shrugs his shoulders and moves to take a seat, and the first Fred's coffee. "Wednesdays…." he mutters before glancing at Darcy.

"That would be me." Fred answers the derby girl. "And you would have to get clearance from your training officer before being granted vehicle use. As I..we?…we're saying, just take the computer to IT. I'm sure if they can't fix it, they'll replace it."

"And yes, Agent Croft, I'm an accountant." Fred says, not really understanding why he isn't belived. Surely being randomly teleported through time happens to other agents…right?

Lara began to clean off her computer as best as she could while listening to the others talk. "You're going to Westchester?" She asked then. "What is in Westchester?" Wipe wipe wipe, new napkin, wipe wipe wipe.

"I'll take it to IT. I'm sure they'll be thrilled to work with this one." She said with a smirk. "I don't wish to end up on their bad side, I've heard that IT specialists are easily annoyed." She glanced again to Fred. "My apologies for continously asking this, I just keep seeing you in strange places and doing, strange, things. It makes me think that SHIELD must have the most interesting accounting department in the entire world."

"School for gifted youngsters." Mutants. Barry finishes cleaning up as best he can and then moves to toss away the contents on his tray. "Darcy and I were going up there to see if they can help with the Nugenics mutagen and find a way to try to prevent it from affecting others and making them into Nuhumans." he says as he is preparing to leave and head to go take a little time off and change and clean up.

"Training Officer? Please! I got an SUV for my last trip up to the Institute. Wasn't MY fault Zoidberg showed up and leveled it with a chick in full plate," Darcy says to Fred, hand going to her hip. Because if this is his Wednesday, that was her two weeks ago Thursday. She glances at Barry then Lara. Thumbing at the scientist, Darcy nods, "What he said."

Fred can't help but grin at Lara's statement, and nods his head with a little pride. "We do have one of the best accounting departments, if I do say so myself. Interesting? Well, if you like assest depreciation, I've got some numbers that will blow your mind." he says, eyes lighting up in the hope that anyone other than him is actually interested in the world of accoutning.

"But for the weird stuff…thats mostly just me." Fred continues with another sigh. He pauses and sips the cofee the first Fred left behind and head shakes at Darcy. "Correct. You got an SUV, and it was totaled. Until you finish the one-eighty three zero forms, which were emailed to you the next day, you are prevented from taking another vehicle until the investigation is complete or you get an override from your TO. I don't write the rules, Agent Darcy." Fred explains, sounding very familiar with the red tape.

Lara's eyes went over to Barry as he was leaving. "I'm sorry about your meal!" She called after him. "I'll buy your next!" She added and then frowned a little. "Sure-fire way to amke friends around here, huh?" She said to Fred and Darcy. "Try killing them with pens on slick floors." A heavy sighed slipped between her lips and she lifted her tea up for a sip from it.

She regarded Fred then and shook her head while setting her tea cup back down. "Math was never my strongest subject." She told him, showing a faint smile. At Darcy though, Lara looked to. "What is a 'New Human'?" She asked then, truly having no knowledge on this subject.

"Long story. Darcy probably knows it better." Barry admits as he waves over his shoulder. "Nice fishnets, Darce." he offers as he continues on his way out in order to do all the showering and changing into what was going to be date clothes to wear to the school.

"I filled out the forms and sent them back. Do I need to sit on May and make her sign things?" Darcy grouses, smiling nad waving at Barry. Of course they are nice fishnets. She's wearing them!

"Nu Human… Like.. was a human now is a mutant, instead of born and getting all supered up when hormones go out of control. At least, that what I think. I dunno. But, I need to take Barry out to rhe school, talk to the Head Mistress. I needed to check in there anyway. Make sure some of the paperwork is going through."

"Are you sure you sent the paperwork back to me? I did get an email from you that just said, 'That is a lot of forms.' Did you mean to attach it to that?" Fred says, sliding back in his seat and standing. "If you need, Agent Croft, I've got a bunch of unopened SHIELD sweats if you want a change of clothes."

Darcy facepalms. "Ohmygod. I did. I forgot to attach. Motherfucker. Okay. I'll go do that, then get showered and changed to ride mass transit because I suck at email."

Lara listened to Darcy's explanation on the NuHuman's and she did the 'ahhhh' face and softly nodded her head, in understanding. "Oh, I see. Well that all sounds very interesting." She smiled softly. "Once, when I was a child… I'd heard of a mutant who could fly… So much to the chagrin of my family's caretaker… I leapt off a balcony in our horse stable. I thought I was a mutant who could fly." She grinned softly. "I spent the rest of the evening in the Emergency Center getting treated for a fractured arm."

Lara's eyes went then to Fred and she smiled at him. "Thank you. I would very much appreciate that, Fred."


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