Iron Fist and Dancing Tiger

February 05, 2017:

Jhiao encounters Danny Rand guest-teaching at a martial arts school in Chinatown.


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For as long as Jhiao has been in New York - not terribly long, but she didn't just arrive on the turnip steamer yesterday, either - the young woman has explored, wanting to learn more about this place and its people. But she returns to Chinatown almost every day. Here, on these streets, she speaks the language without too much effort at translation. She knows the food. She knows the people, thanks to her years with her teacher and the temple.

And it is here that the tiny young woman can find others who follow the arts and honors them as she does, even if the styles they follow may be different than her own.

Jhiao can pass amongst the people in Chinatown and blend in … except that she is an anacronism. Even here, the people are modern, embracing the modern age in their clothing, their equipment, their manners. But Jhiao is Old World. So much so many would take it as an attempt at a deliberate statement and provocation. After all, how many wandering Bhuddist nuns are there in New York City's Chinatown?

So when Jhiao spots another of these 'schools', she changes her course on the sidewalk. She approaches, reading both the people and the signage. And then she begs pardon of the person standing close to the doorway and steps inside, stopping just to the side to watch … to listen … to absorb the ambience, and be absorbed by it.

Off to one side of the entrance is a group of what looks like kids. Slowly and with loud Hiyahs! they are following the mantra of their guest instructor. The man himself it not overly tall. He is blond and dressed in looks fitting clothes that allow for free movement. Wit each punch the kids mirror his move.

Truth is, Jhiao is not much taller than the children gathered in front of the guest instructor. She gently, quietly and unobtrusively moves amongst the kids. She says nothing, but lightly and gently guides this or that child, helping them to maintain form, but never interfering with them following their instructor. Most of all, however, she just wants to be a part of things, and so she is. She offers the kids little smiles - careful to hide her teeth! - and practices right alongside them.

The children that are helped offer quiet thank yous as they go into the next position. The chatter does cause Danny to look out of the corner of his eye. As he comes to rest he offers the kids a bow. "Well done. And from what I heard you got a little help in the process." Danny says with a smile. His stance and voice don't reveal any dissatisfaction with the help they received.

Danny Rand says, “Master Danny?" one of the kids says as he points to the smaller lady. "She helped us." he says as he looks to her now. "She might be new here. So… you should really show her your tattoo and moves." He quickly finishes causing the other kids agree loudly. Danny only smiles at the mass of cheering knee biters.”

When the children bow to their teacher, Jhiao does as well, her way of offering respect to the teacher whose class she - however gently and respectfully - barged into uninvited. She seems pleased that the guest instructor is not upset with her involvement, and seems at least mildly curious as the children excitedly try to get Danny to 'show off' whatever it is he has to show off. "Thank you kindly, Master 'Danny', for allowing me to assist." she offers. Her accent in English is strong, but she's still intelligible.

Danny holds up his hands to kalm the kids. "Hang on guys." he starts as he looks to the new student and offers her a bow. "The assistance is greatly welcomed." he remarks as he looks at her. He raises a brow then, and still smiling, he speaks Chinese in perfect dialect and accent. "Ni cong nage sheng lai?" Translation <Which province do you come from?>

"Qinghai." the diminutive young woman answers in Cantonese, with a little bow of her head towards the blonde young man. "If I may, you speak well for one not raised to the language." Yet that is to be expected, one supposes. But she would have no way of knowing that in advance.

"Actually I grew up around all types of languages." Danny admits to the small woman. "Most Asian dialects are like my native tongue." as he talks he backs away from her. He turns and walks away and begins to remove his gi. This causes the kids to murmur in glee as they are about to see something amazing. As the shirt slips off it reveals Dannys toned muscular back. "In fact my Master said it best. To know another language is to have the soul of its people in your mind and heart. My Master was smart as well as strict."

As Danny turns he reveals his slim and toned upper half. It is there, right there in the center of his chest, where a Dragon tattoo rests. Of course any martial artist or mystic trained in the olds ways will recognize and know of the symbol of the Iron Fist: The Immortal Weapon and Dragon of Kun-Lun. As soon as the kids see the tattoo they cheer loudly.

Sofia is used to being cooped up all day. What she's not used to is the office setting. It's… an interesting career switch that she's undergone lately. She was in the middle of a phone call and updating calendars when the very loud cheering sounded. It, of course, drew her attention. It also drowned out the man on the other end of the line which had her hissing a curse in multiple languages, one of which he understood which led to her making profuse apologies and rushing off the phone.

A cup of tea is made, bluetooth headset slipped on and a tablet grabbed and then she's out the door and making her way out to where Danny is teaching. Yes, mildly annoyed. Dressed in a pair of snug jeans that are tucked into a pair of rich brow leather boots and a v-neck red sleeveless sweater, she steps out. The children gathered get a quick but genuine smile and then a frustrated look is shot to Danny. "-You- get to call Mr. Rodriguez back and explain to him why I just cursed in four different languages in his ear when I couldn't hear what he was saying…." She will -not- dwell on the fact that he's half dressed, thankyouverymuch.

The young diminutive woman bobs her head. "Yes, of course. My Master would say the same. He insisted I learn the —- languages." She had to stop herself from saying 'two-leg mouth sounds'; it's still how she thinks of it, so she has to work to translate things, to speak more like the two-legs. "It is also a part of why he sent me out to explore."

Jhiao watches Danny disrobe without much concern, but her interest does pique when he turns to reveal the tattoo; of course she could tell the kids thought something cool was coming, but she couldn't tell what yet. She offers a bow towards Danny when she sees it; she may not know all of the ancient stories, but she was taught more than enough to recognize its importance.

The strident call of a woman's voice draws Jhiao's attention, and she eyes Sofia curiously. But she does not use phones or technology, and does not understand why things are a problem. It is interesting, or at least curious. She waits to see how this woman's authority influences the Iron Fist.

With a shrug Danny chuckles. "Miguel will be fine. Always is. But if not what do we say kids?" And in total adolescent unity they all turn towards Ms. Strange and give her a raspberry filled with a lot of noise and spit. Neary fifteen kids doing this in total unison is a sound to behold not to mention a slipping hazard waiting to happen.

As the kids turn back they can see Danny is ready. His arms are tucked into tight fists at his side. Not many know the style. But some will recognize it as Shaolinqun. It just at that moment then it begins. In rapid succession Danny begins to move in incredible precision. Each strike is powerful, as he holds it his muscles can be seen tensing. Then into the next, stop, tense. As the third come one of the kids whispers excitedly as they say his hands are starting to glow.

"Not the point, Daniel…" The children raspberrying has Sofia pinching the bridge of her nose. "The respect your teaching them is astonishing. Really." Please note the tone of sarcasm. "And that was your tea they just added extra flavoring too." Cue the so-sweet smile and the dead serious tone.

The tea is set aside and a nod of her head given to Jhiao who seems to be carrying on a conversation from before Sofia's arrival which is fine because the 'phone' goes off in Sofia's ear and she reaches up to press the answer on her head. There's greeting and a conversation which is carried on somewhat quietly though the pauses on Sofia's end as she gets distracted by watching Danny are obvious in the way her brows knit or her head tilts and when his hands start to glow, there's a gentle smile that makes itself present on her lips.

She may have forgotten she was mid-meeting.

Jhiao watches just as avidly - if not quite as animatedly - as the children. She too can pick up the glow, as well as the light pressure in the air as the energy builds. What Danny has managed already, so simply and easily, is already as great as anything she had seen her Master and other teachers accomplish at the temple. But she is well aware this is but the beginning of what is coming. She does not interrupt, but merely remains focused and attentive. But she does seem to twitch a bit at Sofia's off-hand comment about the tea. Tea is a precious thing, after all, in the traditions …

Danny can't hear Sofia as hes totally enthralled in his art. As his hands start to glow brighter he starts to get faster. Only to stop long enough for a strike. He does not let out a sound, but his actions speak louder. It isn't until the fifth strike does anyone remark. A little girl name Wanda whispers. "Watch his fists you can see the air move." As Danny continues each strike there is a visible distortion in the air. Then as quickly as he started, Danny returns to his starting position, glowing fists slowly fading, at his sides. As he lets out a single resting breathe he looks to Jhaio. "Was cool enough for you?" The room is silent for moments before the kids break off into the screaming cheers all kids do. That high pitch one that could start a car alarm. "Hey guys calm it down." he starts, but when that doesn't work. "Resting positions!" he yells out as each of the childenr find their spots and wait quietly.

Dialtone? Wait.. Crap! Sofia face-palms. She's still getting the hang of this PA thing. In frustration, the bluetooth is taken from her ear and pocketed and then the witch's attention is completely on Danny and what he's doing.

She grins at the whisper which blooms into a full smile and a warm laugh as the cheering starts. They go quiet… Sofia not so much, she's still chuckling. What? She's not one of his students.

Her arms cross over her chest once her laughter dies and a brow arches. "Would you like your tea now?" Is she a brat? Oh, absolutely.

Jhiao's response to Danny's question to her is to tilt her head to the side a bit, a gesture that puts many in mind of a feline, though certainly it is human enough. Then she simply bows her head to acknowledge Danny. "Clearly you have progressed far, to shape and channel your chi so strongly." She doesn't seem terribly inclined to show off her own prowess in return, however. But she does allow a hint of a smile as the kids all return to order at that command, a twinkle in her amber eyes.

As the kids wait Danny walks over to his gi to retrieve and put it back on. As he turns back around hes smiling. "Yeah well… To reach that upper level. Your mind, body and soul must be one. It's a sacrifice, it takes hard work and it's a way of life." he says to Jhaio as he looks at her. Wait were thise lyrics? As he tilts his own head to the side. "You seem well learned. I'm guessing you study the martial arts as well?" Danny pauses as an idea comes to mind. "So why dont you take the kids through a simple routine?" He says this loud enough to have the kids look her way.

As he walks past the smaller woman he places a hand on her shoulder. There is a trust in his touch as he moves away. He isn't like your average Master. Hes not strict, mean or demeaning. He is open and welcoming even going as far as another to teach his students. Maybe hes a monk? "Tea? Nah you can have it Sofi." He says as he moves towards a fountain. "I'm going to grab some water."

"Not thirsty. Thanks though." Brilliant blue eyes narrow at Danny's back. She'd almost swear he knew. She wouldn't put it past him. "Don't forget you have a meeting with Mr. Marshall in an hour and half." Her eyes flit back to the smaller woman and the children and then back to Danny. "And it seems there's no reason why you should be late."

Jhiao clearly agrees with Danny's words, as she offers no comment nor correction, and nods to acknowledge certain points. "I trained for several years with my Master and the other teachers." she acknowledges, and accepts Danny's request that she try to help and teach the children. She moves to the front of the group, passing Danny as she does so. Depending on how aware Danny is of another by touch, he may notice a vibrancy of energy that is certainly a bit more than the average.

Jhiao is not a teacher, and no master. But anyone who spends as much time in the temple learning as she did does give lessons to those with less experience; it's how the lifestyle works. Jhiao bows to the students, her own methodologies definitely more formal than the blonde man's. But Jhiao is not mean or demeaning either; she is very soft-spoken, gentle and encouraging to the children.

"I will warn each of you that the style I was taught is not Master Danny's style. But I will teach you one of our forms. It is called 'Tiger style' in English." Jhiao offers. "I will show you, once, at speed. Then again, in slow motion. Then, we can begin to follow the pattern together."

Another little bow is given, and then Jhiao starts moving. It is here that her vibrancy of energy becomes apparent. She moves with keen, swift and inherently graceful agility, turning what is often viewed to be one of the stronger, harder and more 'brutal' styles of kung fu into a dance of sinuous grace. She does not glow, but Danny would likely be able to pick up that as swiftly and gracefully as she performs the pattern, she is holding back; there is more to give, but she restrains it as unnecessary here.

When the tiny woman's fist or feet strike the mat in the pattern, they do so with a power far out of proportion with her size. Yet just as easily, when she finishes, she slides into a very slow motion rendition of the same pattern, holding the moves and poses of the pattern with what would clearly be great effort, yet she shows none of the strain. As she executes the pattern in slow motion, she gives a slow, slightly halting English description of each movement, each pose, what to pay attention to, what to be careful of, and the meanings or inspirations behind each movement or pose. She could probably give that patter a tad more smoothly in Cantonese, but she's not bad even in English.

As Danny drinks he talks to Sofia. "Ted or Jack? I always get the… Marsh… You feel that?" he says as he pulls away from the fountain, wather hitting his cheek. As he dries his face with the sleeve of his gi he he looks and shakes his hand. He didn't feel it till now. As his gaze returns to the small woman, he wanders to Sofias side. "Good form. Strong and precise. Tiger for sure." He says softly as he observes. "Maybe I should hire her?" he asks himself as he stands at his PA's side. "And Sofi? You need to take a shower." he pauses and sniffs. "You smell like kid spit." he says nonchlantly as he watches the woman teach.

"I don't feel jack shit except a hell of a lot of annoyance right now," Sofi answers. "And you stink of sweat, which of us do you think is going to be more noticeable?" The smile she gives is anything but genuine. "You have half an hour to play with your…. kitty. Then you need to shower and change so we can go. Now excuse me. I have two phone calls I need to return." With that, she turns and heads back inside. The may have been a bit of a forceful telekinetic shove at him. She's a little irritated.

Jhiao continues the lesson by then starting the students off, describing now but not performing, and instead moving amongst them, gently guiding feet and position, prodding balance, guiding movements. She is constantly on the move, yet she projects a stillness, a calm resolution that is at odds with all that moving around. It seems to help the children to stay focused., and she proves quite capable of being gently playful with them as well, helping to ease tensions and frustrations; it is a whole new form, after all, in a style most have at best seen, but never performed or trained in before.

It gives Danny plenty of time for a shower if he wants one, or a debate with Sofia if that's what he chooses. but soon enough, Jhiao has moved back to the front of the class. She offers a deep, respectful bow. "Thank you all, for allowing me to teach you something today, and for sharing your time, and your teacher, with me." Amber eyes glint with pleasure, and then she pads over to towards the office. "And thank you, Master Danny, for allowing me to contribute." She seems prepared to just go on about her business with no further ado. But if she's this much of a traditionalist, one imagines Danny wouldn't find it hard to find others in Chinatown who could tell him where to find her.

Danny has indeed taken a shower and changed into a pair of cargo khakis and a green hoodie with sandals and all his usual fixings. As he stands watching Jhaio finish the lesson the kids seem to be in good spirits and realize it's time to go as well. As the kids pass Danny they thank him and tell him they like the little woman. As the leave one by one Danny stands smiling. "You did good." He admits to her.

As he reaches into his pocket he pulls out a business card with the name THUNDER DOJO written on it in bold font. There is a number and the address of a different location not far from where they are now. "Really good. If you want, ponder this. I can let you teach those kids if you want. You don't need to answer now. But if you want call me at that number. The dojo itself isn't ready yet."

He stands holding out the card waiting for the woman to take it. "I would give you the usual business spiel, but I have an appointment with a guy about a civic center or is it a charity event. Hard to keep track, wait no, I have a PA for that." As he sets the card down on a table he taps it a few times. "I hope to hear from you. Till then… Yaohao, anquan" <Translation: Be well and safe.> And with that Danny heads for the entrance to meet with his very angry PA.

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