How To Catch a Darkedge

February 04, 2017:

Melinda May and Lara Croft has a chance opportunity to catch someone SHIELD is after.

Random NYC Street


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Night time. That's when the elf usually stalks the streets. It's been nearly 24 hours since his girl elf agreed to go into custody. She promised to send if she was in pain or in trouble. He promised himself not to send endlessly at her. So, worried and no longer able to stand the sight of the four walls of his penthouse, Darkedge took to the streets, walking from shadow to shadow to shadow, jus tto move, almos tlike he's pacing… only the whole of the city is his pacing space. He'll step out of a shadow and walk a block or five, then slip into another shadow and walk anouth block or five. Where his steps lead him, he is only payng half a mind.

Lara was nearing the end of her court ordered therapy sessions, part of the deal made after the events on Yamatai, but they weren't quite over yet… She was out tonight, on her way home from one-such-therapy session. With hands in her pockets she strolled along the sidewalks headed twoard Gramercy Park where her apartment was… a litlte ways south of here… she didn't feel like taking a cab tonight as it was fairly nice and she just felt like walking.

Therapy sessions always made Lara feel very uncomfortable, talking about the past— as far back as her chilldhood and as recent as the… well…. many people she killed in order to stay alive herself. It made her itchy to walk, itchy to run even.

Lara had no idea that that silver haired Elf from the other night, from the SHIELD interrogation, may be somewhere near by.

Somewhere as near by as stepping from the shadow just in front of her, and walking in front of her. Gloved hands at his sides, Darkedge walks in silence, eyes sliding about to take in the people near him, almost daring them to attack him. He's getting antsy.

Out of the corner of her peripheral vision, Lara caught sight of the man from the near-mugging last week and the same man from said interrogation just the other day… She stutter-stepped and then turned to look back at him from beneath her grey hood, watching him closely.

Lara exhaled and seemed conflicted on what to do, eventually deciding to turn and follow him. Casual pacing, light footsteps, she just walked like any other NYC pedestrian… tailing the strange man.

Into another shadow, then out of a shadow a mere five feet ahead of where he had been. It's really a good thing there's not many people on the street just now. But there's that sense.. Is he being followed? Darkedge slows his steps, shoulders tensing.

Lara tailed him for awhile, watching the unusual way that the elf man travelled… She was growing impatient though… Lara wasn't much of a trained pursuer. "Hey." Lara called out to him. "Wait a second, would you?" Her British voice raised in pitch to try to get Darkedge's attention.

The voice, familiar enough, has the elf halting three steps from the next shadow large enough and dark enough for him to step through. He turns, eye narrowing, lips pulling into a frown.

What? his mind snaps at Lara, the aggitation easy to feel even to a human.

A block or so away, May's also been out searching for … something. She's on comms with Lara, though, so that helps. "Croft. Update, please." If soemone has good enoguht hearing, they might have heard that over her comm. May is going to start toward their meetup point regardless, as while she knows Croft can more than handle herself, the person of interest they're seeking is the usual everyday Manhattan street thug or stupid mugger.

Lara watched the man turned and project that angry though. He was more agitated than he had been the night she'd first met him and she felt that likely had to do with Vanja not being with him. Lara's head turned to the left and she spoke back to May. "I've found him." She whispered. "At my location." She said through the comm that was hidden beneath her grey hood that was up over her head.

Looking back to Darkedge she stopped and pulled her hands out of her leather jackets, palms forward. "Not looking for your ire." She told him. "I'm simply looking to see how you are… to see if you have seen your… counterpart, the female, from the other night?"

No superhuman earing, the elf is unaware of the communications between the humans, though he spots easily that Lara turns her head, says something he can't hear. His eyes track over that shoulder, spotting nothing and no one, before sliding back to her. Back to that shadow, Darkedge takes one step backwards toward it.

Do you have her? the male elf questions, thoughts like a knife. Clearly aggitiated without her, without her calming influence, the sneer that grows is getting visible on his face. He igores the question of how he is. He heard it, he processed it, his mind simplt doesn't feel the need to answer it.

May get Lara's reply and is less than pleased. She pulls her phone and checks somethign on it (as much as she normally hates that the comms have trackers built into them, in this case it's a good thing), and then turns and starts toward Croft's location. She can still hear the woman talking with their target, and offers back curtly, "I'm on my way." She's walking as fast as she can without drawing undue attention from other passersby. She'll be there in a few minutes.

The elf lord was talking to her through his telepathic 'voodoo' but Lara? She was replying to him verbally, because she wanted May to hear her words.

"No, I do not have her." She replied to him in a calm voice, her hands at her sides now. "I was with her, with friends, we were trying to ask her questions and she became worried that we were not out for her best interests and she fled." She was attempting to be diplomatic. "We're hoping to find her, and we may be able to with your assistance. A mutual goal achieved through cooperation?" She asked the silver haired elfman.

Darkedge watches Lara, unaware that May was enroute, unware that Lara might be stalling him for the other to join them. That he was talking and not immediately moving to kill should earn that elfess a medal. The problem is the worry for her safety is still a novel thing for him to feel, among all the other novel emotions he feels, and like so many he only really knows one of a few ways to react to it, to handle and express it. Darkedge sneers openly.

If she worried, it was for good reason. I will not aid you. Death, yours or mine, first. Darkedge's mind flings out at Lara, eyes glinting like knives. The aggitation and irritation and loyal to a fault defensiveness is not at all hard to miss in the feel and weight of his thoughts.

As she's not privy to their target's side of the conversation, she doesn't speed up. She keeps up with the fast walking. One more turn, and she'll be within eyeshot of Lara and their target. Keep him talking, Croft.

"I have no intentions of harming you, or her." Lara replied to his mentally thrown words. "You shouldn't have any need to harm me either, as I am only here for a conversation with you, nothing more." A small exhale was had then and Lara gently fidgeted on her booted feet, right to left and back again.

"We were discussing how best to help her, if you and she are to remain within this land… let us help make the stay easier for you both. We want to have a symbiotic relationship with you and she. A partnership. Beneficial for both sides. Thats all. We are not your enemies. But many out there are, and we can help you -know- who they are so you won't have to constantly wonder and worry. You will have all the information you need on potential foes, through us. Let us be your guides, and you ours toward your ways and your kind." Was she bullshitting? Kind of… but also kind of not.

Darkedge's eyes narrowed sharply on Lara's first words, straining to hear if they were True or False. Only in Send is there Truth. He's had plenty of creatures, unable or unwilling to speak mentally, utter untruths past their lips. A few he took their tongues for it, then bored into their minds for the truth they failed to provide. The want flashes past, but true to promises to certain elfesses, he refrains. He watches her fidget and the motion sends him taking one more step away from the shadow, the shadow Lara now knows can be used to get at least as far away as two blocks over. She watched him.

One wonders at the validity of your words, Human, his thoughts hiss at Lara, tension easy to read.
May turns that last corner and promptly slows her pace to a much more 'relaxed' walk. Considering Lara's promises of not wishing harm, she figures running up like something is on fire wouldn't exactly help that image. And, of course, it really doesn't help that she's already tangled with Mr. TinselHair once before.

"I beg your pardon, sir." Lara responded to the elf lord. "But thats likely due to the nervousness you place inside me when you threaten my life." She adds. "You see… I only have one life and when its over its over for the rest of eternity… I don't get to simply push the reset button and try again. So when I'm faced with a potential threat to my well being, it makes me a little… jittery. Also because I know you're capable of likely ending my life, rather than just some petty thief looking to score a few dollars…"

Lara exhaled a sharp breath. "I want to help you, my friends… want to help you. What other choices do you have? Solitude and a lack of any informaiton what-so-ever? How does that sound 'more appealing' to you? Honestly."

More footsteps. They are slow, calm, relaxed. For the moment, they don't register as dangerous. Not when Darkedge's blood is up like this, not with it focused so heavily on Lara.

I have not threatened you, Human. But I am pleased to know you understand my capabilities. A pause. The elf-lord considering Lara's words, head tiltling like a fox. Knowledge is power. he admits. And by the tone, Darkedge likes collecting knowledge.

Yup, that's Mr. TinselHair, all right. May keeps on walking at that unhurried pace, quite possibly approaching from behind Darkedge and where Lara can see her. If not, then the elf will have a chance to react before Croft can. Either way, she's making it look like she's just strolling along, nothing to see here. Ho Hum./

Lara gently nodded her head to the man's mental spoken words. "Thats right, Knowledge is power." She said in a bit of cheesey retort. She could see May approaching then, but she made no recognition of it. She just kept her eyes on him.

"Look. I've only been with them a short time, but they've already opened doors for me that otherwise would've remained shut. Its been a massive benefit for me and it can be a benefit for you as well… But you have to take the step, you have to take the leap of faith. You're capable of fleeing from us any time you want afterall."

Focused on Lara, Darkedge notes the relaxed footfalls behind him. He'll track where they are, just in case but otherwise, allow that human to think the one talking to a mute man is crazy as he/she/IT just passes him by.

Was this the offer made to she who fled you? She who trusts human far more than I could ever have imagined? Was this the offer that sent her into flight? He's not commenting on his ability to flee. Afterall, drop a spotlight on him…

And that's exactly what May does. She passes right on by, though promptly stops and turns to stand next to Lara. Doing this proves that she COULD have tried to attack the elf as she approached from behind him but consciously chose not to. Her hands staying empty at her sides also proves she's not planning on attacking. Not right this second, anyway.

Lara shook her head gently at the mentally sent question. "She didn't give us a chance to propose a partnership. She left when a difference of opinions arose based on the discussion of your lethality… I think she was concerned about how we'd treat you… so she left. But…" Lara glanced to May when the Agent came to stand at her side. "If you were to partner with us, we could show her that there's nothing -to- fear… and she wouldn't have to run any more. And neither would you." Her voice was a calming tone, making her words hopefully non-threatening even when joined by the far more visually intimidating woman that was Melinda May.

Lara's speaking of having nothing to far just as May comes into view. If darkedge had started to calm at Lara's words, the sight of this enemy puts his hackles right back up again. That she didn't drive a knife into his back when she had the chance could, to his mind, only mean one fo two things: she wanted him to look her in the face when she killed him or she had a more sinister plan than death in store.

I see you, he states to May, though his thoughts he leaves open for both to hear. There's tension in the greeting, a sense that it's more than just physically seeing a person. There's the sense of seeing the person for what he assumes they are: a threat, a danger, proof that Lara is attempting to lie. It's only by merit of Lara's calmer tones that the final step back into the shadows isn't immediately taken though there is the definite weight shift toward that end.

"I chose to let you see me. To prove that neither of us, nor any of the people we represent, mean you any harm." Yes, having someone put their thoughts directly into her mind is very disconcerting, but May makes it look like it's completely old hat to her. And, quite possibly, it is. She IS the head of WAND, after all.

Lara could see the Silver Haired Elf Man go tense again when May just came into view like that, she was an intimidating woman, even to Lara… who'd killed more people than a room full of people could count on their fingers!

"We want your help, sire." She chose that formal word on purpose. "If you're to be in our city, apart of our realm… why not ally with us? It truly makes no sense not to… And your altnerative is to wander these streets like a lost spirit, hopping shadow to shadow…" Lara gently shook her head. "That is no way to experience our world. But in the end, the choice is yours."

Both women are heard, their words analyzed from every possible direction. There's some wiggle room in the form of those agents that attacked, the ones that the Metal Handed Man questioned them about. They were the reason he collected Vanja in the first place.

You meant harm enough when your men attacked. When you and your currently missing sorceress attacked me. There is little reason to trust, Darkedge replied, seemingly placated by the title, the respect and defference it shows. Haughty elf is haughty. Plus. Lara had a point. Similar in substance to his point to Her Majesty.

So he likes being pandered to. Well, too bad, buddy. May doesn't stoop to that level. She also doeesn't offer a reply just yet. This started off as Lara's show, she's gonna let the woman continue. Thus, May simply stands there, possibly now appearing like Croft's personal guard to the elf's sensibilities.

Lara's angle was one of putting all their cards out on the table and let the player chose to use them, or step away from the table and take no risks. Lara glanced to May, but she knew that Melinda was putting this in her hands, so Lara simply shifted her eyes back toward Darkedge.

"I don't know how else to say it, sire. We're not here to attack you, any attacks that have happened happened in the past… and look who won in them? You and yours. We're the ones who lost peopke and now look? We're the ones extending an olive branch to you. Doesn't say that anything about your willingless to work with you?" Lara's chin tipped forward then toward the wlal behind him. "But if not… there's a fine looking shadow for you to run to… if you feel those are more beneficial to you than we are… the ones with all the knowledge. Make your choice then."

Darkedge watches them both, their interactions, with tightlipped silence. For hte moment he isn't retreating. For the moment, he's listening, thinking, and considering.

I would have names, the elf states finally, shoulders seeming to relax an inch. May could see it though, he remains ever ready for a fight.

As is usual for her, May keeps it simple. Because. "May." She is still standing in a completely relaxed and neutral-looking stance, but anyone who knows enough about martial arts is likely aware that that means she's also completely prepared to move if she needs to.

Lara heard this from the elf and then she looked over and watched May when she simply spoke her name. This made Lara shift her weight toward her left Leg (the side that May was on) and she just repeated her superior and said. "Croft." in her best Melinda-impersonation, trying to lookg nice and cool. Agent-y, right? Her eyes stared at the Elf and waited for his response to that.

She's mimicking the guard. Why? Darkedge's eyes narrow at this. Croft… a messenger, a pawn, a peasant, an underling? His eyes shift back to May, and he tightens his thoughts until it is only sound, the sound of the words that make his current given name: Darkedge

May nods to Darkedge when he shares his name as well. "Croft, what do we have on Darkedge's companion?" Is that the correct term for the woman? She's not even sure. She wasn't there when they brought her in, and the report is still on her desk.

Lara nodded at the elf when he gave his name. "Thank you, sire." She said before hearing May's question and looking over at her. "Darcy has the majority of the information." She admits. "I was just out here on a whim, hoping to run into our good friend here. And if he's willing to come back with us… we can hopefully track the lovely lady companion of his down and then, well…" Lara sighed softly. "Maybe we can make sense of all of this and stop with the fighting and threats!"


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