Oracle Reveals Her Cadmus Info

February 03, 2017:

Ozymandias and Oracle discuss the information she has uncovered on Cadmus. Ozymandias offers further help. Spoiler relays information that she has gain as well.

Umoja Tower and ClockTower

The main office of Umoja International in New York City, is a forty story
skyscraper with an outside square that is filled with Neo-Impressionist
sculptures. The outside square leads to the lobby area of the building. The
lobby gives off the immediate expressions of security and professionalism as
the security guards allow each person to past beyond the metal detectors,
verifying their badges, and wishes them a good at work. New visitors
received the same level of courtesy, even though they face more security
checks to be allowed into the building.

Majority of the floors are filled with floors of cubicles with workers
working on a variety issues and missions for the company. There is a floor
filled with information and electronic technicians and engineers that has a
more laid back atmosphere than the rest of the floors. There is an alarm
control center floor and a floor that holds several unsecured and secured

The fourth floor to the top is the main conference floor. The top three
floors are the living quarter, and personal business office for Morien
Washington. This area is only accessible by Morien.
The ClockTower Oracle's personal quarters.


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At the second to the top level of Umoja Tower, Ozymandias is monitoring his own communications systems and looking through some business reports. Ozymandias peers up at his clock and takes a deep sigh, "I cannot believe it is already this late." Ozymandias turns his attention to his Justice League commlick, "Prophetess, my deepest apologizes for seeking you this evening, but I was wondering if you are online."
Ozymandias walks down the stairs to his table on the third floor of his living quarters that is capable of projecting three dimensions. "I am sending you a secure way to communicate with me, and to project your heavenly wisdom. I am afraid I cannot make it to the WatchTower to speak with you. I hope you do not mind the inconvenience.
"You can check if the line is secure, Prophetess, says Ozymandias as he snaps his fingers looking at his harp in the corner. The luxury or the curse of not having to sleep and being an immortal is that you have way too much time of your hand. Ozymandias pulls his harp towards the table. As Ozymandias begins the tedious, but joyous task of tuning his harp. "Hmmm, perhaps it is a bit too late for her."

Babs emerges from the lift at the back of the Clocktower, the private one that goes down to her personal quarters. She is turning towards the glass display case that serves as the housing for her Batgirl uniform when DELPHI announces the incoming message for Oracle. Leaving the display case, she crosses to the central console and settles in her chair fluidly, donning the headset that allows her full connection to the machine before her. She runs her fingers over keyboards and taps open the channel. "Ozymandias," she says, allowing the computer to do its thing and transform her into the cyberavatar of Oracle. She examines his feed closely and nods to herself, entering protocols to allow her cyberform to manifest in his holosuite, and his to manifest before her — for all that he can't actually see anything in the Clocktower. It just seems more polite. She likes Oz. "Good evening. How can I assist you?"

Stephanie had Questions. Not The Question, just some Questions. Some of them about a meta human, maybe, others about dating in general, but more about some mystic shop Tim needed her looking into, and some nasty weather-pattern stuff aorementioned metahuman got her involved in. Lately, Steph's life has gotten complicated. But that doesn't stop her from using the 'work' entrance into the Clocktower, just in time to hear Oracle getting called Prophtess and some man's voice wanting her wisdom and well Spoiler spoils her own hide-in-shadows check by snickering.
OH well. :)
She moves in, looking over the hologram and now really glad she kept her mask on. A domino mask this time and not the full face mask she started with. Upgrade! Maybe. This one doesn't muffle her voice for her and Stephanie still hasn't mastered the whole bat-Growl thing. She waves at Babs, mouthing: Should I wait?
As he stated to some other Justice Leaguers, can a person really trust a secret to a people who walks around in mask, so Ozymandias' cyberform appears in full costume. Ozymandias is walking around his tower with hoodie and jeans. He is planning to ditch his security detail that is normally assigned to him, and plans to seek out some open mic nights for his trumpet playing.
Ozymandias taps his left foot a few tasks to bring his mind back on task as he starts to tune his harp as he speaks to Oracle. He dips his head causing his cyberform to dips his head as well, "Good evening, Prophetes, Thank you taking the time to partake your wisdom to me. I am truly sorry to be a disturbance at this late for only to ask about your progress in the Cadmus Investigation? Did the information I recovered help you in anyway?"
Ozymandias tweaks his harp a few times. "Have you had a chance to read this "new" Flash information on the Mists too?

Babs glances over in Spoiler's direction as she hears the snicker. She rolls her eyes silently and mutes the audio to Oz. "It's Ozymandias from the Justice League. He's really old school." Emphasis on 'old'. Nevertheless, she beckons Spoiler over and gestures to another nearby seat. It's her choice whether she sits or not, but the offer's there.
She keys the audio back on and nods. "I did. I read it this morning. It's troubling, but the chemistry is outside of my immediate expertise. The weather patterns, however, I can analyze and track."
Again, she mutes the channel, when she's done speaking. "New mask," she notes to Spoiler. "Cute."

Babs glances over in Spoiler's direction as she hears the snicker. She rolls her eyes silently and mutes the audio to Oz. "It's Ozymandias from the Justice League. He's really old school." Emphasis on 'old'. Nevertheless, she beckons Spoiler over and gestures to another nearby seat. It's her choice whether she sits or not, but the offer's there.
She keys the audio back on and nods. "I did. I read it this morning. It's troubling, but the chemistry is outside of my immediate expertise. The weather patterns, however, I can analyze and track."
Again, she mutes the channel, when she's done speaking. "New mask," she notes to Spoiler. "Cute."

Beckoned, Spoiler moved over to give her girl-friend a brief shoulder hug and then takes a seat. One leg folded under her, she swings the other.
"Sounds like. I've got intel on the mists and contact with Flash too. Glad I stopped by," says the blonde quickly and quietly. Yes, it's muted. She's still quiet. It's polite. And then Barbara's talking and so she waits until it's muted and Spoiler brings a hand to her mask, smiling A blush is detectible just under the bottom edge.

"Hmmm, I will speak to Diana about getting someone to analyze the chemistry. I really do want to kick this to any of my contacts." Ozymandias pulls at one of the strings of the harp. Ozymandias nods his head, "What about the other information that I sent you? So did you find any information that proved our hypothesis that the Cadmus Labs is going to use the medical equipment request for nefarious means?

Ozymandias peers over at his own hotspot map and narrow his eyes at something on the map. When the hotspot alarm goes silent, he returns his attention back to Oracle. "I have also came up with some rough blueprints on that device that we discussed that would give you an eye in the sky on all of our missions, when you cannot hack into a camera.

Babs returns the hug briefly, and flashes a grin. Her head cants as Spoiler mentions Flash. "Yeah?" she says, the channel still muted. "Lay it on me."

Then, however, she hears Ozymandias' words and holds up a hand with one finger raised. "In a sec."

She unmutes the channel. "I look forward to seeing the blueprints," she says. Then, however, she starts pulling up datafeeds from the WatchTower systems as well the aggregate feeds DELPHI has sorted for her. "The best I've managed to do is track likely overland routes. They seem less inclined to use air traffic — or else they use DEO transport craft that don't file regular flightpaths." Which doesn't mean she can't track them, mind. Only that they don't have public records to pick up. "I've narrowed the field down to a small region in Pennsylvania in the Poconos. There's not much out there, but I'm focusing my efforts on looking for communication abnormalities and blackout patterns matching likely DEO sources. I've isolated a 20 mile radius zone near Tannerville. I'm hoping to narrow it further."

When she mutes the channel again, she rolls her hand in a 'tell me' gesture to Spoiler.

Spoiler inhales, nodding baout the Flash, then waits for Barbara to give her leave to talk. When she does Spoiler talks as fast as she can manage so that she can get it in hopefully before Ozzy starts up again.

"He gave me some evidence from one of the cocoon things in Metropolis. Analyzation is in the Bat Computer. He's a chemist and a forensic scientist, so he's going to be a good contact to get this put together. We've alerady spoken with Diana, so she knows we're looking into you. She mentioned you. This isn't isolated, I'm sure you're aware, and she's worried. She mentioned Cadmus and her concerns that they'll take the less ethical route. Flash has my number, and I can contact him any time. He knows to stay out of Gotham but if you need him here to look things over on your system physically, let me know. Batman will be annoyed, but I know Flash could get here in a minute or less if it was needed. Oh, and he's got SHIELD connections too. I'm sure I'l be able to leverage that for us as well."

"Hmmm, 20 miles radius is a big radius. Do you have any likely targets in that area? Perhaps, we divide the targets among the League." Ozymandias taps his left foot a few times, "Since we do have this "new" Flash, I think the tagging one of their shipments is probably back in play. I just think we need to make sure that we can get the tag off the equipment, before it is discovered.

Ozymandias continues to tuning his harp as he thinks, "Have you found anything that connects the gunmen that Flash encountered to Cadmus or the Deo? Let me know if you reach a dead end there, I will try to use some of underworld contacts to see if there has been any news of contracts for mercs going out.


Babs' brows rise some at Spoiler's information. "That'll be helpful, yeah," she agrees. She reaches out, then, to initiate contact between DELPHI and the Bat Computer, seeking the results Spoiler mentioned.

Thumbing the chan open, she says to Ozymandias, "I'm uploading some Batman collected to the Watchtower systems. Feel free to see if any of it helps."

She scans feeds, now, including security, streetcam, and police drone footage of the gunmen Flash and company tangled with. Initiating facial rec scans, she starts a concentrated search for IDs on the soldiers, wherever they were clear enough to be recognized. "I haven't got anything on the gunmen yet, but I do have searches underway. I've initiated facial recognition scans and am backtracking their movements earlier as far as I can. I'll upload what I find to the Watchtower for you, but I suggest you work your contacts, too. The more sources we exploit, the more likely we are to find the source we're looking for."

She mutes the chan and glances to Spoiler again. "I don't think I'll need to see Flash directly. I'll send a message to Wonder Woman suggesting she give him the ability to upload his findings to the Watchtower and have DELPHI correlate the results with all the rest of the findings we've collected."

There's a beat. She looks at Spoiler for a moment. "You know, maybe I'll take with Wonder Woman about dragging you into the League, too. That'd simplify some of this and give you a serious boost to your resources beyond Bruce and I."

Then, to Ozymandias, "I don't know a whole lot about this new Flash, but I have a colleague whom, I believe—" She eyes Stephanie as she speaks — "vouches for him. But, you're right. His speed might be the solution to both those problems, if he can get the tracker off the equipment before it's discovered."

"A Nathaniel Richard's talked to me about working with the Avengers. I'm okay splitting my time, and if they have resources outside of the League and the Cave…." Spoiler suggests, nodding her agreement to working with the League. When Barbara comments about her vouching for Flash, there is no hesitation. Stephanie is nodding quickly. Perhaps too quickly. And there's a tiny smile too. Does Barbara recall that little smile? Maybe from seeing Stephanie and Tim interacting before… things with them went sidewise and never recovered? The early days, when the relationship was new and bright and sunshine. Well, Stephanie was the sunshine.

"I have no doubt that he can," Spoiler speaks up, knowing that Barbara has the channel open and knowing that she can be heard. She does her best to sound the adult. She is, technically. Still, she's youthful and the most energetic of the group, and there is complete faith in this Flash's speed and skill in this matter from her. It speaks of one who's seen it first hand on more than one occassion.
"A colleague? Ozymandias chuckles softly when hears the new voice, " Oh, Prophetess, you only add to your mysterious persona. One day, I am going to have to unravel your various mysteries, or just get you to accept an invitation to dinner, but I digress. Ozymandias finishes tuning his harp and places the harp back in the exact location that he previous had it. Ozymandias transmits the schematics to give the device and there is frustrated sigh that he cannot even hide even with this sterile form of communication. "Perhaps, you might want to see if Tony Stark can do something with them. My contacts in Umoja International are still a bit leery of publicly helping the Justice League, and they really are not in the business in designing toys for costume types.

Ozymandias normally doesn't use his underworld contacts with Ozymandias and his company to gain information on the same issue, but he will make an exception. "I will see if I can you more information. I will also see if I can pull in one more favor with Umoja International, and see if I can can you video of all the drivers and security personnel picking up the medical equipment. It should help you with your tracking."

Babs' eyes narrow as she watches Spoiler's reaction to Flash. Oh, yeah. She knows that look. There's definitely some dishing to be had after this tete-a-tete with Ozymandias is done. She gestures to herself and to Spoiler and mouths 'You and I are gonna talk.'

Nevertheless, librarian that she is, she chuckles at Oz's reaction to hearing Spoiler's voice and recalls myth playfully. "Come, now, Ozymandias. What Oracle has ever worked entirely unattended?"

Nevertheless, she quickly returns to the matter at hand. "I'd appreciate the video, yes. I've closed the backdoor you supplied me, as you requested, once I extracted the last information you were able to provide." She can be good when she has to be. "But, these blueprints look workable. I know someone at Stark who will likely be more than willing to help." Mental note: Call Pepper later and see if she can get someone to help.

An invitation to dinner? Stephanie turns on Barbara, eyes wise, brows high, a conspiratory little smile on her face. hey hey! Oh crap. Narrowed eyes, and the 'we're gonna talk' signal. Stephanie presses her lips together a bit, killing the smile, as she nods her nod with a tiny touch of sassy sass: Yeah. We're gonna talk. Give me dating advice and I don't track down this Ozymanditties guy and give him your number. Or something.

But with things getting back on topic, Spoiler falls quiet, looking back at the hologram to memorize the look.

"Yes, I saw. I am sure, Mister Morien Washington does not want people fiddling around in his systems. I doubt if he would grant me anymore favors if the backdoor remain open. " Ozymandias furrows his brows slightly and thinks he still would have liked to have one of the plethora information techs that he employs to have notice even a slight anomaly. He might have to hire an outside consultant to check out his systems on his very continents to see if they are still hacker proof for everyone except those with Prophetess level skills.

Ozymandias pulls up a separate hologram screen and begins to scroll through names and pictures of people he knows in the civilian sector. "I will upload the files of all the faces that Umoja International came in contact with when delivering their equipment to the WatchTower database. Let me know, if need anything else from me to help with your tracking."

Again, Babs recognizes Spoiler's expression, even with the fading smile. She can't help but smirk in response. Oh, it's gonna be a duel, no doubt. Her eyes sparkle almost playfully before she returns to the business at hand.

"I'm sure he doesn't," Babs replies to Ozymandias. "I can give you consultant recommendations I trust, if he ever wants to upgrade his system, though." Then, however, she nods faintly at the rest of his words. "I'll let you know if I get anything more or if I think I need anything more. But, really… we're closing in. 20 miles may be a lot of space, but there are only so many places within that sphere that can support the infrastructure the DEO and Cadmus require. I'll get narrowed down. Count on it."

No false hubris, here.

"My Oracle doesn't let anyone down," Spoiler adds, eyes on her friend. There's that undercurrent to her gaze, the sense that yes, they will be dueling but friendly girl spat aside there really in some serious business to talk about. And Stephanie needs her big sister Barbara not to let her down on this.

"I would also check old sewer plans. There is possibility that part of the facility is located underground." Ozymandias lands on Barbarba Gordon's face as possible security consultants and he taps his left foot as he ponders how long it has been since has seen her. Ozymandias furrows his "It is all right, Prophetess. I think he can find his own people.

Ozymandias taps his left foot and shakes his head in frustration. "I blink my eyes and things turn to dust."

Ozymandias takes a deep breathe, "Please forgive me, Prophetess. I just remember I have to look someone up that I have not seen in awhile. Thank you for your help, and thank you Prophetess' caretaker.

Ozymandias ends the conference and realizes he might have to go Gotham to track down Ms. Gordon.

Ozymandias rolls his eyes, "I hate going to Gotham."

Babs gives Spoiler a reassuring smile. She knows when to drop the joshing about. She nods her agreement with Ozymandias' recommendation and says, before he disconnects. "I will." When he cuts the channel, she leans back in her chair and spins towards her 'little sister'. "Sooooooo…" she drawls. "Hanging out with Flash, huh? You wanna talk about it here, or out there." She gestures towards the windows and the city beyond. Who says they can't kill two birds (and snare a few mooks) with one stone?

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