The Age of Life

February 04, 2017:

Ozy and Starfire have a small talk with bigger meaning

Hall of Justice

The Library inside the Hall.


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At the Hall's library, Ozymandias is busing looking through the different section of books. Ozymandias furrows his brows and says, "I could have swore that one of these books were here. Has someone rearrange these books again?" Ozymandias taps his left several times and takes a deep breathe. His eyes slowly go to his hands and takes another deep breathe.

"I am getting too antsy these days." As these words leave his lips, Ozymandias eyes falls on the book and he picks it up. "Good, I guess my old eyes are playing tricks on me. How many times have I read this book?"

"Likely too many. The old ones lose track and re-read." Starfire steps into the library, fingertips of a light sunburnt hue draw over the spines of the books, but without interest. She doe not even bother to feign it, not yet at least.

"But I do question how old your eyes are, Ozymand-ia' .." Starfire then claims a seat and drags the length of Rapunzelesque hair over her shoulder, braiding the massive length one end at a time… Slowly though…

A western show-down while she replays a Disney feature and does so with question!

"I could probably recite. I read it too remind me of something I lost, and to remind of something that I can be be." His eyes fall to the book as his left hand strokes the top of the book. "I am very old, Princess. When I was young, the night was filled with stars as far as anyone could see." Ozymandias walks over to her slowly and tilts his head to indicate that he is peering at her hair, "In fact, when we saw meteorites, they shine through the sky as brightly as your hair. I am over three thousands and 500 years old. "

Ozymandias peers down at the book again, "I am not sure if that is a long time among your people, but it is very long time here on Earth."

Koriand'r remains where she is, allowing him to approach and speak. She had spent time travelling the stars, somehow and Outsider and finding Kang, but the time. She misses it even now. Ancient Egypt. The sun burnt hot but the stars had no hindrance in view, and even as they fell, they flew like herself..

"Age bears no relevance among my people. It's wisdom and how you carry your weight." A rise of those eyes from the book he strokes to -him-, pausing, her jaw working to show restraint before she finally ask, lowly.

…"What //can/ you be, based on loss, Ozymandias?" But it was not condescending…. It seems as if it is a question even she asks in a silent night.

"So do your people not grow old? The majority of the human race grow old and perish. All things here are chased by the Great Devourer known a s Time." Narrows his eyes a bit behind his mask at the question about loss, "I misspoke or perhaps it was a Freudian slip. I meant to say that it remind me of something that I can never be."

Ozymandias holds the book up to reveal the title, "Have you ever read the story of Cyrano de Bergerac, or scene the play. It started as a play. It is actually base on a real person, but I digress. It is a story of a being that can never have love, because he was cursed, but he was such a noble hero. A hero inspired by the passions of life.

Ozymandias hands her the book. "You should take the time to read it. It is very good book. Think of it is a lesson in humanity and heroism. You also seem to be a person that is inspired by life. Is that a normal characteristic among your people's culture?"

Kori takes the book and stares her answer at it.

Never read.

But the weight of it is held within the curl of fingers as he speaks. A slow breath drawn in through the part of deep plum. Her eyes rise to Ozy with the weight she seemingly holds, a rise and fall of bare shoulders. "On my homeworld, we lived long enough to ensure a proper reign. A proper upbringing. Time…. was not something we counted. It did not matter." A pause and a finger traces over the title and the gaze shifts.

"I'll read it, but the concept seems like something I already know." A slight lean of head and that braid is left alone to unwind over her shoulder.

"You can be anything you want. Or do you want death?" A slow lowering of her gaze to the book and where finger trails.

"But why? You are here and now." But the final question has Kori smiling, albeit lightly.

"Tamaranean's… We live to simply be. Royalty? We live to let our people be. To love, to live. But that is any culture, and with it….Sacrifice. Age is of no consequence." Though the more she speaks, the more her tone lowers…

"I committed a grave act of cowardice once, and I will not compound it by seeking the cowardice of wanting death, because I have lived a long life." Ozymandias' dark eyes peer kindly behind his mask at her green emerald eyes. "I cannot be anything I want. There are always sacrifices. "

Ozymandias eyes flicker from the book back to her eyes. "It seems that your knowledge of our world is not limited to the just concepts of this book, but to other concepts as well. "Please, read the book, and I would love to read literature of your world.

"If you ever wished to speak about what you have sacrifice that seems to be the only thing that has cause the brightness of your jovial spirit to flicker, you can count on me to listen. The one thing I have learn in all these years is to be a good listener.

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