Cindy Meets the Iron Man!

February 03, 2017:

Attempting to acclimate herself to a new routine, Silk finds herself web-swinging off of Stark Tower one time too many in the last week— and meets the invincible Iron Man. Late breakfast ensues.


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It was something that Jessica Jones, the PI in charge of Alias Investigations, tried to impart on her young spider-ward as advice. Find balance. Look for her parents. Get her life in order. Find friends. Get her GED. Use a phone that isn't a fold-up from like 2010. Now, she's also taking to the streets— but not as Cindy Moon, young intrepid student.

It's as Silk— and after such hard deriding from a talking alien raccoon, she's finally made herself a better suit than 'a bunch of webbing,' even if the city at large still does not know this young heroine's name yet. Dressed in black and stark white, red accented webbing patterns, and the red mask that clings to the lower half of her face and neck, she's spent the last couple of evenings and even some of her days swinging through the streets of New York, doing her best to introduce herself to the citizens of the city in a positive way: She's stopping a few muggers, pulling kids out of traffic, even just hitching a ride atop a bus when her spinnerets feel a little strained out with all of the use and exercise she's been getting them in the last week.

And when she's in certain sides of the city, she may or may not have come close to Stark Tower a few times in the last couple of days. Enough times to, in fact, sling web-lines to the bottom of the landing pad deck and make big, big swings that send her flying incredily high and breezing through the skies of Manhattan, arms wide and legs together, feeling that crisp January wind.

Unlike a certain spider-dude, however, this mysterious stranger's webbing has not dissolved in an hour or two— it stays. For a long, long while, before it seems to finally give way and sputters off into the wind. It probably ruins the view, too.

Today, Silk's routine is a bit like clockwork, swinging through the city at high speeds— and she's on her way toward Stark Tower's balcony all over again.


Tony noticed of course. Well at least he did once Jarvis pointed it out. It seemed to happen at the same time every day. At least close to it, so this time Tony Stark himself is on the deck under that landing pad. Out in a beach chair, legs up, head pillowed by one arm. Glass of iced tea in the hand. Just enjoying the moment.

Just waiting…waiting…

…and there it comes.

Unhurriedly Tony takes a sip of his tea. Watching the approach. Oh he's heard of the new webslinger in town, and curious just who and what she is…'SPIDER CHICK' has been a consistant descriptor. He's decided to lie in wait.

So closer and closer the speeding Silk gets, angling up and towards the mess she's made of the pad when…

A pair of robotic arms unfold from under the lip of that pad and a very posh voice. British and proper. Issues from hidden speakers.

"Pardon me, miss." JARVIS warns as he holds up the arms to stop her…or catch her if she panics and missses her leap. "I do wish you would stop doing that to this building. Its awfully hard to clean."


So there's this recurring nightmare that Cindy has had in the last few years: She's crawling around doing spider-things, and then this gigantic arm with a newspaper comes crashing down on her with all force and that's basically the end of the bug's life. It's always been a weird, stupid dream but it always sends her sitting bolt-upright in her chair, and now that she's out in the city and she's started to learn about all of the things that have been happening in the world since she's been away, and the people on it, and /alien raccoons/, all of this starts feeling more and more plausable.

Her fingers extend and webbing flies— and /oh my god there's robot arms coming out of the building THE NIGHTMARES ARE REAL. The tingling in the back of her head fires and flares; her other hand extends and a second shot of webbing comes flying out— this time at the arms, though she's misjudging her flight a little bit and careens /above/ the balcony this time.

Cindy, in flight, thinks about this. The arms. The webbing. The building. This is Stark Tower, she only really starts thinking about for the first time. This is /Stark/. /Tower/.

Twisting in the air with the poise of a ballerina, she drops right onto the railing at the edge of the VTOL/helicopter pad in an iconic and likely familiar squat, waves of dark hair following in her wake— also blowing in the high-altitude wind as her head turns to look back at ARMS FROM A BUILDING.

"Uh— sorry!! I mean I didn't mean to make you mad, Mr. Building?! We're still cool, right, like, you're not gonna get out a flyswatter or anything?!"


"Mister Stark has not equipped me with a flyswatter, miss." JARVIS is unfailingly polite. "I am JARVIS. And I believe Mister Stark would like a word, if it is not too much trouble for you." He adds as one of the hands swings up and angled one metalic finger down to the balcony below.

Tony raises one lazy hand to wave. "Come on down!" He calls up towards her. "I have tea!"

Well. He doesn't seem to be mad, so thats something at least.


"Mister St" Mr. Building is named JARVIS. "Uh I— I mean I should probably get moving, I mean—"

The lower half of her face shifts behind that mask. After a moment, she crawls over the ledge, onto the underside of the building— and watching those mechanical arms and the webbing stuck to them— while crawling across the surface to the private balcony Tony has prepared. Squatting on the ceiling, she looks down; this spider-girl is undeniably young, Asian, and has a better suit than the weird webbing-spun thing that looked more like bandages than a costume from over a week ago.

"Uh… h-hello?" she calls as she approaches. "I'm sorry if I got your building a bit messy! I'm still getting used to this." She can't help but note the fact the balcony seems to have some pretty great wind baffling to keep the wind and the weather at bay.


"I can tell," Calls Tony up with some amusement as he takes a sip of his drink again and sits up. "Come on down though, meet the neighbors!" He waves her down again as she hangs there. "Come on! I don't bite." Unless someone asks him too. But she looks a bit young for that sort of thing. "I'm pretty sure you know who I am, but I have no idea who you are. Swinging round, making a mess of my building. And that webbing is so not like Spiderman's. Its got more gooey to it." Is gooey a scientific term? Who knows really.

"So what do I call you anyway? Spiderperson? Spidergirl? Webby?" He adds after a moments though, seemingly unbothered by the fact that there are two people with such similar power sets in New York now. Or maybe he is bothered by it and just not showing it. Or maybe he's just thinking about pie. Who knows with Tony, could be all three at once.

Did he just say th— wait no she's heard about Tony Stark. Well, at least the sensational stories about Tony Stark that exist in the news— never did she think she'd actually be in front of him, at a point like this, /like this/, at all, /ever/.

Releasing the ceiling, she drops to the balcony's ledge, squatting with perfect balance and adroit timing on the edge, elbows setting on her knees and keeping her balance on the balls of her feet. She's staying out a little distance— just far enough that she can see Tony, and through the windows and doors and /holy shit this place is huge and amazing/.

So what does he call her?

"You can call me Silk!" she replies. "And I'm not Spider-Man. … Or like him. At all."

She's squinting, brows knit up— trying to push the idea /really hard/ and hoping he buys into it.


"Web slinging, agility, I'm guessing danger sense from the way you reacted to JARVIS. Wall-climbing." Tony starts listing the powers just he's seen. "Oh yeah, don't know where I would get the thought where you two might be related." A pause as he eyes her suit. "Well at least the suits different colored." He sits up, the man full of an energy that fun 'normal' humans might posess. He can't seem to sit still. The glowing Arc Reactor in his chest shows though the worn t-shirt he wears, but thats the only hint that this /is/ the head of Stark Tower.

"You know I can just ask him right?" He adds after a moment before he reaches out to snag an empty glass, that he starts pouring with what looks like iced tea. The tinkle of cubes hittin glass fills the balcony.

Which is shielded from the wind by hidden repulsor tech. Tony spares no expense.

"Come on, its good. Blueberry." He adds as he sets it down on a side table. "Made it myself and all." A pause. "Anyway! You totally are new here arn't you, Silk?" A pause. "Silk. That seems to work. With all the…" And he gestures towards the webbing swinging in the gentle breeze.

Cindy's put a bit more on alert— he knows about her abilities. He knows about /Spider-Man's/ abilities. Opening her mouth behind that half-mask that protects the lower half of her face, she swallows back the lump that forms in her throat and tries to shake off the cold sweat. That— isn't— good. I mean, if he's not— if he's.

But he can just /ask/ Spider-Man, he says. She frowns, looking down as she steps down off the railing as quietly as a churchmouse. Preferring to keep her distance at first, her arms fold while she stands, nice and even, trying to keep Tony square in her line of sight just in case there's something weird and off about this clandestine Pancake Meeting. And, at least her suit doesn't look like something that was made out of a bunch of clothes snatched up from the nearest Wall-Mart and a set of goggles stitched on?

And /what/ is he wearing under that shirt?

"It does. … A-And yeah, I am. Kinda. I'm still getting used to the city from fifty stories and up, though."


Besides the obvious that the Iron Man himself is offering her iced tea? No not really much off. Tony doesn't seem very worried about having someone who could potentionally punch him to death in his back yard either. Relaxed as can be, the creator of the Iron Man suit eyes this strange newcommer curiously. A twitch of a smile comes to his face before he nods once.

"Thought so," His rapid fire words flyling from his lips as he taps a finger against the side of his leg. Just a nervous twitch. Likely from too much caffine. Or just excess of energy.

"See, New York is a pretty big city. But you start swinging round. Wearing costumes. Saving people. Leaving webs everywhere. You get noticed pretty quick. Didn't take me long for me to figure out the composition of your webstuff is different from Spiderman's. Lasts longer and all. So!" He reaches out to snag his glass of iced tea and take a long gulp. "What brings you to the city? I'm going to guess not trying to take it over. Unless you're going the grassroots method and trying to gain a following to help you when you ineviditabily try to take over power. Which would be diabolical by the way and if thats true I give you major probs."

A second pull off his drink, the arc reactor humming away in the middle of his chest. "You sure you don't want to sit down? I mean JARVIS and Pep would yell at me if I was a rude host and stuff."


He insists about the chair. The nearest she can tell, the seat is not hooked up to a trapdoor, or a secret bomb, or any kind of weird flyswatter or newspaper-slamming technology. Walking over to the seat, she gives it a tug and plunks down in the chair. The mask on the lower half of her face proves to be a problem— she's not taking that off in the presence of this guy, even /if/ he's Tony Stark, even /if/ he claims to know Spider-Man.

But then like, maybe he does? Jessica knows a raccoon from space.

"I— yeah, sorry about that. I can't really do anything about my webbing, though, it's a little out of my hands." She's not wearing web-shooters like Peter, either. "I can see what I can do about it."

She says nothing other than that: She lets the pun hang in the air, whether or not Tony actually /gets/ it, all too amused with herself. "I understand you have concerns, Mister Stark. I mean you've got a big building with Skynet and big robot punch arms and stuff," she continues, counting things off, and then her head tilts off to one side. "Man, imagine if you could play Rock'em Sock'em Robots with this whole building."

"Look. I'm not here to cause trouble. Yeah, I've got my problems and I've got things I need to do, but I'm doing what I can to help out because it's the right thing to do." Silk's gaze shifts down, rubbing her thumb against her palm. "And Spider-Man is helping me with that. A lot."


None of that. Just a chair. Sitting there. Doing nothing. Being an innocent chair. Not bothering anyone. When she tugs on it is scooches across the patio but thats about it.

The pun though causes him to pause as one eyebrow arches. "Between you and Steve I'm going to program JARVIS to shock anyone that puns too hard in the tower." Oh he noticed. He defintally noticed. Its hard to get things past Tony Stark, at least when he's focused on them. When he's focused on something else thats a different matter entirely.

"I thought about giant robot buildings once. Then Pepper made me sleep on the couch for a week." He adds in an offhand matter before he looks back towards her. "Is he now. Well good on him. Glad to see I didn't make that suit of his for nothing. Good twice since you're not trying to take over the city, enough peole are trying that lately. Kinda annoying don't ya think?" He asks as he smirks towards her. "I mean really rude, makes me have to work instead of design. I hate that."

He watches her for a moment. "And its just Tony, or Stark. Or 'That Awesome Mechanic Guy That Can Build Anything.'"


Silk wheels her hands around a little. "I'm still working on the quips. Is there a dictionary for that? Or like, a phrasebook? I feel like I'm missing a lot of really good opportunities here. I've been out of town for a little while, too."

As Tony explains the idea of 'giant robot punch buildings' to Cindy, her eyes go wide and her mind wanders, trying to imagine Stark Tower punching the crap out of big giant scary monsters and aliens and stuff. That'd be /awesome/. It'd be a story to tell Albert, when she finds …

"Sorry about that, Mister Stark." A beat, then the really awkward moment when a girl barely twenty years old realizes she has to call a guy that is like super famous and a tech genius and he's got a glowy thing in his shirt what the hell even /is/ that. "I mean, uh. Tony. Tony Stark. …"

Holy shit Cindy Moon is on a first-name basis with Tony Stark. Kind of.

"Sir, I dunno if you know this, too, but like, you got this lite brite in your shirt."


"This little thing?" Glancing down at the glowing ring in his shirt he reaches up to tap where the light it. There is a little metalic 'tink' when he does so. "Its an arc reactor, some thing that powers the building here. Just a lot smaller. Its keeping me alive." He takes another sip of his tea. "Doin' a pretty good job of it so far, even if it was poisioning me at one point. I fixed that when I discovered a new element though, so I'm fine now."

JARVIS ahems.

"Hey she asked!" Stark calls to the synth voice. "Besides, its true. I'm fine. Mostly."

"You are over caffinating again are you, sir?"

"Just a little." Comes the reply. "Don't tell Pepper."

"I'm fairly sure she knows, sir." Such a bland tone.

"Remind me to rewire your sass chip." Mutters the inventor as he looks back towards Cindy.

"Anyway, no phrasebook or anything. Just shoot from the hip, thats what I usually do and I can't complain too much." He finally replies as he glances back towards her. "Where you from orginally then, Silk? It was Silk right? I mean just making sure you did name yourself after a textile."


Cindy's eyes widen. "Dude, that's almost like a superhero origin story. You could totally capitalize on that."

This is said with genuine seriousness. Like this is legitimately, seriously, actually spoken in a way that suggests she does not know any goddamn thing about the goddamn Iron Man. Seriously.

For serious.

Her eyes roll upward a bit, and then she points. "That's also insane that you have like, a talking Skynet HAL building thing, too. I didn't know about any of this stuff— that's awesome. I mean touchscreen phones are cool enough, right?" she asks, fingers fanning out. "I thought meeting a tree and a raccoon were cool enough. Like, have you /seen/ that? It's insane!"

"Oh, I'm— actually I'm from New York, but I can't tell you /everything/. — Though I'll take that under advisement. Spider-Man's making a list of things that are rad to say and what's just completely whacked out, so I'll be working on that soon, too."


Now its Tony's turn to squint slightly towards Silk. "…kid, have you been living under a rock for the past two years?" He asks as he finishes his tea and quicks an eyebrow towards the young spiderling. Who then talks about touchscreen phones and trees and racoons. "…like seriously. Or are you on drugs? I mean drugs and powers don't mix. Tried that once, and kinda wrecked my house."

He pauses again before slowly blinking. Turning slightly he sets the drink down once again. "And are you stuck in the ninties? Time loop sort of thing? I just got done dealing with a time traveler and a world jumped, time looper wouldn't be out of the ordinary." A tap tap tap on his leg.

"You don't know anything about Iron Man? At all?"

If she doesn't that means….that he has an excuse to show off.

…and Tony Stark loves to show off.


'Have you been living under a rock for the past two years?'

'Who talks about touchscreen phones and trees and raccoons?'

'Are you stuck in the nineties?'

Cindy's mouth opens behind that mask, visible enough through the stretch of the elastic, oddly silken fabric, then tries to find a really, really good way to explain herself. Her index finger lifts, then falls, and her gaze goes off over the balcony in the crisp winter air and the oddly heated balcony patio and—

Her eyes flick back to Tony, squinting as she shakes her head. "Nope! No. Nah. It's nothing like that— I just, uh— it's not quite like that. I mean the— the Iron Man! Everyone ever knows about the Iron Man, right? He's like, famous."

"… a-and stuff. I. Uh. …"

Maybe she should just jump straight off the balcony now and avoid the hard questions?

A bead of sweat crowns her brow. "I w…as… just testing you, that's all…"


Tony's brows climb into his salt and pepper hairline. "Wow." A pause. "I mean I've met some /bad/ liars in my time, but…man. You are right up there. And I hang out with academics who just can't deal with people. I mean I've seen worse, but…top ten? I'd say top ten. Defintally."

His head tilts slightly. "So. Gonna go with lived under a rock. Not gonna ask, but….nope. Not gonna ask. Better to not ask sometimes." A deep breath though.

"But because I'm such a nice guy, I'll let you meet Iron Man. Also because I like to show off. Mostly because I like to show off." He downs the rest of his tea before setting the glass down.

"JARVIS, the Mk VII on call?"

"Yes, sir. Though is it the best idea to take it out, you just recalibrated the repulsors."

"Shut it and hit me up. I got a meeting in Washington in a couple hours anyway."

JARVIS just gives a long winded sigh. "Yes, sir."

Tony grins, wide and even teath gleaming as he raises his arms. "Just stay right there." He adds as where he was standing starts to raise up. Apparently he was standing on some kind of pillar, concealed till then. Behind him a hole in the floor irises open and what looks almost like some kind of metalic coffin raises into place behind him. The metal…something….starts to unfold. Red and gold armor wrapping around Tony's limbs and torso. Clicking into place the plates sliding against each other as they form a suit of armor that is familiar to most people around the world.

"I am Iron Man." He intones as the faceplate snaps into place, the engineer replaced by a armored mechanical form six and a half feet tall. Arms folded across its chest and triangle shaped reactor glowing brightly. He reamins like that for a split second and then unfolds the arms as the faceplate snaps up.

"You have no idea how long I've wated to say that. I mean it just doesn't make sense most times, and after that first press confrence I just never get to use it anymore!"


He'll go with it. He doesn't dig any deeper than that, so at least a metaphor that's pretty descriptive will do. Cindy doesn't press further or try to correct him, instead watching as the show-off gets up out of his chair to, well, show off. And then she sees the coffin start rising up out of the floor where Mr. Stark is standing now, and then she's treated to the sight that she did not in any way, shape, or form expect.

Holy shit, Tony Stark is a freaking superhero. Like, in a big suit of armor. He is legit a superhero guy. In super armor. That is armored, and super.

"Whoa," Silk says, all too much like a certain greatest actor who ever lived.

'I am Iron Man.' Black Sabbath songs aside, Cindy hops up out of her seat and walks a little closer, the triangular light shining bright and then— and /then/, Tony Stark's faceplate snaps up to reveal his face. The young woman's hands settle on her hips, and she is gawking pretty hard.

"Man, that had to cost a fortune to make."


"Ooooh yeah," Tony smirks as he glances down at the armor. "And this is the Mark VII. There are…" A pause. "…how many are there JARVIS?" He querries of the AI.

"You asked me to forget that information, sir. In case Miss Potts saw it, and…to quote you…'Made you sleep on the couch for the rest of your life.'"

"…oh yeah. Well anyway, yeah. It cost a fortune, but its pretty worth it I'd say." He flexes one gauntlet. "I mean I don't sling webs, or throw shields or anything like that but it gets the job done." A beat pause as he glances at her. "It flies." God he's really enjoying showing off.


It doesn't sling webs or throw shields, /and/ he can fly, /and/ it looks totally freaking rad, so like, what's not to feel a little jellybear over? Like is this him trying to be modest, or like— how does this even work? Tony Stark, billionaire industrialist, guy that's been on a jillion magazine covers and newspapers, is totally a freaking superhero and he's /showing off/ to some random girl that never met before, so like, what. /The hell/.

Cindy looks down at her hands, thinking about the spinnerets in her fingers, the silkglands in her forearms, and just … frowns. Somehow she feels like getting a big badass flying suit of armor would be pretty cool right now, too.

"Man, I just thought I was badass because I could make claws on my fingertips," she murmurs, scrunching her brow and pursing her lips. "So wait if you've got a meeting in /Washington/, like, aren't you gonna be late? I mean I can swing fast and run fast and stuff but there's no way you're gonna get on a flight and make it on time."

In a flying suit of armor.

"Unless that thing goes /hella/ fast. Like. /Hella/."


Tony Stark doesn't do modest. He only does big. He smirks slightly as she does the verbal equivelent of kicking a rock. "Your powers don't make you badass. What you do with em does." He comments as he shrugs, armor plates sliding against each other. "Just paraphrasing something a friend told me once. You do badass things with em, kid. And you can be plenty badass."

He steps off the little podium though, starting towards the railing. "I'll add ya to the database, so no one tries to shoot you off the tower. Just…careful with where you put the webs in the future, alright?" He adds as the faceplate slams shut with a click. "Hang around, finish some tea. Tell Spider-man hi for me, and I'll be dropping by soon. But I'll see ya around."

She can hear the grin though. "And yeah. It goes hella fast."

The powers don't make you badass, it's what you do with them. Paraphrased or not, she can get behind that kind of ideology. She needs to talk to the Spider-Man again; he's made the promise to help her, but she still hasn't tried to track him down— follow that sense that keeps pointing her in his direction. Maybe, soon, she'll have to change that. She still has a lot of questions, and Jessica's given her a lot of advice.

Stay and have some iced tea, Tony suggests.

Sure, leave her alone with the Skynet tower with the robot arms and all that, that'll work out pretty well for her. Hopefully nobody walks in and finds her quickly stuffing food down her throat and drinking a ton of tea before bailing out over the railing!

"Thank you, …" she starts, catching herself, "Uh, Tony."

Man, this is badass. This is /so badass/ she met /Tony Stark/ and he's totally like a /super hero/ or something, she's gonna have to tell Jess and everyone about this, they're never ever gonna believe it. Like, ever.

"I guess uh, have a good flight? And don't like, let your arms get tired."

"I'll try not to let that happen," Stark's voice holds a note of amusement. "See ya around, kid. Don't do anything I wouldn't do." A pause. "Don't so most of the things I would do either." He adds that last after a moment of thought. Since there isn't much I wouldn't do.

His arms lock at his sides, palms slightly out as the repulsors levitate him from the ground with a dull roar. A two fingered salute is angled towards Silk before the boosters kick in and in a streak of smoke Iron Man is gone. Up into the sky, and her spider senses might just make out when he kicks in the over drive and goes supersonic.

Far enough away not to shatter windows.

Pepper hates it when he does that.

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