Stark Vs. Jitterbug

February 01, 2017:

After saving Dr. Foster and Bucky with the help of friends, Captain America finally accepts the invite into the Avengers. During the process of joining, he meets with Captain Marvel to discuss plans for the future. Also, Tony Stark attempts to prove the inferiority of the Jitterbug.

Avengers Mansion


NPCs: Jeeves

Mentions: Wonder Woman, Howard Stark


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Though Captain Marvel spends most of her time with the Justice League, she remains a member of the Avengers team established by Nathaniel Richards, including being the field leader for active operations. She just happens to be the sort of person who can't fail to rise to the occasion when asked, and there's no shortage of needs in the world. And given that apparently Richards has managed to finagle support out of Stark again for the team, she decided it might be a good idea to drop by and see the place, to check out the status of things.

Not one for a subtle entrance, Carol is a golden glowing shrouded form in midnight blue, gold and red as she plummets out of the sky and brakes only a dozen feet off the sidewalk. Then she alights gently on the cement and walks forward, waiting for the sensors to pick her up, identify her, and match the Avengers ID fob clipped inside her belt sash to open the gate. "I'm assuming one of you two put some kind of AI into this place, so why don't you let me know what your name is, so I can address you?"

Blunt and direct as always. What a winner.

In the distance, there is a brief flash of light as something arcs over a hill. As swiftly as it arrived, it vanishes only to reappear a few moments later. Then it appears again, much longer and brighter than before. A distant light that heralds something new. Or something old, depending on your thoughts on the individual.

Riding his modified Harley Davidson, Rogers makes his way toward NYC, having been out in the country for? Who knows why. The important thing is that he is making his way toward the Avengers Mansion, soon finding himself in the eternal struggle for parking. It happens, eventually, and soon dressed in the full regalia of Captain America, he moves up toward the sidewalk, merely glancing at the piece of tech that has the address, seemingly made 'idiot proof' by the genius of Stark that is just as talented as it is arrogant. The tech is placed in one of the many pouches in Rogers' belt, taking in Danvers as she speaks to the house.

Not questioning the reasoning behind it, he just decides to speak to the woman. "Greetings, Captain Marvel," he states in a semi-formal manner, extending his hand out. "It's good to see you again."

At the approach of someone in that distinctive uniform in the corner of her eye, Carol turns promptly to regard the man, eyes narrowing. She hasn't seen Cap in a long, long darned time, and she's a little off-guard. The last time she remembers seeing Steve was at the League's Lake House. But here he is. Wow. Sure looks and sounds like him. Walks like him too.

"Hello, Captain. It's been a long time." Captain Marvel offers the Star Spangled Man. "How have you been?"

Apparently, the AI is sensitive enough - if present - that it realizes Carol is no longer talking to it, so it waits to let her have her conversation with a real live person rather than interrupt.

"It's…. Been a bit," Rogers replies calmly, his smile small but sincere. The handshake is given and the gloved hand is soon retraced. "I've been a bit busy. Had to handle some personal stuff and then there is work stuff and? you know how that goes when they start mixing," he offers, his face twisting at the common superhero problem. A shrug is given. "But it worked itself out for the most part."

A glance is given toward the area, not really having been to this place much, seeing it more in SHIELD files than being in attendance. "So how about yourself? Anything new and exciting for you?" he offers warmly as he occasionally glances toward the door, as if waiting for it open at any moment.

"Well, I'm glad it all worked itself out eventually, Cap." Carol offers, returning her own gloved hand to her side as she faces the Star Spangled hero. "I've been busy. The League fell apart for a while. New guy, Richards, started up a new Avengers. Recently got this place up with Stark. Thankfully, Diana has managed to help get the League back on solid footing. So, … busy? Yeah. That's my best answer." She offers Steve a wry grin, and then gestures forward through the faux iron gate towards the front of the building. "Would you like to come in?"

It is at this point that a computerized voice speaks up. "Pardon me, Captain Marvel. My files recognize this individual as one known as Captain America. Can you confirm that identity?"

"Yes, I can. And what should I call you?"

"Jeeves, Captain Marvel. You may call me Jeeves. I have added this sensor profile to my logs. I assume from your conversation you intend to grant Captain America guest access?"

"Yes, please. Thank you." That handled, Carol gestures again towards the front door, as the door opens ahead of them.

Jeeves sounds a little less pose, a little more military discipline than JARVIS usually does. He tends to call people 'sir' and 'mum'. Who knows where Tony Stark thought up /that/ program, but one thing is sure. The man likes accidents.

As they approach the doors the VI's voice sounds again. "Pardon me, mum." This addressed towards Carol. "My vocal systems were offline for a moment. I'm going though a few upgrades."

The doors do slide open to reveal a man that’s familiar to, well, just about anyone who has seen anything in the modern news. Tony Stark isn't one to hide his face or his presence, its debatable if he even could if he tried.

The man isn't wearing his formidable suit, but dressed down. Long sleeve shirt with t-shirt over it. Jeans. Sensible shoes. A few smudges of some lubricant dot his shirt, must have been working.

"Ah! Company! Come on in, my house is your house." A pause. "Technically its true because this /was/ my house and now its the Avengers house…but lets not get into technicalities. Cone on in."

The man is about as far from military discipline as one could get, but he smiles warmly at least. Howard Stark's son isn't quite the spitting image of the inventor. However he has that same manic energy, that same drive, and that same inability to sit still for more than a few moments at a time.

"Well, I'm glad. I heard that there was some sort of combination of the Avengers and the League," Steve begins with a frown. "It's always sad when people can't work together for a bigger picture. It happens far too often though."

His eyes look forward as Steve speaks while he walks alongside Carol, seeing the rather impressive building and studying it. Considering who owns it, it is little surprise that the structure has grace and poise. "It's my hope that we can work together to start drawing people together, focusing on the change we can make together rather than the differences that pull us apart. That takes a lot of time and effort though," he admits.

The Star-spangled Man with the Plan is about to go on at length about the long process of peace, but there is interrupting Stark. There is a long pause as Rogers takes in the man, seeing the familiar traits of a man he knows he long since dead. The flashbacks flare in the back of his head and despite definitions of fondue and explanations of all sort of tech going through his mind, the hand is extended. "Good to see you, Stark."

Carol shrugs. "I'd love to get everyone working and playing well with each other." she admits. "More than a few enrolled in Richards' Avengers are also members of the League. But both are in the process of reorganizing, so if we want to make changes, now might be the best time to get started."

Before Carol can get any further on things, there's Stark. And Carol just squares her shoulder as calmly as she can manage. She can't really explain why Tony puts her on edge, but he does, and she is doing her best to keep things amicable. He's helping the Avengers a lot, after all. "Hi, Tony. I take it you're still working on upgrading … Jeves, was it? Anything we should avoid doing?" She's assuming Stark knows Cap; she knows about the family history, after all.

To be fair, Tony Stark puts about ninety percent of the entire world on edge. That small sliver of humanity that can put up with his energy and his quirks he gets along with fine.

"Danvers! Always good to see you round town." There is a dazzling smile for Carol, white teeth flashing as he crosses the space between where he was by a workbench, and the door. The hand from Cap is offered and taken.

"You too, Rogers. Still with the old outfit huh? I keep telling you I can get you some upgrades. All you have to do is say the word…" He trails off as he glances back towards the other two.

"So! Sorry about the mess, everyone else is out and I had a brainstorm about the security updates I was doing. So! Decided to come over here and upgrade." He just caught his jet over. Or maybe his suit. Its hard to tell with Stark.

"So! I assume this is about getting Cap here up to speed on the Avengers thing?" He steps back from the pair of them. "Drinks?" He asks, pointing fingers at first Carol then Cap in question.

A brief 'hrm' of thought is given to what the fellow Captain says. "I see. I know I shouldn't have much ground to change things considering I'm not really in any group, but might be good to consider having most people save one or two be only on one team. After all, I have a feeling in talking with the Justice League we might be able to have a way for both of us to help people, but in slightly different ways to ensure we don't step on each other's toes." A brief pause is given before he scratches the back of his neck. "But that's just my two cents." You know, back when two cents MEANT SOMETHING.

Of course, soon Tony speaks up and as per usual, steals the show. "I /like/ my outfit" comes the swift reply to the commentary on Rogers' attire, but it's clear he is willing to put that aside for the time being. A brow is arched when it comes to the reason for him coming. "Up to speed? I thought joining was just doing a secret handshake and being told when the meetings were or something," he offers somewhat awkwardly.

"Believe me, I get the desire to lay out some ground rules and minimize overlap. But we're all free agents, in the end. The League is supposed to be about the big threats: alien invasions, interdimensional incursions. The Avengers … you'd have to ask Richards what he thinks we're about." This version, at least. Obviously, Carol seems to feel caught in the middle, and there seems to be some real tension in her voice when she speaks of Richards. But she doesn't air the dirty laundry. She leaves that issue alone.

"There's a lot to catch up on. This isn't the Avengers the way they were years ago. Tony didn't put this together. Richards did, almost a year ago. So … I imagine everyone has some catching up to do." Damned time-travelers deciding to change the future by manipulating the people in the present. "Water, tea, soda. Coffee if you've got it handy, Tony. Please, go ahead and add Cap's profile to Jeeves. Whether or not he ends up signing up to join or not, I'd like to make sure he gets recognized, not targeted by automated defenses."

"Less world shattering things hopefully, world shattering events take a bit of out you." Comes Tony's reply as he's walking backwards towards what looks like a full bar. "But basically yeah, to be honest I don't know what Richards has planned for either. I just got back fairly recently myself." A smirk at that as he pulls out a mug, and a pair of glasses.

"Coffee or fancy coffee?" He asks of Carol as he starts to work. "…I basically weaseled my way back on the team because Richards wanted my old house to work out of." A smirk at that as he pulls out what looks like a pitcher of iced tea and pours one for himself and Cap.

"You herd the Captain, Jeeves. Punch it up." He calls out. Tony of course intends this to mean add him to the system.

"Of course, sir. Adding him to the authorized database" comes the response.

And then an automatic turret pops out of the ceiling to take aim at Cap.

"Jeeeeeeeeeves…wrong database!" Tony calls as he pulls up his own personal access and slamming in codes.

The turret reluctantly retracts.

"Yeah I think I still have a few bugs in the system. Its fine. Its fine. I'll get em worked out after we have something to drink."

There is a pause as Carol speaks on the Avengers and their goals. Steve considering what is said and unsaid, hrmming to himself. "Well, clear goals and communication is always important. If you and others don't know what you stand for, people will just assume. And when it comes to this sort of work, assumptions can be pretty dangerous," the man muses calmly. "But I'm sure we'll work it out quick enough," Steve theorizes as he looks over to Captain Marvel. "Don't you think?"

As the sweet tea is poured, Rogers carefully inspects it for any usual substances. While it really doesn't matter to Rogers if there is booze in it or not, it's still the spirit of drinking on the job that would trouble Cap. He appears ready to say something else, but in a flash, the turret is out and Steve's shield is brought to bear with a soft hum of unique alloy. Thankfully he doesn't throw it, not wishing to break Tony's toys. Iron Man does that enough himself after all. "I guess that wasn't part of some hazing," Steve replies as the shield is slowly put behind his back. A soft grin is given. "Well, regardless of the reason, definitely always happy to have you with us, Stark."

Carol nods to Steve. "I'm sure we can work it out." Somehow. But there's probably a reason why Carol has been spending more time with the League than with the Avengers, despite being the team field leader for the Avengers. A clearer mission statement and goal might have something to do with it. "Just need to put in some effort on the subject."

Carol shrugs and comments, "Coffee is coffee, which would be fine. But I don't mind fancy coffees when they're handy." Then she steps between Captain America and the canon when it deploys, until Tony manages to get it to retreat. "Wrong database indeed. The problem with verbal programming, I imagine." But there's no vitriol. This is pure Stark, and she's not too bothered. "Tony, do you happen to have a spare communicator? I'm sure Steve would appreciate having one handy, when needed. Can we flag him as a guest user on that network? At least until we deal with matters?"

Nope. Nothing extra in the ice tea. Though its…um…well its highly caffeinated. Tony is trying to sneak his caffeine ever since Pepper started yelling at him about it. Enhanced iced tea is the new wave of the future! It even tastes pretty damn good too. Tony spares no expense.

At Carol's answer though he multitasks. One hand finishing the code he is inputting and the other turning to fix her a fancy coffee. Caramel cream late to be exact. Not too sweet, not too harsh. Somewhere right in the middle.

That's slid towards her down the bar before he finishes his work in the system. "Right! That should do it. It was a problem with the verbal commands. That’s the issue with VI as opposed to AI sometimes." A pause. "No offence, Jeeves."

"None taken, sir."

"Anyway, he's added. So you can come and go as you like, Popsicle." He calls towards Captain America with his typical Tony Stark like lack of anything resembling respect.

Its just how he rolls.

"Annnnd yeah, got some new comm systems. You have a Starkphone yet, Carol? Can I call you Carol? That too personal there? Anyway I got one for the both of you." He adds as he pulls out a little box that is indeed full of slim little smart phones.

"Latest model, just upgraded last week."

A soft sigh is given as Rogers stretches his neck at the talk of 'we can work it out'. If things with the Avengers are not going as they should, well, Steve is definitely the sort to try and fix things. It's his nature to try and leave things better than when he found them, in a similar vein as Tony. However, what Tony does for machines, Steve does for friendships, teams, and organizations, working to bring them to their possible best. At least, that's what he strives for. "Sounds like a plan," he concludes with regards to discussing effort.

A simple "Thank you" is given as Steve is told he is free to move about the manor at his leisure. Why? Because his attention is toward the little box.

There is a long pause as Rogers takes one out to inspect. "I thought I was going to get a Jitterbug," he states with disappointment.

"Mine's a couple years old." Carol mentions, as she reaches out to pick up the new phone, looking it over. "I assume I can switch over from my old phone?" She's not turning it on yet, just confirming things. She wants to be sure. "I take it this thing has encryption channels for team communication?"

Carol smirks at Steve's joke. She's well aware that a Jitterbug is in fact a big-number flip-phone cell phone for the 'older set', so it's hilarious to her that Steve would mention it. He's a lot more tuned into the modern tech than most usually assume. "Does that mean you're disappointed, Steve?" She trusts Cap to help her rebuild the relationships of the teams.

"A Jitterbug. Really?" Stark just pauses. "Your memory is going in your old age, Cap. You don't know what you're saying." He reaches out to pat the Star Spangled Hero on the shoulder. "Don't worry. We'll be right here though your troubles."

Then he's off again, downing about a quarter of his tea before turning to Carol's questions. "Yes and yes. These have been modified." He replies to the woman. "Full encryption suite, doubles as a sat-phone to a proprietary network I've set up. Has multiple encryption channels, a rudimentary decryption tool for use if you need to hack into something if you need some other bells and whistles gimme a yell and I'll see what I can add to yours." A glance back towards Cap then with a smirk. "Building relationships? That’s what he does, isn't it?"

"Well, that's my hope anyway," Rogers points out simply as he considers the next moves for working with the Avengers and possible discussions with the Justice League. The wheels are turning in that mind of his, that's for sure, but for now he's keeping his thoughts to himself… Likely waiting until he's sure that the plans he attempting to make will actually help instead of accidently hurt. Instead of going on about synergy, the war hero turns toward Stark.

"The Jitterbug, along with its catchy name, is a simply device that has preprogrammed numbers in it and an easy to read interface, I don't see what's bad about that." Slowly, Cap folds his arms. "Don't even know what any of the sat phone stuff means, I mean, what happens if you need to call someone on Monday, hrmmm?"

Carol just eyes both men, shaking her head. These two are just hilarious. She eases back from the jokes, though, and just considers things. "Good features. I assume you have a strongly encrypted Bluetooth earpiece for this thing?" Carol's not going to pull out even the most beautiful and survivable Smartphone in the midst of a fight, and that's when comms are the most important. "Do you want me to see if I can set up a meeting with Diana, Steve? Or would you rather do that on your own?" She pauses for a few. "You talk to Richards recently, Tony?"

"Are serious?" Stark glances towards Carol a moment. "Is he serious?" Then back to Cap. "Are you /really/ serious? It…look I'll turn the old people services on the phone on and sat is /satellite/ phone. As in it can reach anywhere. Not…just take your phone! I'll even get it colored so it matches the uniform."

Tony takes a deep breath.

"Yeah, the Bluetooth bits are /heavily/ encrypted with rotating ciphers and the earpieces have miniature repulsor tech worked into it so they’ll stay in place."

Stark actually thinks on everything.

Then back to Cap. "A Jitterbug? Seriously?"

There is a pause as Captain America rubs his chin in thought, debating the merits of either of the options presented by Carol. "I think it would be wise if you set it up and joined me," admits Cap. "If you're considered the team leader, wouldn't want to promise things I couldn't or overstep my bounds considering I'm just joining the group."

"Not old people services. SENSIBLE people services," Steve corrects as he takes his phone. "Should have said satellite phone if that's what you meant. I know what's up with all this tech." There is a short pause as he thinks on Stark's other 'improvements'. "And my phone and me will have WHITE teeth, thank you. Otherwise you look silly."

Carol nods. "Alright, then. Since I'll now have your number, I'll give you a call once I can set up a meeting with Diana." She waggles the phone box at Tony and smiles. "Thank you for the new phone, and the upgrade in team tech. Drop a line by Richards and let him know we should talk soon."

Captain Marvel looks around briefly and then smiles. "Thanks for the mansion, Tony. It looks great, and I look forward to seeing more. But, I should get going." She offers a hand to Tony for a shake, and then to Steve. "I'll see you guys again soon. Take care." And with that, she takes her new toy and she heads out. "Have a nice day, Jeeves."

"Like I said, old people." Start shoots back as he rolls his eyes. "This is all because of that Popsicle comment earlier isn't it? I'm not taking it back. NO takebacksies." Those are the rules. "And you're keeping your phone. I'll send you a dummy's guide how to use it all." He adds before he snaps the case closed.

"Sorry though there, Carol. Got distracted. Last time I saw, Richards him and his kid that called himself Flash and I were talking about a tachyon device. Almost got a prototype working." That'll go well. He's sure. "Anyway, if something comes up I'll get hold of you. Can't keep beautiful women waiting, that’s a no no. Or so I was told. See you round!"

He raises one hand to lazily wave towards her as the VI calls. "A pleasure as always, mum. Do come back soon."

Back to Cap then before he sighs. "Come on then. I'll show you round the place. You'll have your own room, and don't do anything I wouldn't do there. Which means you have a lot of leeway."

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