Tiny Sandwiches

February 02, 2017:

Rogue and Storm talk over sandwiches.

Xavier Mansion Kitchen


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Fade In…

Rogue had bought a bag full of Eggo Waffles and set them outside Bobby's door this morning. She'd then waited for him to come out and poured a bucket of water over his head… Some people had witnessed it happen, so it was kind of spreading around the school. Word is that Rogue thought Bobby was a 'robot' and she was trying to shortcircuit him. Others though that there was some sort of romantic spat happening between the two of them. You know how that goes, lots of different claims!

As of right now, Anna-Marie was in the kitchen of the mansion and she was quietly humming a tune while preparing a selection of tiny sandwiches for… who knows what… she often made things like this to get stuff out of people, you know, butter them up with food.

Rogue hummed her little tune and put a glass cover over the tray of sandwiches then went to clean up and wash her hands (her long black gloves hung out of a pocket on the back of her black jeans).


Storm enters the kitchen and pauses, the sound of the loops from her belt silencing, dangling just over the leather of pants. It buys her a moment to observe what Rogue is up to, an alabaster brow rising slowly towards the hairline of matching platinum. Shaved cleanly on both sides the color is offset by Nubian hue lined in a darker kohl especially arouf pale blue eyes.

Abdomen is bare, the midriff of white stripped and trapped by a clasp of suspender straps that cling to the top of low-rise pants. Doing nothing for keeping them aloft, but more for decor.

No gardening, no business on the streets, it is simple lounge wear but ready if aything is to be found…

…Though something seems off…

Not just Rogue with her encased sammiches!

Rogue flipped the water in one of the sinks on and let it run until it was steaming and then she put some soap on her hands and washed them clean under the streams before running the water over some of the dishware she'd used. She had no idea that the fancy Ororo was watching her.

Until she turned around to grab a hand towel off of the central island…

"Well hey there, Storm." Rogue said with a soft smile offered, her lips were painted a dark violet and her green eyes were encircled by black eyeliner. A very goth-like style of makeup, but her clothes were just a normal pair of black jeans, a white tshirt with a picture of the cast of Charles in Charge all wearing pastel sweaters wrapped around their shoulders.

Rogue dried her hands off and then went to pull her gloves back on. "Ya look like ya got somethin' on your mind there, pretty lady?" Rogue said to her friend (and secret hero!). "Whats shakin'?" She asked further then in her thickly accented English.

"Nothing specific." And those two words could not b more true considering who they came from, but after hearing and then bearing witness, Storm decided to claim a seat along the island and plucks up the glass that holds off those sandwiches.

"Just hungry, looks like there's enough here, unless I am missing a party…" No query in her tone as she reaches for a wedge of sandwich.

"Alot should be on my mind, but first and foremost. I am hungry."

Rogue grinned at Ororo and gently dipped her chin in a singular nod toward the woman. "Have at'em." She told her friend. "I only made them t'give out as gifts to people I like an' you're like damn near the top'a that list, ya know." She told the other in her husky southerned voice.

Rogue walked to the fridge and pulled the door open, fetched around inside to grab a couple bottles of tea and then brought one of them over to set it aside where Storm had seated herself. Rogue took up position across the island-counter and smiled at her. "You got the coolest clothes, by the by. I'm completely jealous'a your badass tastes. I dress like a Walmartian, and you're like some kinda supe'ah star."

Storm pauses with the sandwich in hand, staring at it in debate as she listens to Rogue and then slowly lifts her gaze to her. "A…" Walmartian?

…"What?" Brows furrow and the slice of sandwich is set down, the glass cover replaced with a light clink.

"First off, You should be the top of your list, but I am truly flattered." The pause giving her a moment to thing of hr past with memories of who she had looked up to.

Shoulders right as if she had a new bit of bolster by the other woman's words. But it dawned on her… Not //martian/ Mart-Ian.

"Now now," A tsk tsk of index as head shakes. "Being who and what we are is not high paying. WalMartian's can modify." A flick to her shirt. "Torn."

Suspenders? "Boys department, husky maxed."

Belt. "Hawt Cout, clearance. Holidays."

Pants. "Again, Wal. Leggings section." A pause and Storm leans forward, propping her chin within palm.

"MuxTube modification videos. We do not have to be Gucci." Beat. "You look great anyway!"

A dismissive wave of hand and it lands on the dome-covered sandwiches.

"Fill me in?"

…On Bobby. It's late, she was not about to knock and see tighty whities!

Rogue sat there with her hands wrapped around her bottle of tea and grinning at Ororor as she explained her attire and its various origin points. "Well… ya pieced it togethe'ah real well." She told her with a simple little nod before sipping at her tea and then hearing the 'fill me in' part.

A light sigh escaped the southern belle's purple painted lips then and she glanced away from Storm. "Bobby's back… Though he's not the Bobby that we all knew before." She said, her green eyes returning to Storm's own pale ones. "He's younge'ah… Like I ain't seen'im since… I don't know, four years ago maybe? That kinda young. Looks like hs's twenty maybe."

She softly shook her head. "Nancy freaked out, cause she thought it was the Bobby she was engaged too… but it ain't. Its some kinda… alternate reality Bobby. At first, I thought maybe he was a robot… So I, well…" Rogue cleared her throat and put her right gloved hand up behind her neck and under her hair, she awkwardly rubbed at the back of her neck. "I dumped a bucket'a water ove'ah his head, thought maybe if he were a robot it'd, ya know, make him short-out?" She narrowed her eyes, knowing just how dumb of an idea this was now.

Storm had the offered tea in her hand in a motion unseen almost, the cap undone and a sip taken, but when the bottl comes back to the counter-top she nods, a more tilt towards Rogue with a tip of the bottle her way.

"Logically speaking, and considering the history it is a good move." Storm is not about to chide this Rogue, a woman who held fast to core and yet something seemed to shift between them. This Rogue has done nothing but fit, despite unkown.

"Things are changing, Rogue." Storm says lowly, the small informants of hers slipping away with a lower of Storm's left hand and flick of fingers to gesture them off from their secret audience. Kids…!

"You know, when you came back as you are I had suspicions. But you proved otherwise." A light spin of the sweet tea bottle that rattles the base on the table before Storm's grip makes the rotation stop.

"But that takes time, we've all been a bit," A breath and Storm leans back. "Off kilter lately. So making sandwiches and hot beverages is best to ease the nerves."

A smile from Ororo to Rogue and the obvious compliment is laid bare to the other woman, a fellow X-Woman.

Rogue smiled faintly at the various things that Ororo just said and it made her bob her head a couple small times here and there in little nods of affirmation. "Look… I know that a lotta stuff happened a few months back that probably put my… whole entire 'being here' inta question. But, I've taken steps t'make sure that none'a that stuff will effect me here an' now. I want a fresh start, so I handled it. I'm right as rain now."

Rogue lifted her tea bottle up to sip from it, but paused with it in front of her lips. "But seriously. We gotta pull the entire Scooby Gang t'gether o this Bobby sitch. What I definitely do not want is t'suddenly have myself replaced by some younge'ah…. hott'ah version'a me." She flashed a grin at Storm. "Thats whats probably gonna happen t'me someday when I'm married an' in my fourties, but at least then I can punch the dumb bastard I married makin' such terrible judgement calls." She grinned a little and went to sip her tea. "But for reals… random 'new Bobbys' is pretty unsettlin', Stormy."


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